What is myFry’s Extras? ~ Sign Up!


Most of you probably received an email from Fry’s, last week, telling you to sign up for exclusive digital offers with “myFry’s Extras.”  I signed up and loaded one for Kellogg’s cereal.  However, the coupon seems to have vanished.  Then, I got an email with other exclusive coupons to load this morning, but I get this message . . .


Update:  I just found them on my phone Fry’s app.  (Thanks, Joan!)  Maybe you have to have already registered, though??  I went to “categories” and then “my extras.”

Can you use a paper coupon with it?  Can you use a digital coupon with it?  I don’t know!  I’m guessing you can, but ??  I hope to test them soon and let you know, but if you beat me, let us know!

Update:  Suzie tried one of her deals with a digital and the lower value digital came off.  :(  (Thanks, Suzie!)

But, the bottom line . . . there will be new digital coupons sent out, that are exclusive to you.  Make sure you sign up and then check your mail for what they send.  Some coupons look like good ones . . . if I can ever load and redeem them!  :(

You can still go here to load the digital coupons that are available to anyone.


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10 Responses to “What is myFry’s Extras? ~ Sign Up!”

  • Mandi says:

    I’ve been able to load, but haven’t tried to use.

    • Juli says:

      If you have an additional coupon for anything, let us know how it goes! Glad you could get them to load!!

  • Susan says:

    I’ll try mine in the next few days. The extra savings besides Kellogg’s that I got are .99 for a large palmolive, .99 for Puffs, $3 for 2 pop chips, $1 for 2 horizon mac n cheese and a few others as wel.

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for being the guinea pig. Suzie said it didn’t work with a digital. In fact, the lower $1.50 one came off instead of a $2 discounted price. :(

  • Jacob says:

    Do I need to sign up for ads I get coupons or can I just select promotions?

    • Juli says:

      Honestly, I don’t know. This program kind of came out of nowhere and I haven’t figured out where they’re going with it or how it’s all going to work. I’ll be trying to decipher it all, right along with you. Sorry that I’m clueless!

  • khadijah carter says:

    I used myfrysextras with paper coupons worked great I got free puffs and kelloggs cereal for 1.15 each I loved it

    • Juli says:

      Once I got mine to load, I saw they say you can’t. But, they seem to be going through with paper coupons. I don’t understand why they don’t stop it (like others), if they don’t want us to use both. :( The same thing happens with the current “limit 5″ digitals. I don’t get it!??! I think they are really store coupons and they just put that on all their digitals, but it is on there, so ?? Glad you got some good deals! Thanks for the report!

  • ramiro says:

    Good store, nice cashiers, and fresh food

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