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Free Ice Cream Cone at American Discount Foods in Mesa (Saturday) ~ & Some Great Sales


American Discount Foods (in Mesa, west of Alma School, on Southern) is giving everyone a free ice cream cone on Saturday, September 20th, from 8am – 6:30pm.

There is construction at the major intersection by their store, so they want to encourage you to come.  Here’s a map of how you can get in.

 1360 W Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85202


I received an email about it, that you can see here.  No coupon is needed, one per person.  There are a few other good deals, so check out the link!

If you live nearby and haven’t checked them out, it might be the perfect time.  They have some great prices on all sorts of things.  A word of caution — many items are near or beyond expiration date.  Depending on the item, it can bother me or I don’t care.  Just be aware to look at dates.

Here’s their weekly ad, if you want to check it out.  You’ll also find many other deals, if you wander around.


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AZ Coupon Class ~ September 2014


There  are some free coupon classes coming up in Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Phoenix, sponsored by the AZ Republic.  They will be offered from September 17 – 29, 2014.

I can’t endorse them since I don’t know anything about them.  I guess I’m a little skeptical since they have someone from a national website doing them.  But, if you want to know some general coupon/saving information, I’m hoping she’ll do a great job.   If you want the nuts and bolts of local policies and how to maximize your savings in Arizona, you may be disappointed, but ??

To register, go here for details.

If you have questions about local policies, I would encourage you to dig around the website.  Read the bottom of each shopping list and check out the top menu bar.  If you are still confused, ask us!  We reply to every email — check your spam, every once in awhile, something goes there.   :(  We are here to help you!

Or, even better . .  . ask over on the Bargain Believer Facebook page.  Even over there, we try to respond to everything in a very timely manner and others can also jump in and help.  We have some great people around here who are willing to help you learn!


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Lowe’s $10 Gift Card when you Spend $25 of P&G Products


Through October 31, you can get a $10 Lowe’s gift card when you spend $25 on P&G products.  The products include Tide, Bounty, Mr. Clean & Duracell.

You can submit the rebate online or through the mail.

They accept coupons, but I’m not sure if you’ll have to remain at $25 after those come off or not.

The 8/31 P&G insert has coupons for all those products.
There’s one more coupon for Mr. Clean you may also want:
$0.50/1 Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, Liquid or Spray 09/14/2014 RP Insert (exp 10/31/14)

And, all those products have coupons on Coupons.com.

If you need any of these brands and shop at Lowe’s, it’s a great deal.

(Thanks for the pic & deal alert, Erika!)


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Facebook Problems? ~ Get Bargain Believer to Show Up in Your Feed!


I’ve received quite a few emails recently, asking how to get Facebook updates from Bargain Believer to show up in your news feed.

The very best way seems to “like,” comment, and share posts regularly.  The people that do that say they see all the updates.  As a bonus, Facebook shows the posts with the most love, more often.  So, we love all of you that interact with our page!  It helps those who want to get the updates, but choose to remain quiet.

If you are opposed to that, hover over “liked” and make sure “following” is checked.  You have hope, but it doesn’t seem like much.  Most likely, you’ve already done that and nothing has changed.  :(

Lastly, you can check to “get notifications,”  which is an option under the “like” button.  Some love get notifications, some don’t.  Try it for awhile and see what you think.  You can always uncheck it later.

If Facebook won’t show you the love, there are other ways to follow.

Email - One email per day, usually around 3pm — good way to quickly look & see what you missed



You could give one of those a shot or just stalk the website page each day.

Anyone have any other insight about getting your “liked” pages to show up?


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AZ (Phoenix Area) Fundraiser Idea = Sell Pogo Passes!


Are you or your kids in a group or school that does fundraisers?  Pogo Pass might be perfect!  The group gets a $5 commission for each pass sold — which can add up since they are usually bought as a family or with a group of friends.

Bonus — There’s nothing for you to deliver!  You just print flyers and hand them out.  Or, you can post the information electronically on Facebook pages, emails, and newsletters.  All purchases are made online, with your unique tracking code or discount code.

So many people have told me that this is the best $40 they’ve spent.  I agree.  The value is amazing.  I love the fact that a fundraiser can be for something that is a good value to the people buying it and not an overpriced item, just to generate funds.

If you are interested, send me an email and I can get you the full details.  (juli@bargainbeliever.com)

I hope some of you have connections to the perfect group this can benefit!

What is a Pogo Pass?  (Just in case you don’t know . .  )  :)

  • Another high value venue is coming soon . . . stay tuned!
  • Sunsplash (ONE visit anytime, valid 2014 season ending 9/14, not sure about next season)
  • Sea Life Aquarium (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Phoenix Zoo (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Diamondbacks Games (TWO games – last game this season is 9/12)
  • Rattlers Games (THREE games, dates will be added throughout season)
  • i.d.e.a. Museum (TWO visits anytime, except opening weekends – three weekends per year)
  • ASU Sporting Events (women’s basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, track and field)
  • Enchanted Island (FOUR visits, Fridays & Saturdays, most rides included)
  • Jump Street (TWO visits, Monday & Wednesdays, Chandler or Glendale)
  • Stratum Laser Tag (TWO visits, dates and times listed)
  • Phoenix Rock Gym (TWO visits, gear is $5, if needed)
  • Tempe Paintball (TWELVE visits, one per month, not Saturdays, includes gun rental, air & 100 paintballs!)
  • National Comedy Theatre (THREE visits, Fri. and Sat., with occasional Thurs. Seating is limited. Call to reserve seating.)
  • Skateland & Great Skate (TWO visits per month, skate rental not included, but can bring your own)
  • Brunswick Zone (TWO visits per week, shoe rental not included, excludes Sat. and some other special days)

To purchase:  Go to the Pogo Pass website (That link should get you the $39.98 rate.  If not, use the code BARGAIN.)

** Each person needs one, unless they’re 2 or younger.  Most places won’t charge admission and it’s not worth buying them one.  If you have a three year old, check the venues you will use and see what their policy is for three year olds.


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Free Paper (After Staples Rewards) ~ & 10 Reams $9.99


There are quite a few Staples coupons you can print here.  The coupons expire on Saturday, September 6th.

One will get you a ream of paper for free, after you submit for an Easy Rebate.  There’s another one that will get you ten reams of paper for only $9.99, after rebate.  You will pay tax on both of those.

If you haven’t done the Staples Easy Rebates — believe them!  They are simple.  You don’t need to mail UPC codes or anything.  It’s all done online.


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10 Giveaway Winners! ~ Thanks to Sponsors & Everyone Who Entered!

10,000 Facebook Friends!
We are so grateful that you’re here!

Thanks for being here and for participating in the 10,000 Facebook friends giveaway!  If you haven’t liked Bargain Believer on Facebook, do it now!  We share a few extra deals over there and it’s more interactive.  We’d love for you to be part of a great community of bargain seekers.

Every single giveaway was donated, so please show some love to the sponsors below.  Follow them on Facebook, check out their websites, and/or support their business.  They are all great places for your family to use/enjoy!

The winners are listed below each graphic below . . .


#1 Bashas’:  $25 gift card
Art (aho . . @cox.net)

big_surf#2 Big Surf:  5 tickets
Meli (xa . . . @gmail.com)

bookmans#3 Bookman’s: $50 gift card (two winners!)
Jamie D: (jj . . . @cox.net)
Evelyn R: (eo. . . @yahoo.com)


#4 Culver’s:  4 value basket coupons
Heather (heather . . . 9@gmail.com)

DL6_20100813_00967-Final (1)#5 Disney: 4 tickets to Disney Live! show
Cathy E: (wc . . . @hotmail.com)

flipside#6 Flipside:  4 three-hour attraction passes
Ana: (sig . . . @yahoo.com)

frys_logo#7 Fry’s:  $50 gift card
Debbie P: (djp . . . @q.com)

jesterz#8 JesterZ Improv Comedy:  4 tickets (3 winners!)
See discount code, at link above, if you want to go!
Jodi: (j2 . . . yahoo.com)
Emily H: (em . . . 1@gmail.com)
Elizabeth: (liz . . . . 4@msn.com)

organ_stop_pizza_logo#9  Organ Stop Pizza (Mesa):  Family Fun pack
Promotion through 8/31 listed in post.  Go visit soon, if you didn’t win!
Valerie A.: (gem . . . 4@hotmail.com)

pogo_logo#10 Pogo: 2 passes
Sherrie C: (sher . . . er@gmail.com)


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Laminator (Good Reviews!) ~ $17.99!


There is a super deal on a Scotch Thermal laminator on Amazon.  It’s only $17.99 (reg. $80.49, though I don’t fully believe that.)  It gets great reviews!

Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime or if you find some other things to add up to $35, you’ll get free shipping.

When you go to the link above, you’ll also see links to the refills, down below.  You could add in some of those to get to $35, if you don’t have anything else you need.

Prices on Amazon can change at any time.  If you want it, jump on it while it’s low!

(Thanks, Jen!)


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It is Well . . . (Personal Note from Juli)

This was taken in Hawaii (in Oct), where Mom took us (with our families)
after being told she had a short time to live.

We had a trip of a lifetime, filled with great memories!
I am on the left, with my two sisters on the other side.
Here’s a link to her obituary.

I realize it’s not for everyone.  Be assured that I’m still here to bring you bargains from Arizona, not just ramblings that you may not agree with.  But, for those of you who want to read . . . keep going.

It is Well!

This was written on July 22nd, “in the middle of the night,” as I couldn’t sleep — about 30 hours before she died on July 23rd, 2014.

My mom is dying.  Cancer is taking her.  I don’t like it.

I can’t help but think of Hortio G. Spafford’s story.  He wrote the hymn “It is Well with my Soul” after his four daughters had drowned.  His wife survived the shipwreck and remembered a friend saying, “It’s easy to be grateful and good when you have so much, but take care that you are not a fair-weather friend to God.”

So, I am thankful to God now . . . right now, in the midst of tears and a broken heart.  I am a friend of God in the good times and the bad.  My life is full of blessings.  Life will never be the same without my mom, but it will still be the perfect life God has for me.  That doesn’t seem possible right now, but I will trust.

I’ve been here before, with the heavy burden of death lurking.  Our newborn son lived only five weeks, never leaving the hospital.  Going through that pain and still being in love with God and with the life He has given me, produced a firm confidence.  I will not only survive, I will thrive!  I have a peace and joy that can’t be taken from me.

There will be days when I need to dig for the deep joy I have, when I’m not able to count on the surface happiness to get me through.  I will need that true joy since I will feel pain that I don’t want to feel.  I’ll experience anguish that, at moments, will feel unbearable.  I will have small regrets.  I’ll cry so much that my head will hurt for days.  I’ll feel the emptiness of daily tasks that will make doing them seem wrong.  I will make friends and even strangers feel uncomfortable as I shed a tear at a seemingly random time.  It’s the “little stuff” that will get me most, which really makes up the “big stuff” in life.  I have so many “little stuff” memories with my mom that will be cherished and remembered, often.

Hopefully, it won’t take me long to look beyond my own hurt and wonder what everyone else at the grocery store (or wherever!) is dealing with.  Then, I can hope that the wonder will turn into an opportunity for me to listen to or encourage someone who needs it.  That’s what my mom would have done.  There’s pain all around us and nobody is immune.

My mom will be fine, beyond fine!  She believes Jesus is her savior and is forgiven and ready to be welcomed into heaven.  I truly believe that.  So, I need to change my thinking.  Cancer is not taking her.  God is taking her home.  It is well with my soul . . . past, present, and future!

“When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll;
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say,
It is well, it is well, with my soul.”


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Sam’s Club Membership = $45 w/ $45+ Back in Gift Cards & Free Food!


Today (7/25) is the last day to purchase this . . .

It’s a super time to get a Sam’s Club membership!  You can go directly to Groupon and make the purchase, or if you have/want an Ebates account, start there!  You’ll gt 6% cash back, into your account!  Below are the details on how to use Ebates.

$45 for a Sam’s Club Savings Membership package ($91.23 total value) – NEW MEMBERS ONLY

  • One-year Sam’s Club Savings Membership (a $45 value)
  • Complimentary membership card for a spouse or other household member
  • $20 gift card valid for any in-club, online or fuel purchases
  • Four Fresh-food vouchers, redeemable at the time of membership activation through Monday, October 27, 2014 (a $26.23 value), including:
    • Sliced oven-roast turkey (22 oz. – $7.98 value)
    • Ciabatta rolls (8 ct. – $3.99 value)
    • Black bean five-layer dip (28 oz. – $7.98 value)
    • Apple pie (10” – $6.28 value)
  • As an added bonus, all new Sam’s Club members will receive $80 in special members-only savings on select popular items.¹ These savings are valid 30 days after membership activation

Ebates instructions . . . .

The best way to do it is to start at Ebates.   That way, you will earn an additional 3% rebate (to cash out when you hit $10).  Even better . . . I also think you will earn a $10 Target (or other) gift card, if you are a new customer, placing an order over $25.  (I can’t verify this since I’m an existing customer.  If you verify, please let us  know.)

Then, from Ebates, search “Groupon.”  Click through to the Groupon site, from Ebates, and you’ll do everything like you would if you went directly to Groupon.  Search “Sam’s Club” to find the deal.  (Make sure you are in the tab that opens up from Ebates or you may not get credit.)  Hopefully, you’ll see a $10 gift card show up in your account or mailbox soon!


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