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NEW Printables ~ Jennie-O, McCormick, Flipz …

Over the past couple days some new printables have been added.  We’ve been checking prices and haven’t seen super deals yet, but if you use these products, you’ll want to print them now and wait for a good sale.

Click the images below, to get right to the coupon.  Or, go here to browse or play around with different zip codes.  Let us know if you find a good one in another zip.  (In zip 12345 there’s a $0.50/2 Kraft shredded cheese coupon & in zip 68130 there’s a $2/1 Hormel tender coupon.)

$1.00 off 1 JENNIE-O Breakfast Products
$0.55 off (2) Mission Whole Wheat Tortillas
$0.50 off any Frigo Cheese Item
$1.00 off any FARM RICH Snack 15 oz or larger
$0.50 off 1 McCormick Extract
$0.50 off 1 McCormick Herb or Spice
$0.75 off any three Canine Carry Outs dog snacks
$1.00 off any TWO (2) packages of Flipz


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FREE Crock Pot Seasoning ~ Two!


Print this coupon for $2 off Crock Pot seasoning.  (You can print two!)

It should be under $2, anywhere you can find it.  Some stores will allow the overage to go towards your other groceries, some won’t.  Most stores don’t allow printable coupons for free items, so it’s nice that this isn’t “free” but $2 off.

Some of you may have trouble printing this.  I’m clueless at helping you, but you can comment on their Facebook page (where they announced it), if you want.

Note:  Susan has seen these at Fry’s.  She thought they were $1.50.

(Thanks, Susan!)


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Prego Pasta Sauce 74¢ – 99¢ ~ Fry’s w/ NEW Printable Coupon!

$0.50 off any TWO (2) Prego SaucesThere are even more new coupons that popped up!

One is for Prego.  It’s the Fry’s “Hot Digital Offer” this week.  (You will need to be logged in to see it, then click “Canned & Packaged.”)

Prego Pasta Sauce  (14.5-24 oz) $1.67
Pay 99¢ w/ Fry’s digital (My Fry’s Extra coupon, available Wednesday, limit 6)
$0.40/2 Prego Sauce 9/13/15 S Insert (exp 10/31/15)  (Thanks, Maria!)
$0.50/2 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)  NEW
$0.50/2 printable (register)  NEW
Final price:  99¢ possibly 74¢ each!

When this digital is loaded, it says, “Digital coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item.”   It’s been reported by many that most stores will take coupons with this type of digital coupon.  Check with your store and see if you can.  Just be aware that their policy says they don’t, so you really don’t have any room to argue, if your store doesn’t take the additional paper coupon.

See the full Fry’s list here.

Here are the latest new coupons that have shown up since the last “NEW” post we did.  Just click the image and it will take you to the coupon you select.

$1.50 off ONE (1) Campbell's Fresh-Brewed Soup
$0.50 off any TWO (2) Campbell's Homestyle soups
$0.40 off any FOUR (4) Campbell's Condensed soups
$0.50 off any FOUR (4) Campbell's Chunky™ soups
$1.00 off TWO (2) Hefty Foam Plates or Bowls
$0.50 off ONE package of Hefty Easy Grip Cups
$1.00 off 1 Tai Pei Single Serve Entree


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Oroweat Bread Coupon ~ $1 Printable


I was just “vacationing” in the Coupons.com zip 90808 (my sister’s in Long Beach).  :)

I found that one of my favorite coupons is back . . . $1 off Oroweat bread!  I’ve been gone for over two weeks, so I don’t know when it appeared or reset, but give it a try and see if you can print again, if you did recently.

The wide pan is on sale at Albertons & Safeway for $2.49 (last day is today, Tues.)  Then, it will be $3.99 at Safeway & Albertsons (starting Wed.).  Walmart & Target carry the Italian loaf for around $2.50 everyday, I think.  (Fry’s used to, but I think they raised their price to closer to $3??)  You can also hold onto the coupon since it doesn’t expire until 12/31/15.

Here’s the link to go to that makes it super simple to change zips — bookmark it!  When you print from there or any other link we give you, you’re also helping to support this site, which is what keeps us doing what we do.  Thanks!


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New Coupons (At Least to Me!)


I’ve been on vacation and am pleasantly surprised at the “new” coupons.  (Some aren’t that “new” but maybe you’ve missed them like me.)

Go here to browse or click on a coupon you want (below) and you’ll get right to it.

Here are some I think you’ll like and/or have the greatest future bargain potential … but, there are more!

$1.00 off ONE GARNIER FRUCTIS Hair Product
$4.00 off any 2 PULL-UPS Pant or Goodnites product
$0.50 off 1 Frigo Cheese Heads item
$4.00 off any TWO (2) packages of HUGGIES Diapers
$0.50 off (1) HUGGIES Wipes 32 ct. or larger
$1.00 off ONE (1) Starbucks Iced Coffee
$0.55 off any (1) Sargento Ultra Thin Slices
$0.55 off one Sargento Natural Cheese Snack
$0.60 off two KRAFT Singles 12 oz or larger
$0.75 off any Pillsbury™ Purely Simple™ Mix
$0.75 off ONE 16oz. KRAFT Shredded or Chunk Cheese
$0.55 off ONE (1) KRAFT Barbecue Sauce
$0.55 off ONE (1) PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese Brick
$0.55 off 1 bag of Snyder's Hanover Pretzel
$1.00 off Any Sara Lee Snacks


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Sweet Baby Ray’s 4¢ at Fry’s!


Play a “game” — takes 10 sec. and get a Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ coupon for $1/2 or $1.50/2 if you share it.  That will make a bottle as low as 4¢ at Fry’s!

Note:  I was able to hit my browser’s “back” button and get a second print.  That will get me four bottles for only 4¢ each!

I hate sharing things on my Facebook wall.  Did you know you can share with just yourself?

After you click to share the coupon on Facebook, look for his icon.

Click it, then choose”Custom”
(Won’t let me click and grab the image, so move check to “custom” — not like image below.)




Then, you’ll see an option for “only me.”


“Save Changes” and … Boom, done!  You have the high value coupon without bugging your non-bargain loving friends.  :)

Here’s the deal at Fry’s, if you want to click the green plus sign and get it on your Fry’s list.  The sale ends on 7/7.

** Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce   79¢ / $1.29
Sweet Baby Ray’s Wing Sauce  99¢ / $1.49
$1.50/2 printable (if share after playing game or $1/2) (Thanks, Andrea & KK!) NEW
Final price:  As low as 4¢ / 54¢ (Buy 6, Save $3)

** Mix and match to buy in exact multiples of 6 to pay lowest price.

See the full Fry’s list here.

(Thanks, Andrea & KK!)


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NEW & RESET Printables ~74¢ Star Wars (Lucky Charms) Cereal & 99¢ Others


We have a bunch of new printable coupons.  Many that I printed yesterday have already reset, too!

Go here to browse and see what you can find.  Or, click an image below (except the Dreyer’s) and it will take you right to that coupon.

Don’t miss this one, that I found in my zip 85225.

dreyersIt’s on sale at Bashas’ or Albertsons …

Dreyer’s Ice Cream or Outshine or Nestle Frozen Novelties   $1.97 at Albertsons, $1.99 at Bashas’ (must buy 4, mix & match, limit 1 reward at Alb.)
$0.75/2 Nestle Bars, Sandwiches, Drumstick or Push-Up Frozen Snacks 05/17/2015 SS Insert (exp 7/10/15)
$1/2 Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream or Grand Ice Cream 05/17/2015 SS Insert (exp 7/15/15)
$1/2 Coupons.com (use zip 85225 if not in yours)
Final price:  As low as $1.47 each when you buy 4

We’re busy adding the coupons to the lists, but here are a couple nice cereal deals at Fry’s, to get us started . . .

** Star Wars Cereal  (Lucky Charms-like)  $1.49 / $1.99
$0.75/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  74¢ / $1.24 (Buy 6, Save $3)

** Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios, Orig. Cheerios, Cinn. Toast Crunch, Reese’s Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Star Wars   $1.49 / $1.99
$0.50/1 Coupons.com (orig. Cheerios, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
$1/2 Coupons.com (Cinn. Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, Cookies Crips, & more, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  99¢ / $1.49 (Buy 6, Save $3)

** Mix & match.  Pay lowest price when you buy in multiples of 6.  See the full list here.

Click an image below and it will take you right to the coupon you select.  There are many more than these.  Browse when you get there.

$0.50 off any Old El Paso Refried Beans
$0.50 off ONE Puffs Softpack
$0.25 off ONE Puffs Product
$0.50 off ONE Bounty Basic Paper Towels
$0.75 off any TWO Yoplait products listed
$0.50 off any FIVE cups Yoplait Yogurt
$1.00 off any TWO General Mills cereals listed
$0.75 off ONE BOX Golden Grahams cereal
$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal
$1.00 off ONE BOX Chex™ Clusters™ cereal


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Every Thursday NEW Coupons! ~ Higher Value General Mills Products


Every Thursday, General Mills releases several new coupons,  through a few of their websites.

Betty Crocker

Tablespoon (seem to send more emails, many recipes)


They are usually worth more than the mainstream coupons out there.

Today, they have:

$0.75/1 Honey Nut Cheerios
$0.25/1 Old El Paso seasoning
$1/1 Wheaties
$0.69/2 Chex Mix
$0.50/1 Green Giant frozen veggies

The print limit is one per coupon.  Even if you sign up for all the sites, you’ll still only be able to print one of the same coupon, from all sites combined.  Every once in awhile, one or two will be different, but they are all exactly the same today.

The Old El Paso seasoning & Green Giant coupons are a good ones to take to Bashas’ since they still double coupons.  Or, you’ll still find good deals on both of those items at other stores, too.

Sign up with … Betty Crocker, Tablespoon or Pillsbury

(The above post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for using them!)


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Free? Truwhip Frozen Topping ~ Print Coupon


There’s a printable coupon for Truwhip natural frozen whipped topping here.  It’s $2 if you don’t share, free if you do.

The Truwhip site says they’re available at Walmart & Kroger (Fry’s).

Before you get too excited, a couple notes . . .

  • Mine printed huge, not sure why.  Susan’s wasn’t so big, so probably my printer setting.
  • It doesn’t look like the typical coupons retailers are used to taking.
  • It’s a PDF which means you can print it as many times as you want, technically.  I don’t see any wording on the coupon that doesn’t allow it, but ??
  • I signed up for the $2 one first, then tried to share for a free one.  I never received that email.  I’m not sure you’ll even be able to redeem the freebie anyway.  Most stores don’t take printable coupons for free items and this one is going to look fraudulent.  It’s not standard.  You may be better off trying the $2 one.  I’m guessing Walmart’s price isn’t much more than that.

If you don’t like the above info. — skip it.  It may not be a smooth transaction.  If you try to redeem it, let us know your experience, please!


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30¢ Yoplait Cups & Other High Value Coupons to Print


Tablespoon’s coupons change on Thursdays.
They usually give you five that are either of higher value or for one one item.
They are great ones to take to Safeway or Bashas’ since they’ll be doubled and save you a buck!

Use the Yoplait one now at Fry’s and pay only 30¢ per cup.

Yoplait Yogurt Cups   50¢  (at Fry’s, thru 5/19)
$0.40/2 Printable (register) NEW
$0.30/1 Ibotta (phone app, future cash back)
Final price:  30¢ each when you buy 2, + possible Ibotta cash back

That Grands coupon should make a great deal somewhere, soon!


To get these coupons, you will need to sign up for Tablespoon.
(After signing up, go to the “coupon” tab.)

Here’s their “blurb” and what you’re signing up for.  :)

Sign up for instant access to receive hot savings alerts for all of the latest
General Mills coupons and deals as well as our BEST recipe ideas & ingredients,
how to videos and new recipes right out of the oven and into your inbox!”

(I got this info. from an affiliate company and will be paid when you sign up.
Thanks for using my links!)


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