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FREE Yoplait Light Yogurt ~ Almost Anywhere!


Make sure you don’t miss the coupon that’s good on a Weight Watcher’s endorsed product.

You should be able to pick it up, almost anywhere, for FREE.  I think everyone starting price isn’t any higher than 75¢.  If it’s higher, wait for a sale or go somewhere else!

Yoplait Light Yogurt (under 75¢ most anywhere)
$0.75/1 Coupons.com (Weight Watchers branded product, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link )
Final price:  FREE

The Yoplait Greek Light yogurt is also included and it’s often around $1.00.  The only price I know of is Safeway, $1.00 (reg. price).

Here’s a list of the Weight Watcher’s branded products.

$0.75 off Weight Watchers branded product

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AZ Walmart Ad Matching List ~ 7/1/15 – 7/7/15

Helpful links:
Price matching policy & tips
Online price matching policy
Walmart Savings Catcher program

Some items below need coupons, many don’t.  Click the green plus signs to make your own personalized shopping list!  (When you do, it will be categorized for easier shopping.)

Note:  We put some store brand items (like milk & eggs) on the list.  Their policy says they will not match those, but the vast majority report that their store will match those prices.  Keep in mind that your store may not.  Also, Walmart sells some items (like watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, oranges) individually, not by the pound.  They may or may not match a per pound price.  It’s up to each store.

Ad Matching Possibilities:

Kiwi 20¢ (Food City)

Avocados 20¢ (limit 10, Food City; 5/99¢ at Los Altos; 50¢ at Bashas)

Cucumbers 4 / 99¢ (El Super; 25¢ at Food City; 33¢ at Los Altos, WED and THURS only; 50¢ at Bashas; 50¢ at Sprouts)

Limes 4 lbs / 99¢ (El Super, Walmart may not match per pound price, see note above)

White Onions 4 lbs / 99¢ (Los Altos, WED and THURS only; 33¢/lb at El Super; 33¢/lb at Los Altos, TUES only)

Brown Onions 4 lbs / 99¢ (Los Altos, WED and THURS only; 25¢/lb at Food City, limit 8 pounds, WED only)

Sweet Corn on the Cob 25¢ (limit 8, Safeway; 25¢ at Albertsons, WED – SAT only; 33¢ at El Super; 33¢ at Los Altos, WED and THURS only)

Bananas 25¢ / lb (limit 8 pounds, Food City, WED only; 33¢/lb at El Super, WED only; 33¢/lb at Los Altos, TUES only)

Mangos 33¢ (El Super; 50¢ at Sprouts)

Green Onions 33¢ (Food City)

Iceberg Lettuce 33¢ (limit 6 heads, Food City, WED only)

Large Tomatoes 33¢ / lb (limit 6 pounds, Food City, FRI – SUN only; 2 lbs/99¢ at Los Altos)

Roma Tomatoes 33¢ / lb (El Super, FRI – SUN only; 2 lbs/99¢ at Los Altos, WED and THURS only; 88¢/lb at Sprouts, WED only)

Oranges 33¢ / lb (El Super, Walmart may not match per pound price, see note above)

White or Red Potatoes 33¢ / lb (El Super)

Italian or Mexican Squash 33¢ / lb (El Super, WED only)

Cilantro 33¢ (Los Altos)

Green Onion 33¢ (Los Altos)

Red Delicious or Granny Smith Apples 33¢ / lb (El Super, WED only)

Chicken Leg Quarters (value pack) 45¢ / lb (Los Altos; 47¢/lb at El Super, THURS only)

Organic Red Delicious Apples 48¢ / lb (Sprouts, WED only)

Limes 49¢ / lb (Food City)

Italian Squash 49¢ / lb (Food City)

Peaches 2 lbs / 99¢ (El Super, WED only; 77¢/lb at Sprouts)

Pineapple 2 lbs / 99¢ (Los Altos, SAT and SUN only; Walmart may not match per pound price, see note above)

Red Seedless Grapes 50¢ / lb (limit 4 pounds, Food City; 89¢/lb at El Super; $1.77/lb at Bashas)

Butterfinger Cups or Nestle Crunch Candy 50¢ (Fry’s)

Green Bell Peppers 50¢ (Sprouts)

Arizona Tea or Drink (20 or 23 oz) 2 / $1.00 or 69¢ each (limit 6, Walgreens, thru 7/4)

Gatorade or Propel (32 oz / 24 oz) 57¢ (must buy 10, Fry’s)

Chicken Drumsticks 57¢ / lb (Los Altos, WED and THURS only)

Powerade (32 oz) 59¢ (must buy 15, Los Altos, SAT and SUN only; 69¢ when you buy 10, limit 20 at Bashas; 69¢ at El Super)

Bar S or Hoffy Franks (16 oz) 69¢ (El Super; 88¢ at Fry’s for Bar S)

Nectarines 69¢ / lb (El Super; 77¢/lb at Sprouts)

Fuji Apples 69¢ / lb (Los Altos, WED and THURS only)

Tomatoes on the Vine 69¢ / lb (Los Altos, TUES only; 98¢/lb at Sprouts)

Russet Potatoes (10 pound bag) 77¢ (El Super, WED and THURS only; $1.50 at El Super)

7 Up, 2 Liters 79¢ (must buy 4, limit 8, Smart & Final)

Tomatillos 79¢ / lb (Los Altos)

Blueberries (6 oz) 87¢ (limit 4, Bashas)
$0.50/1 printable (if brand is Driscoll’s) (Read about taking Driscoll’s surveys for more coupons here.)

Apricots 88¢ / lb (Sprouts, WED only)

Green Grapes 88¢ / lb (Sprouts, WED only; 89¢/lb at El Super; $1.77 at Bashas)

Red, Green or Romaine Lettuce 88¢ (Sprouts, WED only)

Beefsteak Tomatoes 88¢ / lb (Sprouts, WED only)

Italian Squash 88¢ / lb (Sprouts, WED only; 98¢/lb at Sprouts rest of week)

Red Bell Peppers 88¢ (Sprouts, WED only; 99¢ at Safeway)

Russet Potatoes (5 pound bag) 88¢ (Sprouts, WED only)

Mini Seedless Watermelon or Cantaloupe 97¢ (limit 4 each, Fry’s; $1.25 for watermelon at El Super)

Bone-in Sirloin Cut Pork Chops (value pack) 98¢ / lb (limit 2 packs, Food City, THURS only)

Brussels Sprouts 98¢ / lb (Sprouts)

Dole Salad Blends (5-12 oz bag) 99¢ (limit 4, Fry’s)

Betty Crocker Cake Mix (15.25-16.25 oz) 99¢ (Smart & Final)

Kraft Barbecue Sauce (17.5-18 oz) $1.00 (Safeway)

Store Brand Sweet Relish or Olives (5.75-10 oz) $1.00 (Safeway)

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce (18 oz) $1.00 (Safeway)

Pepsi or 7UP (2 liter) $1.00 (Safeway; $1 at Bashas for Pepsi)

Totino’s Pizza Rolls or Party Pizza (7.5 oz-10.9 oz) $1.00 (Safeway)

Cool Whip (8 oz) $1.00 (Fry’s and Safeway)

Store Brand Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese or Dip (16 oz) $1.00 (Fry’s)

Mini Peeled Carrots (1 pound bag) $1.25 (Sprouts, WED only)

Mezzetta Peppers (10-16 oz) $1.25 (Safeway and Albertsons)

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers (6-8 oz) $1.25 (Safeway)

Strawberries (1 pound) $1.50 (El Super)

Dole Classic Salad (24 oz bag) $1.50 (Food City)

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade (32 oz) $1.50 (Sprouts)

Jumbo Cantaloupe $1.50 (Sprouts)

Organic Mini Seedless Watermelons $1.50 (Sprouts)

Kettle Brand Chips (8-8.5 oz) $1.67 (Fry’s)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (value pack) $1.67 (limit 4 packs, Smart & Final; $1.69, limit 2 packs at Food City, SAT only; $1.77/lb at Sprouts, WED only)

Doritos $1.69 (limit 3, Food City, FRI – SAT only; Doritos or Cheetos $1.77 at El Super, limit 3; Doritos $1.99 at Albertsons, must buy 3, limit 1 reward)

Cherries $1.77 / lb (Fry’s; $1.77/lb at Sprouts, WED only; $1.77/lb at Safeway and Albertsons, WED – SAT only)

Lay’s Family Size Chips, Fritos, Cheetos or Lay’s Kettle Chips (7-10.5) $1.77 (Safeway)

Whole Seedless Watermelon $1.88 (limit 2, Albertsons; $2.49 at Smart & Final)

Purex Laundry Detergent (24-33 loads, liquid) $1.97 (limit 6, CVS, thru 7/4, $1.99 at Albertsons)

Ground Beef, 73% Lean (value pack) $1.97 / lb (limit 2 packs, Food City, FRI – SUN only)

Blueberries (18 oz) $1.98 (Sprouts)

Chicken Breast Tenders $1.99 / lb (Sprouts)

Pork Loin Back Ribs or St. Louis Ribs $1.99 / lb (limit 4, 7/1 – 7/4 ONLY, Fry’s)

Store Brand Water (24 pack, 16.9 oz bottles) $1.99 (limit 2, Safeway and Bashas)

Store Brand Gallon Milk $1.99 (limit 2, Albertsons and Safeway) (Walmart now has their own brand priced always at $1.99, so they may not price match this.)

Bar S Bacon (12 oz) $2.00 (Smart & Final)

Fritos  $2.00 (Fry’s)

Pepsi, Coke or 7 Up, 12 Pack Cans  $2.22 (must buy 4, limit 4, 7/1 – 7/4 ONLY, w/ $25 purchase, Fry’s, Safeway and Albertsons; Bashas is Coke only)

Strawberries (2 pounds) $2.49 (Smart & Final)

Store Brand Large Eggs (18 count) $2.88 (limit 2, Albertsons)

Ground Beef, 73% lean (sold in 5 pound chub) $9.95 (limit 6, Smart & Final)



Ad Matching w/ Coupon Possibilities:

Fry’s has a buy 6, save $3 sale.  Walmart will match these prices if you buy in groups of 6.  You can see the full Fry’s list here.

Safeway has a buy 4, save $2 sale.  Walmart will match these prices if you buy in groups of 4.  You can see the full Safeway list here.

Albertosns has a buy 4, save $2 sale.  Walmart will match these prices if you buy in groups of 4.  You can see the full Albertsons list here..

Popsicles (8 count)   50¢ (WED – SAT only, Fry’s; $1 at Safeway)
$0.50/1 Coupons.com (gone, use if printed; use zip 19187 if not in yours)
Final price:  FREE

Yoplait Light Yogurt (unsure of starting price, but almost positive under 75¢)
$0.75/1 Coupons.com (Weight Watchers branded product, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link )
Final price:  FREE

Wrigley’s, Extra or Trident Gum (single packs)   69¢ (limit 4, Walgreens, thru 7/4)
$0.75/2 Juicy Fruit with Starburst Flavors Gum 03/29/2015 RP Insert (exp 6/27/15) (if included)
Final price:  32¢ each when you buy 2

Mars, Dove, Skittles or Starburst (singles)   69¢ (Walgreens, thru 7/4)
B1G1 Facebook (Snickers)
Final price:  35¢ each when you buy 2

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce (12 oz)   $1.50 (Safeway and Albertsons)
$0.35/1 Frank’s RedHot Sauce 05/10/2015 SS Insert (exp 7/1/15)
$1/1 Frank’s Redhot Sauce 05/10/2015 SS Insert (exp 7/1/15)
$0.30/1 printable (register)
Final price:  As low as 50¢

Vlasic Relish (9-10 oz)   $1.00 (Bashas)
$1/2 Vlasic Pickles, Peppers or Relish, exp. 7/31/15 (SS 05/10/15)
Final price:  50¢ each when you buy 2

Dannon Light & Fit or Greek Yogurt (5.3 oz)   $1.00 (Safeway)
$1/3 printable (Triple Zero, is pictured)
Final price:  66¢ each when you buy 3

C & W Vegetables (12-16 oz)   $1.88 (Bashas)
$1/1 C&W Vegetable Variety, exp. 7/17/15 (SS 05/17/15 R)
Final price:  88¢

Jet-Puffed Marshmallows (10 oz)   $1.00 (Safeway)
$0.20/2 Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows 06/28/2015 SS Insert (exp 8/2/15)
Final price:  90¢ each when you buy 2

Herdez Salsa (16 oz jar)   $1.50  (Fry’s)
$0.55/1 Herdez Salsa product 6/28/2015 SS Insert (exp 8/24/15)
$0.55/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
$0.55/1 Fry’s digital (can’t use w/ paper coupon)
Final price:  95¢

Lay’s Chips, Lay’s Kettle Chips, Sun Chips or Nabisco Snack Crackers (Wheat Thins pictured)   $1.59 (must buy 4, mix and match, Fry’s)
$0.75/2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers 6/28/2015 SS Insert (exp 8/8/15)
$1/2 printable (? — may vary, that’s what I got)
Final price:  As low as $1.09 each when you buy 4

Pop Chips, Frito Lay’s, Kettle Cooked or Pringles (5.68-11 oz)   $1.77 (limit 3, Bashas)
$0.55/1 Popchips Bag, exp. 7/31/15 (SS 05/17/15) [3-oz. to 6.25-oz.]
$0.55/1 Popchips Bag, exp. 8/31/15 (SS 06/28/15) [3-oz. to 6.25-oz.]
$1/3 Pringles SS Insert 06/28/2015 (exp 8/9/15 )
Final price:  As low as $1.22 for Pop Chips

C&H Granulated Sugar (4 pounds)   $1.67 (El Super)
$0.75/2 Redplum
Final price:  $1.30 each when you buy 2

Dreyer’s Ice Cream or Outshine or Nestle Frozen Novelties   $1.97 at Albertsons, $1.99 at Bashas’ (must buy 4, mix & match, limit 1 reward at Alb.)
$0.75/2 Nestle Bars, Sandwiches, Drumstick or Push-Up Frozen Snacks 05/17/2015 SS Insert (exp 7/10/15)
$1/2 Dreyer’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream or Grand Ice Cream 05/17/2015 SS Insert (exp 7/15/15)
$1/2 Coupons.com (use zip 85225 if not in yours)
Final price:  As low as $1.47 each when you buy 4

Nabisco Ritz or Chips Ahoy   $2.00 (Los Altos)
$0.75/2 Nabisco Cookie or Cracker Products 06/28/2015 SS Insert (exp 8/8/15)
Final price:  $1.63 each when you buy 2

Tillamook Ice Cream or Novelties or Priave Selection Ice Cream (1.75 qt / 3-4 ct / 1.5 qt)   $2.77 (Fry’s)
$1/1 Tillamook Ice Cream Product 05/31/2015 SS Insert (exp 7/12/15)
Final price:  $1.77

Best Foods Mayo (30 oz)   $2.99 (Los Altos)
$1/1 Best Foods Product 06/21/2015 RP Insert (exp 7/19/15)
Final price:  $1.99

TCBY Frozen Yogurt (1.5 qt)   $2.99 (Safeway)
$1/1 off any TCBY Frozen Yogurt, 1.5 quart 05/31/2015 SS Insert (ex 7/11/15)
Final price:  $1.99

Secret Clinical Strength Dedorant (1.6 oz)   $5.00 (Friday 7/3 ONLY, Safeway)
$2/1 Coupons.com (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Final price:  $3.00 register for the Loyalty Rewards Program HERE and get a Free one when you buy 4.

+  Walmart will match competitor’s prices — details HERE.
+  If you don’t live near a store listed above, you can’t ad match those prices.
Walmart’s coupon policy
+ Multiple manufacturers’ coupons are listed, but you can only use one for each product purchased
+ If you want to know what abbreviations mean, go HERE.
+ Coupons listed without a link are from previous coupon inserts in the AZ Republic.
+ Get coupons in the Arizona Republic for $1 per week (3 months, then cancel or pay full) HERE!  (Wed. & Sun. delivery)


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Recipe Contest ~ Win a $50 Safeway Gift Card!


Safeway has given me a $50 gift card to give away.  (More to come!).  They won’t value our coupons at $1 anymore (in AZ), but I’m confident we’ll still find good deals.  We just need to watch the sales and carefully match them with coupons, as we always have.  Like you, I wish we could get that added savings, but …. let’s stretch our budgets where we can.  It can still be done!

One way to save big is to make sure you’re cooking & baking with items that are on sale.
  You don’t want to be at the mercy of a random recipe and have everything overpriced the day you need it!  Develop a good stock of common non-perishables, freeze meat when it’s at a rock bottom price, and jump on the fresh items when they’re on sale.  The fresh stuff is what inspires most of my cooking.  If I can get it cheap, I want to use it with the other items I already have on hand.  Sometimes, something as insignificant as sour cream can be all I need to be inspired.  It makes a great beef stoganoff and I may have everything else on hand.

I want to tap into the creative, bargain loving brains out there.  I hope to share some recipes with you all, using items that commonly go on sale, when they’re on sale. 
I know many of you love a bargain as much as I do and plan your meals around the common sale items.So, here it goes … Honestly … I’m hoping this doesn’t flop!  If it does … just be the one person who enters and you’re set … a $50 Safeway gift card is up for grabs!  :)I’m looking for recipes using common items that we get coupons for or items that go on sale.  Think of meats you may get during a sale week or that you have stocked up in your freezer.  Consider all the great fruits and veggies that often go on sale.  Remember all the staples you have stocked in your pantry, so you don’t have to wait for a sale.

What does your family love?  What do you make, that everyone asks for your recipe?  What are you inspired to make, after XYZ goes on sale? 

Requirements & how winner will be chosen . . .

1)  Get two entries for each original recipe (slight tweaks are fine), just not a link to another recipe or a recipe copied from somewhere.  Get one additional entry, if you submit a photo(s).  (Up to three entries per original recipe.)

2)  Get one entry for each recipe that references another recipe you’ve found somewhere, but have tried.  These are only accepted if you submit your own picture.  (So, you can use a published recipe, but snap a good quality pic when you make it and send it along with the recipe.)

3)  Up to three recipe submissions per person (max would be 9 entries).

4)  Use common ingredients we see in the grocery ads or get coupons for.
5)  Winner will be chosen by random.org, after numbering all entries.

How to enter . . .

1)  Read & follow guidelines above.

2)  Submit in “recipe ready” format — list of ingredients with short directions below.  You can have other narrative, but also include an easy “copy & paste” recipe for us.

3)  Email your submission to juli @ bargain believer . com (take out spaces)

4)  Let us know if it’s an original recipe or give proper credit.

5)  Attach original recipe pictures (if any)  Do not copy from somewhere!

6)  Give us your name (credit will be given if we publish).

7)  By submitting a recipe, you’re agreeing that it’s either your own recipe or you gave appropriate credit.  And, you’re giving us permission to publish your recipe and picture (if submitted).

8)  Submissions must be received by Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 8pm  midnight or before I wake up and choose.  :)

9)  Winner will be notified by email, by July 2, 2015.
I hope to be inspired to save more and provide some tasty food for my family!

(Thanks, for the gift card Safeway!  We’ll still find plenty of bargains at your store.  I’m confident of that!)


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Is Couponing Worth It?


I was asked (after hearing Safeway will probably be accepting coupons at face value in AZ soon, more here) …

Is couponing worth it?

If you want the short answer … yes, for me.

If you want the long answer, grab your coffee (maybe it’s a smoothie this time of year?) and snuggle up to your computer or mobile, as I share my thoughts.

When, I say “couponing,” I mean using paper coupons (printable, from Sunday paper, & misc. coupons that may show up) or digital coupons you can load directly to your shopping cards.

I only use coupons for products I will use or have a specific purpose for (donating, giving to friends, etc).  I’m not a true “extreme couponer.”  I’ve only seen a couple of the TLC shows, but I’m nothing like what I’ve seen.  I like to call myself an “intentional couponer.”  I use them wisely and save a bunch of money!  I don’t need a trailer to get my groceries home and one bottle of mustard will usually last us until it expires, around my house.

For me, couponing will still be worth it, even if coupons are taken at face value.  (Keep in mind that most of the country can only redeem coupons at face value and many do it.)  There is still money to be saved.

I’m a firm believer that pennies add up to quarters, add up to dollars, add up to $20, etc.  I’ll even still bend down to pick up a penny.  The bonus is a little bit of exercise, if nothing else.  :)

On the other hand, I also value my time.  If I’m finding that saving $3 is taking me an hour, I won’t do it.  My time is worth more than $3/hour.  On the other hand, if it takes me an hour to get ready to go to the grocery store (or an extra hour to run somewhere else & look at ads, etc.) and I end up saving $30 (random number for example) … totally worth my time.  I should say … usually!  There are weeks when I don’t have an hour to spare to save $30, as much as I want to.  I value my sanity more than thirty bucks.

As much as I love the savings and the financial freedom it helps bring to my family, it’s not for everyone.  I have different time, priorities, and needs than you do.  Don’t blindly use coupons, without counting the cost.  There are costs.  I would never deny that!

  • Time — What “wages” are acceptable to you?  Remember, it’s tax-free “income.”
  • Space — How will you store surplus?  Do you have room or need to stick with basics?
  • Sanity — Does the extra clutter (coupons or treasures you get) drive you nuts?
  • Need — Do you need to do it to make ends meet?
  • Want — Do you enjoy using the savings for something else that makes the effort worthwhile?
  • Respect — Does your spouse value the fact that you do it or does it drive him/her nuts?
  • Cost — How much are you spending on newspapers, ink, paper, buying coupons, gas, whatever?

Take a serious inventory of the above list.  Ponder it and calculate it.  If you feel it’s more of a burden, stop — unless you feel it’s a necessity!  (Well, I don’t see how you can resist clicking and loading a few digital coupons.)  :)  Yes, I know I run a coupon website.  Well, I don’t fully see it that way.  I run a money saving website, that often involves coupons, but there’s much more!

Whatever you end up doing with your coupon usage, I hope you stick around Bargain Believer.  We’ll always share deals that have coupons, but we go beyond that.  We want you to have fun with your family, without spending a bunch.  We’ll point you to those deals and other bargains we just can’t seem to keep to ourselves.  As long as there are businesses competing, there will always be bargains out there and we’ll help you find them!  We may even tempt the non-coupon users out there to click and load a digital coupon or even print a coupon every once in awhile.  The coupon/non-coupon line can be crossed at any time.  :)

I was going to share some other ways to save, but I’m afraid you’re falling asleep now.  And, I’m out of time.  Stay tuned … more on saving (beyond coupons) soon!

What do you think?


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Are a Facebook user, who likes to see all the updates from pages you have “liked,” like the Bargain Believer page?  (I think that sentence had too may “likes” in it!)

Ughhh . . . it’s so frustrating when I don’t see things I want to.  I feel like when I “like” a page, I’m telling Facebook I want to see their updates.  If I don’t want to see them, I’ll “unlike” them.  Facebook sees it differently.  :(

You need to get/stay active to see what you want on the Bargain Believer Facebook page!  We posts extra deals on Facebook from time to time.  You’ll want to see them, even if you get the email or stalk the website.

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If you are active for awhile and you’re still not seeing everything, don’t forget … you can get daily emails.  Note:  You will not get them until you click on the confirmation email that you receive.  You will get an email almost every single day.  I realize that’s not for everyone.  If it annoys you enough, you can unsubscribe at any time.  We promise not to spam you, once you unsubscribe.  Well, we’ll never “spam” you, but you’ll get that one email each day.  :)

If all else fails … we have a website!  Check it often.  :)

Thanks for being here and giving us an outlet to share the deals we find.  We like finding bargains and it’s much more fun to share them!


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Get a Free AMEX at Walmart to Double Savings Catcher Savings!


Below is a tip on how to maximize your savings with Walmart’s Savings Catcher program.

We’re hearing rumors that they will be stopping their ad matching program (possibly at the end of this year??).  I hope it’s not true, but I believe it’s coming.  :(   If you haven’t tried this program or know about it, it’s worth reading up on.  You can read the details here.

Reader, Karen, sent this to me . . .  (Thanks, Karen!)

“I was in Walmart on Tuesday, November 11th and they had the
American Express Bluebird Card for free, for a limited time (normally $5.00).
So, I put the min. amount on the card ($1.00).  I will be using it to put my
Savings Catcher amounts on it, which I will get double the cash back.”

Here’s a link with more information.  (Thanks, Kathleen & CindyLou!)

Great tip!  I haven’t verified that all stores carry this, but be on the lookout.


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Walmart Ad Matching Policy & Tips for Making it Simple

If you live in Arizona, we do an ad matching list each week.  I’ll give you some tips on how to use that, below.  It’s super simple!

They also have a new Savings Catcher program.  Read more about that here.  Right now, it’s had varying results.  I would stick with ad matching at the register and then submit your receipts for things you might have missed.  It can’t hurt!

You can read the full details of their official ad matching policy, but here are what I consider the main points:

Walmart WILL match:

  • Prices that are listed in a local ad (not clearly defined what “local” is)
  • Specific items with a specific prices (brand, size, quantity, “value pack” etc.)
    (Will only do B1G1 or % off if starting price is listed in ad)
  • Store coupons in ads, if price is listed
  • Prices without showing them the ad (I suggest having ads, though)
  • Pound for pound, each to each prices on same package size, type, etc.

They will NOT match:

  • Prices on items that don’t have a specific price listed.  (50% off, B1G1, etc)
  • Price after Register Rewards or Extra Care Bucks (Walgreens & CVS)
  • “Weird” sales (ie:  Buy 2, Get $5 gift card, but most seem to match the Buy 10 sales, if you’re buying 10 & similar sales)
  • Per pound to “each” prices & vice versa ($1.99 pineapple will not be matched if ad is $0.33/lb)
  • Store brands (Some stores will, but their official policy says they won’t.  We put them on the list since so many will.)
  • Double coupon promotions

Helpful Hints:

  • Use the ad matching list on BargainBeliever.com each week.  We have most of the best, though we don’t include “Buy 10″ sales and similar.
  • And/or use the lists on BargainBelieverc.com to make one list, select “all lists” and print (if local to AZ)**
  • Look at your local market-type ads you get for your area & add to list
    Especially if you get IGA ads — We don’t have those prices on the list.
  • Wednesday is often the best day to shop due to one day sales.
  • I place my non ad matching items on conveyor belt first (if any), giving me time to get ready to tell the cashier the prices I need to.
  • Tell the cashier the prices before items are scanned
  • Carry your ads, just in case (policy says not necessary, but nice to have for back up)

Meats:  I have a hard time finding meats that are packaged, branded, or labeled exactly the same as an ad, so I rarely do meats.  Experiment with your list until you find out what your store carries and/or will and will not do.

Produce:  I will readily admit that Walmart’s produce is not always the quality I want to purchase.  Don’t buy that item!  Go in with a flexible plan.  My thinking is that I usually want some great fruits and vegetables for my family, but I don’t necessarily care what they are that week.  I’m fine with getting extra of something that looks good and skipping something else.  On the rare occasion that not much looks good, I get what they have and rely on frozen vegetables and canned fruit for a short time, until I can get to a store that has a good produce sale.

General Foods & Household Items:  I don’t match prices on these items as often since I like the doubling value that most grocery stores give for coupons.  If you don’t use coupons — match away!  Great deals can be found!  If you do use coupons, there are some $1+ coupons that work well there and there are times when I’m not willing to drive to an extra store for the added, double savings.  Be on the lookout for travel size items for higher value coupons that don’t exclude travel sizes.  Of course, sometimes there are some great prices that don’t require a coupon.

**Note:  If an item is not advertised in their ad, they do not have to price match it.  We add many items to the Bargain Believer lists that are not in the ads, especially at Fry’s, Safeway, and Target (others sometimes, too).  Usually, if there is a date after the item “(thru date)” it is not an advertised price.  (Target’s list is difficult to use since many are price cuts and store coupons, so I would stay away from that one.)

I suggest printing their official price matching policy and carrying in with your coupons.  You might want to print their coupon policy, while you’re at it.  :)


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Walmart Online Price Matching Policy ~ Select Areas, Including Phoenix!


Walmart stores are ad matching online prices now, not just during the holidays!  The test markets are:  Phoenix, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Northwest Arkansas.  I’m not sure what is defined as “Phoenix.”  You’ll need to ask your local Walmart if it’s not in Phoenix, I guess.

The details are here.  The list of retailers is pretty impressive!  This is great, since you can save shipping and go to the store and get your item right away.  I’m going to copy the details below and highlight the ones that I think are the most important.

Our Online Price Match Policy

We’re committed to providing low prices every day. On everything. So if you find a current lower online price on an identical in-stock product, tell us and we’ll match it. Right at the register.

Here are the details:

  • The customer must provide the online price and retailer
  • The item must be currently in-stock at the online retailer’s website
  • We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock item at the online retailer’s website (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color)
  • The Store Manager has the final decision for matching an online price (My note:  Hope this doesn’t come into play often!!)
  • Where applicable, Walmart reserves the right to limit quantities and to exclude dealers

** Online retailers include, but are not limited to Walmart.com, Target.com, Bestbuy.com, Lowes.com, Staples.com, Sears.com, Amazon.com, Kmart.com, Toysrus.com, Officedepot.com, Academy.com, SportsAuthority.com, Basspro.com, Homedepot.com, Cabelas.com, Autozone.com, Petsmart.com, Petco.com, Dickssportinggoods.com, Walgreens.com, Dollargeneral.com, Bedbathandbeyond.com, Babiesrus.com, Jcpenny.com, Kohls.com, Tigerdirect.com, Newegg.com, Familydollar.com, Michaels.com, Oreillyauto.com, Pepboys.com

We do not match:

  • Membership clubs and Auction sites (e.g. eBay)
  • An online price that cannot be determined independent of other items, fees, or charges
  • Percent off or dollar off if the price cannot be determined independent of other items, fees, or charges
  • Bundle offers, Instant Rebates, Mail-in Offers, Offers that include financing
  • Clearance, Close out, Liquidation, Special Hour/Flash/Limited Quantity offers
  • Damaged, Used, or Refurbished items
  • Misprinted or inaccurate prices
  • Online price match is not available in Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
  • We will not offer rain-checks for items that are not currently in-stock in our store
  • Walmart One Hour Guarantee Items

(Thanks, Kelly!)


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My Review of Walmart’s New Savings Catcher Program


We talked to you about Walmart’s new Savings Catcher program here.  I decided to test it out last week.  I went to Walmart on Wednesday and bought something very simple, a box of Ritz crackers.  They can’t mess that up, right?  Here’s my receipt clearly showing the Ritz crackers for $2.50 at the very top.  It even says at the bottom of the receipt to try their new Saving Catcher program.


Notice the date on the receipt is August 6th.  Here’s a copy of the Safeway ad starting August 6th.  Safeway is less than 1/4 mile from Walmart here in Prescott Valley.  It clearly shows on the front page that Ritz are $1.88.

photo_2 (2)

It took 72 hours to get this email.  They didn’t find any differences.  Um, really?  walmart

I issued a complaint where I had to state the lower price and where.  Now, it’s just the point.  I want my 62¢.  If I have to do all the work for them, I’d rather just stick to price matching using our super easy price matching list that we make every week.

So, that’s my experience with this new program.  Do with that info what you wish.  I’m going to price match everything that I’m possibly aware of.  Then, I’ll use this program as a back up.

We’ve heard from several people on Facebook who have said it works and have gotten back $2, $7 and even $11.  So, it CAN work.  A lot of people are loving it.

Update:  I heard from someone who works for Walmart on this program.  He gave me the following information:

For clarification on the comparison - Savings Catcher would match the Safeway club
card price (and the advertised loyalty card prices for other stores, too). 

The competitive set for Savings Catcher is pretty comprehensive. For the specific
store you shopped at, it currently includes: Safeway, CVS, Walgreens, Frys, Kmart,
Albertsons, Target, Family Dollar, Kohls, Petsmart, Dollar Tree, Staples, Best Buy,
Petco, Lowe's, Radio Shack, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Update on locations/items they’ll “catch” . . .
“Beginning February 14, 2015, we are removing some departments consisting mostly of items that do not have a like for like match at other retailers, such as produce and bakery items. Additionally, we are limiting our comparisons to offers of other mass market retailers, grocery and dollar stores, removing comparisons with drug stores.

Now, I’m in a small town in Prescott Valley, so I was surprised that it covered so many stores.

They also resolved my issue and I got me my money.  :)


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