Load Store Cards

There are referred to as “digital” or “eCoupons.”   You enter your store loyalty card numbers once and choose coupons that you like.

They are one time use coupons, just like paper coupons are.  They are taken at face value and will not be worth more than stated.  (Some Safeway coupons are the exception.)

Fry’s (or Kroger affiliates)  — Load coupons directly to your VIP card and get savings at the register, when you buy the products you choose.  You cannot combine these savings with a paper coupon.  If your paper coupon is worth more, the cashier will give it back to you and the eCoupon “wins.”  :(  You can unload them, but will have to do that before checking out, if you find your paper coupon is worth more.  Keep in mind that paper coupons are currently worth $1 and digitals are only taken at face value.

They often offer a “Friday Freebie.”  You have to load the coupon on Friday, but have about two weeks to purchase the item.

Additionally, on Wednesdays, you can load a coupon for cash off your purchase.  For instance, $2 off $40.  Those coupons are good for the full ad week.  For those coupons you have to go to their Facebook page.  (We will also give you the link and remind you each week and have the link on the current Fry’s shopping list.)  For a $2 off $40 coupon, make sure your total is $40 after all sale prices are calculated and all other digital coupons come off, but BEFORE paper coupons come off.  You can drop below $40 if you are using paper coupons.  So, your total could be something like $30 and the $2 would still come off, if you have $10 in papers coupons.

Safeway — There are many details to this program.  See link for more information.

SavingStar — Savings goes into an account for the future, 2-22 days after you purchase the item with a registered card at select stores.  Cash out at $5.  It’s super easy to sign up and the savings ads up.  They have a healthy offer (for percentage off select produce) each Tuesday.  They also offer a freebie every Friday.  You have through Sunday to pick up the item.  (More details at link above.)

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