Catalina List


2017 Catalina List
Unsure what a Catalina is?  Read here.

Didn’t get one that you should have?  Have your receipt in front of you and fill out this online form.  They’ll usually mail it out to you.

This list is here because of you!  THANK YOU!  Please send us any we don’t have and let us know if you test them at a store that isn’t listed.

We love pics of your printouts, but will take what we can get!  :)  (gina @ bargain believer . com or juli @ bargain believer . com) — Take out spaces.

Note:  Fry’s almost always has the same Catalina offers as Kroger, if you’re not in Arizona and are reading this.

Home Sense Items (select)
Look for tags, but usually included items like bleach, sponges, paper towels, fabric softener, etc.
Thru 4/5/17 (shelf tag at Fry’s; Thanks, Susan!)
Buy 3 = $2.00

Secret or Gillette Deodorant (select)
Thru 4/5/17 (shelf tag at Fry’s; Thanks, Susan!)
Buy 2 = $2.00

Shout, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge, Fantastik, Windex or Drano
3/20/17 – 4/16/17 (printout at Fry’s; Thanks, Gabe!)
Buy 2 = $1.00
Buy 3 = $2.00
Buy 4+ = $3.00

Please do not copy this list, for more than personal use, without prior permission — thanks!


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