Giveaway #9 ~ Organ Stop Pizza (Family Dinner!)


Congrats to the winner . . . Valerie A.: (gem . . .!

We’ve reached 10,000 Facebook fans!  Thanks, to all of you, for spreading the word and helping us grow.  We are doing 10 giveaways to celebrate!

Our ninth giveaway is for a family fun pack at Organ Stop Pizza, in Mesa.  It includes a free appetizer, pizza, pitcher of soda, and four ice creams.


This place is awesome.  I tried to find a picture of their website or Facebook page, but they really don’t have one that does it justice.  I’m not sure they can, since it’s such an auditory experience.  If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.  Yes, there’s an organ.  But, don’t just think of a guy sitting in the corner playing a little organ.  This thing is massive and the pipes are . .  well, everywhere!  And, there’s so much more than pipes making all those sounds.  Truly, it’s amazing!  I don’t know how one person can control all that.  Impressive!

If you “like” their Facebook page, you could win a free pizza each Wednesday, so be watching for that.

If you’re not the winner and haven’t been there, you must!  If you can’t afford it, at least walk in and check it out.  But, with this package deal and reasonable prices to start out with, I hope you can go for the full experience.  :)


Through the end of August, you can get an appetizer (not including the combo), pizza (any # of toppings), and a pitcher of soda for $21.99.  If you want to double all that, it’s $41.99.  We did the $21.99 deal and added a large cheese pizza.  It think it was $9.99.  I have hungry kids!  We had a great night with friends, just recently.  Note:  I didn’t see it on their menu and just mentioned it when ordering.

See the full list of 10 giveaways here.


Enter this giveaway!  Leave a separate comment for any number(s) listed below, no more than three total, separate entries.  (“I don’t follow” or “I don’t have” answers will be removed and won’t count as an entry.)  We use a program that automatically chooses the winner, so if you combine answers into one comment, it’s viewed as only one entry and won’t increase your chance of winning.  LEAVE SEPARATE COMMENTS!  :)

1)   Have you ever been to Organ Stop Pizza?  If you have, what did you think?
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3)  Like Organ Stop Pizza’s Facebook page(or say that you already do).
Don’t forget to check it out every Wed. for a chance to win a free pizza!

The giveaway will end on Wednesday, August 26th, at 8pm AZ time.  I will email the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond.  If I don’t hear back from the winner by then, I will have to choose another one.

(Thanks, to Organ Stop Pizza, for donating this prize pack!)


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