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Bargain Believer Blog Button ~ To Share the Logo/Link ~ THANKS!

I posted this a long time ago, but it’s been long buried.   I’m going to be lazy and just copy the same post below.  :)

Bargain Believer

If you don’t have a blog/website, you may not have any clue what a “blog button” is.  I was with you, a couple years ago, before starting this website.

It’s the image above.  Basically, it’s the little logo “thing” that you can paste onto a website, with the computer code included (also called a widget).

I was recently asked for it and I remembered that I never told you it was now on the website, if you ever want it.  (Go to “about” on the top menu bar and then “blog button.”)

I realize this won’t thrill most of you, but some of you have a personal blog or website and you like to share your favorite online websites with your readers.  If that’s you and you’d be willing to post a link to Bargain Believer — thank you very much!  It’s appreciated more than you know.

Here’s the code if you want to grab it from here:

<div align="center"><a href="http://www.bargainbeliever.com" title="Bargain Believer"><img src="http://www.bargainbeliever.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/bargain_believer_125_white.png" alt="Bargain Believer" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Thanks to our friend, Gary, who made the logo!  It will appear on the website someday.  It doesn’t “fit” (in computer ways) and the website is waiting for a redesign — someday!  It’s been on the Bargain Believer Facebook page for a long time, but that’s as far as we got.  There’s always plenty on my “to do” list!  :)

Update:  It’s still on that list.  I’m slow!  :)


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CVS ~ Beauty Club Link ~ SIGN UP!


CVS ExtraCare members can earn double points.  You will need to sign up Have your Extra Care card number to fill out the short form.

The bonus will be given from September 16th – December 15th, but I’m not sure when the sign up deadline is, so do it right away.

They give you store credit (Extra Care Bucks) at the end of each quarter, based on your spending.  I think it’s 2%, but don’t hold me to that.  It’s just magical money that adds up, to me.  :)  It is nice to see four times a year.

While you’re there, sign up for the their Beauty Club You get $5 for every $50 you spend.  So many of their beauty deals end up being “free” (after ECB) anyway, so this is icing on the cake since those freebies go toward your total.  You’ll also get $3 on your birthday!


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New to Bargain Believer? ~ Shopping List, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, Email, Etc! :)


First of all, WELCOME!  I’m glad you’re here and hope you find ways to save for your family!  (Actually, I KNOW you will!)  :)  We focus on Arizona, though some deals are national.


If you’re active on Facebook, make sure you’ve “liked” Bargain Believer.  All updates are there right away and you have a better chance of seeing things before they disappear.  Plus, we post extra things over there sometimes, especially deals that are Facebook only deals or ones that we think will disappear very quickly.


I’m not a Twitter user, but the feeds automatically go there, so if you use Twitter, you can also follow there.  (No extras there, but all the updates on the website will be there.)  Note:  We’re having technical difficulties getting the feeds over there — hope to have it fixed soon!


Or, you can get email updates or see posts in your RSS feed.


Also, if you’re new or just never discovered the shopping list function, check it out.  You can make your own shopping lists, from the website.  (Sorry, can’t use it on mobile devices unless you have the newest iPad.  You can copy it and email it to yourself, if you want to pull it up on your mobile.)  You can customize it in many ways.  I use it myself and love it!

I made a video explaining how to use the new shopping list.  Among a few other things, it is sorted by category and so much more!!

Or . . . if you prefer to learn on your own, it shouldn’t be that hard.  Just click a green plus sign, from a shopping list on the website.  It’s fairly intuitive and you won’t have to listen to my ten minutes of babbling.  :)


And, Here’s a link to a previous post I did, that has some general information that you might find helpful.

Please ask any specific questions that you have!  You can ask on Facebook or email me:  juli@bargainbeleiver.com

Glad you’re here!


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How Does Ibotta Phone App Work?



If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot!  It’s fairly simple to use.

You can use it at most major stores stores like Fry’s, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Safeway, etc.

After you download the app:

  • Click to complete short “tasks” for items you’re interested in
  • Buy selected products
  • Take a picture of your receipt & UPC
  • Get $$ into your account
  • Cash out when you hit $5
  • New offers will soon appear in your app

Note:  If you are buying a lot, I would the item rung separately or with a couple other items.  It’s a pain to take a picture of a long receipt.  Also note that you can use coupons and still get the savings, but I’m always worried, if I my total is going to be $0.00, so I add other items to the receipt.

You’ll probably be seeing some items you’ll buy anyway.  I love that part!  We include the ones we notice on the shopping lists, to make it simple for you.  (You can use the search box on the top right of the website and search “ibotta” to see where they are on the lists.)

CVS ~ Green Bag Tag is Ending


CVS is doing away with their green bag tag.  I loved my green bag tag. 

You have through 5/28 to bring in your green bag tag.  The cashier will scan it and you will get a $2 ECB as a thank you for participating in the program.  The cashier may take the tag or you can recycle it.  As of 4/28, you will no longer get credit for using it.  The $2 is a nice gift though! 

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CVS ~ Beauty Club Explained


Get $2 off a $10 beauty purchase at CVS.  The coupon is only good through 4/24/13.

Print it now if you think you might use it.  They never stick around long.

If you’re not a member of the CVS Beauty Club, sign up now or ask a cashier to get you signed up when you’re in the store.

New members get 10% off their first purchase.  You will also earn $5 in Extra Card Bucks (ECB) each time you spend $50 on beauty products.  You’ll also get $3 in ECBs on your birthday.

I’m fairly sure the $50 total is before coupons come off since I earn a reward and I don’t spend that much at CVS, after coupons and ECBs are figured in.  (I should check my receipt and verify this, but never remember to.  Anyone know for sure?)

If you don’t know what Extra Care Bucks are, read up on them!

See the full CVS match ups.  (You can use this along with other coupons.)

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Are You Using the Green Plus Signs to Make Shopping List?

My husband has created the most amazing shopping list feature that I've seen anywhere.  If you've used other list makers and weren't impressed, give this one a try!  Before this, it was easier for me to write out my list, but not anymore.  I love this!!

You can customize your list in many ways.

I made a video explaining how to use the new shopping list.  Among other things you can:

  • YOUR list — put what you want on it!
  • Click from list to list, no need to do one at a time!
  • Print one store list or all lists at one time
  • Sorts your lists by category
  • Sort coupon by insert or site so you don't have to keep going back to the same place
  • Save ink option
  • Take off the coupons or items you don't want
  • Add items you need that aren't on the list
  • More, more, more!

It's probably worth watching the video, if you haven't.  Or . . . if you prefer to learn on your own, it shouldn't be that hard.  Just click a green plus sign, from a shopping list on the website.  It's fairly intuitive and you won't have to listen to my ten minutes of babbling.  :)

** If you have the latest Ipad, it won't work.  It does work on other tablets.  It also won't work on most cell phones.

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New CVS Coupon Policy 2012 ~ Clarified B1G1 Sales, Adjusting Coupons Down

CVS has revised their coupon policy.  They will now accept a coupon for the free item during a buy 1 / get 1 free sale (B1G1).  This means you can use two coupons instead of one when you are buying both products.

Additionally, you are allowed to use a B1G1 coupon with a B1G1 sale, getting two items for free.  (You will still pay tax.)  It doesn't come up often, but it's nice when it does!

They also clarified that they will adjust a coupon down, not allowing overage.  This is good to have in writing so they can't tell you they won't accept your $1 coupon for the 99¢ item.  They should adjust the coupon down to 99¢.

I suggest printing out this policy and leaving it in the coupon organizer that you carry into CVS.  If necessary, you can show it to them if something is in question. 

(Thanks, Carmen!)

CVS ~ $4 off $20 for Email Sign Up

If you haven't signed up with CVS for their email updates, you should!

They give you a $4 off $20 purchase coupon when you sign up and email other coupons out sometimes.  These work great when there are Extra Care Bucks (ECB) items.  You can get most of it back in ECBs and get a discount at the same time.  More on ECBs here.

Keep in mind that their coupons have expiration dates that roll further back if you wait to print it.  So, if you get an email coupon, don't print it until you are close to using it.  (You can't wait forever since they will eventually expire, but the dates roll for awhile.  I haven't completely figured it out.)

Check out this week's CVS list.  (Deals good through Saturday, 2/4.)  The new deals that start Sunday will be on the website at 7pm on Friday.

CVS & Walgreens Simplified ~ Extra Care Bucks & Register Rewards Explained


Update:  Find this week's current  CVS or Walgreens deals on this blog!  Coupons are matched (some printable) for super deals!  (Updated weekly!)

I love getting the deals that CVS and Walgreens have to offer.  I pay so little for our basic toiletries because of the Register Rewards & Extra Care Bucks programs.  To me, it's kind of a game and a little challenge for myself.  If you know the rules you can win.  If you don't . . . you will, likely, lose.  Read more about the rules for CVS & Extra Care Bucks & Walgreens & Registser Rewards.

Here's what I do to get ready for my shop. . .

I take my Walgreens or CVS ad and cut out all the deals that I'm going to get instead of making a list.  I like this method, especially for some of the products I'm not familiar with, but also because the size and other limitations are right in front of me.  I don't have to take extensive notes for my shopping list this way.  I can also track down an associate and easily ask for assistance and they know exactly l what I need.  When I locate an item, I stuff the little ad clipping in my pocket or purse and hit the trash can on the way out the door.  If they are out of an item, I have something easy to show the cashier for writing my raincheck.  (CVS is so wonderful about rainchecks.)

Have fun, but be careful to understand the rules of the game and you'll win!

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