Can You Use Digital & Paper Coupon Together at Fry’s?

Question:  Can you use a digital & paper coupon TOGETHER at Fry’s?

I’ve been avoiding this topic, unless directly asked, but I decided to tackle it.  I will give you the facts and you can do what you want with them.

The official answer is, “No.  You can’t combine a digital with a paper coupon.”  When you load a digital coupon from the Fry’s website or app, it tells you that it can’t be combined with a paper coupon.  It’s also in their coupon policy.  If you try to redeem a paper coupon with most digitals, the register will beep and the cashier will get a message that you already have a digital coupon loaded.  The cashier can’t override the digital, even if it’s worth more, and hands you back your paper coupon.  You can’t use them together.  This is true for most all of the digital coupons from Fry’s.

BUT, reality … unless the cashier/store does not allow the special digital coupons to go through with a paper one, they will work together.  By “special” I’m referring to the weekly “MyFry’sExtras” digital coupons or the coupons that can be used five times in one transaction.  (All other Fry’s digital coupons can only be used once, for whatever product(s) is specified.)  With the 5x digitals, you can only use it once, but you can buy up to five of the same product to get up to five discounts, in one transaction.

The same is true if you load a 5x digital coupon and another digital coupon.  Both discounts will come off.

My theory is that the 5x use coupons are really store coupons and not manufacturers’ coupons.  My other theory is that Fry’s knows this and could program their registers differently, if they were too worried about them being used together.  However, these are theories and using them together goes against their policy.  Let me stress that I have no authority or affiliation with Fry’s (or you!) and I’m only reporting what we have discovered and been told by many readers.  Ultimately, the decision is up to you and the store you go to.

On the lists we publish, we will always post the “final price” without combining coupons (unless they change their policy), based on the highest value coupon.  I don’t want to continually promote or claim that Fry’s will do something that they say they won’t.

Here’s an example.  Use the highest value coupon listed below and pay 99¢.  Load the digital and use the paper coupon and pay 49¢.  Either way … super deal for this bread!! (The same final price of 49¢ would apply, if the $1/1 coupon was a different digital coupon.)


Oroweat Italian Bread   $1.99
$0.50/1 Fry’s digital (can use up to 5 times in one transaction, can’t use w/ paper coupon)
Final price:  As low as 99¢

I would love to hear if you have experienced something different.   There may be some stores that won’t accept two coupons, even with the 5x digitals.  Remember, that is their policy!  I just feel an obligation to share the above information and you can decide what to do with it.  ~ Juli


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13 Responses to “Can You Use Digital & Paper Coupon Together at Fry’s?”

  • RH says:

    The reason why it is a huge obstacle is: nothing in the current policy permits or denies stacking of digital store coupons with paper manufacturer coupons. It is left to Store Management’s decision.

    Frys coupon policy states… “Limit one (1) manufacturer coupon (paper or digital) per item purchased.” AND “Store Management has the right to accept, decline or limit the use of ANY coupon(s). Store Management has the right to limit the quantity of coupons and/or items purchased in a single transaction, by a single Customer, or in a single day.”

    And if you ask Kroger [Frys parent company customer service] discounts under “my Extras”, “Best-Customer Bonus” or “Promotions” are a Store Coupon.

    We appreciate you keeping it real for all of us who have straight lace managers. :)

    • Juli says:

      To me, the “one per …” is the clearest, but then they also make it clear that everything is left up to each store. Honestly, I prefer they’d be clear and just stick to what they say, even if it’s to our disadvantage. I don’t like inconsistency or having a summary something like, “Whatever your store decides that day is what you get. Don’t complain to us. We put it in our policy.” :( I understand that people abuse the policy, but everything could be clearly laid out and consistently enforced. I prefer that people don’t abuse coupons. It makes it better for all of us. Clear rules (being enforced EVERYWHERE) is what would stop the abuse. Okay, babbling done … obviously, I have an opinion on all of this. :) Thanks for your input! ~ Juli

  • Arnold Semmons says:

    I think your theory is correct (5x use coupons are really store coupons and not manufacturers’ coupons). The 5x coupons are simply a store discount that puts the item on sale for those who know about the promotion, AND it limits the number of items you can get at the discount (preventing people from clearing the shelves if there’s a really substantial discount). I don’t know why Fry’s refers to these as coupons at all… it’s simply a discount on the promoted item. I have no qualms at all over turning over my paper MFR coupons on these items. Kroger has programmed their cash registers to not accept 2 MFR coupons on any item, so I assume that in this case, it’s OK to use a MFR coupon on these 5x purchases. If the register ever beeps and they refuse to honor my paper coupon, I’ll just ask them to remove those items from my order.

    • Juli says:

      Glad it’s not only my theory! :) I totally agree with everything you said. Thanks for taking the time to comment. ~ Juli

  • Lara says:

    At Ina & Thdl, the manager happened to be my cashier, and the bread was the only coupon (2) I used (and I only had a handful of items total). It worked just fine; he didn’t bat an eyelash!

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ve never heard a store enforcing what the digital coupon “says” when you clip it. I wish they would just take it off. Then, I’d feel okay about putting the items on the list, with the most accurate final price — both coupons applying. Glad your store isn’t the first with bad news! :)

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