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NEW Printable Coupons ~ Sierra Mist, Manwich, Candy & More

$1.00 off any FOUR (4) Manwich 15.5 oz. or larger
$1.00 off ONE SIERRA MIST 12pk or TWO 2-Liters
$1.10 off (2) Hershey's Snack Size Bags 9oz - 22oz
$1.60 off 2 JOLLY RANCHER or TWIZZLERS Snack Size

Quite a few new printable coupons popped up today.  The four above are the ones that I think are the most promising, for a match with a good sale.  Just click the image to get right to the coupon you want.

The Manwich was in the Fry’s ad for $1 (ending 9/30).  Update:  They are $1 reg. price, so no rush to get them.  I think that’s a reg. price, but Susan’s verifying that for us, later this morning.  With that coupon, they would only be 75¢ per can.  There’s also a Saving Star coupon for it.  (More on Saving Star here.)

Manwich  $1.00 (reg. price)
Buy King’s Hawaiian, get Manwich FREE 9/21/2014 SS Insert (exp 11/2/14)
$1/4 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)

$0.25/1 SavingStar eCoupon (Manwich, future savings, exp. 10/1)
Final price:  75¢ each when you buy 4 OR one free w/ King’s Hawaiian (can’t use both coupons on same product) (or possible future savings)

Update:  Susan also found this deal for us:

Sierra Mist  (2 liters) $1.00 (thru 10/7 at Fry’s)
$1/2 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  50¢ each when you buy 2

Here are some of the other new coupons you may be interested in:  (Click the image to get right to the ones you want.)  Also remember, it’s the end of the month and some coupons will disappear.  Print what you want now.

$0.75 off LAND O LAKES Saute Express Meal Starter
$4.00 off Active Series™ Replacement Insoles
$2.00 off 2 Banquet Chicken Nuggets
$1.00 off TWO (2) Marie Callender's Frozen Meals
$2.00 off TWO (2) Bertolli Classics Meals for Two
$2.00 off TWO (2) P.F. Chang's Home Menu Meals
$5.00 off (1) Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill
$1.50 off any ONE (1) Clear product


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Printable Baby / Toddler Coupons (Pull-Ups, Gerber, Huggies)

$4.00 off TWO packages of PULL-UPS Training Pants
$2.25 off ONE package of PULL-UPS Training Pants
These are two high value Pull-Ups coupons out there.  I know these are like gold to some of you, so I wanted you to know about it before they’re gone.

$2.25 off one pack of Pull-Ups

$4.00 off two packs of Pull-Ups

Here are some other baby/toddler coupons you might want … (just click the image)

$1.50 off one box of Well Beginnings Diapers
$5.00 off ONE bottle of GERBER Soothe Colic Drops
$10.00 off any Evenflo Car Seat with SureSafe
$2.00 off ONE Dreft Detergent
$1.00 off 1 Baby Orajel™ Naturals Teething Product
$0.50 off ONE Pampers Wipes 56 ct or higher
$1.00 off Any Boudreaux's Butt Paste Product
$2.00 off ONE (1) Boudreaux's Butt Paste product
$1.00 off 2 Gerber or Graduates Yogurt Blends
$1.00 off any 3 Gerber Graduates Meals or Sides
$1.00 off any 2 Gerber Graduates Lil' Whoos
$1.00 off any 3 Gerber Graduates Grabbers™ items
$0.50 off ONE Luvs Diapers
$2.00 off ONE Pampers Easy Ups Trainers
$1.00 off one box of White Cloud Diapers


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FREE Brawny Paper Towels & Hormel Pepperoni ~ Printable Coupon!


I’m not sure if we missed this $0.55/1 Brawny paper towel coupon or it recently appeared.  I just noticed it when I went to print my Hormel pepperoni coupon and I think it’s new.

Print them both twice and pick up four freebies at Fry’s — two of each!

Brawny Paper Towels   $1.00 (thru 9/30) (Thanks, Cara!)
$0.55/1 Brawny Paper Towels 09/07/2014 RP Insert (exp 10/7/14) (worth $1)
$0.55/1 printable (worth $1) NEW
Final price:  FREE

Hormel Pepperoni (3 oz)   1.00  (usually in bin by meat area, not refrigerated)
$0.55/1 printable (worth $1)
Final price:  FREE


  • The Brawny coupon says “package,” just like the insert coupon says.  I hear that some cashiers have told you (last sale) that the single pack is not a package.  I disagree, but I’m not you cashier or store manager.  I can tell you that I’ve used the insert and printable coupons and they both scan –if you can get them to go that far.
  • We’re getting reports that the Brawny coupon isn’t doubling everywhere.  Watch!  Bring it to your cashier’s attention, so they can fix it right now.  If not, take your receipt to customer service (same trip, or next time you’re in, if you missed it).
  • There’s a good chance your store will be out of Brawny.  The sale goes through 9/30, but get a raincheck this week.  It may not be in their ad next week, so they won’t have to get your a raincheck.  (It isn’t pictured, but it listed under the Angel Soft pic — if they can’t find it.)

See Fry’s list for more deals.


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Print This Angel Soft Coupon Now (pick up packs at Fry’s for 25¢)


Don’t wait to print this great new coupon for Angel Soft, and pick up this deal at Fry’s.  This coupon is lucky to stay 24 hours, so I’d print it now if you want it.

Angel Soft Bath Tissue (4 pack)   $1.25 (reg. price)
$0.45/1 Redplum (worth $1) NEW
$0.45/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue 09/14/2014 RP Insert (exp 10/14/14) (worth $1, future, if we get it)
Final price:  25¢ (Possibly FREE if you wait for $1 sale, which happens often)

Can I tell you a secret?  This bath tissue isn’t my favorite.  So, I put it in the kids bathroom and my bathroom has Charmin!

You can see the weekly Fry’s deals here.


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New Printable Coupons ~ SmartSource


Here’s a new page of coupons.

I’m behind on most everything in my life so I’m not going to list them.  Just believe me . .  there are some good ones, so check it out!  :)

If you haven’t checked out the other coupons on SmartSource, make sure you do that, too.  There also some good ones over there.

Happy saving!

(Thanks, Nicol!)


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New Month = New Printable Coupons (& Haribo Reset = FREE!)

It’s a new month, and we always get tons of new printable coupons.  We got some great ones this morning.

First of all, the Haribo reset, so that means free gummies at Fry’s since they are $1 and it’s worth a buck!

$0.30 off any Haribo product, 4 oz. or larger

My favorite new ones are . . .
$0.50 off ONE (1) Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast
$0.50 off ONE Puffs 3ct or larger
$0.50 off ONE BOX Honey Nut Cheerios
$0.50 off ONE Pampers Wipes 56 ct or higher
$0.35 off any one Yoplait kids yogurt

Look around at Coupons.com and print what interests you.  I can tell you that Fry’s is having a Buy 5, Save $5 Mega Sale starting Wednesday.  We don’t have the ad yet, but here is a list of some of the items included.  If you can’t read the items, right click on the picture and open in a new window to make it bigger.  The small packs of Pampers Wipes ARE included.  With this new printable coupon, they are probably going to be free or close to it.  I don’t think this is a full list as it ends with the letter N in grocery and there aren’t any frozen items listed.  We will see….
mega_sale(Thanks, Kelly!)


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Print Coupons Now ~ End of Month Approaching

Can you believe the end of August is already here?  That means many coupons will disappear.  Hopefully, this also means this heat is also getting ready to disappear, right?  Sure!

So, print what you want on Coupons.com now.  The good news is, we should see a bunch of new ones appear, too.

Here are some of the most recent.  Click the image to get right to the coupon you want.  Or, go here to the page we host on the website and look around.

$1.00 off Two (2) El Monterey Breakfast Burritos
$1.00 off El Monterey Breakfast Burritos
$0.25 off ONE Ivory Body Wash OR ONE 3 Bar
$0.55 off any one Frigo Cheese Heads snack cheese
BOGO Roux Anti-Aging Hair Care Product
$1.00 off any one (1) Pearls Olives to Go™ 4-pack
$1.50 off any 10 or 16 ct. Starbucks K-Cup Packs
$1.00 off any One (1) Silk Half Gallon
$1.00 off 4 Minute Maid Fruit Drink or Lemonade


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New Redplum Printable Coupons (All, Maybelline, Angel Soft and More…)


There are six pages of Redplum coupons, most are brand new.  If you like some of the coupons in today’s Red Plum insert, you can get a few extra prints. 

My favorites are:

$1/1 Redplum (All Detergent)
$1/1 Redplum (Maybelline, Face, Lip or Shadow & Liner)
$2/1 Redplum (Maybelline Mascara)
$0.55/1 Redplum (Brawny)
$1/2 Redplum (Balance Bar Singles)

Plus, there are lots more.  These coupons don’t last long, so I wouldn’t wait on printing them.


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Register for P&G Everyday to get Lots of Printable Coupons

P&G Everyday

Click the image above to register for P&G Everyday.

You’ll get immediate access to almost 30 P&G coupons.
Gillette, Crest, Tide, Dawn, Iams, Charmin….
It’s like getting a whole insert!


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End of Month ~ Print Coupons Now

We don’t always get notice of what coupons will disappear at the end of the month or which ones will reset, but I did get this email about 51 coupons that will be gone within the next week.  It could be sooner too.  Most of these are on the current Fry’s list, so print coupons now, so you can get all the great deals.  Trust me, the Fry’s list will look a lot different tomorrow with lots of coupons crossed off and lots of NEW or RESET by others.  I’m totally excited and dreading the work at the same time.  :)

You can click on any of the pictures below and it will take you right to the coupon and have it clipped for you.  I like to go to Coupons.com and go through each page and print anything I think I may use.

51 Ending Soon (within 7 days)

 $0.55 off one Frigo Cheese Heads Snack Cheese$1.50 off any one Speed Stick GEAR Deodorant $1.00 off any TWO Shout products$1.00 off any TWO Windex products $0.75 off any Windex Touch-Up Cleaner$1.00 off any TWO Pledge Furniture products $1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel$1.00 off SB Fresh Brush Starter Kit & Caddy $1.00 off any SB Bath Cleaning Product$1.50 off any Pledge FloorCare product $1.00 off any TWO Shout Color Catcher products$0.55 off Horizon Snack Crackers or Grahams $0.75 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil twin refill$2.00 off Glade PlugIns Scented Oil starter kit $0.55 off Glade Premium Room Spray 9.7 oz$0.55 off any Glade Wax Melts $2.00 off any Glade Automatic Spray starter kit$0.75 off any Glade Automatic Spray refill $0.75 off any one LUZIANNE POUR-N-STIR product$1.00 off Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight $3.00 off GERBER GOOD START Gentle Formula$2.00 off TWO Crest ProHealth Rinses 500ml $1.00 off ONE Crest ProHealth Rinse 500ml$0.50 off ONE Pampers Wipes 56 ct or higher $0.50 off 1 box Nature Valley Breakfast Biscuits$0.50 off 2 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Scrambles $0.50 off ONE box Fiber One™ Soft-Baked Cookies$0.50 off ONE BOX Original Cheerios cereal$0.75 off ONE BOX Fiber One cereal $0.50 off ONE BOX Reese's Puffs cereal$1.00 off FOUR Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes $0.20 off ONE CUP any flavor Liberte Greek yogurt$0.75 off Yoplait Go-GURT Yogurt $0.50 off 2 bags Chex Mix™ or Bugles™ Corn Snacks$0.50 off ONE box Fiber One™ Chewy Bars $0.50 off ONE BOX any flavor Fiber One™ Meal Bar$0.50 off ONE BOX Fiber One™ Streusel Bars $0.50 off TWO BOXES Betty Crocker Fruit SnacksBuy 10, get 3 free of Meow Mix Wet Cat Food Cups $1.00 off any 3 Gerber Graduates Meals or Sides$1.00 off 2 Gerber or Graduates Yogurt Blends $1.00 off any 3 Gerber Graduates Grabbers™ items$0.75 off JOHNSON'S NO MORE TANGLES hair product $2.00 off any Simple Cleanser or Moisturizer$0.50 off 5-ct. box of Life Choice Nutrition Bars$1.50 off any ONE (1) Clear product$0.50 off any pepper sauce flavor TABASCO brand

The coupons often change over on the first on these sites too, so if you want more prints, they sometimes have similar coupons.

Betty Crocker
Live Better America
Que Rica Vida (click top right corner to switch between Espanol and English)


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