Sunday Coupon Insert Preview ~ 2 Coming on 7/13/14 (& Some Fry’s Prices)

If you like to peek ahead to see what coupons you should expect on Sunday, go to Sunday Coupon Preview and check it out.  It looks like we should be getting two inserts this Sunday . . . Smart Source (SS) and Red Plum (RP).

Remember, coupons are sometimes regional, so there aren’t any guarantees what we’ll get.  However, they are usually pretty close and give you a good idea what to expect.


If you don’t get the Sunday coupons, you can get the Sunday and Wednesday Arizona Republic delivered for only $12 for 3 months, if you haven’t been a subscriber in the past 30 days.   I have verified that this is the best rate they currently have available.  You pay for one month, get two for free.  That works out to approximately $1 per week!  The key is that you need to cancel in three months, if you decide not to continue at full price, since it’s an autopay offer.  I’ve often called to cancel a promotional rate and they’ve extended it, but no guarantees on that.

We have some prices for you, from Fry’s:

Huggies Baby Wipes (soft packs)   $1.99 (thru 7/22)   AT FRY’S
$0.50/1 Huggies Baby Wipes 07/13/2014 SS Insert (exp 8/9/14) (worth $1, future, if we get it)
Final price:  99¢

Angel Soft Facial Tissue Item   $1.99   AT FRY’S
$0.50/1 Angel Soft Facial Tissue Item 07/13/2014 RP Insert (exp 8/13/14) (worth $1, future, if we get it)
$0.50/1 printable (worth $1)
Final price:  99¢

Right Guard Total Defense Deodorant   $2.89 (thru 7/25)   AT FRY’S
$2/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 or Xtreme Antiperspirant or Deodorant 07/13/2014 RP Insert (exp 8/10/14) (future, if we get it)
Final price:  $1.89 each when you buy 2

Snickers, Twix, Etc. Ice Cream Bars (3 – 6 ct)   $2.99 (thru 7/15)   AT FRY’S
$1/1 Snickers, Twix, M&M’s, Milky Way, or Dovebar Ice Cream Multipack 07/13/2014 RP Insert (exp 8/24/14) (future, if we get it)
Final price:  $1.99

Vaseline Spray Lotion   $5.99 (thru 7/29)   AT FRY’S
FREE Vaseline Mens Spray Lotion wyb Vaseline Spray 07/13/2014 RP Insert (exp 7/27/14) (future, if we get it)
Final price:  $2.99 each when you buy 2

Viva Paper Towels, 6 rolls or Cottonelle Bath Tissue, 12 double rolls   2 / $10.00 (must buy 2) AT FRY’S
$0.50/1 Viva Paper Towels 07/13/2014 SS Insert (exp 8/24/14) (worth $1, future, if we get it) NEW
$1/1 Viva Paper Towels 6-ct+ 07/13/2014 SS Insert (exp 8/24/14) (future, if we get it) NEW
$0.50/1 printable (Viva, worth $1)
$0.50/2 printable (Viva, worth $1)
$0.50 off Cottonelle Toilet Paper 06/22/2014 SS Insert (exp 8/3/14) (worth $1)
Final price:  As low as $4.00 each when you buy 2

See the full Fry’s list here.


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Sunday Coupon Insert Preview ~ 2 Coming on 7/13/14 (& Some Fry’s Prices)”

  • Rosie says:

    Mgr. at my store: definitely cannot use any paper coupon with the myFry’s Extras coupons because they also come off your rcpt. as a Fry’s digital coupon—so same rules apply.

    • Juli says:

      Once I finally got a coupon to load, I saw that it had the same disclaimers as the usual digitals. However, I’m still convinced that it’s something they put on everything and some are really store coupons. Of course, they still say that, so that’s that! But, I wanted to see if it would work, for those who tried. I tested it last night and it did. I used a $1/3 Kellogg’s coupon with my Kellogg’s $1.49 coupon and it came off. It seems to be like the current digital that you can load 5 times. It says not to combine them, but coupons will still scan. I’m not sure what to think of that since it says not to. I’m a rule follower and like to do what stores/manf. want. However, I just wonder why their system will reject other coupons, but it won’t for these?? I asked my store and they didn’t really know what was supposed to happen, so that’s why I tried it. FYI, they also said that we’re supposed to get those exclusive coupons every Friday. We’ll see!

      • Rosie says:

        Hi, Juli! It was the store mgr. that checked me out….she actually looked at all of my Fry’s digital coupons on her screen and then looked through the manufacturer coupons that I had given her. The 2 that she said I could not use were ones associated with the myFry’sExtras: $1/2 any Pillsbury with my $.88 Pillsbury mixes and the $1 off milk when purchasing 2 Kellogg’s cereals with my 2 $1.49 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. I suppose if I would have had a different cashier, he/she may have just scanned them and possibly they would have gone through. I think you’re right—I think some are really store coupons, but at my Fry’s they’re just saying they’re all like the regular Fry’s digital coupons with same restrictions. I also consistently have trouble with them only doubling up to the price of the item instead of doubling the whole coupon value. Maybe my Fry’s is just super-picky. :~(

        • Juli says:

          I just wish that all stores would do the same thing. I don’t even mind picky — just inconsistency!! :( Even if they are store coupons, they say not to use with other coupons. I know they have the technology in place to stop it from happening, so I’m just not sure why those don’t beep like the reg. digitals do. Oh, well! It’s just one of those coupon things that will drive me nuts, I’m sure! Glad you got it figured out, though!

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