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I am truly a Bargain Believer.  Quite simply, there are bargains everywhere and I like tracking them down.  Some might say, “You get what you pay for.”  I would say, “You often get what you don’t pay for and sometimes even make money in the process!”

There are many bargains out there and I believe KNOW you can find them too!  Check back often since I will update on a very regular basis. If you’re new to this, check out the tabs on the menu bar for some help getting started and understanding the terminology.

You can jump in as much or as little as you desire.  I suggest finding a couple simple deals and then see what you feel like tackling after that.  Don’t worry if a great deal slips away.  There’s more to life than getting them all!  Just because I highlight a deal does not mean that I got it.  I don’t have the time to get them all and neither do you!

Bookmark www.bargainbeliever.com so that you can come back and easily print coupons from the sidebars, check for specific bargains, or just browse through the latest posts.  I suggest you subscribe to a daily email to keep current with everything I have posted.  (Your email will never be shared.)  You can also sign up for an RSS feed or Facebook or Twitter.  The updates I post there will show up immediately and you’ll be among the first to know about the quickly disappearing deals.

Many deals I highlight will be nationwide, but there will also be some that are specific to the Phoenix, Arizona area. All the sale prices come from Arizona stores.  Hopefully, there will be something for everybody!

If you find the site helpful, please pass along the information to friends and family. I hope you will soon become a Bargain Believer and have deals you can’t contain.

Happy bargain hunting!


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2 Responses to “Welcome!”

  • Rosella aka Rosey Sorrow says:

    Thank you sooo much words cannot describe my gratitude for what you and your team are doing soo Thank you immensely Juli, Gina, Cherie, Karen, Susan, and Allison any if you have added help well thank you too!!! <3 :) the time you have taken to make couponing soooo easy and enjoyable bless your life because of you more lives around me will be blessed I’m a stay @ home mom & I do homeschooling & I’m also in children’s ministry thank you for the time you save me!! I love knowing this will impact the not only my family but those around me!!! Lov3 Rosella aka Rosey Sorrow,

    • Juli says:

      We are glad we’re able to help simplify your life a little! It sure can get busy. We all know that! :)

      Thanks for taking the time to thank us. It means a lot!

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