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LAST Walmart Price Matching List ~ 10/11/17 – 10/15/17 (NO LONGER MATCHING on 10/16) :(

Below are ad-matching possibilities.
You can also go to directly to each store to get the offers.

This will be the last ad-matching list we publish.  :(  Walmart will no longer be matching prices, beginning on October 16.  Make sure you shop on or before Sunday, October 15.

It was good while it lasted, right?

Since I get about 80% of my produce at Walmart, I’m going to have to make some adjustments.  When I can gather up some time, I’ll publish some of my plans & ideas for saving on produce.

BB produce master new

Brown Onions 20¢/lb (WED only, El Super)
33¢/lb (Food City)

Cucumbers 20¢ (Los Altos Ranch)
4/99¢ (El  Super)
25¢ (limit 8, Food City)
50¢ (Bashas’)

Chayote Squash 25¢/lb (El Super)

Celery 33¢ (WED only, El Super)
98¢ (WED only, Sprouts)

99¢ (Bashas’)

Bananas 33¢/lb (limit 6 lbs, Food City, any day)
33¢/lb (WED only, El Super & Los Altos Ranch)
2lbs/99¢ (El Super)

Green Bell Peppers 33¢/lb (Food City)
50¢ (Bashas’)

Bulk Carrots 33¢/lb (Food City)

Green Limes 33¢/lb (El Super)

Jicama 33¢/lb (Food City)
2lbs/99¢ (Los Altos Ranch)

Gala Apples 33¢/lb (limit 6 lbs, WED only, Food City)
2lb/99¢ (El Super)
69¢/lb (Albertsons)
77¢/lb (Sprouts, WED only)

Roma Tomatoes 33¢/lb (limit 6 lbs, WED only, Food City)
2lbs/99¢ (Los Altos Ranch)

Mexican Squash 33¢/lb (WED only, Los Altos Ranch)

2lbs/99¢ (WED only, El Super)

Yellow Onions 33¢/lb (Sprouts)

Green Cabbage 33¢/lb (Sprouts)
2lbs/99¢ (Los Altos Ranch)

Limes 2lbs/98¢ (Food City)

Eggplant 49¢ (Sprouts, WED only)

Red or Sweet Onions 49¢/lb (Sprouts, WED only)

White Onions 2lbs/99¢ (El Super)

Jalapenos 2lbs/99¢ (El Super)

Yams 2lbs/99¢ (El Super)

Bartlett Pears 2lbs/99¢ (WED only, El Super)

Red, Gold, Orange, or Green Bell Peppers 50¢ (Bashas’)

Cantaloupe 69¢ (Sprouts)

Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, or Red Delicious Apples 69¢/lb (Albertsons)

Serrano Chiles 69¢/lb (FRI – SUN only, Los Altos Ranch)

Red Seedless Grapes 75¢/lb (Bashas’)
Red, Green, Black Seedless Grapes 77¢/lb (Safeway)
Red Seedless Grapes 77¢/lb (Sprouts, WED only)

Tomatoes (“regular”) 79¢/lb (El Super)

Pasilla Peppers 79¢/lb (WED only, El Super)

Minneola Tangerines 79¢/lb (El Super)

Bosc Pears 79¢/lb (El Super)

Pineapple 87¢ (Bashas’, limit 4) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)

Yellow Peaches 88¢/lb (Fry’s)

Mangos 89¢ (El Super)
99¢ (WED only, Los Altos Ranch)

Romaine Lettuce 89¢ (Los Altos Ranch)
99¢ (Albertsons)

Acorn, Butternut or Spaghetti Squash 98¢/lb (Sprouts, WED only)

Organic Baby Peeled Carrots (1 pound) 98¢ (Sprouts)

On the Vine Tomatoes 98¢/lb (Sprouts)

Green Beans 99¢/lb (WED only, El Super)

Mushrooms (8 oz) 99¢ (El Super)

Gala or Red Delicious (lunch box size) 99¢/lb (Bashas’)

Iceberg, Romaine, Green, or Red Leaf Lettuce 99¢ (Albertsons)

Bunched Spinach 99¢ (Albertsons or Los Altos Ranch)

Baby Peeled Carrots (1 pound bag) $1.25 (Sprouts, WED only)

Russet Potatoes (10 lbs) $1.29 (limit 2, Food City, FRI-SUN only)
$1.89 (El Super, any day)

Tomatoes on the Vine $1.49/lb (Bashas’)

Strawberries (16 oz) $1.50 (El Super, if Driscoll’s brand, coupons available, more info here)

BB meat master new a

Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs (value pack) 67¢/lb (limit 2, THURS only, Food City)
79¢/lb (El Super)

Sanderson Farms Chicken Thighs, Drums, or Leg Quarters (bone-in, jumbo pack) 77¢/lb (Albertsons)

Split Chicken Breasts or Whole Fryers (breast value pack) 87¢/lb (Bashas’, limit 4)

Country Style Ribs 89¢/lb (THURS only, Los Altos Ranch)

Split Chicken Breast (bone-in, value pack) 97¢/lb (limit 2, Food City)

Pork Brisket Ribs (in bag) 97¢/lb (limit 2, Food City)

Sirloin Cut Pork Chops (bone-in, value pack) 97¢/lb (limit 2, THURS only, Food City)

Pork Sirloin Chops (bone-in) 99¢/lb (Safeway or Albertsons)

Pork Chops (bone-in, value pack) $1.47/lb (Bashas’, limit 2)

Boneless Chicken Breasts or Thighs (in butcher block) $1.57/lb (Albertsons)

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.67/lb (limit 4 packs, Sprouts, WED only)

Lean Ground Beef (73% lean) $1.77/lb (limit 2, Food City, FRI-SUN only)

Beef Brisket (whole in bag) $1.97/lb (Albertsons)

Chuck Steak or Roast (bone-in, value pack) $1.97/lb (limit 2, THURS only, Food City)

Ground Beef (70% lean) $1.99/lb (Los Altos Ranch)

Pork Sirloin Chops (boneless, family pack) $1.99/lb (Albertsons)

Pork St. Louis Style Ribs $1.99/lb (limit 4, Sprouts, WED only)

Ground Round (fresh, 85% lean, 3lbs+) $2.67/lb (Bashas’, limit 2)

Bottom Round Roast $2.77/lb (Bashas’, limit 2)

Top Round Steak or Roast (boneless, value pack) $2.77/lb (limit 2, Food City)

Boneless London Broil, Top Round Roast, Bone-in Chuck (family pack) $2.77/lb (Safeway)

T-Bone Steak (super value pack) $4.77/lb (Fry’s)

Keta Salmon $4.99/lb (limit 4 pounds)

Ribeye, T-bone, or Strip Steak (bone-in, family pack) $4.97/lb (Albertsons)

Ribeye Steak (bone-in, value pack) $5.77/lb (Bashas’, limit 2)

New York Steaks (boneless) $5.99/lb (limit 4 packs)

Beef Tenderloin (whole in bag) $5.99/lb (Bashas’, limit 1) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)


BB dairy and frozen master new

Lucerne Eggs (dozen) 99¢ (Albertsons, limit 2)

Store Brand Sour Cream or Cottage Cheese (16 oz) $1.25 (Fry’s, Safeway, Bashas’)

Milk (gallon) $1.89 (Fry’s, Safeway, Albertsons)

Coffee Mate Creamer (32 oz) $1.99 (Bashas’)

Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Klondike, Popsicle, or Magnum Ice Cream $1.99 each when you buy 4 or 8, limit 8 (Albertsons)



Pepsi & Mountain Dew (2 liters) 69¢ (Bashas’, limit 6) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)  75¢/3 Coupons.com (Pepsi, gone if not on top, after clicking link) NEW

Coke (2-liters) 99¢ when you buy 5, limit 10 (Food City)

Capri Sun (10 pk) 99¢ (Fry’s, limit 5, Saturday only)

Coke or Dasani (8pk or 12p; 24pk) $2.50 each when you buy 4 and spend $25 on other items (Safeway or Albertsons)

Budweiser, Coors, Miller or Tecate; Budweiser, Coors, Miller or Michelob Ultra ( 30 pk cans; 24 pk bottles) $17.77 (Albertsons, limit 2)


BB other deals master new

Contadina Tomato Sauce (8 oz) 39¢ (Bashas’)

S&W Tomatoes (14 oz) 69¢ (Bashas’)

Contadina Tomato Paste (6 oz) 69¢ (Bashas’)

Libby’s Fruit (15 oz; peaches, pears, or fruit cocktail) 69¢ (Bashas’, limit 12) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)

Top Care Peroxide or Alcohol (16 oz) 79¢ (Bashas’, limit 2) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)

Hunt’s Ketchup (24 oz) 99¢ (El Super)

Pepperidge Farm Cookies, Goldfish Crackers, or Nabisco Snack Crackers 99¢ (Safeway, limit 3)

Chex Mix, Bugles, or Gardetto’s $1.00 (Safeway or Albertsons)

Herdez or La Victoria Salsa (16 oz) $1.50 (Safeway or Albertsons)
75¢/1 Ibotta (phone app, future cash back)

Yoplait Gogurt (8 pk) $1.67 (Safeway or Albertsons)

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel (11.7 oz) $1.67 (Safeway or Albertsons)

Fritos & Cheetos (7-9.25 oz) $1.67 when you buy 3 (Safeway)

Fritos & Cheetos or Lay’s Family Size (7-9.25 oz; 9.5-10 oz) $1.77 when you buy 3 (Albertsons)

Lays Family Size or Kettle Cooked Chips $1.77 (Safeway, limit 3)

Gold Medal Flour (5 lbs) $1.88 (Safeway or Albertsons, limit 4)

Guerro White Corn Tortillas (80 ct) $1.99 (limit 2, FRI – SUN only, Los Altos Ranch)

Nature’s Own Butter Bread or Sara Lee Bread $1.99 (Safeway or Albertsons)

Downy Fabric Softener (64 oz) $1.99 (Bashas’, limit 2) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo (22-30 oz) $2.00 (Safeway or Albertsons)

Child’s Play Candy Assortment (3.5 pounds) $3.99 (Bashas’, limit 2) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)

Tide Simply Detergent (40 oz) $2.99 (Bashas’, limit 2) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)


Ad Matching w/ Coupon Possibilities:

Fry’s has a big Buy 4, Save $4 sale.  You can ad-match those items, as long as you buy in multiples of four and it’s in their ad.  We will be adding more to the list here, but you can only match items that are advertised, so check your ad.

McCormick Grill Mates Rub (packet)   (not sure of reg. price, but only $1.00 at Fry’s, so guessing a little bit lower)
75¢/1 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
Final price:  25¢ or less, probably

Yoplait Yogurt (4-6 oz)  44¢ (Safeway or Albertsons, limit 12)
Yolait Greek Yogurt
(5.3 oz)   88¢
Yoplait Oui French Yogurt (5 oz)  $1.34

50¢/5 Yoplait Yogurt Cups 10/08/2017 SS Insert (exp 12/2/17)
$1/10 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
Final price:  As low as 34¢

Pure Protein Bars   90¢ (Fry’s)
$1/2 Bars or $1/1 Multipack 10/01/2017 RP Insert (exp 11/30/17) (not in AZ Republic, may get in mail)
Final price:  40¢ each when you buy 2

♥ ♥ Pepsi & Mountain Dew   69¢ (Bashas’, limit 6) (Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)
75¢/3 Coupons.com (Pepsi, gone if not on top, after clicking link) NEW
Final price:  44¢ each when you buy 3 or 6

Hefty Slider Bags   99¢ (Safeway or Albertsons)
$1/2 printable
$1/2 Hefty Slider Bags 08/20/2017 RP Insert (exp 10/31/17) (not in AZ Republic, may get in mail)
Final price:  49¢ each when you buy 2

Linsday Olives   $1.00 (Safeway or Albertsons)
$1/2 printable (register)
Final price:  50¢ each when you buy 2

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, Frosting, or Brownies   $1.00  (Safeway or Albertsons)
50¢/1 printable (will probably disappear after Thurs; register, go here if already registered with Betty Crocker)
Final price:  50¢

Annie’s Mac & Cheese   $1.00 (Safeway or Albertsons)
50¢/1 printable
Final price:  50¢

Concession Candy Boxes (Gobstoppers, Nerds Sweetarts, Bottle Caps, Spree, Runts, Laffy Taffy)   94¢-98¢ (reg. price)
75¢/2 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
Final price:  57¢ each when you buy 2

Larabar   88¢ (Safeway or Albertsons)
50¢/2 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
Final price:  63¢

Progresso Vegetable Classic Soup (18 oz)  88¢ (Bashas’)
50¢/2 Progresso Products 10/08/2017 SS Insert (exp 12/2/17)
$1/4 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)

$1/3 printable
$1/4 printable

$1/2 SavingStar eCoupon (future savings)
Final price:  As low as 63¢ each when you buy 2 (or possible future savings)

Chobani Smooth (2pk)   $1.67 (Fry’s)
$1/1 Chobani Smooth 10/01/2017 RP Insert (exp 12/31/17) (not in AZ Republic, may get in mail)
Final price:  67¢

Puffs Facial Tissues (56 ct)   $1.00 (Bashas’)
25¢/1 Puffs Facial Tissues 09/24/2017 P&G Insert (exp 10/21/17)
25¢/1 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
Final price:  75¢

All Laundry Detergent (46.5-50 oz), Fabric Softener (30 oz), or Mighty Pacs (18-22 ct)  $1.99 (Safeway or Albertsons)
$2/2 All Products 09/24/2017 RP Insert (exp 10/28/17) (not in AZ Republic, may get in mail)
$1/1 All Product 09/24/2017 RP Insert (exp 10/28/17) (not in AZ Republic, may get in mail)
$1/1 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
75¢/1 Coupons.com (Mighty Pacs, gone if not on top, after clicking link)
50¢/1 Redplum
Final price:  As low as 99¢

Snuggle Scentables (10.4 oz), Liquid Softener (31.7-32 oz), or Fabric Sheets (70 ct)   $1.99 (Safeway or Albertsons)
$1/1 Snuggle Scentables Product 09/24/2017 RP Insert (exp 11/4/17) (not in AZ Republic, may get in mail)
50¢/1 Snuggle Product 09/24/2017 RP Insert (exp 11/4/17) (not in AZ Republic, may get in mail)
50¢/1 Redplum
Final price:  As low as 99¢

General Mills Cereal  (8.9-12.25 oz)  $1.67 (limit 3, Safeway; limit 4 Albertsons)
Various types of Cheerios pictured
$1/3 General Mills Cereal, select 10/08/2017 SS Insert (exp 11/18/17)
$1/3 General Mills cereal 9/24/2017 SS Insert (exp 11/4/17)
$1/3 Cheerios boxes 9/10/2017 SS Insert (exp 10/21/17)
$1/3 General Mills Cheerios, select 08/27/2017 SS Insert (exp 10/7/17)

$1/2 Coupons.com (any, gone if not on top, after clicking link)
$1/2 SavingStar eCoupon (select; future savings)

Final price:  As low as $1.17 each when you buy 2 (or possible future savings)

Buddig Premium Lunchmeat (8 oz)   $1.99 (Bashas’)
75¢/1 Buddig Original or Premium Deli 05/07/2017 SS Insert (exp 11/30/17)
Final price:  $1.24

Tai Pei Frozen Entree (9-11 oz)   $1.99 (Fry’s)
75¢/1 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
Final price:  $1.25

Spree or Sweet Tarts (stand up bag, 12 oz)   $2.78 (reg. price)
$1/1 Coupons.com (gone if not on top, after clicking link)
Final price:  $1.78

Thomas’ English Muffins or Bagels   Buy One / Get One Free (reg. price $3.99) = $2 each (Fry’s)
They will match this, since price is listed in ad.

55¢ off Thomas’ English Muffins AND Bagels 10/08/2017 SS Insert (exp 11/19/17)
This coupon is different than usual It says “and” not “or”
Final price:  $1.86 each when you buy 4 (using one coupon, can’t use coupon on free item)

Star Olive Oil (17 oz)   $2.99 (limit 2) (Bashas’; Friday, 10/13 ONLY, 8am-8pm)
$1/1 Smartsource
Final price:  $1.99

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Helpful links:
Price matching policy & tips
Online price matching policy
Walmart Savings Catcher program

Tips for Ad-mathcing : (Keep in mind that your store many vary from another store & you can’t count on getting everything on this list.)

  • Your store may no longer match the Hispanic market prices, including Food City.  (It doesn’t seem to be very widespread, at this point.)
  • Your store may only match store locations that they consider close to them.
  • Sometimes, there are price variations from store to store, especially Smart & Final.  See your local ad for exact price. (Smart & Final ad here.)
  • Policy says they will not match store brand prices, but the majority report their store will.
  • Walmart sells some produce individually, not by the pound.  Their policy says they won’t match those items, unless the ad shows the same (lb to lb, or each to each).  Some stores will do it.
  •  Meats are hard to match.  Most stores are strict about same size packaging, cuts, brands, etc.  We include more than you’ll probably be able to find at your store since selection may vary.
  • Milk ad matching policy can vary from store to store.  Most seem to carry Price First brand for $1.99.  If not, that seems to be the brand most stores want you to get when matching.
  • Stores in Arizona are continuing to ad match, despite many national locations stopping in June of 2016

Some items below need coupons, many don’t.  Click the green plus signs to make your own personalized shopping list!  (When you do, it will be categorized for easier shopping.)

+  Walmart will match competitor’s prices — details HERE.
+  If you don’t live near a store listed above, you can’t ad match those prices.
Walmart’s coupon policy
+ Multiple manufacturers’ coupons are listed, but you can only use one for each product purchased
+ If you want to know what abbreviations mean, go HERE.
+ Coupons listed without a link are from previous coupon inserts in the AZ Republic.
+ Get the lowest price we know of right now, on the Arizona Republic HERE.  (Wed. & Sun. delivery)

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Walmart Ending Ad-Matching ~ Is Your Location Included?

(Thanks for pic, Justin!)

Update:  It looks like it’s all Walmarts in Arizona.  Sunday, October 16 will be your last day to ad-match.  :(

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but … it looks like (probably all?) Walmarts in Arizona will end ad matching, beginning on October 16.

We’ve heard various reports of this for years.  We hear somebody’s cashier told them or “soon” they’ll be stopping.  After so many false alarms, I just stopped believing the reports … until now.  I always knew it wouldn’t last forever, but still hoped it would get a longer run.

We’ve heard from quite a few of you, saying managers have said that price matching is ending on October 16th.  Justin even sent us the picture above.  It’s official, not scribbled on a paper by the manger of one store.  We’ve had reports all over Arizona … looks like nobody may be escaping, but we won’t be sure for awhile.

Few are probably more sad than I am.  Personally, I save a very significant amount of money by ad-matching produce there.  This will change the way I shop and affect me greatly.  Beyond personally, I know so many of you come to Bargain Believer for this list and it’s a resource that helps you a lot.  I’m sad that we probably can’t provide that for you anymore.  Of course, we’ll be around for helping you save at other stores around Arizona, but … sure wish Walmart could still be one of them.

I will share more about my specific thoughts/plans later, but right now I just want to give you a warning and also ask that you let us know if you’ve heard from your store.  You can leave a comment below or join in the Facebook conversation here.

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Updates Coming & Our New Adventure (Input Wanted!)


I’d love some input from you, for improving Bargain Believer!

Background first … my husband’s last day of work, as a software engineer, is this Wednesday.  It was his choice to leave and he isn’t looking for another job.  He wants to pursue some entrepreneurial & programming dreams he’s had for awhile.  For those curious, we’ve taken out a home equity loan to sustain us, after our savings is used up.  The current thought is to give it two years and see what happens.

I’m planning on starting another website called FuninAZ.  (I’m not sure when it will all come together, but I have set up a Facebook here & Instagram here & Twitter here . . .  if you want to be ready to see content as it’s created.)

I’m hoping to help people like you, as well as local businesses, while figuring out how to make a profit.  We’ll see how it all works, since I’m not a marketing master or business expert.  I “accidentally” started Bargain Believer and have never really focused on making it profitable enough to significantly contribute to my family’s income.  I have just been happy if I make enough to pay those who help me.  This will all be new to me!

My husband is going to help me get that set up and going, between projects he needs to work on.  But, before all this, my husband said he’d take a week to improve Bargain Believer!

I have a huge list of things!  Some of our dreams are pretty big, for what the functionality could be.  But, I want to hear from you … what would you like to see here?  Dream big and/or think of little things that annoy you.  You can also tell us what you love, so we don’t make that disappear!

I can’t promise anything, but a week of solid programming time can accomplish a lot.  Right now, I’m mostly focusing on usability and function, but I can add content type issues to the list, too.

You can leave the comment below, or over on Facebook here.

I’m looking forward to our new adventure and (hopefully!) making things better for you along the way!  ~ Juli

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Arizona Republic Discount Code (DBLOG) ~ $1 per week for Sun. & Wed. Delivery

I’m so excited about the offer The Arizona Republic has, exclusively for Bargain Believer followers!  We’re going back to the good old days … $1 per week!

Get the Sunday & Wednesday papers delivered for $4.33* per month, which is about $1 per week.  You can sign up here or call 602-444-1000 and mention code DBLOG.

Even better news … this is not an offer than ends and then you end up getting charged full price. (The fine print says it can, but they assured me it won’t, unless they notify you first.  Most subscriptions automatically change your autopay to a higher amount.  They said this won’t.)

The same pricing will continue, until you cancel your paper!  This is unheard of, in recent times.  Recent offers have lasted 3, 6, or 12 months and then you ended up paying full price and/or having to remember to call and cancel.

That means full sets of coupons on Sunday and no running to the store to get a paper!  Sometimes stores get smaller packets of coupons or are missing an insert.  You may even get a little bonus every once in awhile, with a coupon insert thrown in a Wednesday paper.  It doesn’t happen often, but there’s been a nice surprise in there every once in awhile.

* Added notes:  You have to be a new subscriber to get this offer, 30 days or more since you got the paper delivered.  Tax brings the total to $4.64 per month.  The fine print says you’ll be charged for the Thanksgiving paper (can call to cancel, if not wanted) and $1 (four times) for four premium editions.  Print edition is not available in all areas, so if you live in a more remote area, you may want to call, to make sure you’re not going to end up with only the digital version.

This post may contain one or more affiliate links.  We appreciate you using them and supporting this site.  Thank you!

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Why? Help! ~ Note from Juli


There are times I wonder what I’m doing, running this website.  Not only do I feel inadequate sometimes, but my life is full … of the good stuff, the bad stuff, and the busy stuff.  Yes, I make some money by doing this, but I could make more if I used my time and energy to invest in something else.  But, it’s not about money.  My husband makes enough money to keep us happy.  So, I always come back to:  Why do I want to add stress to my life?

There are three reasons I can’t escape, no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I’d prefer extra time in my life, to pursue other things . . .

  1.  All of you ~ especially those who email your story, comment, share posts, tag a friend on Facebook, etc.  By doing that, you’re telling me you value what we’re doing.  You become “real” and not just a click on my stat page.  I can quit on clicks, but it’s hard to quit on people who find value in what we’re doing.  Some of you have even shared how much you saved and what it has led to . . . . amazing stories that have made me shed a couple tears, the good kind.  It’s hard to walk away from impacted lives.
  2. Gina ~ super duper assistant who does most everything and makes me wonder what I do sometimes, but something sucks up my time!?!?  I stumbled on this email Gina sent me awhile back, prompting me to do this post.  Seriously, how can I not press on, when I doubt myself?!?“… Our vacations simply would not happen if it weren’t for you and the job you’ve given me.  There wouldn’t be extra money for that, and I love making those memories with my kids and taking them new places and exposing them to new experiences. I love that I can be here every day with my kids when they get home from school.  I love that I can take care of them when they are sick and still work.  I’m grateful that when company comes or my best friend, I can work around my work and enjoy life and them. So, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I truly thank you. You are a blessing to me and my family.
  3.  Me! ~ I really like interacting with you and I gain something from that.  It’s not a one-way thing.  I love bargains and keeping them to myself isn’t as fun.  I love having an outlet, when time and ambition line up at the same time.  :)

More honesty … my income has been decreasing, mostly due to reduced Google ad revenue and coupon printing revenue.  I wonder how long I’ll be able to sustain everything.  It would sadden me, but if I ever began to lose money, it would be clear that it would be time to stop.  That’s where you come in!

I’ve shared this before, but for those who are new, here’s what you can do to help…

  • Use the links we provide vs going directly to a coupon site or buying something we share online.  The majority don’t pay, but some do.  They aren’t huge amounts (many as low as $0.02), but they add up when everyone is using them.
    You can bookmark this for printing from Coupons.com:
  •  I love Amazon and I’m sure you do, too!  When making an Amazon purchase, use the search box on the top left of the website.  If you start there (no matter what you search for), whatever you end up buying will track and I receive a payment.  If you prefer bookmarking it, going through this link will also get me credit.
  • Visit the website often.  Google ads count visitors and the more the merrier.  When you click on the ads, I receive more, but I TRULY only want you to click if interested.  I don’t think it’s fair for advertisers to pay unless you’re really interested.  But, Google matches ads pretty well, so if something comes up that you already searched for and plan to buy or you want more information, please click from there.
  • Tell people about the website … groups or individuals, publicly or privately.  I love seeing people tag their friends on Facebook.  I know you like what you see and value it enough to share it!

As Gina said, “So, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I truly thank you.  You are a blessing to me and my family.”  You really are!  Sure, we work hard, but we get the benefit of knowing that what we invest in isn’t meaningless.   My heart is full, though my days are sometimes sparse in time.  THANK YOU!  ~ Juli

This post may contain one or more affiliate links.  We appreciate you using them and supporting this site.  Thank you!

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Don’t See Facebook Updates? ~ Fix It Now!

Many of you say that a lot of posts don’t show up in your Facebook feed.

A couple ways to fix that . . .

  1.  After “liking” the Bargain Believer Facebook page.  Hover over “Following” at the top of the page and make sure “See First” is checked.
  2. Comment and “like” posts often.  This is almost a guarantee (added to above directions) that you’ll see everything.

If you’re not a Facebook fan, there’s a daily email, Twitter, or an RSS feed you can follow.

If all else fails, check the website each day.  Not many days go by without us updating something.


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Please Read This . . . from Juli


I would really appreciate it if you tell others about the Bargain Believer website or Facebook page or daily emails.

The valuable “telling” comes when you specifically track down your friends and tell them they’re missing out because __________.

You fill in the blank with why you’re here.  Hopefully, there’s something we’ve helped you with and you believe someone else can benefit.  Helping people stretch their dollars and realize they may need less than they think to thrive, has been my goal since the day I started.

I didn’t mean to start a business, but realized I could send you to a print a coupon without getting paid or send you to the same one and get paid.  Hmmmm … pay me!  I say I accidentally started a business, but have to purposely pay taxes now.  True story.

This is work.  In reality, I don’t need a job.  I’m spoiled since my husband makes enough to maintain a lifestyle we’re comfortable living, without any income from me.  I often ponder if this website is worth the stress, but then I remember a heartwarming email or comment I received or a new one rolls in at just the right time, to encourage me.  So many of you are counting on me to help you save.  (Insert tears here … really, they’re flowing.  I get emotional about this.)   Sometimes, having this website can overwhelm me, and I want all the responsibility to disappear.  Other times, I can’t imagine life without it, in a good sort of way.   Some of you (most all, really!) have been amazingly supportive over the past 6 1/2 years.

Beyond me, Gina (my amazing helper!) and others along the way, have counted on extra income by helping me.  The reality is, Gina does waaaaay more than I do, for day to day things around here.  Sometimes, I wonder what I even do!  Just keeping up with emails and doing misc. stuff still can consume me, somehow.  But, when I think of quitting, I also think of her … she’s also poured her time/love into this site and the income really helps her family.

This isn’t a doom and gloom post.  I’m not planning on quitting next month, just processing some thoughts “aloud” and asking for your help, in taking some financial worries away.  The truth is that I can’t lose money, especially while also investing so much time in it.  It just doesn’t make sense.  (For the record, I’ve almost always made money.  I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me!  I’ve just seen revenue drop considerably, over time, even while slowly growing in numbers.  Things are just changing.)

Besides telling your friends, family, and strangers about Bargain Believer, here are a few other specific ways you can help (that aren’t too tortuous, hopefully!)  :)

  • Print your coupons from here — Bookmark it, please!
    There is also a link on the top menu bar on the website.
  • If you do any Amazon shopping, start with our search box on the top left of the page.
    After that, navigate however you want on their site, snagging all the great deals they have!
  • Use any links we provide in posts.
    Some pay us when you buy/print something, others just for clicking.
  • Visit the website often!
    You’re helping in a small way, since you’re viewing Google ads.
    You’re also “telling” Google you love us and they should let our page show up when people search for certain things.

Some of you have been doing this for years.  THANK YOU!  For those of you who had no clue you could help in these ways or any of our back story … now you do.  :)  Thank you for reading all this!


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Thanks for Printing Coupons w/ Our Link ~ Please Bookmark This Page

Printing from here (or many links we provide) is a huge help.
If you would bookmark it, we’d be very grateful!
(There’s also a link on the top menu bar of the website.)

I want to thank everyone who uses our links to print your coupons.  Even printing just one coupon every couple days helps keep the revenue coming in, so I can continue to pay people to help me.  Without their help, I definitely would have quit by now.  It’s just too much work for me to do alone.

 For those who don’t print from our links, please consider it, instead of just going directly to Coupons.com.  If everyone who used this site printed just one or two coupons a week … well, we’d be rich and we wouldn’t want to go anywhere, ever!  :)  We earn a small amount, but it sure adds up with all of you doing it!
If you have a spot to bookmark the link below and use it for coupon prints (that we don’t give you a link for), or when you want to browse.  It would really help!
Thank you!
This post may contain one or more affiliate links.  We appreciate you using them and supporting this site.  Thank you!


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Walmart Ending Ad Matching??


Update:  I haven’t received any official reports of any store that is ending ad-matching in Ariziona, except the location I listed below.  Maybe we’re escaping the change … at least, for now!

I really hoped Arizona would escape, but … we’re not 100% lucky.  Some Walmarts nation-wide are ending ad-matching at the register, beginning on Thursday, June 9th.  Some Arizona stores are affected.

They’re spinning it as a great thing since they’ll be lowering prices on a bunch of items and we can use Savings Catcher.  Yes, that’s nice, but probably won’t lure me in.  I’ll just go where the true rock bottom ad prices are.  The biggest problem with Savings Catcher is that it doesn’t “catch” produce.  That’s what I save BIG on at Walmart.  (It also doesn’t “catch” most meat, bakery items or drugstore prices — just so you’re aware.)

But, I knew ad-matching was too good to last forever.  Unfortunately, many people lie and take advantage of a generous policy.  They are a business and have to make business decisions.  I get that, though I’m very sad.  Thankfully, I have (at least!) one store near me that will continue to do it.  I’ll definitely shop at that location and hope it will continue forever … or, at least a long time!  :)

**** Since not all locations are stopping, I need your help, to help everyone. ****

Can you comment, either over on Facebook here or below this post, and let us know if your Arizona store is still ad matching?

  • Leave a comment if you go Thursday or later and find out they are or aren’t ad matching at the register — or, if you’ve already seen signs or verified it in some way.
  • Go here and find the address of your location and leave us that and the cross streets.

These specifics will make it helpful for others who want to know if their Arizona location is affected.  If I get enough responses, I’ll compile a list and have it available on the website and keep it up to date, as more information comes in or as things change.

So, here’s my first “comments” for you . . .

Baseline & Stapley/Cooper
1955 S Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85204
Not ad matching, has signs and I talked to cashier & customer service.

Baseline & Country Club
240 W Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210
Verified that they’re still ad matching, will double check this week.

Any others you know about?

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