ENDED ! ~ 10 Giveaways! for 10,000+ Facebook Friends ~ THANKS!!

10,000 Facebook Friends!
We are so grateful that you’re here!

We have 10 giveaways, to celebrate 10,000 Bargain Believer Facebook likes!

All winners are listed below, at the links for each giveaway.  Congrats to all the winners!
Please continue to support these great businesses.  Thanks, to all of them!

I wish I could give something to all of you, to let you now how grateful I am.   I thought ten giveaways was as close as I could get, beyond my sincere words of gratitude.  Really . . . THANK YOU!!

If you’re new around here . . . I started this “thing” (Bargain Believer) for my friends and family.  I wanted to help them save, without having to harass them on the phone or by email.  Believe me, I did, if the deal was too good to keep to myself!  :)  I figured BargainBeliever.com would be a place where they could come and find what they wanted, when they wanted it.  I wanted to make it simple and easy to understand.  I put up some basic grocery lists with coupons and also shared random other deals, as I learned about them.

Before I knew it, I was spending hours and hours (and more hours!) adding information and details to the site.  It was getting overwhelming; more than I could do without sacrificing other areas of my life.  Along the way, I figured out that I could give you the same information and generate an income — Google ads and affiliate links.  Those little amounts added up, to be enough to get help.  Gina started a year after I began, and eventually I had enough to pay Cherie, Karen, Susan, and Allison.  They don’t get rich, but are here because of you . . and for you.  We’re all thankful for each one of you!

Thank you for using all the links we provide.  When you print (some) coupons, using our links or this Coupons.com page (bookmark it, please!), I get paid.  When you sign up for some offers or make certain purchases, I get paid.  I try really hard to not just post things only because there’s a payment involved.  I’m passionate about not making this “just another site to sell you stuff.”  I only want to post offers that I am interested in or really believe are in your best interest.

YOU are how we can continue to do what we do!  Without you, I wouldn’t make money.  Without money, I can’t get help.  Without help . . . I quit.  Really, I just can’t do my myself.  So, you are what keeps it going for everyone else.  Thank you!

And, an extra special thanks to everyone who has told someone about this site — everyone from strangers, to Facebook friends, to family members.   This all started with an email to my family and friends, telling them what I started.  I have some awesome friends and family, who also have amazing friends & family, who also have some . . .  you get it!  :)  When you share this website, I feel like it’s the best compliment we can get.  You believe in the value of what we do and trust us enough to pass along the information.  So, a big double thanks to those of you who have ever shared!  :)

As a small token of our gratitude, we’ve gathered up some nice offers for 13 lucky winners, in 10 different giveaways . . . thanks to all the sponsors below!

Click on each link below, to enter 10 separate giveaways . . .


#1 Bashas’:  $25 gift card

big_surf#2 Big Surf:  5 tickets

bookmans#3 Bookman’s: $50 gift card (two winners!)


#4 Culver’s:  4 value basket coupons

DL6_20100813_00967-Final (1)#5 Disney: 4 tickets to Disney Live! show

flipside#6 Flipside:  4 three-hour attraction passes

frys_logo#7 Fry’s:  $50 gift card

jesterz#8 JesterZ Improv Comedy:  4 tickets (3 winners!)

organ_stop_pizza_logo#9  Organ Stop Pizza (Mesa):  Family Fun pack

pogo_logo#10 Pogo: 2 passes

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