99¢ Ice Cream & Ice Cream Sandwiches (12-ct) at Fry’s! ~ Sunday Only

This is an amazing price for ice cream or ice cream sandwiches at Fry’s, Sunday 7/16 ONLY!

♥ ♥ Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream (48 oz) or Ice Cream Sandwiches (12-ct, select) 99¢ (SUNDAY ONLY)

Ask for a raincheck if they’re out of a variety you like!  Keep the goodness coming beyond Sunday.  :)

I was hoping they’d answer the question someone asked, about a limit.  They didn’t state one, so I have to assume you can get as much temptation as you dare and that your freezer space will allow.  :)

Update:  Heather, who works at Fry’s, left a comment and said the limit is 5.  Be prepared for that!

Here’s exactly what their Facebook page says:
We’ll melt with you for National Ice Cream Day! Celebrate this Sunday with a sundae made of Kroger Deluxe ice cream (48oz) and 12 count ice cream sandwiches (select varieties only). Grab these sweet treats for just $0.99 on 7/16 only!  Exclusions apply.

See the full Fry’s list here.

(Thanks, CJ!)

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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “99¢ Ice Cream & Ice Cream Sandwiches (12-ct) at Fry’s! ~ Sunday Only”

  • John Hershey says:

    McDonalds should also be giving out free vanilla cones if you show the coupon on the app :)

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for sharing! I haven’t seen any other impressive offers, but this is nice if you have the app. Thank you!

  • Heather says:

    I believe the limit is 5 per transaction.

    • Juli says:

      I can, definitely, see them limiting it. If they don’t, they’ll have a lot of disappointed customers. I’ve kind of accepted that I’ll have to get a raincheck and I’ll just be happy if there’s anything left when I get there. I haven’t seen them state a limit anywhere. Where do you see/hear the 5? Many have asked on their FB page, but the haven’t answered, at least that I saw. I didn’t read through all 200+ comments, though. It might be something that will vary from store to store. From the response on their FB page, it looks like a lot of people will be stocking up on ice cream tomorrow!

      • Heather says:

        I work there. :)

        • Juli says:

          Ah, something internally, but not written for us. This makes me think it will vary from store to store . . . and that you’re going to have a long day enforcing it, since they didn’t put it in writing. :( I kind of assumed a limit since the deal is awesome, but they’re going to tick some people off. But, without a limit, I’m pretty sure you’re about to be cleared out and it would be nice if more than the first 50 people get some. Hope you don’t get yelled at too much, if you’re working today. :) Thanks for sharing what you heard!

  • Amber says:

    5 limit at my store also. No problem for me as I had very little space in my freezer. :(
    They had a fellow keeping the shelves stocked, so seems like they are prepared.

    Just wish they had a lactose free variety for one family member who will miss out.

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