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Giveaways & Sweepstakes ~ From $$$ & a Trip to Scotland to Butter :)

Awhile ago, I asked if anyone wanted me to post about sweepstakes and giveaways.  There was quite a bit of interest, but I just rarely take the time to find them.  I had some down time to pull some together, so here are a few you may want to try.  (Most of them came through an affiliate company I work with — meaning I get a small payment, when you enter.  I just want to be honest!)

If you have an “alternate” email address, that might be a good one to use.  Just don’t forget to check it, to see if you won!

My disclaimer is that I haven’t read all the fine print on these, so you’re on your own.  Here they are in no particular order . . .

Publisher’s Clearing House — $5,000 a week for life!
(At the link it say $7000, so ??  I’ll take either.  :)


Win a trip to Scotland — stay in a castle and more!

The Scotland sweepstakes is full right now.   :(


Win Zavida Coffee for a year (Facebook)

$500 Whole Foods Gift Card (Facebook)



Win Challenge butter (Facebook)
This one goes live at noon today (4/14).
I don’t know if it’s a true sweepstakes or the people who are quickest will get them all??


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High Value Kellogg’s Coupons ~ 70¢ off Eggo Bites & More!

Get exclusive coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s® brands.  Sign up here.

I love these since you get bonus coupons sometimes.  I just got one today for $0.70 off ONE pack of Eggo Bites.  I’m not positive you’ll get that one for signing up, but you’ll get future ones.  (If you’re signed up, check your email, though.)  They are often one with a higher value and that you won’t find anywhere else.

Signing up will also give you access to all the other regular coupons we have on the match ups all the time.

Note:  There’s also a great $0.50/1 Rice Krispies coupon.  I love the ones that are off only one.  (Thanks, Kristeen!)


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Famous Footwear ~ $10 off $10.01 Purchase ~ Text Offer


Update #2:  This won’t work for online orders, but has worked in the store.  Give it a try, if you live close.  Or, give your specific store a call.  If they say you can use it, get their name!!  Good luck!

Sorry….it looks like this deal was specific to Kelly only.  It asks for a promo code and when you enter what they text to you it says, “The rewards promo code you specified is not available to this account.”  (Thanks, Sidney!)

There’s a super texting deal going for Famous Footwear.  The offer expires on April 21st, so you have awhile to use it.

Here’s the comment Kelly left on the Bargain Believer Facebook page.  I wanted to put it here so even more of you will see it.

Text EASTER351 to 326687 for $10.00 off of $10.00+ at Famous Footwear.”

If you don’t need shoes, look for some socks!

Regular texting fees will apply, if you have any.

(Thanks, Kelly!)


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Problem Printing Coupons from RedPlum or SmartSource? ~ Possible Solutions . . .


If you’re having problems printing coupons from RedPlum or SmartSource, give these solutions a try.

#1:  You can try to set your Java security setting to “medium.”  More details on that here (Thanks, Michelle!)

#2:  Ryan gave us step by step instructions that might work.  (Thanks, Ryan!)

To make a simple explanation Redplum recently changed to a print plug in of their own instead of Java.  If you still have Java installed it will not prompt for their plug in to install.

1. Uninstall anything that says Java (Java 6/7/8 Update XX) in the Add/Remove Programs list (Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove)
2. Visit Redplum in FIREFOX (Use this link, if you need to download.)
3. Click a coupon to print (It will actually print so make it good!)
4. You should now receive a pop up for Print@HomeWeb…..
5. Click “Save File”
6. Double Click to install the program
7. Let it install
7. Your printer should produce the print!
8. When you eventually want to print from Smartsource you will need to reinstall Java (Redplum will still continue to work.  Don’t worry!)

#3  Look for a red “lego-like” graphic, to the lit of your URL, in Firefox.  Also, you may need to “run” the program.  (Thanks, Christine!)

I use Firefox and if I click on the brick in the URL line a window pops up and asks me if I want to “allow and remember.” I couldn’t print from RedPlum forever until I uninstalled and then reinstalled Java and then told the browser to activate the plugin automatically when I visited the site.  Also, Java wants to put that nasty Ask toolbar on your computer whenever you update, so be sure to uncheck that box.”


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National Geographic Kids ~ $9.60 for Year


I just ordered National Geographic Kids for my kids.  My girls (10 & 12) still love reading these.

It’s like Christmas, when they arrive in the mail.  To me, cramming a few more facts into their brain without any effort and their excitement is worth $9.60 for 10 issues.  (The reg. price is $15.)

Use code: GeoLK for 20% off (I saw this after I placed my order.)  :(  (Thanks for verifying it works for everyone, Cloi & Cindy!)

There is also an option for 6 issues of National Geographic Little Kids for $10, so $8 after the discount code.

It’s a daily deal through Plum District.  (Use an alternate email, unless you want to see a lot of emails from them.)  You need to make the purchase by Sunday, March 30th.  (The Little Kids one ends on Saturday, March 29th.)

Just in case you’re blind like me, focus on looking for a blue voucher number.  That’s what you’ll enter, at the link they give you, after you make your purchase.  It’s in your order summary.

national_voucher See above for blue voucher number, to enter at link they give.
I already used this one.  :)


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Maze Runner, Kindle Book $1.99 ~ Similar to Hunger Games or Divergent


Susan sent me a link for this Kindle book, The Maze Runner.   It’s only $1.99 (reg. $9.99), if you want to add it to your reading list.

You can also get the paperback fro $6.49 and the hardcover for $12.21, if you prefer that.

If you are or have a Hunger Games or Divergent fan, this might be something they’ll like.  They’re also making a movie that will release in September of 2014.

It’s a series, so if you get hooked, there’s more!  :)

Note:  Amazon prices can change at any time.


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99¢ + Stamp = Great April Fool’s Joke! ~ Traffic Violation, Expecting Baby, & More!

99¢ April Fool’s Day Cards + Free Stamp at Cardstore! Use Code: CCE4320, Valid through 3/26/14. Shop Now!

If you want a simple April Fool’s joke, I have one for you . .  for just 99¢ plus the cost of a stamp!

CardStore has cards with a “joke” on the front . . . like you’re expecting a baby or they got a traffic violation.  On the back it says, “April Fools!”

Use code:  CCE4320 (valid through 4/2/14)

The problem would be to get them delivered exactly on April 1st.  I guess it wouldn’t have to be exact, but it would be much better!  If I was going to be around (will be out of town), I’d have it delivered to my home and then have it on the counter, when my husband got home from work.  I’d choose the red light violation and ask him what was up.  He’s never been pulled over . . . ever.  (Well, there was the time he was in the carpool lane and I had a terrible headache and laid down, out of view.   The officer was surprised when I sat up.)  This card would be perfect for my law-abiding husband!  :)

Here’s the card.  You can edit the details like city, intersection, name, etc.  There are others, too!


Red Light Joke - April Fools Day Card _______________________________________________________

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Frozen DVD & Blu-ray Deals


I’ve had a couple people email or leave a comment asking where they can get the movie Frozen for a good deal.

Amazon:  The DVD is $14.96 or the combo pack is $19.96.  (You would have to order other items, getting to $25 $35 (Gone up.  Thank, Tricia!) to get free shipping, unless you have a Prime membership).

Walmart: The DVD is $14.96 or the combo pack is $19.96.  You can go to the store and get it or order it online and have it ready to be picked up, for free.  Or, shipping is free if you spend $50 or more.

Notes:  Rebecca found $3 a coupon on the Boboli pizza crust, at Walmart.  (Thanks, Rebecca!)

Note #2: At Walmart in the frozen food area, (Eggo waffles) there are peelies attached to them with codes for Kellogg Family Rewards.  Enter the code and you can print a $5 coupon for Frozen.  (Thanks, Amie!)

Note #3:  Amie says she has extra codes for the $5 Frozen coupon, through Kellogg’s Family Rewards.  If you want one, reply to her comment below.  You can leave your email and she can email it to you.  (Thank, Amie!)

Target:  The DVD is $14.99 or the combo pack is $19.99. Buy a $20+ Frozen toy and get $5 off the Blu-ray automatically.  Their website has them on backorder, so you will need to go to the store to get it.

Sam’s Club:  Combo is $24.96 and you get a free Anna Disney Infinity character.  (Thank, Mandi!)

Walgreens:  They DVD is $16.99.  (Thanks, Brittney!)
Or, starting tomorrow (Wed., 3/19) here are the grocery store deals/prices we know about.

SafewayThe DVD will be $18.99 and combo pack $24.99.  If you buy one of those, you’ll get a couple freebies: Fuji water, Popchips, & Thinaddictives.

Fry’s:  The DVD is $19.99 and you can get $5 off if you buy Energizer Max Batteries.  (I don’t know the price of those.)

Albertsons:  DVD $19.99, no bonus

Anyone know of anything better?


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99¢ Custom Greeting Cards TODAY ONLY ~ Even Schedule When You Want Sent!


For only 99¢, you can customize a greeting card (any occasion or reason!).  The best part . . .  you can schedule when you’d like the card to be sent!  I love this for my busy, forgetful brain.

Imagine how many peoples’ days you can brighten, with a name and even a personalized picture — on a card coming from you!  (If you don’t have time to go through photos and do too many customizations, they have options for you, too!)

You will only pay the cost of regular postage, if you want them mailed to the recipient!

Go to CardStore and create cards TODAY and pay only 99¢ per card!

You’ll need to enter the code: CCE4399 (end TODAY, Thursday, 3/17)


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Staples ~ 6 FREE Reams of Copy Paper


Don’t miss this deal!

Get 6 free reams of copy paper (after easy rebate) at Staples through Saturday, March 15th.
Go here to print both of these coupons.

Easy Rebates are really that . . . EASY!
You can submit them online and don’t have to cut UPC’s.

This is not the same as their Staples Rewards, where you get store credit.
This is a true rebate and much better, in my opinion.
You will either get a Rebate Visa Prepaid Card or a check mailed to you.
I think mine did paypal last time too, and the credit showed up in 4-6 weeks.

(Thanks, Alicia’s Deals!)


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