Free $5 Movie Download from Target Ticket

This is a neat freebie.  Head over to Target Ticket and sign up for an account.  You don’t need to enter payment info.  Just choose to skip that part.  They have lots of movies for $5 that you can download and it’s yours to keep.  You can stream it from the internet or download to a device for offline viewing.  Pick your movie, they have lots for $5, like Tommy Boy, Pretty in Pink and several super hero ones too (my sons favorite).  Choose to buy your $5 movie and add it to your cart.  Then enter code:  TEAMTARGET and the $5 comes right off.


I almost got my son this Ultimate Avengers movie, but I think I’ll have to wait until he gets home from school for his final approval.

Of course, you can also get a more expensive move and you’ll get a $5 credit off of that too!  This would be great on a plane ride or car trip!

(Thanks, Alicia’s Deals!)


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