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12 Responses to “Blog Button”

  • David V AZ says:

    $0.25/1 Palmolive 10+ oz 1/19/2014 SS Insert (exp 2/8/14)

    I just got home from buying the 1/19/2014 sunday paper (AZ Republic) and the SS Insert does NOT have the coupon captioned above. This has been a recurring issue since the beginning of January 2014.

    Are there different inserts depending on where you buy the paper? Or depending on which side of town you live in?

    I am thankful for all you do on the website, but I am confused by this issue.

    • Gina says:

      Hi David. There can be different copies of the same SS insert. I have the Palmolive coupon in mine. I live in Prescott, and get AZ Republic delivered to my home. Our local Prescott paper, The Daily Courier, never has all the coupons in it. That’s why I don’t get that paper. The papers delivered to stores can have a smaller version of the coupons in it as well. You are only guaranteed to get the full insert if you get home delivery. Here’s a post that talks about how to get a deal on getting the AZ Republic delivered to you. ~ Gina

  • Cynthia McKinney says:

    Hello, about a week a go – maybe a little longer, the make a list – the plus buttons(?) went away. Would you know how I can get them back?

  • Stephanie says:

    Help I wasn’t able to make a list last week because the green + signs were gone and they aren’t back yet. Are you not doing them anymore?

    • Juli says:

      We haven’t switched anything. :( My husband is doing updates, but nothing has been made live or switched over yet, since it’s not done. I asked on Facebook, if anyone could find the problem and give me details. All we can determine is that it seems to happening in IE, but we’re not sure the operating system (Windows version or ??). For two people, it has worked when they refresh their page or click on the specific store name (on the top) to get to the list. Or, you can just switch the browser you’re using. Unfortunately, we can’t fix the problem since we can’t see it. It’s working on all five of our computers, with varying operating systems and versions of IE.

      If you can let me know your version of IE and operating system, maybe we can get it to not work over here. If we can see it not working, my husband may be able to figure it out. And, can you also let me know if refreshing or clicking on the store name works. I want to know what the success rate is, with that.

      Sorry for the hassle, and that we have little idea why it’s happening.

  • Tammy Lee says:

    Hi Juli~

    Thank you so much for all you do. I tell everyone I know about you!!

    I attended a Couponing workshop today in Chandler that was sponsored by the AZ Republic and

    It appeared, it’s main intention, was to sell more newspapers (4) Sunday additions per household to couponers and discouraged printing coupons.

    They also were looking for experienced couponers to teach coupon classes.

    I would love the opportunity to speak to you on the phone or meet you at a Starbucks (my treat) and ask you some additional questions.

    Thank you again for all of the dollars you have saved my family!

    You are blessed!


    • Juli says:

      I wouldn’t mind calling you sometime, but meeting is hard. I have a full day today, but will try to make it happen later today or tomorrow.

      Have a super day!

      P.S. I’m going to delete your other comment, with your phone number, so it’s not floating around online. :)

  • beth says:

    On your post for this Wednesday Bashas deals, you mention that Bashas is the last store to double coupons but on your posts, the products that are stated with coupons do not double to $1.00 Please advise.

    • Juli says:

      Some coupons state on them “do not double” and Bashas’ won’t double those. Those are the exceptions to the rule, so we point that out, when we know the coupons says that. The rest of your coupons will double.

  • Loranda Tarrant says:

    How do you file the coupon books? Do you have a data base that shows the past coupons books.

    • Juli says:

      I have a file box, that I keep past coupons in. I cut most, but ones that I’m less sure of using, I keep in that box. I write the date on top and file in order, so I know where to look. After 3 months (or less) most all coupons have expired, so I throw away the insert.

      I don’t have a database that shows the coupon inserts/books, but there is a link on the top menu bar (“coupon database”) where you can search for coupons. It will tell you what insert to look in.

      If you have past inserts, and you don’t know when you received them, you can look on the spine. They print the date there, though it’s super small.

      There’s more information on how I set up the cut coupons on the top menu bar, under “Begin.”

      Hope you get a good system set up and can save a lot!

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