Safeway & Albertsons Rewards Points Explained ~ Just for U

We want to give you the full details on the reward points at Safeway & Albertsons.  (More details will follow about coupons, as we test it all out.  It’s a bit confusing right now and they don’t have anything in writing.  We’re hitting both stores later today, to figure it out.)

For now ….

Earning points . . .

  • Use your registered phone number or Safeway Club card (for Safeway) at the register to earn points
    If you don’t have an account, register in the Just for U section online at either store, or in their apps
  • $1 spent = 1 point (including pharmacy spending)
  • Earn double points for gift card purchases (some exclusions like Safeway, gas, Tmobile, & credit cards)
  • 100 points will equal 1 reward
  • No limit on rewards earned
  • Each month is a separate earning period; rewards will expire at the end of the following month
    Ex:  If you earn 225 points in Oct., you’ll have two rewards to spend by the end of November (25 points are lost)
  • Points from both stores combine into one total and can be redeemed at either store
    The Just for U accounts are tied together.  I suggest you do NOT use two different phone numbers to create separate accounts, since earning rewards will be more difficult.

If you go to the app, you’ll see a reward tab at the bottom:

Redeeming rewards . . .

  • Exchange rewards (100 points each) for discounts on gas, free grocery items or cash discounts through app  (doesn’t appear you can do it online)
  • Choose the “Rewards” icon at the bottom of the app
  • Reward level you qualify for will not be greyed out (1 reward, 2 reward, etc)
  • Choose your reward(s) and that item(s) will be free at checkout, when you use your registered phone number
  • You can choose/redeem multiple rewards at a time, if you have accumulated enough points
  • Once your reward is chosen, you can’t change it (if out of stock, go to customer service)

As the program gets rolling, if we learn more we’ll update this post.

I’m happy to choose a freebie from time to time instead of fuel points.  The gas near me was always more expensive, so it wasn’t worth the effort until I hit, 200 pts, which I rarely do.  Even if the item is small, I’ll take it instead of nothing!

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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Safeway & Albertsons Rewards Points Explained ~ Just for U”

  • Suzanne says:

    Do I just use my Safeway card at Albie’s now or do I have to give them my phone number at the register?

    • Kerri Walker says:

      You will give them your phone number at the register. Make sure you do it at the beginning because once the cashier hits total they cannot go back and put it in.

    • Gina says:

      We aren’t positive if they can scan your card or not. They are saying to use the phone number that is registered to your Just for U account. ~ gina

  • Laura says:

    Question for anyone who might know: In the Albertsons app, if I click on the just for u icon and load those coupons, can I use the coupons ONLY at Albertsons or do they apply to Safeway as well?

    • Juli says:

      I attempted to test this earlier today, but just now found the answer. Their app takes forever to update! I couldn’t tell what was happening. But, I’m fairly certain you can only use manf. coupons at one store, even though they show in both. Store coupons can be used at the store it’s loaded for and they’re available for both, if they apply. Personalized deals will show and can be used at either, more than once, if wanted. I’m going to do a post about it soon. We may find out new information, but this is what I’m understanding, for now. My receipt had so many overcharges, that I’m not 100% if something was an error or there’s some reason I’m overlooking, why it didn’t come off. It’s a total mess, is the bottom line. Of course, nobody in the store knows any answer.

      • lindy says:

        It’s true that they don’t understand it. I loaded everything on my computer at home, then I chose the Albertsons location on my Safeway app, and of coarse nothing I had loaded came off. The cashier said it because I had the Safeway app and not the Albertsons app. I don’t think that’s the reason.
        In my case I think it’s the phone number I used, which is a Google voice number. This number has never worked at Safeway and I can only use my card there. I guess I will try a new account with Albertsons with my cell number and see what happens.

        • Juli says:

          Some of mine came off and some didn’t, so who knows if it’s a phone number issue or a “them” issue. Whatever it is, hope they gave you money back and you get it figured out, moving forward. Of course, they need to get it figure out moving forward, too! Just watch your receipt, always!

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