Cut Some, Leave Some

Cut Some, Leave Some

I'm sure there are plenty of other inbetween methods, but this is what I have settled on and works well for me.

Before I file my whole Sunday coupon inserts, I cut out these coupons:

* Ones that are very likely to be needed
   (I base it on knowledge of usual sales, products I would buy anyway, freebies, very high value coupons, etc.)
* Chilled food that I use like deli meat, yogurt, cheese, etc.
   (They are often marked down for quick sale and I want my coupons with me.)
* Cosmetics
   (Sales vary so much that you never know exactly what's included and they're often found on clearance.)

I cut these and file them in an envelope that I always carry with me.

I like this method because I have the best of the best with me, yet my other coupons are available when I see a great sale that comes up.  I can cut those before I shop and I'm set.  I do miss out on some clearance or other deals I discover when I'm at the store, but I figure it's a small price to pay for all the time I save cutting, filing, and getting rid of coupons I don't end up using.

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