10 Giveaways Coming Soon! ~ We’re Almost to 10,000 Facebook Followers!! THANKS!


I wanted to let you know that we’re excited about getting closer to hitting the milestone of 10,000 “likes” on Facebook.  We’ll be doing 10 giveaways very soon.  We’re only about 250 “likes” away!  Please let your friends/family know about what we do by . . . . email, tag on Facebook, share, call, talk face to face . . . whatever!  We’d appreciate your help in getting us there.

I posted this over the weekend, on the Bargain Believer Facebook page:

Thank you for being here and letting us bring you grocery and family fun deals in Arizona — and beyond. We’ll be having 10 GIVEAWAYS … when we hit 10,000 fb followers. I’m working on gathering them up now. Thanks for having confidence in us and sharing this page with your friends. I remember when I started this page. I logged into my husband’s account — so someone would “like” it, besides me. The rest . . . it’s been all you! Thank you! ~ Juli

If you haven’t liked the Bargain Believer Facebook page, please do!  You get a few bonus deals over there from time to time and it’s just more interactive.   You can easily ask questions and also help others out, if you’re connected over there.

I better get to work getting all those giveaways ready . . . it will be here soon, thanks to all of you!


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6 Responses to “10 Giveaways Coming Soon! ~ We’re Almost to 10,000 Facebook Followers!! THANKS!”

  • Jacob says:

    I like bargin beliver but who cares how many Facebook likes you have, you shouldn’t, you provide a quality service and people will come.

    • Juli says:

      You’re very right. I feel that quality service is what has gotten us to whatever number we’re at now — well, minus my husband’s like. :) (And, I realize not everyone is on fb.) But, I feel like 10,000 a public milestone and I wanted to do something, in a small way, to thank everyone who is here and acknowledge that they are important. I know that not everyone will benefit, but I’m working hard to find places that will give me prizes and will be buying some. I also know there isn’t anything magical about 10,000. It’s like the odometer changing, but when it hit me that we were close, it just inspired me to do it. Yes, it’s just another number, but it’s also a measuring stick to show that we are growing and able to help more people discover what we have to offer. Honestly, I struggle with aspects of growing, marketing, etc. Basically, I don’t like marketing the site. I rely on word of mouth to spread the word, with a very few exceptions. But, my bottom line goal, when I started this, was to help people save. It’s an “accidental” business. I had no intentions of it growing so big or hiring people to help. To me, that’s reassurance that it’s a quality service. It didn’t come from a grand marketing plan or have any business goals in mind. Okay, there was one . . . someday, somehow, I wanted revenue (with little clue how!) to pay my annual hosting fee. But, if not, if I was still able to help people, we decided that we would continue to pay the small fee. It wasn’t a big deal. So, when I think back to the simple goals we had and where we are . . . I feel a reason to celebrate and hope we keep growing. I have plenty more ideas for improvement, but most take a significant amount of time. With more people, it’s likely that I’ll be able to hire more people to help with a piece of it — so, that’s exciting to me, too! Thanks for the input. I completely understand your thinking and am torn about things like this, in all honesty.

  • Dawn B says:

    If been with Bargain Believer for years, since it was fairly new and the only problem I have with you growing is all the freebies and cheap items are gone quickly at the grocery stores from all the people viewing the BB deals. Glad people are getting great deals, but geez, save some products for me. ;)

    • Juli says:

      Ha! I feel your pain. Back when nobody couponed except me . . even Walgreens was never out. Now, I barely try there. :( But, I don’t think I’m the only one to blame. I think Extreme Couponing got people interested — good or bad. I just wish everyone was more moderate in getting things, but . . I can’t control what people do with the information I provide. Many (most?) use it moderately and save for their family, which is my goal.

      Oh, my kids like to point this out to me, whenever we go somewhere that’s crowded or someone is out of something. They said, “Mom! Did you put it on Bargain Believer?” :) I say, “Well, at least someone got a good deal, just not us this time.” :)

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