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Amazon Search Box Added ~ Thanks for Using It!

amazon_search_boxThis box doesn’t work,
but the link will take you to Amazon.)
The one on the top right of the website does.

We added an Amazon search box to the top right of the website.  We’d love for you to use it, to start your Amazon search and help support this site.  Even if you don’t end up buying the exact item you begin your search for, we receive a small percentage of what you spend.  It adds up and makes a huge difference, allowing us to continue what we do, without charging you.  THANK YOU!

Plus, who doesn’t like Amazon?  Even if I don’t end up purchasing the item from Amazon, I always like to start there, for a comparison.  The majority of the time, I end up making my purchase from them.  They are very competitive, even during the holidays.  As Christmas approaches, we seem to see an Amazon package on our doorstep every couple days . . . and they aren’t gifts from anyone or even for anyone, quite often.  Merry Christmas, to us!  :)

Thank you for being here and trusting us to bring you great deals, while supporting our site at the same time.  It’s truly appreciated!


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Kmart ~ Black Friday Game Deals (Print Coupons Now)

friday2_001 friday3










The Black Friday ads are beginning to leak out on the internet!  This is great as it helps us print coupons now that may be gone when that time rolls around.  Well, I’m not 100% sure if we should even call it Black Friday since almost every store is opening now on Thanksgiving.

Here are a few hot deals at Kmart:

Hasbro Candy Land Game   $2.99 (KMART, BLACK FRIDAY DEAL ~ starts Thanksgiving night at 7 PM and runs until 5 AM Friday morning)
$2/1 Hasbro Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory or Cootie Game 11/09/2014 SS Insert (exp 12/6/14)
$2/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  99¢

Elefun or Twister Rave Skip It   $12.99 (KMART, BLACK FRIDAY DEAL ~ Thanksgiving day from 6 AM to 5 PM)
$3/1 Hasbro Catch Phrase, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, The Game of Life, Scrabble, Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Battleship, Twister, Mouse Trap or Operation Game 11/09/2014 SS Insert (exp 12/6/14)
$3/1 Coupons.com (Elefun, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
$3/1 Coupons.com (Twister, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  $9.99

I always get several Candy Land when it’s cheap like this.  They make great games to donate!

You can also price match these items at Walmart on Black Friday.

(Thanks, BFAds!)


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$10 off $25 Kohl’s Coupon ~ Expires 11/11/14


You can save $10 off a $25 purchase at Kohl’s!
It’s good online or in-store, through November 11, 2014.

If you shop online, use the code VETSDAY10 or TAKE10VET.
Kohl’s Cardholders also get free shipping on any purchase with code FREEMVC.
Orders over $50 get free shipping (automatically), through 11/29/14.

You can use the two codes above for free shipping and $10 w/ codes below!!!!
A total of 4 can be used together.

If shopping online, here are some codes you can combine with the one above:
30% off for Kohl’s charge customers:  PIES30
15% off for non-Kohl’s charge customers:  LEAVESFALL
25% off men’s apparal:  MENS25  (unsure if still valid)
$10 off $40 Daisy Fuentes:  DAISY10  (exp 11/15)
$10 off $40 Men’s Jockey Underwear or T-shirt (exp 11/13)

Plus, orders over $50, earn $10 in Kohl’s cash!

If you don’t see the coupon, look where the arrows are pointing below & click there.


Note:  I’m very skeptical about sharing Kohl’s coupons, with barcodes, since they don’t always work.  But, I found this one directly on their website.  Instead of linking you right to the coupon (in case it changes), I’m sending you right to their website, so you know it’s legit.

Note #2:  I used my affiliate link, just in case you make a purchase online.  Thanks for using it!


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SRP ~ Winter Time of Use Hours Begin 11/1/14

Reminder for all you SRP Time-of-Use users out there . . .  The peak (expensive) time for using electricity is from 5am – 9am and 5pm – 9pm everyday, beginning November 1, 2012.  (Weekends and holidays are all off-peak hours.)  These hours will go through the end of April.

For years, I didn’t use this plan.  My husband convinced me it would be insane since I stay home all day.  (Well, I do get out from time to time, but you get the point!)  Neither of us are willing to sweat or have our guests sweat during peak summer hours.  We were pleasantly surprised that we changed very little, nobody sweats, and we save money.

I tried it out during a risk-free time a few years ago.  I figured I had nothing to lose and haven’t ever switched back.  Unfortunately, that risk-free offer ends on Oct. 31.  Maybe they will begin another one??  If they are, it would probably be advertised soon at the link above.

I almost always do our laundry and run the dishwasher during off peak times.  That’s the only change I made.  (Our pool filter was already running at night.)  We keep our thermostat at a constant temperature and we cook, vacuum, use the computer, etc. when we need/want to.  I haven’t checked out the savings recently, but several years ago, we saved just over $210.  That’s about $19 a month for changing my laundry and dishwasher running schedule, which is worth it to me!  I’m guessing we’d save without changing, but I’m not sure.

I don’t see that they’re offering a trial time period, but it may be worth calling and asking about it.

They also have other payment plan and APS probably has the same.  This is just what I’m familiar with.


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Zaycon Bulk Chicken Lowered Price! ~ $1.89/lb Boneless Skinless Breasts

I’ve been reading the meat prices are on the rise.  Zaycon confirmed this awhile back and had to raise their price to $2.49/lb for their upcoming sales.  (I didn’t even post about it, since I didn’t feel it was a good deal.  If you ordered, you’ll be credited the difference, though.)  BUT, they just announced that they have been able to lower it back down to $1.89/lb.  We love this chicken and so do many that have let me know their feedback.  Feel free to comment below, if you feel strongly about their chicken — one way or another.

Here’s what you need to know . . (It may sell out, but make sure you get on the waiting list.  If enough are on it, they’ll get another truck load out our way!)

You can get Zaycon chicken for $1.89/lb!  You will be purchasing 40 pounds at a time.  Typically,if you wait long enough, we’ve been able to find chicken in the store is about $1.77/lb.  You might be able to find it for $1.67/lb a few times a year.  Zaycon chicken is $1.89/lb, but you are getting fresh from the farm chicken.  Never frozen, no additives, no added hormones, etc.

Here’s the information I’ve shared about them before, and ordering information:

They have locations ALL OVER, even smaller communities, so be sure to check out their list.  There are different ordering deadlines, depending on your area, but the do sell out from time to time, so be aware of that.   Delivery dates also vary, but seem to be mid-November.

It’s a lot of boneless, skinless chicken breasts . . . 40 pounds to be exactIt’s fresh from the farm, never been frozen. There are no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients.   It comes in a box with four separate 10 pound bags.  If you don’t have the freezer space, consider sharing it with a friend.  The total cost will be $73.60 plus tax.

They have a short video, if you want to see what to expect.

Be prepared!  It’s a very large amount of chicken and they are huge breasts.  (They are almost too thick to just throw on the BBQ.  You’ll probably want to slice them.)   I spend a couple hours prepping mine.  I slice some, fajita style.  I cube others.  I make tenders out of some.  And, I leave some larger.  You can also freeze it with your favorite marinade.  Of course, you can just stuff them all in freezer bags without very much prep and it wouldn’t take nearly so long.  I always LOVE that I did the work ahead of time.  I just pull out a quart sized freezer bag and dinner is so simple!

The pick up process is super easy.  You don’t even have to get out of your vehicle.  You drive through and they load it up for you.

Place your order now if you want it.

Note:  They also have other foods available.  Check out pricing and what’s available in your area, since it varies.

** They have a referral program where you can earn a $1 credit for each order placed.  After you sign up, if you decide to tell your friends about it, find your own referral link to give them.  I appreciate you using mine, but don’t send them to my link . . . get your own credit!


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Halloween Candy Buy Back ~ Dentists Pays You & Sends to Troops!

Don’t know what to do with all that candy you end up with on Halloween?  Here’s a good option . . .

Sell it to a dentist and they’ll ship it over to troops overseas!

Go here and enter your zip code to see what dentists in your area are participating.  They will pay different amounts (around $1/lb, I think).  They also have the option to give out other incentives, not just cash.  Some have a limit on the number of pounds they’ll accept from each person.  Most have sketchy details, so you may need to call the office near you to ask details.

The dates and times of acceptance will vary at each office.

Hope the troops enjoy it!


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Lower Cell Phone Bill & Other Monthly Expenses ~ Possibly Just Ask! (Juli’s Cox Success Story!) :)


I haven’t posted this for awhile.  My success this morning prompted me to do it again.  Here’s my story, if you have time to read it . .    :)

My husband has started working from home a lot.  This morning, he asked if I could call and bump our internet speed up.  I took that as a challenge to increase our speed AND pay less.  :)

I called Cox and told them I was shopping around and wanted to know the lowest rates they could offer.   I said that I felt like I was paying too much and it wasn’t very fast.  They acted like they couldn’t work with me since we don’t have cable (or want it).  Bottom line, I could bump up my speed but it would cost me $5 more per month.  I told them I was still shopping around.  Part of me was thinking $5 wasn’t bad, but I also felt like the guy wasn’t fully engaged or caring about digging deeper for rates.

I hung up and called the same number again, right away.  I gave the next guy the same spiel.  It was a short call and I’m paying just about $2 less each month, instead of paying $5 more.  That’s not a huge savings, but I’ll take an extra $7 in my pocket each month.

Gina had some significant positive results when she called around recently.  I highly recommend you do the same.

Here’s what I’ve posted before.  I’m just going to copy it . . .

Call all the places where you pay a monthly service.  Tell them you are trying to lower your monthly bills and that you’re calling around to get rates.  Tell them you want the lowest price they can give you, so you can do a comparison.  You’ll be surprised that you may get it lowered!

Beyond that, a favorite of mine is Republic WirelessTheir 3G plan that has unlimited everything is only $25 per month!!  I can’t believe what people pay for cell service.  It blows my mind.  (Their fine print says if you use more than 5GB of data in a month, they’ll slow you down.  They’ll also “forgive” you once every 6 months.”)

My husband uses their $10 per month plan and loves it.  He has unlimited calls and texting.  For that plan, you won’t have 3G, but you can connect to any wireless network.  The best part is that you can switch to the 3G (or any plan) and get a pro-rated rate, whenever you need it.   That’s true with any of their plans.  I know the $10 plan isn’t for everyone, but it also may be just what someone is looking for.  You can see their various plans by clicking “plans” on the top menu bar at this link.

Currently, I use Virgin Mobile, but I really can’t recommend them, due to several customer service issues I’ve had with them over the past two years or so.  But, they have similar pricing.  Be prepared to pay for your monetary savings in time on the phone and frustration, though.  :(

Both require you to purchase the phone, but don’t have any contracts.  (I will probably switch to Republic sometime, but I can’t rationalize paying for a new phone when mine is fairly new and works fine for what I need.)

Most of you are probably under contract now, but tuck the information away for the future.  I’ll try to remember to remind you from time to time.  :)

Note:  There are similar plans the above out there, but thee are the ones we have the most have experience with.

And . . . don’t forget to call your other monthly service providers . . . insurance, TV, home phone, internet, cell phone, energy provider (SRP or APS), newspaper, gym membership, and ??  You’ll know what they are — the ones that kill you to keep paying more than you like . . . every single month!

Note:  Kelly, reminded me . . . ask APS or SRP if you think you might qualify for a discount, due to low income.  It’s worth asking and seeing if you qualify! (Thanks, Kelly!)

Note:  As I finished this post, it hit me that I might be able to become an affiliate with Republic Wireless.  I looked and they have a program.  I just wanted you to know that I will receive a commission if you sign up with my link, but that was not my original intent in sharing this information.  I’m still amazed that I can share so many deals that I think are awesome — and get paid!  Thanks for using my links.  It helps support everyone who works hard on this site.  It’s the only way I can keep all this going — too much work for me to do alone!  Your support is appreciated!


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Welcome Channel 5 Viewers! ~ Helpful Links for You (and others!) :)


Welcome Channel 5 viewers!

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If you saw the segment, let’s just say you’ve been up and moving longer than I have.  Thankfully, there are such things as recorded television & scheduling blog posts.  :)   I’m not a morning person.

Since you were up so early,  if you need a cup (or another cup?) of coffee to keep you going, read this post FREE today today (Monday)!  :)

Here’s a link to a bunch of other helpful links.  I’ll just send you there instead of putting them all in this post.

Here’s the current Walmart ad matching list I showed you that you can get produce for a super price.  Please note that some prices are only valid on certain days of the week, so you can’t get them all today.  But, we’ll have a new list up on Tuesday night.  It’s a super simple way to save big!

Here are the deals that were shown (assuming they were — I’m still in bed . .  remember that non-morning thing and the scheduling thing!?!)  :)  You can get them all FREE with printable coupons this week.  If your store is out, ask for a raincheck!

Almost always, you can print two of each coupon, from each printing device you have.  It’s illegal to photocopy them, so don’t do that!  You can bookmark this coupon page and find great coupons anytime.

At Fry’s: (See full list of Fry’s coupon match ups here.)

Ivory Bar Soap, 3 pack   $1.00 (thru 9/30 at Fry’s)
This was not in their ad, so your store will probably not give you a raincheck.  Warning:  Most stores seem to be out now.  :(
$0.25/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link, worth $1)
Final price:  FREE

Angel Soft Bath Tissue (4 pack)   $1.00 (thru 9/30 at Fry’s)
In ad, get raincheck if store is out.
$0.45/1 printable (worth $1, has not reset, but it may work if you haven’t printed in awhile, Thanks, Lisa!)
Final price:  As low as FREE

Carefree Liners (20-22 count)   $1.00 (reg. price at Fry’s)
$0.50/1 printable (worth $1)
Final price: FREE

Brawny Paper Towels   $1.00 (thru 9/30 at Fry’s)
In ad, get raincheck if store is out.
More details on this coupon/experience here, if you want to read it and be prepared.  We’ve also heard that all stores got a memo that it’s valid, so you may have better luck this week.
$0.55/1 printable (worth $1)
Final price:  FREE

And, one I didn’t show (from Fry’s) . . .

Angel Soft Facial Tissue (72-ct)   $1.00 (thru 9/30 at Fry’s)
$0.50/1 printable (worth $1, has not reset, but it may work if you haven’t printed in awhile, Thanks, Lisa!)
Final price:  FREE

At Safeway: (See full list of Safeway coupon match ups here.)

Bounty Basic Paper Towel (single roll)   99¢ (thru 10/14 at Safeway)
$0.25/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link, worth $1)

Final price:  FREE

Carefree Liners (20-22 count)   99¢  (thru 11/7 at Safeway)  NEW
$0.50/1 printable (worth 99¢)
Final price: FREE


Thanks for checking us out.  We hope you stick around and save a bunch!

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Free Ice Cream Cone at American Discount Foods in Mesa (Saturday) ~ & Some Great Sales


American Discount Foods (in Mesa, west of Alma School, on Southern) is giving everyone a free ice cream cone on Saturday, September 20th, from 8am – 6:30pm.

There is construction at the major intersection by their store, so they want to encourage you to come.  Here’s a map of how you can get in.

 1360 W Southern Ave
Mesa, AZ 85202


I received an email about it, that you can see here.  No coupon is needed, one per person.  There are a few other good deals, so check out the link!

If you live nearby and haven’t checked them out, it might be the perfect time.  They have some great prices on all sorts of things.  A word of caution — many items are near or beyond expiration date.  Depending on the item, it can bother me or I don’t care.  Just be aware to look at dates.

Here’s their weekly ad, if you want to check it out.  You’ll also find many other deals, if you wander around.


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AZ Coupon Class ~ September 2014


There  are some free coupon classes coming up in Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Phoenix, sponsored by the AZ Republic.  They will be offered from September 17 – 29, 2014.

I can’t endorse them since I don’t know anything about them.  I guess I’m a little skeptical since they have someone from a national website doing them.  But, if you want to know some general coupon/saving information, I’m hoping she’ll do a great job.   If you want the nuts and bolts of local policies and how to maximize your savings in Arizona, you may be disappointed, but ??

To register, go here for details.

If you have questions about local policies, I would encourage you to dig around the website.  Read the bottom of each shopping list and check out the top menu bar.  If you are still confused, ask us!  We reply to every email — check your spam, every once in awhile, something goes there.   :(  We are here to help you!

Or, even better . .  . ask over on the Bargain Believer Facebook page.  Even over there, we try to respond to everything in a very timely manner and others can also jump in and help.  We have some great people around here who are willing to help you learn!


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