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Free CPR Training DVD

Request a free copy of “CPR Awareness” here or call 602-236-5646.

It’s a 7 min. video produced by the Phoenix Fire Department & distributed through SRP.
You do not have to be an SRP customer to request it.

There are also some other safety materials you can request, at the same link, if interested.

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Free Desert Botanical Garden Admission, Tuesday, 7/12


You can get free admission to the Desert Botanical Garden
on the second Tuesday of each month, from 8 AM to 8 PM.

Get there early or late.
It sounds like torture in the middle of the day!  :)

No coupon is necessary.

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Free Phoenix Area Museum Admission ~ This Friday (First of Month)

On the first Friday of the month,  several valley museums offer free admission.
Take advantage of any of these on Friday, July 1st!

If you’re going to downtown locations, you may want to look into the
light rail or get there early.  Parking is limited.

The Phoenix Art Museum offers free general admission on select days and times.

** First Fridays from 6 pm – 10 pm
** Wednesday evenings, from 3 pm – 9 pm
(Some exhibits will have special admission fees.)

Normal admission is $15 for adults, $10 for students, & $6 for children.
1625 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004-1685

You can get FREE admission to the Phoenix Children’s Museum
the first Friday of each month, from 5 pm -9 pm.

Admission is normally $11 per person.
215 N. 7th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Light rail and directions here.


Get in free to the Heard Museum on the first Friday of every month from 6-9 PM.

Adults are regularly $18 and kids are $7.50.
2301 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004


The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art is free all day on
Thursdays and on Friday and Saturday after 5:00 pm.

On those days, they are open from noon to 9 pm.

Regular admission is $7 for adults, $5 for students, 15 and under are free.
7374 East Second Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Go here to see what exhibits they currently have and for directions.


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Get Freebies Mailed to You ~ Share Opinion on Products


Big disclaimer:  I don’t know anything about this company (and don’t get any profit from telling you about it), but … still wanted to share this for those who don’t mind sharing your contact information and test it out.  It’s supposed to be launching on July 1.

I’ll be trying Daily Goodie Box right along with you when it launches in about three weeks.

The summary is:

  1. Become a member (free, no credit card needed).
  2. Start getting goodie boxes by mail containing samples and full sized products.
  3. Give your opinion about products in your box.

Hope we get some good stuff to check out!  :)


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FREE Chick-fil-A Sandwich when Dowload App


Get a free chicken sandwich when you download the Chick-fil-A One app.

Once you do that, you’ll need to open the app and “Join Chick-fil-A One.”

After giving your email and creating a password, the sandwich will show up under your “Available Treats.”

You will get your choice between a their regular, spicy, or grilled chicken sandwich.

You have through 6/11/16 do download the app, then through 6/30/16 to go get your free sandwich.

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Free MLB-TV Premium for 1 Year ~ T-Mobile Customers


T-mobile customers, get a one-year subscription to MLB.TV Premium for FREE!
(It’s normally $109.99.)

Sign up by April 10th!

Details are here. The image below gives you the basics.

(Thanks Tom!)


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Teachers Get FREE Admission to Sea World San Diego!

sea world

I wanted to post this again, to make sure there aren’t any teachers missing out on this deal!

This a nice opportunity for any of our Arizona (and California) teachers.

“SeaWorld San Diego is proud to offer a complimentary Teacher Fun Card plus 3 free Single Day tickets to all active and certified K-12 California and Arizona credentialed school teachers. The Fun Card is valid for unlimited admission to SeaWorld® San Diego through December 31, 2016.”

Juli homeschools her kids, so we usually wonder about homeschool parents.  This is what Sea World says about that:  Verification can only be complete if K-12 California and Arizona  grade school teachers are currently on the Department of Education database.  So … nope!  :(

Go here for all the details.  You have until June 30, 2016 to redeem your voucher, so it’s a prefect Spring Break or early summer trip!


Teachers in the Phoenix area, please pass along fundraising info to your PTO … super simple and loved by schools and people who purchase since it’s a BARGAIN and not overpriced merchandise!!  Go here for details.

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Free Disney Vacation Planning DVD (and my Disneyland tips)

Update:  If you don’t see the picture above, the offer is paused.  It should come back though.  Thanks!

Spring Break is almost here.  Anyone planning a trip to Disney?  Click the image above and order a FREE Disney planning DVD.

It will be mailed to your home, totally free.  You must click the picture above to order it.

My favorite money saving tips at Disney are:

Bring snacks and lunch!  I pack deli meat and rolls for lunch and tons of snacks.  You can even eat lunch while standing in line for a ride.  Saves you money and time.  My kids always want cotton candy at places like this.  Walmart usually has it in a cool canister for $2 that you can bring with you, and it won’t get squished.  Don’t pack the same old boring granola bars they get every day.  Head to Trader Joes and get dried apples or bananas, some carmel corn and salt water taffy.  Costco sells individual packs of trail mix which are fun too.  Beef jerky is a hit too and red vines!  Use your imagination and get different snacks.  They’ll feel more like treats.

All of the dining places that serve fountain soda will give you free cups of ice water.  It was so hot when we went.  Instead of packing 10 bottles of water, we packed two.  Then, we’d just hit up a dining place and get two free ice waters whenever we needed.  All the places are self serve, so you don’t even have to wait in line.  Just grab your ice water and tell the cashier on the way out that it’s water.  The ice is really good to munch on too, even better than when I was in labor!  You can bring in juice boxes too.  I always freeze a few juice boxes and use those to keep my deli meat cold.

We always stay at a hotel away from Disney to save on costs.  We usually chose a hotel near the Disney parking lots (we like the Toy Story lot).  Then, we walk from our hotel, right in to the parking lot, get on a shuttle and they take us right to the front of Disney.  Don’t worry, I emailed them about this and they don’t mind one bit.   The shuttles are constant too.  You never have to wait for one.  We went over Fall Break and had a bunk bed suite for $90 a night with free breakfast!  Look for hotels near Katella and Harbor on google maps.  You’ll see the Toy Story parking lot on the southwest corner and then pick a hotel around there that works for you and your family.  We’ve stayed at the Red Lion and Best Western Plus Raffles Inn & Suites that are right there.  They might not be the fanciest, but they were clean, offered free breakfast and the beds were comfy.  On a Disneyland trip, who stays in their room much anyway?

And this has nothing to do with Disney, but about a mile from Disneyland is the best ice cream place EVER!  It’s called Joe’s Italian Ice and trust me, you won’t be sorry.  If Disney closes early, just head over there for a treat.  My kids get dipped cones in tons of really yummy flavors like peanut butter or blue raspberry for just a few dollars.  The ice cream is out of this world and the Italian ice is just amazing.

Finding discounts on Disneyland tickets is near impossible, especially if you plan to go for less than three days.  I waited until Fry’s had their 4X fuel points promo going (which they have this Saturday, 1/23), and I bought all of our tickets.  I also bought a $100 gift card for food and souvenirs.   I ended up with almost 4,000 fuel points!  I used them to get $1 off per gallon of gas when I left.  Then, you can also use it at Shell gas stations along the way, so we used another $1 off in California.  Then, when I came back on empty, I filled up again with another $1 off per gallon.  Plus, I still had $1 for later.  It saved me about $20 a fill up!

This post may contain one or more affiliate links.  We appreciate you using them and supporting this site.  Thank you!

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Note from Juli . . .


Please tell everyone in AZ you know (or even strangers!) to check us out.  If they don’t already love you, they may start!  :)  Most of you know this, but just in case you don’t … I pay people to help me since I just don’t have time to spend on what is needed  to keep this site going.  I use affiliate links and advertising, to generate an income.  We get to continue because of those who use our links and help us grow by telling others about Bargain Believer​.

I want to be honest/clear … our #1 priority is to save you money, not make money.  But, for one to happen, the other needs to happen or we can’t continue.  I still refuse to post things that I hope a few of you might jump on, just to make a buck .. at the expense of wasting everyone else’s time & diluting the things I find valuable.  We really pick and choose what we feel is the best, especially for AZ residents, without becoming a site that just lists Amazon & other affiliate deals all the time.  That means the majority of our posts make us a whopping $0.   I get as excited to post those as I do the money making ones, if I know you will benefit.

With that said, sometimes I feel guilty for posting the things I make money on.  In some ways, it would be easier if I didn’t make/need money.  My guilt would be less.

Later this afternoon, I will put up a post about Pogo Pass.  I’m sorry for those of you who are sick of seeing it.  However, please realize that it’s extremely popular and I get thanked for sharing it all the time.  It’s an amazing value and I completely believe in it.  Also, keep in mind that we have new people come to the site each day and most people don’t see every post we do (shocking to a few of you loyal followers, I know)  :)  Honestly … we probably couldn’t afford to keep doing what we’re doing without Pogo’s generous commission.  I’d love for you to share or tag people on that post (or any!) if you think anyone would benefit.  Side note:  Pogo can also be used for fundraisers.  If you know a school or non-profit that needs to make some money, please send me an email (juli@bargainbeliever.com).  Or, it can even be a business that wants to put flyers on their counter.  They are a super company to work with.

Okay, this didn’t start out so long in my mind, but I’m a world-class rambler.  I’m glad you’re here and really don’t know how to fully express that to you, but just believe me … I love sharing deals and it’s much easier to share them, than keep them to myself.  Well … in some ways.  :)  THANK YOU!  ~ Juli


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