Fry’s ~ Donate to Community Programs (at no cost to you)


We’ve sent this out before, but you have to re-enroll every year and now is the time….

This is a simple way to support a non-profit organization.  If you already have an online Fry’s account, it takes about 30 seconds to set up and doesn’t cost you a penny.  You will have to sign up for each year.  (FYI . . . They have done away with the previous program, where you could buy gift cards to raise money.)

You just go to this link and then enter the number given from the organization or search by name.  You can contact an organization you know about and ask them to sign up, if they’re not.  There are so many organizations listed, everything from pets to food banks to churches to local schools.  You can also enter a location in the search field.  I live in Prescott, so I put in that and all the organizations up here came up.  I chose to donate to our public library as we borrow items several times a month.

If you don’t have one, Juli got this information from the youth group at her church, Grace Community Church in Tempe, AZ.  She has three kids in the group.  The money won’t go directly to her kids, but we can hope there’s an abundance and the cost of camp will be lower next year or they will be able to provide scholarships to kids who need them.

Grace Community Church’s code:  81111

No pressure to use that code, though — if you have another one, please sign up for that.  I just hate to see great things going to waste!


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