NOPE! :( ~ Fry’s? ~ FREE Peanut Butter, $5 off $15 Produce, $10 off $100 Purchase (Digitals!) ???



Update:  So sorry, but this didn’t work at Fry’s.  (Thanks, Andrea!)  I hesitated to post this, but decided I would take the chance.  I passed up a similar coupon before, waiting to test it myself.  Once I did (it worked!), the coupon was gone.  So . . . I’m very sorry, but I had to make a decision, with you in mind.  It flopped, but I tried!  :)

Make sure you’ve loaded this one, though . . . That one comes out every week and will work!

$2 off $40 Fry’s Facebook Digital Coupon (exp. 8/12)

See the full Fry’s list here.  There are many super deals this week!

Note:  I asked below, but want to put it twice . . . please leave a comment if you try these.  Ryan said he tried a similar one last week and it didn’t come off.  They may have changed their system and it may not come off.  :(

If you go to the Ralph’s Facebook page, you will see three digital coupons.  (Ralph’s is a Fry’s affiliate.)  Make sure you “like” their page first, and then you’ll be able to load them.  They loaded for several of us, so hopefully they’ll load for you!

There are some great ones!  Note that they expire August 11th, so you only have through Monday to redeem them.

Simple Truth Peanut Butter (18 oz)    NEW
Free Ralph’s Facebook digital (Thanks, Michelle!)  (exp. 8/11)
Final price:  FREE

 $10 off $100  (exp. 8/11)

$5 off $15 FRESH PRODUCE  (exp. 8/11)

There isn’t a 100% guarantee on this, but it loaded for me and shows up in my loaded coupons.  Hopefully, it won’t disappear.  In the past, coupons like this stayed, so hope it’s that way this time!

Note:  If you redeem any of these, please leave a comment.  I’ll update this post with the results, for everyone to see.  Check back!


(Thanks, Michelle!)


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Reader Feedback

9 Responses to “NOPE! :( ~ Fry’s? ~ FREE Peanut Butter, $5 off $15 Produce, $10 off $100 Purchase (Digitals!) ???”

  • Siggy says:

    It loaded into my coupons also, but on the Free peanutbutter it states this:

    FREE Simple Truth Peanut Butter
    ONE (1) FREE jar of Simple Truth Peanut Butter Creamy or Crunchy (18 oz). Available ONLY at Ralphs.

    So I am assuming the coupon will not come off at any other store…. but then, it may also surprise us.

    Best of luck to all that try!

    • Juli says:

      I saw that and it has me worried, but I had high hopes. I’ve redeemed similar, in the past. However, Ryan said he tried a similar one last week and it didn’t work, so that crushed most of my hope. :( I hope someone makes it there soon. If they don’t, I can go early this afternoon. It would be nice, but I’m thinking you’re right. :(

  • andrea says:

    I tried this morning.does not work at frys

    • Juli says:

      Thank you so much for the update. Sorry to have wasted your time. Thank you for saving many other people’s time! I updated and put a note on Facebook. Sorry!!

  • Thabal says:

    I went to Ralphs and they dont even carry the 18oz size, just the 16oz ones. Checked their FB page to confirm the same. So no worries, just a waste of time for everyone by Ralphs.

    • Juli says:

      Well, that’s double lame!! I wonder if it would have worked on the 16 oz. I can’t image they make both of those sizes. Maybe it’s a typo?? :(

  • HaroldS says:

    Thanks for the HU. I loaded it but haven’t been to Fry’s since.
    But I did get a Chili’s single serve frozen entree for my “special” coupons. Now to find it at my small store. Half my “free” stuff I never find there. (I understand some are getting this free Chili frozen item as a J4U at SW too)

  • Jacob says:

    You just Gota know how to shmoose I talked with customer service and got all 3 plus the $2 off $40 then bought 33 boxes if lotion Kleenex 120ct it was 3 for 2.99!

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