My Review of Walmart’s New Savings Catcher Program


****We are not affiliated with Walmart.  As a consumer, this is our review of the program.   If you have a problem with Walmart’s Savings Catcher program, contact them here.****

We talked to you about Walmart’s new Savings Catcher program here.  I decided to test it out last week.  I went to Walmart on Wednesday and bought something very simple, a box of Ritz crackers.  They can’t mess that up, right?  Here’s my receipt clearly showing the Ritz crackers for $2.50 at the very top.  It even says at the bottom of the receipt to try their new Saving Catcher program.


Notice the date on the receipt is August 6th.  Here’s a copy of the Safeway ad starting August 6th.  Safeway is less than 1/4 mile from Walmart here in Prescott Valley.  It clearly shows on the front page that Ritz are $1.88.

photo_2 (2)

It took 72 hours to get this email.  They didn’t find any differences.  Um, really?  walmart

I issued a complaint where I had to state the lower price and where.  Now, it’s just the point.  I want my 62¢.  If I have to do all the work for them, I’d rather just stick to price matching using our super easy price matching list that we make every week.

So, that’s my experience with this new program.  Do with that info what you wish.  I’m going to price match everything that I’m possibly aware of.  Then, I’ll use this program as a back up.

We’ve heard from several people on Facebook who have said it works and have gotten back $2, $7 and even $11.  So, it CAN work.  A lot of people are loving it.

Update:  I heard from someone who works for Walmart on this program.  He gave me the following information:

For clarification on the comparison - Savings Catcher would match the Safeway club
card price (and the advertised loyalty card prices for other stores, too). 

The competitive set for Savings Catcher is pretty comprehensive. For the specific
store you shopped at, it currently includes: Safeway, CVS, Walgreens, Frys, Kmart,
Albertsons, Target, Family Dollar, Kohls, Petsmart, Dollar Tree, Staples, Best Buy,
Petco, Lowe's, Radio Shack, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Update on locations/items they’ll “catch” . . .
“Beginning February 14, 2015, we are removing some departments consisting mostly of items that do not have a like for like match at other retailers, such as produce and bakery items. Additionally, we are limiting our comparisons to offers of other mass market retailers, grocery and dollar stores, removing comparisons with drug stores.

Now, I’m in a small town in Prescott Valley, so I was surprised that it covered so many stores.

They also resolved my issue and I got me my money.  :)


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Reader Feedback

144 Responses to “My Review of Walmart’s New Savings Catcher Program”

  • HaroldS says:

    Sorry about your experience, but thanks for sharing it. I don’t think I will be doing that.
    I don’t see the point of this new system. I would never buy all my groceries at Wal Mart if that is their intent, on the hope they might match another store’s price. Since it sounds like we can still ad match, I will just do that.

    • Gina says:

      I agree Harold. I still do 85% of my grocery shopping at Fry’s. The deals there are just the best. I’m sticking with ad matching too for the few times I don’t want to run into several stores for just a few things. ~ Gina

  • Suzanne says:

    Thanks for doing this for us Gina! It’s just another recent promo they have going on that isn’t worth it. For all their buy something and get a gift card deals I’ve had to fight with them over as well. Just another reason why I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.

    • Gina says:

      You’re welcome. I don’t go to Walmart often. My father in law needed a swim suit and I was buying a birthday gift for a friend, so I decided to try it out. I’ll stick with price matching. ~ gina

  • Laura says:

    we tried it this week as well and have been underwhelmed. I think we got a wopping .07 cents back. Ad-matching is still the way to go, I think. It all sounded a little fishy since they don’t list what stores they are comparing. Thanks for doing the experiment for us though. I think I will use it as a back up just like you said. It only took my husband a minute or two to scan the barcode, so on the off chance I missed something it may get a few dollars here and there. I don’t shop at Walmart often, but when I do it is usually when I have to run in late at night for cough syrup or for something I forgot about last minute. I don’t have time to ad-match those random items, so maybe it will catch a few of them. I’d love to hear other peoples experiences with it though.

  • Noah says:

    Wal-Mart’s new system probably won’t catch deals where a rewards card like Fry’s VIP & Safeway’s Savings For You card are needed to lower the price. Basically without the card being input at those stores the price will be higher than what’s in the ad if the price states “with card”.

    That said, keep in mind Fry’s for example pays their employees decent wages & benefits (union store) vs. Wal-Mart who is a little more sketchy historically. For that reason ALONE I do most of my shopping at Fry’s even though I also take big time advantage of their gas program getting up to $1 per gallon discounts for both our vehicles. Next time I get gas we’re saving $27-30!

    Also, they have a program where a small % of my sales goes to a school of my choice. This is an easy way to support small, struggling private schools.

    • Gina says:

      Maybe that’s what the problem is. I would think if it’s on the front page of a competitor ad, then they should catch that price. But, you are probably right.

      I agree that Fry’s is a much better place to shop. I love their fuel program as well and it saves us quite a bit too. ~ gina

      • Renee says:

        It’s not about being in the ad, the problem is that they didn’t have it in their system. I don’t know which method they’re using to input UPC’s, but there are thousands of grocery stores around the country, with different price points.

    • Truth says:

      Frys by me is an electronics store. If a store is a Union support store and not a right to work store you should always avoid the union stores since the unions steal so much from the workers and causes prices to be raised. As a tradesmen I can a test first hand at the horry of those forced into unions and how they always come secretly to us to work so they can survive after the union takes most of the money they earned.

  • Renee says:

    So far, the savings catcher has worked well for me and a couple of my friends. I wouldn’t come to a conclusion based on one purchase, especially since it’s a new program. Personally I wouldn’t have a problem calling Walmart to let them know I found a lower price, and it seems a bit too soon into the program to file a complaint. It’s just not that serious.

    • Gina says:

      I’ll submit my receipt every time I shop there, and I’ll see what they find. But if I know it’s in a competitors ad, I won’t rely on it to find it for me and give me the savings. I’ll just price match. Easier and 100% accurate, plus I get my money right there without a hassle. Glad it’s working out for you! I’ve heard from several people who are loving it, which I also put in my post. ~ Gina

      • Renee says:

        For me, this is the easiest way to get a little money back and so far I have. Also, my friends and family give me their receipts because they’re not interested. I haven’t done price matching because it seemed (to me) that there were too many exclusions. And the other programs like Ibotta, Savingstar, and Checkout51 insist we upload receipts, which is too much trouble for me. But savings is good, no matter how we choose to do it!

        • Gina says:

          That’s a great idea about getting receipts from family members. Good idea! I think I read that you can do 7 receipts a week, so there is plenty of room to get those savings for your family (well, you)! :) ~ gina

  • Tess says:

    I’ve submitted two receipts (dated Aug 6 and Aug 11th) for grocery items and Savings Catcher tells me both are inelligible. I don’t know what makes them inelligible. I thought it launched everywhere Aug 4th and my receipts are advertising it, but the system is rejecting them. Seems like it’s just worthless.

    • Gina says:

      That’s weird. I wonder why it’s rejecting them? You’re not alone though, it seems this program isn’t working well for about half the people I heard from. Although, I haven’t heard it rejecting, just not finding any savings. ~ Gina

  • Alison says:

    My receipt is stuck in processing over 3 days later and I sent them an inquiry. They told me they have too many inquiries and may not respond. I got a response from somene at walmart and basically they said too bad so sad. I will not be shopping for much at walmart from now on.

  • Nickole says:

    I live outside Tampa FL. I just tried the savings catcher and got 4 bags of chips and it only gave me savings for 2 of the 4 bags. Also I was told by 4 different Walmart clerks they are stopping price match in September. I’d rather price match at Walmart using Winn Dixie and publix ads then the savings catcher.

    • Gina says:

      Sorry it only half worked for you. I hope they don’t stop price matching so quickly. But, if they do, I hope they have all the kinks worked out in this new program. It would be great….if it worked! ~ gina

  • Kimberly says:

    It worked great got $4.69 off of a $188.00 grocery bill. Even priced matched lower price on items that I BOGO IN-store!

    • Gina says:

      Wow! That’s impressive about the BOGO items. I’m happy to hear so many good comments. Gives me hope that it will work great. Maybe there are still a few kinks, but it’s obviously working for lots of people. Thanks for letting me know. ~ gina

  • Jessica says:

    I had a good experience testing the saving catcher it found 2.93 off off a 60$ order. But I agree I still price match the adds using your bargin believer site and send the recipe for sale I may of missed.

  • Robert S. says:

    To start out, I have been working for Walmart as a Front-end manager for 5 years. I just think you should be happy that Walmart started this program. There is currently no other store around that does this, and you sure as hell got your crackers. Even if Walmart never put out this Savings Catcher program you would have bought those crackers either way. I think what you did was dumb because you knew ahead of time that the other competitor had the crackers for a lesser price, so you should have just taken advantage of the Ad-Match Program that Walmart offers and brought the Advertisement in and showed it to the cashier as you made the purchase.

    • Gina says:

      Actually, I would not have bought the crackers. I am a couponer, and we don’t spend $2.50 for crackers. I bought them specifically to test the program for my readers to see if it works. I’m sorry that you feel that my trying the program out on purpose to report back to my readers was dumb. I do think it’s a great program which I have stated several times. ~ Gina

  • E says:

    Did anyone else notice that when the app downloaded its “permissions” included your phones cameras and mic? I uninstalled the social media “messenger” app for just this reason. I think I’ll stick to price matching.

    • Gina says:

      I didn’t try to download the app. I wouldn’t like that either. You can get to it online from a regular computer at and you don’t have to download anything. I plan to still price match, but use this program as a back up. Thanks for letting me know about the app. ~ Gina

    • jj says:

      It asked for permission for camera so you can scan the receipts.

      • Gina says:

        That makes sense. I think she thought they were going to have access to photos on her phone. Thanks for clarifying. ~ Gina

  • Karry says:

    I have used the savings catcher ap. I have scanned receipts and only earned $2.41 after 6 days my balance is now at zero balance. I read the rules on wal-marts web site and it stated that you could accumulate . So now what do I do? I know its only $2.41 but its more about the principal.

  • Suan says:

    I have submitted four receipts and have saved $5.22. Not too shabby. I do see they missed one ad match but they got everything else. Two of the trips were by my husband who will not price match so the savings catcher works well for me in those instances where no one is ad matching, I ad match when I can but will continue.

    • Gina says:

      That is a good savings. Someone else gets their Mom’s and sister’s receipts because they don’t want to hassle and submits them too. You can do up to 7 in a week, so that’s another great idea. ~ Gina

  • Suan says:

    Robert S, I disagree. She was testing out the program. The savings catcher should have caught the difference.

  • Winona Pierce says:

    There are some items that are ineligible for the savings catcher program as it states :
    Savings Catcher does not currently apply to:
    Store brands, deli, bakery and weighed items like meat.
    General merchandise items, (including, but not limited to, electronics, media and gaming, toys, sporting goods, housewares, small appliances, home décor, bedding, books and magazines, apparel and shoes, jewelry, furniture and seasonal products).
    Non-branded items.
    Tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical and photo products and services, or products that require a service agreement such as wireless, automotive or financial products. also it says
    Savings Catcher does not compare the following types of offers:
    Items that require a separate purchase to get the advertised price (example: “Buy oatmeal to get cereal for $1.”)
    Items with no actual price that require a purchase to get a free product (example: “Buy both oatmeal & cereal to get milk for free.”)
    Items that require a purchase to get a gift card (example: “Buy a 12 pack of paper towels to get a $5 gift card.”)
    Buy one get one free (BOGO) deals where no item price is listed (example: Peter Pan Peanut Butter, buy one, get one free. Save up to $2.50.”)
    Going out of business or closeout prices.
    Percentage off (example: “All mascara, 40% off.)

    I have submitted 7 receipts from Aug 10-20 and it says I have $4.33 reward dollars available from them.. It’s not a lot but it is working for me at least some of the items are :)

  • Hilary says:

    I have used the Walmart app for the savings catcher for a few weeks now and have scanned in 13 receipts. I have already not only experienced 51¢ disappear (went from $7.51 to $7.00 for no reason) but when I reviewed each individual receipt, I added up the “you got back” prices and it is about 3 times MORE than what the total credit amount is that I received… But of course walmart offers no explanation of this on their app or website, much less any real way to contact them…. SMH

    • Renee says:

      If you feel you should have about $21 instead of around $7, that’s definitely worth calling customer service. You should have your documentation handy.

    • Gina says:

      I agree with Renee. I would call customer service or email them. I know that’s a pain though, but I’d want my money! :) ~ gina

  • Vicky says:

    Since I don’t price check, this program is good for me. Any amount of money it finds will be better than me not finding any! My one concern is: if I scan my receipt into my cell phone and it takes up to 3-5 days to price check, is it continuously running in the background and using up my data?

    • Gina says:

      I don’t think it would pull data for that time. The work they do to find the deals is on them. I hope this works great for you! It sounds like a great program. ~ Gina

  • Rachel says:

    I have spent over $400.00 in groceries since the savings catcher started and my big savings is (drum roll please) 54 cents. Woop woop!!!!! Not worth my time. I agree with Gina, it is not catching items in other store ads. No thanks AWalmart I’ll just go back to shopping elsewhere.

    • Gina says:

      I hear you Rachel. It would be a great program if it catches everything, but I won’t rely on it. I’ll still price match. I just hope they don’t do away with that program. ~ Gina

  • Carrie says:

    Gina how long did it take for you to get response when you submitted for a recheck? I have submitted several over the past month for re checks and I get email saying they are looking into it then never hear back:(

    • Gina says:

      It probably took a month to get a response. Not very timely, but I got the .62. :) Hope you hear back from the soon. ~ Gina

      • Carrie says:

        I just got a response saying that my inquiry did not get matched wasn’t right size or something but it didn’t give me receipt info so I don’t know which receipt was rechecked I have resubmitted several for a recheck lol

  • additya says:

    I would just go with ValueTag to have my compared prices before making a purchase. I thing which is best is it applies auto-coupons in cart means once the product is in cart it applies automatic coupons in cart.

  • Susan says:

    I’ve scanned 7 receipts over about 4 weeks and have earned a little over $15. Seems to be working well for me. I won’t take the time to price match so I like them doing the work for me.

  • sunshine says:

    Savings catchter is great. It all adds up i just recieved my $5 ill get a little here and there but who doesnt like a little xtra change? Its a new system and may need some time to fully work correctly, but i love to save!! Happy shopping!

  • Kathleen gad says:

    Submitted 2 receipts and received a total of $3.00 savings, which was fine. However when I checked, everything disappeared. Receipts, money back. Wrote to them and everything appeared fixed. Just checked again and my receipts and cash back are MIA again. I feel if they’re having problems with it, stop advertising it until you FIX IT. I’m very disappointed in the program.

  • Teresa says:

    I became very excited about the new program, but I agree with Gina it’s not worth the time because Walmart does not find any of the local compared cheaper coupons that are clearly in the weekly paper within a 10 mile raduis. I am disappointed with the program.

  • Dahlia Marie says:

    I’ve used this coupon program a couple of times because I don’t have the time to search through and bring all of the local papers with me to the store.

    But, I’ve gotten back $14 so far, and I used the coupon yesterday, and now I’m waiting to see how much I’ll get back with that receipt. I’m very happy with the Savings Catcher program, it’s free money back to me!

    The checker did have to call the manager over to show her how to input the email coupon, but that’s not really a big deal as these coupons are so new to them, too.

  • joann martin says:

    I have sent in 4 tickets for grocery 8/21 for 186.77,208.10 9/4 70.77 9/10 97.98 all on the same day I bought grocerys have not received anything, please advise. thanks

    • Gina says:

      I would contact their Savings Catcher customer service at:
      They should be able to help you there. ~ Gina

    • Carrie says:

      I find emailing them a waste of time and we just go in circles it takes days even weeks before they reply and by then I have submitted more receipts and disputed more items not caught and they don’t tell me which receipt they are responding too. So I am done with this program for awhile way too many kinks to be fixed which should have been worked out in their test markets before going national.

      • Gina says:

        I agree Carrie. It seems to be working well though for some people. I use it only as a back up in case I miss something. But, I’m never surprised when I get the email back saying they didn’t find any savings. That’s what I figured when I went into it. Oh well, maybe it’ll be great in the future. ~ gina

  • monica says:

    I always do my own ad match with the weekly flyers and Grocery Smart. I have been using Savings Catcher since it came out and LOVE IT! I feel I am pretty thorough on my research, but they have saved me about $25 already with the Savings Catcher! In our town our local store wont accept ad matches from stores like CVS, Walgreens,etc. only grocery stores. But, on Savings catcher they will. I would never use it as my sole savings tool, only a backup . Why not, save a couple of extra dollars,maybe.

    • Gina says:

      I think you have the perfect approach to this program. That’s exactly what I’m doing now too. Thanks for sharing it’s success. ~ Gina

  • Ram says:

    Thanks for Sharing your experience Gina..I had a similar experience today. I went for the grocery shopping at Walmart few weeks ago and I knew some items were over priced at Walmart than other stores so decided to try savings catcher expecting a refund and couple of days later I got an email saying “no lower prices found” so thought I was wrong. But this time (couple of days ago) I searched of items in other stores while at Walmart and again found the same item in target with a lower price, but I decided to test this app again and bought the item from Walmart. After 2 days I got an email saying no lower prices found again. I decided to stick with price matching from the local ads.

  • mary says:

    Always price match with the cashier! I have the competitors’ ads with me to show him/her if they question the price. I have found Savings Catcher is hit or miss. I challenged them in an email one time and got a reply saying to take it up with the store. It was clearly a problem with their software. Now I check my receipt before I leave the store. To date I think I have a whopping .62 on my “gift card.”

  • Nicole says:

    I’ve tried this savings catcher program twice even though the product was cheaper at Target. Both times, Walmart stated No lower price found. So I will go back to my original way of just returning the product to Walmart if I see it is advertised for a cheaper price elsewhere or just price shop before purchasing from Walmart.

  • Amy Ackerman says:

    I have been using Walmart savings catcher for a couple weeks now. I was all excited that I accumulated over 5.00!! However, when I went to use it, it stated that it was already redeemed.. I am confused.. Anybody??

  • bob says:

    I was hoping to use this instead of price matching but instead of spending even more of my money at Walmart, I will spend none. I bought 2 items to test the process and they failed. They have a process to submit “corrections” if you think the amount they came up with is wrong. I have submitted a correction and a follow up after I never heard back. To this day I have not received any replies. I will add Walmart to my long list of companies I refuse to do business with.

    • Gina says:

      I hear you Bob. It is very frustrating and probably more of a hassle if you don’t get the savings than it’s worth. ~ Gina

  • Tessa says:

    As soon as I heard about this my first thought was that it had nothing to do with saving customers’ money, but with seeing who bought what and coming up with more targeted advertising. It feels extremely hinky to me. I realize apps are super convenient and all, but giving WalMart access to my phone and my shopping habits and who knows what… no thank you. I’m reminded of the book Feed, where tragedy befalls a girl who decides to buck the info system. I’ll just stick with the old fashioned methods, thanks.

    • Gina says:

      You are probably right Tessa. And we do have to watch what we are giving companies assess too. I just submitted my receipt on my computer instead of my phone. I didn’t really like it anyway, so I’ll stick with price matching and pass on this program. ~ gina

  • Diana says:

    I shop at Walmart every Sunday love in Dallas tx. I don’t have time to look through papers cuz I work. I started saving catcher in June and as to date I got back 103.00. I think it works if you don’t have time to sit on yer butt and go through the add psoers

  • Karen says:

    I LOVE the savings catcher! I shop at Wal mart a lot because it saves me money even without savings catcher. So far I’ve gotten back about $45! Now they are doubling the amount when you load the money to an Amex bluebird card. Just did my first transfer but being a Saturday I’m sure I won’t see the money unti Monday. The e-gift cards only took a couple hours to arrive in my email. Small price to pay for double the money!

    • Gina says:

      That’s great! I didn’t know about the AmEx card. That’s awesome! Thanks for the info and glad it’s working so well for you!

  • Jan says:

    I’ve used it three times over the weekend. One receipt was for around $4.28, another around $53.44 and the last around $61.86, and after waiting and waiting, They found nothing. Not a single dime. Those aren’t the only coupons I have scanned, either, just the most recent. Now that they’ve also changed their coupon policy, i’m going to start shopping elsewhere. It isn’t worth waiting in the one open line for two hours.

    • Gina says:

      I agree, it’s frustrating. I rarely shop at Walmart. It’s right next to our major grocery store and I rather go to Fry’s any day. ~ Gina

  • Keith Chester says:

    Keith Chester I am not very happy with the Savings Catcher program. The app fails to catch MANY of the items I know are on sale else where and when you report online that you found a better price you never hear back from anyone. I have now called in three times to no avail. Savings catcher appears to be more of a game of chance. Maybe it will maybe it will not find the price that you already know is cheaper else where. The ONLY advantage is the BlueBird Card program. After Feb 2014, when the BlueBird Card program ends, I am going back to Publix if WalMart does not get it together.

  • jayden says:

    Hi, I’m wondering which email did u send it to? I’m having the same issue which I found a lower price at publix, I sent them an email and its been a week and heard nothing from them back, would u be kind to share the email u have sent them, thank yoy

  • Carrie says:

    I will just dispute using the app then like a month or two later I get a random digital gift card emailed to me it odd amounts I figure it’s the savings catcher lol

  • Cinthia says:

    I’ve been doing the savings catcher for 2 months and I’ve gotten $45.00 back so far and even more when I put it on blue bird..For the ones that say they don’t see the blue bird option appear all the time, I only have that problem when I get under a $2 balance, so I’m guessing blue bird has to be a higher than $2 dollars, but of course I’m not sure about that.Its just what I’ve noticed with using my account..;-)

    • Gina says:

      Wow! That’s some nice savings. Thanks for the info on the $2. It may be helpful to others and they might notice the same thing. ~ Gina

  • Carol says:

    I recently had a very bad experience with Walmart’s Savings Catcher program. I bought a Leapster GS for $39.93 at Walmart that was on sale at Toys R Us for $24.99 blinding thinking that the Walmart’s Savings Catcher would catch this sale price, that by the way, I can only spend at Walmart. Here is the response I received from Customer Service.

    “Unfortunately, the item you have listed is not eligible for the Savings Catcher program; please see our FAQ’s. Savings Catcher currently does not compare general merchandise items, including, but not limited to:

    Electronics, media and gaming, toys, sporting goods, housewares, small appliances, home décor, bedding, books and magazines, apparel and shoes, jewelry, furniture, office supplies and seasonal products, non-branded items, tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical and photo products and services, or products requiring a service agreement such as wireless, automotive or financial products.”

    Why didn’t they just say the “WHOLE STORE”???

    • Gina says:

      Yikes! Thanks for the information. Yeah, I don’t trust the program much myself as I’ve tested it and it didn’t work. But, some people are loving it. Sorry you got a raw deal. ~ Gina

  • Cynthia says:

    Sale price of 2 items at JCPennys was $9.98 EACH. Could only find 1 out of the 2. Went directly to Walmart and found both for $14.98 EACH. Scanned my receipt on savings catcher and it came back NO MATCH FOUND. I filled out the information as requested as to the store and the price.

    • Gina says:

      I hear you. They say somewhere in the fine print that they only match the top competing stores in the area. I don’t use this program ever. ~ Gina

  • Karen says:

    I’ve been using saving’s catcher since September and I really like it. I’ve scanned 13 receipts and I had a balance of $16 on my account that I downloaded to my son’s Bluebird card. He got $32 in Wal-Mart bucks because you get double the amount of your savings when you download it to Bluebird. As you can see, I don’t always shop at Wal-Mart as I’ve only submitted 13 receipts. I don’t have the time or energy to clip coupons or ad match myselfand so I think the saving’s catcher is perfect for me. The saving’s catcher is a way to simplify the process for Wal-Mart customers and the people who hate Wal-Mart are not going to be impressed or start shopping there because of an app! I’ve had bad experiences in a variety of stores, but I just don’t hate on the store. I know people who work at Wal-Mart and they have the same attitude towards their job that many people do. Some days it’s great and some day’s it’s not! The bottom line is that Wal-Mart saw an opportunity and they took it just like so many other businesses. It works great for those customers who buy the right items that meet the catcher criteria!

    • Gina says:

      Wow! That’s great that it’s worked so well for you! I hear people either love it or hate. Glad it works for you. ~ Gina

  • Roberta says:

    How did you contact them? I have always received my money and added it to my bluebird card and it doubled the amount but my last receipt I was supposed to get $5.80 back and still haven’t received it but can’t figure out how to contact anyone

  • heidi says:

    just received this email- “Thank you for using Savings Catcher. We wanted to share with you an update on some changes to the program. Beginning February 14, 2015, we are removing some departments consisting mostly of items that do not have a like for like match at other retailers, such as produce and bakery items. Additionally, we are limiting our comparisons to offers of other mass market retailers, grocery and dollar stores, removing comparisons with drug stores.”

    No more produce?

    • Gina says:

      I just saw the same thing in my email. It sounds like no more produce. I’d stick with price matching to ensure you get the savings. Thanks for letting us know. ~ Gina

  • Linda says:

    Most of the money I get back from Savings Catcher is based on prices at drug stores. Now that they are removing those, I’m just going to go to the drug stores (2 are across the street from Walmart, so not out of my way) and purhase those items. The next time I go to Walmart, I’m going to speak with the manager and let the know this. They may not care, but just maybe they’ll pass it along to their superior. Can’t hurt anyway.

  • Carrie says:

    I got the same email very disappointed with changes:( when bluebird is done doubling I will be done with grocery shopping at Walmart.

  • FB says:

    Not too impressed. It all seems great at first and yes it does seem like I am going to get money back. I tried to redeem my rewards dollars 3 days ago. I got a message saying that it would take UP TO 24 hours and I need to receive an email with the e-gift card. Today, still nothing. I went on the help page and found that I can have my e-gift card resent through the website. I did that and it still doesn’t work. In the meantime, Walmart seems to find ways to reach my email for a bunch of promotions but apparently not to let me have the money they owe me. After 25 minutes on the phone, I now find out that they’ll try and have a pdf version of the gift card emailed to me (to the same email that they apparently can’t send me the original gift card to) and that I now have to wait up to 30 DAYS!
    Very disappointing indeed. Sounds to me more like a scam!

    • Gina says:

      I agree. I’ve heard from lots of people who have had problems with this program. It seemed like a good idea in theory, but I just don’t think it panned out well. I hope you get your money! ~ Gina

  • Jackie Gates says:

    I redeemed my rewards dollar 3 times total of $26.96. When redeeming I was suppose to receive an email within 72 hours. I never received an email. Does this Saving Catcher really work or are they just trying to get people to shop at Walmart.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback. Look forward from hearing from you soon.

  • Sharon says:

    I do not think they catch everything either but the staff is always pleasant in price matching from a flyer.

    • Gina says:

      The price matching is always the way to go. Glad that works out for you! ~ Gina

    • Sarah says:

      Savings catcher has a lot to be desired… I tested and show have gotten back about $35.00 but only got back about $7.00… they will not price match for Walgreens and Rite Aid… Why? I tried to make a claim but that was a merry go round too… I will be doing less shopping at Walmart and more at their competitors…

  • Kathy Larson says:

    I had $40.15 as of 9-22-15, now l have 0. I haven’t cashed it in. I would like to know what happened. Is this a bunch of crap?

    • Gina says:

      I have heard of a few people who that sometimes happens to. I would contact them and try to get your money back. Sorry, you are having such a hassle. I don’t use this program at all as it seems to never catch what I buy. ~ Gina

    • Peg overmeyet says:

      My problem too! I had 4-5 dollars and was letting it build up… Now it’s gone!

      • Gina says:

        Sorry to hear that Peg. A lot of people seem to have problems with this program. You might want to contact them and see if you can get your money back, but it may just be a huge hassle and not worth the time. ~ Gina

        • Carolyn says:

          I have had the same problem with saving catcher I lost over $100 in my this month. I was saving it up for Christmas but now have $0 Bal. I have contacted them finally got a email on Sept 20 saying they had a glitch in the system to check my rewards they should be there. But they wasn’t there. I email them back still no answer.

          • Gina says:

            Ugh, that sounds like a nightmare. I hope you get your money back. ~ Gina

            • Carolyn says:

              I emailed them several times got same reply back except the last one it said I had cashed my rewards in. I called the main office they said the same thing. I know I did not cash them in. Anyway I am done with Saving Catcher not worth the head ache.

  • Jacqueline Gates says:

    When this program started I entered at least 20 sales receipts that was never honored, I was told they were not in the system. I know for a fact they were there because I could view them alol in my email. I THINK THIS PROGRAM IS A BUNCH OF CRAP TO GET PEOPLE TO SHOP AT WALMART. I was told I would receive the rewards about $33.00 now you know I must have been a serious shopper. I no longer enter receipt because SAVINGS CATCHER IS NOT REAL.

  • Ann Norman says:

    Never received my 11.98 from 10-7-2015 I think this is a scam!!

    • Gina says:

      I’m not a fan either Ann. You can try to contact them at I don’t use this program at all as it seems to never catch what I buy. Hope you get your money. ~ Gina

      • Wanda says:

        Hi Gina!
        I thought it would be kinda fun to use savings catcher, for a couple months, just to see how much I had saved. In five weeks I had $6.82 on my Total Rewards. Not bad!!!
        A couple days laterI went to Savings Catcher to scan another receipt. I don’t know if I was more shocked, pissed or what …. It said Total Reward $6.82; Redeemed $6.82; Now Available $0.00.
        I live alone, I did not spend it and no one even knows I do this Savings Catcher thing.
        Thank you for posting an address so that I will be able to contact them because I want to know “what happened to my money.”

        • Gina says:

          I’ve heard that happening to several people. I hope they can get you the money back, but sorry about the hassle. :( ~ Gina

  • Vicki coram says:

    In the Feb 11-16 ads, ores were 1.99 at Barnes in dewitt, ia. I contacted you on Friday last week to let you know. I have checked my dashboard, and still have not received the sale credit.

    • Juli says:

      I’m sorry, but I am not affiliated with Walmart. We wrote this post to inform our readers about the program, after we tested it out. I really hope they can help you out and you get your problem resolved. Good luck!

  • Anita Glatz says:

    Trying to enter a receipt that totals $137.49 and for some reason, I cannot get anything. First time user, but yet it claims my account already exists. Not possible as this is the first time I have tried to use it. Can you wipe out the old one as I believe someone else has been using my information.

  • Rik says:

    The items did not match. Check them again. Two different items

  • Patricia John says:

    After pushing back with corporate about the no price matching I was convinced to try the Savings catcher. I told the little girl I had the ads in hand & yet when I submitted my receipts on the site it took 48-72 hours for them to come back with “no matches” bull crap. I will do the 3 mile radius circle here in my area. WalMart is losing literally hundreds of dollars from me monthly due to them being so greedy & wanting to keep the measly money I save with the price matching at the store. I refuse to shop there any longer. The only money they get from me is for my bag of Iam’s cat food & my vitamins. All my other money goes to the merchants who will price match or else the actual merchant who is offering the sale. This program is a scam & this corporation doesn’t give a flip about the little man who works to keep “their” doors open.

    • Gina says:

      I’ve only heard from a handful of people who actually like this program. Most know that it isn’t effective. Sorry, you’ve had a bad experience. I too drive to 3-4 stores on Wednesday and get all the deals at each store instead of price matching at Walmart. ~ Gina

      • Patricia John says:

        I have all but stopped shopping at WalMart, I do the circle. I got tired of arguing with people over a few bucks. A few bucks isn’t much to this HUGE corporation but it IS to me. Corporate is absolutely no help. I entered around 7 receipts with ads in hand when I entered them & it always came back as “no savings” the rich get richer & the poor get screwed with phony offers. And no, they will NOT take a flyer at my WalMart. I purchase my cat food & litter there but most of everything else is purchased elsewhere. This scam needs to be put out there for everyone to see.

        • Gina says:

          I agree. The one “test” I did, it didn’t catch my savings and I had to fight for it. I prefer just to drive to the other grocery stores and get what I need from friendly cashiers. ~ Gina

  • HaroldS says:

    I’ve never tried this, and I’m glad I didn’t bother. My two closest Walmart are in Glendale with food sales tax, and my closest SW and Fry’s are in Phoenix with no food sales tax, so it is a no brainer to shop those stores for their ads, and only use Walmart for Food City, Basha, etc showing physical ads and ad matching immediately. I go to church in Sun City and volunteer there so I can even shop Fry’s, CVS, Walgreens, there for taxable items and avoid city sales tax Apparently my 2 Walmart don’t enforce the 3 mile rule or I’d be SOL.

  • Jimalita tate says:

    I like walmart rewards

  • Susan Foxworth says:

    After submitting my concern (below) multiple times and many calls to 866-224-1663 only to be on hold for extended lengths of time and no answer,
    I have resorted to posting my complaint here in hopes my issues will be resolved.

    1st contact 9/17/17: “Receiving this message “Impotant Notice: Your total Reward Dollars earned this year is approaching the annual limit $599.99”.
    I thought this limit is per calendar year? According to my records I have accumulated only $160.65 so far for 2017 (JAN 1 – SEP 17).
    My “Total Reward Redeemed” is $561.90, I assume this total is for the entire time I have been a member of the Savings Catcher program.
    Please check, resolve and contact me as soon as possible.”

    Is this Wal-Mart’s definition of valued customer service? If it is I suggest they review their methods before they loose valuable customers.

    • Juli says:

      Totally agree! We haven’t been super pleased when we tried it. Ad matching was much easier, but they’ve stopped doing that at most locations, all here in Arizona.

      We’re not affiliate with Walmart, though I wish we were, so we could help. Hope you get it figured out!

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