Walmart Savings Catcher Program (like price matching without having to)

savings_catcherUpdate:  Here are the results from the first test we did, with some feedback in the comments below that post.

Walmart has a new program called Savings Catcher.  This could be great if it works like they say.  I love that you don’t need to take a photo of your receipt, just enter the number at the bottom.  Easy peasy.  You will need to create a Walmart account.  I already had one.  Other than that, the whole process took me about 30 seconds.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submit your receipt to Savings Catcher in any one of two ways:
    • Enter the receipt number (the TC number) into Savings Catcher at You’ll find this number located near the bottom of your printed Walmart store receipt.
    • Or, scan the code at the bottom of your printed store receipt, using the scanner in the Savings Catcher section of the Walmart app.
  2. Savings Catcher compares the prices of the eligible items you bought at Walmart to the advertised prices found in the print and online versions of the weekly ads of top retailers in your area. The ads must be valid at the time you made your Walmart purchase.
  3. If Savings Catcher finds an advertised price that is lower than what you paid for the same exact item at Walmart, you’ll get back the difference on a Walmart Rewards eGift Card.

You can submit up to 7 receipts a week and it takes 2-3 days to receive your credit.

Here’s info on what they match:

Does Savings Catcher compare all items on my receipt?
Savings Catcher applies to many items sold at Walmart stores. This includes:

  • Most groceries such as cereal, rice and most fruits and vegetables except for: store brand items, deli, bakery and weighed items like meat.
  • Consumable items such as paper towels, bleach and trash bags.
  • Health and beauty items such as shampoo and makeup.
  • Select general merchandise items.

Savings Catcher does not currently apply to:

  • Store brands, deli, bakery and weighed items like meat.
  • General merchandise items, (including, but not limited to, electronics, media and gaming, toys, sporting goods, housewares, small appliances, home décor, bedding, books and magazines, apparel and shoes, jewelry, furniture, office supplies and seasonal products).
  • Non-branded items.
  • Tobacco, firearms, gasoline, tires, prescription drugs, optical and photo products and services, or products that require a service agreement such as wireless, automotive or financial products.

Here’s the list of FAQ.

I went today and bought Ritz crackers as they are $2.50 at Walmart, but on sale at Safeway for $1.88.  I’ll update this in 2-3 days and let you know if I got my credit.
UpdateHere are the results from the first test we did, with some feedback in the comments below that post.

Update:  I heard from someone who works for Walmart on this program.  He gave me the following information:

For clarification on the comparison - Savings Catcher would match the Safeway club
card price (and the advertised loyalty card prices for other stores, too). 

The competitive set for Savings Catcher is pretty comprehensive. For the specific
store you shopped at, it currently includes: Safeway, CVS, Walgreens, Frys, Kmart,
Albertsons, Target, Family Dollar, Kohls, Petsmart, Dollar Tree, Staples, Best Buy,
Petco, Lowe's, Radio Shack, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Update on locations/items they’ll “catch” . . .
“Beginning February 14, 2015, we are removing some departments consisting mostly of items that do not have a like for like match at other retailers, such as produce and bakery items. Additionally, we are limiting our comparisons to offers of other mass market retailers, grocery and dollar stores, removing comparisons with drug stores.

Now, I’m in a small town in Prescott Valley, so I was surprised that it covered so many stores. Your area may even include more!

(Thanks, Rosie!)


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Reader Feedback

26 Responses to “Walmart Savings Catcher Program (like price matching without having to)”

  • HaroldS says:

    Yuck. The rumor was true. So no more instant PM? I don’t like it. So we pay WM shelf price and several days later we might or might not get credit for what they decide is a valid PM? Kinda late then, so sorry, but WM got the sale. If they use mile distance to other store as a criteria I’ll be sunk. That’s why I PM Basha and Albertson at WM because none are remotely near.
    Oh well. IWSJ says traffic is down for WM. hate the long checkout lines there anyway.

    • cindy c says:

      when i submitted it said “comparing with 31 stores”

    • Luna says:

      From the FAQ:

      “Will the Ad Match Guarantee still be available in stores?
      Yes, in-store Ad Match is still available. For more information on the Ad Match guarantee, click here.”

      So no worries on that. :)

      • Juli says:

        Hope they keep them both . . . or make this one really good and a “catcher” of EVERYTHING! :) We’ll see! I think ad matching at the register will be phasing out soon, but not yet! I’ll do what I can do, while I still can!

  • cindy c says:

    I just submitted my first one as well but don’t know if anything I bought was on ad…

  • Meghan says:

    I would definitely advise people to price match and use savings catcher. I was so mad at myself the other week when I forgot to ad match my milk, and paid $2.50 instead of $1.88. Savings catcher went nationwide a couple days later–but they did not “catch” my milk. Maybe because it was store brand? I was annoyed all over again! I’ll consider it a potential bonus, but I won’t rely on it completely.

  • HaroldS says:

    I looed at a Walmart source. The thing that affects me is this will only work for “top retailers” and “nearby” stores, but they don’t define “top” nor “nearby.” “We compare advertised prices from the top retailers located nearby the Walmart store where you shopped”.
    The only store that I would call nearby to my WM is a Safeway – 1 1/2 miles away. In which case it is closer for me to just go to SW. (I never did PM Safeway for that reason.)

    • HaroldS says:

      Meant to ask if Food City, Pro Ranch, El Super are “top” retailers?

      • Juli says:

        That’s a great questions. There are many mysteries. I’m guessing they aren’t. :( Those are the best produce ad matching stores, so I hope the traditional ad matching will continue for awhile — or forever!

  • Luna says:

    I’d like to think this would be great as a back up or just in case.

    I don’t carry the ads with me when I shop at Walmart. I get my list together before I leave the house. I’m sure there are times when I’m buying something that wasn’t planned and could’ve been price matched.

    Hopefully this doesn’t replace price matching at the register, although it wont be that big of a deal for me. I only do maybe 1-5 PM items a week… sometimes none. So if I have to wait a week to get the credit, no biggy… I even wouldn’t mind making this a “savings” account to get things like printer ink for free.

  • Charlie says:

    I have price matched store brands at Walmart before (getting Walmart brand products for the price of Fry’s brand products), but the Savings Catcher wouldn’t do this. So I think I’ll stick to price matching, although it is a pain to do at the register, especially with 2 little ones! :)

    • Gina says:

      I agree. I think price matching is great, so I will continue to do that and then submit my receipt after just in case I missed something or they find a lower price somewhere else. It’s like double savings, but I won’t rely on this program to do all the ad matching stuff for me. I just don’t trust it yet. :) ~ gina

  • Sheila says:

    It explicitly states that store brands are not currently included in the program, so you will not get credit for store brand products.

  • Luna says:

    The past two weeks, I price matched as usual then used the program to see what/if i missed anything. I just now checked & was pleasantly surprised to find out that I have $1.72 in credit on my account! I can see this working out nice. I may even stop price matching name brand items & let my account build to the point of being able to buy my next ink cartridge!

  • Rhonda says:

    Does the money you get on the saving catcher program expire and go away?

    • Juli says:

      I’m almost positive they do not. I didn’t see anything in their FAQ about an expiration. However, you are only allowed to earn $599.99 per calendar year. If you go over that, you won’t be able to accumulate anymore, whether you redeem your rewards or not. Personally, I’d feel safer, redeeming them on a fairly regular basis, just in came they change the program. (You could save the gift “cards” that they email to you, if you didn’t want to use them right away.) On the other hand, Walmart is petty big and I don’t see them going under and sticking you with a large balance that you can’t redeem. I am fairly sure they would honor what you’ve earned, if the program terminated. I would ask their customer service, to be sure, since I’m only 99% sure there isn’t an expiration. ~ Juli

  • brandi says:

    I went a couple days ago, and tried to price match pepsi (4 for 10 at albertsons) and was told that the coupon policy had changed a couple months ago and the customer was required to bring an ad to show cashier or they would not price match the item. I also went a month ago and pricematched a bunch (thankfully had my ads) and almost every item i price matched popped up to tell the cashier to check the ad. Anyone hear of the policy changing or have a tough time price matching lately?

    • Gina says:

      Everyone seems to be having a harder time than normal lately. We are getting daily emails/comments about it. But, nothing has officially changed in their policy. It seems different stores are implementing new rules for their store. It also varies greatly from cashier to cashier at the same store. Sorry you are having such a hard time. :( ~ gina

  • Bea says:

    I too would like to know which markets they match, beforehand. I ALWAYS pm fruit with ads from El Super or Superior which I belive Ralphs owns. When i submitted reciept for first time using app, i got back over 4 dollars but none of the items were from these markets. I will probably do a test produce item and see if it matches El Super or Superior , as i cant risk spending an extra 10 dollars on missed items.

  • Lora Sawyer says:

    I entered receipt #6419 1826 8728 6322 2686 5 on January 30,2017 It was dated January 26,2017,which was within the 7 days. However,it did not go through because it was not eligible.
    Also, we have a new smaller Wal-Mart, but the receipts are
    Not eligible. Your assistance will be appreciated.

    • Juli says:

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any pull or or work with Walmart. We just wrote this to let our readers know how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, people are having many problems with the program. If your store will ad-match, you’re better off going that route, in my opinion. Just bring your ads and tell them the price at the register. If not they don’t, I guess you’re stuck with this and hoping it will work, or going to the store that has the sale. :( Sorry, but you’ll have to attempt to contact Walmart directly. Good luck!

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