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There are several ways to get information on a consistent basis (besides stopping by the website).

The most instant:
RSS Feeds

You can also get a daily Email which is automatically delivered between 3 pm and 5 pm, Arizona time.  Anything that has been posted since the last email is included in the next one.  It’s great if you’re extra busy or like to refer to it later.

Keep in mind that there are times when a deal may have already disappeared by the time you are able to read it.  Also, be aware that we make changes to the shopping lists throughout the week, so make sure you come to the website for the most updated information, even if you get the emails.  Also, understand that you won’t be able to build your own shopping lists (by clicking on the green “+” signs) since they are only visible and functioning directly on the website.

So . . . you’ll be wanting to visit the website, even if you get emails.  However, they make it easy to skim through and decide what you want to click on or if there’s a reason to come to the website.

All are free and your information will never be used for anything other than delivering the information that is posted on this website.

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3 Responses to “Get Free Updates”

  • Margaret Lawless says:

    Hello, New to your bargain site.
    What is deal match up?

    • Juli says:

      Basically, they are the products we list on each store’s list, with a coupon. So, if you go to the Fry’s list, you may see a deal match up for cereal. We’ll have the sale price listed, with possible coupons you could use, to lower that price. If you click the green plus signs, you can get the deal you want to purchase on your own list, to take to the store. If you have another questions, you can ask under the post it pertains to, send us an email, or post it over on our Facebook page. Hope you save a bunch!

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