:) Quadruple WOW! ~ Household & Men’s BARGAINS at Kohl’s.com w/ Codes Stacked


I’ve posted this before, but there are new codes for the home department and I wanted to remind you to use Ebates to save an additional 3%!!  You can use up to four codes together, for AMAZING SAVINGS!  (Two codes are only for Kohl’s charge customers.)

There are some super deals you can get online at Kohl’s right now.   The best news is that you can stack codes and use them use them together!!

I’ve placed three orders so far and it just hit me . . . I wasn’t using Ebates!!  :(  If you start there, you’ll get 3% in your account, on top of all this!!  Read more about Ebates here.  I’m pretty sure you’ll also get at $10 gift card to select places (Target was included) when you make your first $20 purchase.  I can’t tell for sure, since I’m not new.  Note:  If you use Ebates, after you click through their link, don’t come back here and use any Kohl’s links in this post.  You need to make sure you’re shopping through them, not with one of my links.  If you don’t use Ebates, thanks for using my links since I get a small commission.

Let us know what bargain you find on Kohls.com!

Basically, you want to use two coupon codes for dollars off (men’s or household, especially WITH an open coupon off anything) and then the 30% off (for charge customers or 15% for non-customers) and the free shipping (for charge customers).

So, an example is to use the $10 off $30 OR $15 off $50 coupons (for anything) WITH a $10 off men’s coupon (if total is still at $30) and an additional percent off coupon, along with the free shipping!

Note:  If you’re on a mobile, it might only allow two codes.  (Thanks, Meghan!)  If you’re not, make sure you login and indicate how you will pay.  Once it “knows” it’s a Kohl’s charge, you can enter those codes.

GR8FINDS = $10 off your $30 purchase  (exp. 7/20) (This can’t be used with $15 off $50 code, but can with other specific $$ off codes.)

JUST4U = $15 off your $50 purchase (unsure of ending date, assuming 7/20)

BEACH30 =  30% off for Kohl’s card customers (exp. 7/20)

JULYMVC = free shipping for for Kohl’s card customers (exp. 7/20)

SUMMERMEN10 = $10 off your $30 Men’s purchase (exp. 7/20)

SUMMERBT10 = $10 off your $30 Men’s big and tall purchase (exp. 7/20)

HOMESALE10 = $10 off your $50 home department purchase (exp. 8/2)  NEW

LUGGAGE50 = $50 off your $200 luggage purchase (exp. 8/2)  NEW

BRITAX30 = $30 off select Britax carseats (exp. 7/31)

CANDIES15 =  15% off all Candie’s juniors apparel, accessories, jewelry and shoe (thru 8/9)

SEASHELLS = 15% off for non-Kohl’s card customers (unsure of ending date)

SUNNY = 15% off your order (exp. 7/20) (use 30% above, if you’re a charge customer)

Note:  Mandy said toys automatically take 10% off when you put them in your cart!  (Thanks, Mandy!)

If you find a code has stopped working, please leave a comment.

(Thanks, for the codes Alicia’s Deals & Rosie!)


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Reader Feedback

10 Responses to “:) Quadruple WOW! ~ Household & Men’s BARGAINS at Kohl’s.com w/ Codes Stacked”

  • Sherry says:

    But Kohls will only let me use 2 codes. I didnt have room to enter my percentage and free shipping. How do you do that?

  • Meghan says:

    It would only let me enter 2 codes from my mobile device but was able to enter more from computer

  • Jacob says:

    FYI if you order at the store using the kiosk you get free shipping without a code

    • Juli says:

      I’ve never done that. Can you also enter the other codes? I was tempted to go there and have my son try some pants on — might be easier to order it while I’m standing there with the product in my hands. It would be easier than guessing brands/quality/sizes, etc. I’m not a huge fan on clothing shopping online.

  • Sherry says:

    Yes, its always free from the kiosk and you can enter codes and scan Kohls Cash:)

  • melina says:

    What does khols card customers means?

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