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Shutterfly Deals ~ Free Luggage Tag Today For New Customers and Greeting Card For All Customers (+ shipping and upcoming deals)


Head to Shutterfly to get some great deals over the next week.

8/27 ~ Free Luggage Tag with code FREETAG for new customers only.  Shipping runs $5.  These are super cute!

Ongoing ~ All customers receive a free card with code CARD4U
Shipping will run you 99¢, but you can also have it shipped directly to someone.  Since a stamp is almost 50¢ this is a great deal.  You can personalize it with pictures or however you like.

8/28 – 9/3 ~ New customers receive 45% off everything with code NEWSURPRISE
There are lots of great things that are on sale already, like photo books, so add this savings and you have a great deal.

8/28 – 9/3 ~ All customers receive 40% off everything with code LABORDAY40

9/2 – 9/3 ~ All customers receive 101 free prints with code LABORDAY101
You have to pay shipping which is about $7,  so that comes to about 7¢ per print which is a great deal.

Head over to Shutterfly and check out all of these great deals!


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Photo Book (20 pages 8 1/2″ x 11″) Now Only $8 (shipping included)!


We posted this deal the other day, but it just got better with a new promo code!

You can get a voucher from Living Social to make a 20 page photo book from York for only $8 — shipping included!

Update:  We have a new code for 20% off!  Use code:  SUMMERSTART  (Code expires 6/21)

You need to make the purchase by June 25, 2014.  The code expires June 21, 2014, so you’ll pay $10 after that.

This is a super deal.  I just bought three!  :)  I like to make a book and then print enough for each of my kids to have one.

You need to create your book by September 26, 2014.


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Great Gift Idea ~ Free 8×10 Canvas Print (just pay shipping)

Just a reminder that this is still going…

Get a free 8×10 canvas photo or $40 off a larger size.
You will only pay shipping which is $14.95.

Go here to get started making yours.

My friend has some canvas prints in her house and they look so nice.

This would make a great gift for Dad’s office!

Right now it says the offer expires May 1, 2015.
I’m not sure if it will really go that long or not.


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Great Father’s Day Idea ~ Free 8×10 Canvas Print from Canvas People (just pay shipping)

Just a reminder that this is still going…

Get a free 8×10 canvas photo or $40 off a larger size.
You will only pay shipping which is $14.95.

Go here to get started making yours.

My friend has some canvas prints in her house and they look so nice.

This would make a great gift for Dad’s office!


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Personalized Gifts ~ Photo Canvas ($21.98), Playing Cards ($8.99), Brag Book ($3.98) SHIPPED! or 50% off Most Everything from York

Here are a some personalized photo gifts that you may want to create for Mother’s Day, graduation, another occasion, or “just because.”

Note:  Several readers emailed me telling me they had offers from Proctor & Gamble for a photo mug.  They were one time use codes, so you’ll need to check your email for that one, if you get their emails.

All new York members also get 40 free prints automatically, if you include it with your first order.  I’m not sure how much that will raise your shipping price.  These offers are only for new members.  If you are not a new York customer, use the code 50CART to save 50% off anything except prints.


Playing Cards from York
$5.00 (reg. $19.99) + $3.99 shipping = $8.99 (new customers only)
Use code:  CARDSHARK (exp. 5/21/14)


4″ x 6″ Softcover Brag Book (20 pgs.) from York
$1 (reg. $7.99) + $2.99 shipping = $3.99 (new customers only)
Use code:  BRAGBOOK (exp. 5/7/14)


Gallery Wrapped Canvas 11″ x 14″ or 12″ x 12″ from York
$12 (reg. $69.99) + $9.99 shipping = $21.98 (new customers only)
Use code:  WONDERWALL (exp. 4/30/14)


If you are not a new York customer, use the code 50CART to save 50% off anything except prints.


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Arizona Coupon Blog (Beyond Just Coupons!) ~ Helpful Links & Info for Newcomers

Links for You . . .

If you’re new, welcome!  If you’re not, please pass this along to those who you want to help save BIG!  :)

If you ever have questions, you can comment below a post, send us and email (juli@bargainbeliever.com or gina@bargainbeliever.om), or leave a comment on the Bargain Believer Facebook page!

In addition to highlighting super discounts for places in Arizona and nationals deals, Bargain Believer covers . . .

We do the lists each week, before the new sales even start.  We also add deals that aren’t in the ad, later in the week.  Be sure to keep checking back.

You can either scroll through the website (www.BargainBeliever.com) or click the name of the store you want to shop at, on the top of the website.  That will get you the deals you want.

Make sure you click the GREEN PLUS SIGN to make your personalized shopping list!!  I like to call them “magical.”  They will categorize all your items to make your shopping easier.  You click what you want and it goes on your list.  It will categorize everything and give you other great options for making your organizing and shopping more simple.

Here’s a  video explaining the shopping list function (aka “Magical Green Plus Signs!)  Try it, you’ll like it!  :)

The other links will help you get to some of the important information.  Also, don’t forget that there is a Facebook page!  We post additional offers over there, mostly Facebook only deals and ones we think will be gone very quickly.  You can also ask questions over there.   Plus, it’s just more interactive and I love seeing your little faces and interacting with you.   :)

Here are some links for you (in no particular order) . . .

Arizona Republic Newspaper, $12 for 3 months — home delivery on Sundays & Wednesdays, cancel at end if you don’t want to pay full price

Saving Star — future savings, 100% cash back on one item every Friday, & weekly “Healthy Offer”

Checkout 51Ibotta, Shopmium — mobile apps that give you money back for certain items

Safeway JustforU – explains everything you need to know

Organizing coupons — list of categories, etc.

Pogo Pass — annual pass for family fun around the Valley — a serious good deal!!

Zaycon Foods  — for buying bulk meats, especially boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Birthday freebie list  — over 100, sign up so freebies roll in soon!

Store policies — print out policies for store you shop at

Here are some other general links to help jog your memory.

If you want the daily emails, sign up here.  (Make sure you click on the confirmation email that you’ll receive.)

Facebook or Twitter — great way to stay connected, if you’re on there a lot

If I missed something important or you have a question, just leave a comment below.  Thanks! ~ Juli


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99¢ Custom Greeting Cards TODAY ONLY ~ Even Schedule When You Want Sent!


For only 99¢, you can customize a greeting card (any occasion or reason!).  The best part . . .  you can schedule when you’d like the card to be sent!  I love this for my busy, forgetful brain.

Imagine how many peoples’ days you can brighten, with a name and even a personalized picture — on a card coming from you!  (If you don’t have time to go through photos and do too many customizations, they have options for you, too!)

You will only pay the cost of regular postage, if you want them mailed to the recipient!

Go to CardStore and create cards TODAY and pay only 99¢ per card!

You’ll need to enter the code: CCE4399 (end TODAY, Thursday, 3/17)


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Are We Going to Charge for Bargain Believer? No! ~ How Can You Support Us?


I’ve been asked if I will charge a fee for the upgrades/app my husband is working on.  No!  Unless there is a reason our income drops, we can afford to keep going the way we are.  Thankfully, my husband works for dinner (when I make it!) and doesn’t expect more.  :)

I pay four people to help with this site:  Gina, Susan, Cherie, Karen.   Let me assure you that none of them are getting rich and they all deserve more for what they do!  When there’s “extra,” I make money.  When there’s not, I don’t.  Thankfully, overall I do.  I have additional ideas for improvements, but they all take time.  Since I don’t have more of that precious commodity, it would mean hiring additional people to help.  I’m always afraid to take that leap since my income goes up and down and I’m not willing to lose money by running this website.  But, up to this point, it’s always worked out.

I’ve also been asked what you can do to thank us or help support the site.  First of all, by asking that or telling us how the site has helped you . . . you’ve brought a smile to my face and probably the other gals.  Thank you!  Beyond that, my basic answer is . . . . use this site and tell others about it, if you find value in it!

Something even more tangible that you can do is bookmark the Coupons.com page on the site:

Whenever you print coupons from there (or any direct link we give), I get paid.  When you type in Coupons.com and go to their site, I don’t.  From time to time, I get paid for other links I give you, but that is one of the main ways I make money and we can continue to make the site free.

Another consistent source of income is from Google ads, as you probably know.  When you see something of interest and click on it (or just come to the site), they pay me a small amount.  It adds up!

So, please use the links we provide!  Many won’t bring me any revenue, but some do.  I try very hard not to post things just because I’ll get paid for them.  In fact, I just had a IM conversation with Susan a couple days ago, hesitating to post something because it made me money.  When I make money, I often give it extra thought — just to make sure that’s not what is motivating me to publish it.  I don’t want this site to become like so many out there . . . selling you one “bargain” after another just to make a buck or two.   I’m very firm on this.

Again, this link is a great one to bookmark and use . . . it has a value to you and to all of us who work behind the scenes.  Thank you!
http://www.bargainbeliever.com/blog/coupons-com-printables/   It’s also on the top menu bar, if that’s easier.

Thank for being here and trusting us to bring you deals we find value in!

~ Juli

P.S.  My husband is slowly working on the upgrades, but there is not a target date.  It just gets a couple hours here and there, as he can find time.  The biggest change (that will probably roll out first) will be for you to be able to move from device to device, being able to work on or pull up your completed lists.  I’m very excited and can’t wait to use it myself!


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Input, Please? ~ Bargain Believer App & Upgrades Coming!


Long story short . . . My husband and I are going to be kid-less this weekend.  We were going to get away, but decided to stay home and work on Bargain Believer upgrades.  Don’t worry, we’ll throw in a movie or two and dinners out, also.  I decided I’m not cooking and will pretend we’re on vacation!   Do you think dinners out are tax deductible, as a business expense?   :)

What functionality do you want an app for Bargain Believer or the website to have, that it doesn’t already?  And/or, what do you love and not want to lose?  (I doubt there will be much disappearing, but some tweaking.  Additionally, it would help me clarify what is of the most value to you.)

Dream big!  My husband is an amazing programmer and most of the “crazy” ideas I’ve given him, he hasn’t thrown out.  :)  In fact, he’s said, “Well, why not have it do more?”  Amazing stuff . . . but some are way in the future since they’re . .  well, crazy good and crazy time consuming!  :)

The list we have is very long, but I don’t want to be missing anything simple or complex that you might be thinking of.  I won’t respond to each suggestion, but I promise to read them all and consider them.  I hope to add to the list and/or make my vision more clear, knowing that you want what we’ve already thought of.

Please comment below or over on the Bargain Believer Facebook page.

By the way . . . this will take hours and hours and hours, so I can’t promise when there will be any visible changes or anything tangible.  We might roll a few things out slowly — not sure yet!

Thanks so much for your input!!  It will really help us.  ~ Juli


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60% off Calendars ~ Weekend Project?

If you’re like me, you love photo projects, but dread getting started. But, once they’re done . . ahhhh, so nice!  You can do it!  :)

Get 60% off all calendars at York Photo!

Here are the prices:


Shipping is $3.74, for all or most of them.  If you are a new user, you’ll also get 40 free prints.  (I’m not sure what the shipping on those will be.)

Use Code: CALENDARS (exp. 1/14/14)


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