Walmart Ad Matching Policy & Tips for Making it Simple

If you live in Arizona, we do an ad matching list each week.  I’ll give you some tips on how to use that, below.  It’s super simple!

They also have a new Savings Catcher program.  Read more about that here.  Right now, it’s had varying results.  I would stick with ad matching at the register and then submit your receipts for things you might have missed.  It can’t hurt!

You can read the full details of their official Price Matching Policy, but here are what I consider the main points:

2017 update:  The information below is no longer on their website.  Basically, it has nothing … just says to see your store.  So, this many not all still apply to every store, but it seems to still be valid at most.  Some stores are now requiring you to have the ad with you or the ability to show them on a mobile device, though.

Walmart WILL match:

  • Prices that are listed in a local ad (not clearly defined what “local” is)
  • Specific items with a specific prices (brand, size, quantity, “value pack” etc.)
    (Will only do B1G1 or % off if starting price is listed in ad)
  • Store coupons in ads, if price is listed
  • Prices without showing them the ad (I suggest having ads, though)
  • Pound for pound, each to each prices on same package size, type, etc.

They will NOT match:

  • Prices on items that don’t have a specific price listed.  (50% off, B1G1, etc)
  • Price after Register Rewards or Extra Care Bucks (Walgreens & CVS)
  • “Weird” sales (ie:  Buy 2, Get $5 gift card, but most seem to match the Buy 10 sales, if you’re buying 10 & similar sales)
  • Per pound to “each” prices & vice versa ($1.99 pineapple will not be matched if ad is $0.33/lb)
  • Store brands (Some stores will, but their official policy says they won’t.  We put them on the list since so many will.)
  • Double coupon promotions

Helpful Hints:

  • Use the ad matching list on each week.  We have most of the best, though we don’t include “Buy 10” sales and similar.
  • And/or use the lists on to make one list, select “all lists” and print (if local to AZ)**
  • Look at your local market-type ads you get for your area & add to list
    Especially if you get IGA ads — We don’t have those prices on the list.
  • Wednesday is often the best day to shop due to one day sales.
  • I place my non ad matching items on conveyor belt first (if any), giving me time to get ready to tell the cashier the prices I need to.
  • Tell the cashier the prices before items are scanned
  • Carry your ads, just in case (policy says not necessary, but nice to have for back up)

Meats:  I have a hard time finding meats that are packaged, branded, or labeled exactly the same as an ad, so I rarely do meats.  Experiment with your list until you find out what your store carries and/or will and will not do.

Produce:  I will readily admit that Walmart’s produce is not always the quality I want to purchase.  Don’t buy that item!  Go in with a flexible plan.  My thinking is that I usually want some great fruits and vegetables for my family, but I don’t necessarily care what they are that week.  I’m fine with getting extra of something that looks good and skipping something else.  On the rare occasion that not much looks good, I get what they have and rely on frozen vegetables and canned fruit for a short time, until I can get to a store that has a good produce sale.

General Foods & Household Items:  I don’t match prices on these items as often since I like the doubling value that most grocery stores give for coupons.  If you don’t use coupons — match away!  Great deals can be found!  If you do use coupons, there are some $1+ coupons that work well there and there are times when I’m not willing to drive to an extra store for the added, double savings.  Be on the lookout for travel size items for higher value coupons that don’t exclude travel sizes.  Of course, sometimes there are some great prices that don’t require a coupon.

**Note:  If an item is not advertised in their ad, they do not have to price match it.  We add many items to the Bargain Believer lists that are not in the ads, especially at Fry’s, Safeway, and Target (others sometimes, too).  Usually, if there is a date after the item “(thru date)” it is not an advertised price.  (Target’s list is difficult to use since many are price cuts and store coupons, so I would stay away from that one.)

I suggest printing their official price matching policy and carrying in with your coupons.  You might want to print their coupon policy, while you’re at it.  :)


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9 Responses to “Walmart Ad Matching Policy & Tips for Making it Simple”

  • HaroldS says:

    You can use the $1 Ocean Spray cranberry coupon at Walmart matching the Sprouts ad for 98¢ = 2¢ mm. I bought 4 large bananas, a large cuke and a package of those cramberrie for a total of $1.04 Sunday ad matching and using that coupon.

    • Juli says:

      I was hunting for that coupon, but couldn’t find it anymore. I know it was zip specific, but don’t remember what zip it was in, but I can’t find it in mine and a couple I checked when I did the list. I also wasn’t 100% it was Ocean Spray on sale, since the Sprouts ad didn’t say. I’ve never seen another 12 oz bag, though. If you know what zip the coupon is still under, let me know — if it’s still around. I’ll add it to the list. Great deal! Thanks for sharing!

    • Juli says:

      Well, I found another one, you can register for. For anyone else reading . . .

      I’ll get it added, Harold. Thanks!

      • HaroldS says:

        That’s the only one I could find now too. I just printed one on my wife’s computer – only allowed one print. The zip code ones came out in Oct I think, and most of mine I had printed expired befoe these even came into stores here or put on sale. Strange that they come out so early. But I did have one left that I used Sunday. So now have another if she wants more cranberries (Still have some frozen from last year. They cook up nicely.)

        • Juli says:

          Glad I’m not missing one. I kept hoping for a sale, too. I saw they were $1.98 at Walmart, but thought Bashas’ would come through for us. They did last year, but it was Sprouts this year — wasn’t expecting that. Glad you’re stocked!

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