Sprout Weekly Deals ~ 12/6/17 – 12/13/17


Loving the produce deals at Sprouts this week ~ Hass avocados 48¢, roma tomatoes 48¢/lb, broccoli crowns 77¢/lb, baby carrots 77¢ per bag, 5 pound box of Cuties $3.88!

♥ ♥ = We love this deal!  We doubt it will go much lower than this.  Stock up!
♥  = This is a great deal.  If you use this product, get it!

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Bulk Bin Sale (all bulk bin, bulk spices and bulk coffee) 25% off (FRI – SUN only)

♥ ♥ Blackberries (5.6 oz) 77¢ (FRI – SUN only, if Driscoll’s brand, coupons available, more info here)

♥ ♥ Kettle Brand Chips 99¢ (no size listed; FRI – SUN only)
$1/2 Ibotta (phone app, future cash back; Thanks Arnold!)

♥ ♥ Coconut Water 99¢ (no size listed; FRI – SUN only)

Mini Seedless Watermelon $1.50 (FRI – SUN only)

Choice Rump Roast $2.77/lb (FRI – SUN only)

Honey Ham off the Bone (sliced and pre-packaged) $4.99/lb (FRI – SUN only)

♥ ♥ NOW Essential Oils (1 oz) 50% off (FRI – SUN only)

Cupcake Wine (750 ml) $6.99 (FRI – SUN only; mix and match 6 bottles to save an additional 10%)

Wild North Atlantic Jumbo Sea Scallops $8.99/lb (limit 5 pounds, FRI – SUN only)

Deals for 12/6/17 – 12/12/17:

Hass Avocados 48¢

♥ ♥ Roma Tomatoes 48¢/lb

♥ ♥ Cauliflower 77¢/lb

♥ ♥ Broccoli Crowns 77¢/lb

♥ ♥ Spinach (bunch) 77¢

♥ ♥ Baby Peeled Carrots (1 pound bag) 77¢

Navel Oranges 88¢/lb

Grapefruit 88¢

Organic Mangos 98¢

Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers 98¢

Organic Italian Squash 98¢/lb

Organic Hass Avocados 98¢

Sprouts Pasta (16 oz) 99¢

Organic Fuji or Gala Apples $1.48/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.67/lb (limit 4 packs)

Organic On the Vine Tomatoes $1.88/lb

Pineapple $1.98

Zevia Soda (6 pack) $2.50

Jumbo Artichokes $2.50

Ground Beef, 85% Lean $2.77/lb (limit 4 packs)

Hot Pepper Jack Cheese (bulk cut) $2.99/lb

♥ ♥ Sprouts Butter or Cage Free Eggs (1 pound/18 count) $2.99

Pork Ribs Back or St. Louis Style $2.99/lb

Taylor Farms Chopped Salad Kits $3.00

♥ ♥ Cuties California Mandarins (5 pound box) $3.88

Raw or Chocolate Almonds (in the bulk bins) $4.99/lb

Home Run Inn Pizza Buy One/Get One Free

Cedarlane Frozen Meals Buy One/Get One Free (Thanks, Arnold!)

EZ Peel Jumbo Raw Shrimp $5.99/lb (limit 4 pounds)

♥ ♥ Opal Apples   98¢/lb
$1/$2 or more Sprouts digital (print coupon or use app, see note below to print )
Final price:  About 50¢/lb for a little over 2 pounds

Blue Diamond Nut-Thins Crackers (4.25 oz)   $2.50
$1/1 Blue Diamond Nut-Thins Crackers 11/12/2017 SS Insert (exp 1/14/18)
Final price:  $1.50

♥ ♥ Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips   $3.00 (Thanks, Arnold!)
$1.50/1 Sprouts digital (print coupon or use app, see note below to print )
$1.50/1 printable
Final price:  $1.50

Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice (59 oz)   $2.99
$1.50/2 Tropicana Pure Premium Bottles 11/05/2017 SS Insert (exp 12/31/17)
Final price:  $2.24 each when you buy 2


Deals for 12/6/17 ONLY:

♥ ♥ Hass Avocados 50¢ (WED, 12/6 only)

♥ ♥ Red Mangos 50¢ (WED, 12/6 only)

Chobani Greek Yogurt (5.3 oz) 88¢ (WED, 12/6 only)

♥ ♥ Honeycrisp or Envy Apples 98¢/lb (WED, 12/6 only)

♥ ♥ Blackberries (5.6 oz) 98¢ (if Driscoll’s brand, coupons available, more info here) (WED, 12/6 only)

Broccoli Crowns 98¢/lb (WED, 12/6 only)

Cauliflower 98¢/lb (WED, 12/6 only)

♥ ♥ Sunset Campari Tomatoes (1 pound pkg.) 98¢ (WED, 12/6 only)

Asparagus $1.48/lb (WED, 12/6 only)

Sprouts Kettle Chips or Organic Popcorn (4.5 oz) $1.50 (WED, 12/6 only)

Red’s Frozen Entrees or Burritos (4.5-9 oz) Buy 1, Get 1 Free (WED, 12/6 only)

Chicken Tenders or Thighs (boneless, skinless) $1.77/lb (WED, 12/6 only)

Sprouts Sandwich Bread $2.99 (WED, 12/6 only)

Chicken or Pork Sausage  $2.99 (WED, 12/6 only)

♥ ♥ Grass Fed Ground Beef (value pack) $3.99 (limit 4) (WED, 12/6 only)

Cuties Mandarins (5 lb box) $4.98 (WED, 12/6 only)

Walnuts $4.99/lb (WED, 12/6 only)

Roasted Almonds, Shell-on Pistachios, Cashew Pieces, or Mixed Nuts (select) $5.99/lb (WED, 12/6 only)

Raw Shrimp (jumbo EZ Peel, 16/20 ct) $5.99/lb (limit 4 pounds) (WED, 12/6 only)

Wild Ahi Tuna Steaks (previously frozen) $5.99/lb (limit 4 pounds) (WED, 12/6 only)


♥ ♥ Barbara’s Cereal or Snacks   50% off (WED, 12/6 only)
$1.00 Ibotta (Puffins cereal, phone app, future cash back)
$1.00 Ibotta (multi-grain Spoonfuls cereal, phone app, future cash back)
$1.00 Ibotta (Morning Oat Crunch cereal, phone app, future cash back) 

Final price:  Varies + possible Ibotta cash back

♥ ♥ Lundberg Rice Chips or Cakes (6-10 oz)   $2.00 (WED, 12/6 only)
$1/1 printable (chips)
50¢ Ibotta (Red Rice & Quinoa Tortilla Chips, phone app, future cash back) 

Final price:  $1.00 + possible Ibotta cash back

Organic Valley Cheddar Cheese (16 oz, mild or sharp)   $5.99 (WED, 12/6 only)
$1.25 Ibotta (phone app, future cash back) 
Final price:  $5.99 + possible Ibotta cash back

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+ Sprouts also has coupons online here. Print or save & show on your phone.
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2 Responses to “Sprout Weekly Deals ~ 12/6/17 – 12/13/17”

  • Arnold S says:

    I have an Ibotta offer for $1 off 2 Kettle brand chips. That will make them a really good deal over the weekend.

    Enjoy Life chocolate chips are $3 and there are print-at-home coupons for $1.50 off. On my Sprouts app, there’s an electronic coupon for $1.50 off as well.

    Cedarlane frozen meals are B1G1F

    • Gina says:

      Thanks, Arnold! I got all those added. I appreciate it. Honestly, I’m about 95% only produce at Sprouts. So, some of the grocery aisle stuff, I’m not as familiar with the coupons there. So, I appreciate the added deals! ~ Gina

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