I will not promote anything that I don’t think will benefit my readers in some way.  If you don't benefit, I don't want to.  My motivation for starting this website is to help equip you to save money.  I have found that there are ways to make money doing exactly what I would do anyway — for that I am grateful, but it is not the driving force behind this website.  I just love to share the bargains I find and help people save.

There are times when I will provide a link where I receive a monetary benefit if you click or make a purchase.  I do not gain anything from the majority of the deals I share, but some I do.  The payments usually very small, but there are some exceptions.  Also, it's amazing how the small parts up add up and help support this site.  Thank you for using my links to visit sites I recommend.

Also, be aware that since most bargains are time sensitive, some will come and go or change quickly.  Deals will often vary from location to location and I may not be aware of all the differences.  (Target and Walmart are notorious for pricing items differently in the same city, though it's usually not much.)  The nature of bargains is that they're always changing.

Please check your local establishments ahead of time, to verify that they are honoring the deal I have highlighted.  If you find a discrepancy, please leave a comment or email me (juli@bargainbeliever.com) so I can alert others.  Obviously, I also make mistakes from time to time, but I attempt to be as careful and thorough as I can.

I wrote a little bit more about the issue in a post, if you'd like the "inside scoop."

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