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It is not necessary to subscribe to your local paper, but I would suggest it if you can fit it into your budget. If you live locally, the Arizona Republic offers a Wednesday (food ads) and Sunday (retail ads and coupons) subscription for a great deal.  It’s about $1 per week for Wed. & Sun. delivery with autopay (three months for the price of one, then cancel or pay full price).Go HERE to get that special deal, if you haven’t been a subscriber in the last 30 days.  (Please read all the fine print at the bottom before signing up, especially the part about being billed full price after your period is up.  Mark your calendars to cancel if you don’t want to continue.)

You can buy a paper at many retail locations.  They are $2 per Sunday paper.  Make sure you check to see that the coupon inserts are in there!  Sometimes, the expected inserts aren’t put in and other times, they are stolen.  Also be aware that they sometimes contain very skinny inserts with a limited number of coupons.  Check to see what you’re getting, before making your purchase.  Home delivery is better since you get the full inserts, and you get them all.  But, on the other hand, they’re often exactly the same.

Dollar Tree sells papers for $1 each Sunday.  Depending on the location, they may limit the number you can buy and there could be a line when they open on Sunday.  Some stores get another shipment of papers on Monday, so ask your store.  Again, make sure there are enough coupons in there and it’s worth your buck.

If you find that you want to acquire more coupons, you can go to Coupon Clippers and pay a minimal fee to get more.  (That’s just one that I have an affiliate relationship with.  Do a Google search and find many more!)  If you know of a sale, order them right away so they will arrive in time to use them before the sale ends.  Keep in mind that stores limit how many you can use (only three identical will have an increased value at grocery stores and four is often the limit, for any coupon).

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  • Jessica Ortiz says:

    I would like to learn how to coupon better and save more money.

    • Juli says:

      You came to the right place. Read the top menu bar and the notes on the shopping lists and you’ll know 80% – 90% of what you need to know. If you’re confused, you can ask over on Facebook (other can chime in) or email me. Hope you save a bunch!

  • Rebekah says:

    A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes -Cinderella Song-

  • Lilly says:

    Yes, stores do limit X amt in one purchase, but I take my whole family and we divide and conquer, multiple times.

    • Juli says:

      I just don’t want people to order 20 coupons and end up disappointed when they can only use a fraction of those, without multiple visits. Glad you found a system that works! Extra family members who help make a big difference if you have a lot of coupons.

  • Lily says:

    You can easily ask for Rainchecks at the Service desk! It’s legal and is a service extended to customers. Little slip of paper that they can fill out for you stating product, sale price and whenever it’s restocked, you can get it at the sale price. Take that and your still valid coupon to the cash register and voila!

  • Lily says:

    Forgot to add it’s good for ANYTHING in the store that was on sale and ran out, including meats, produce, anything.

    • Juli says:

      Yes, you can get rainchecks even if only one flavor or variety is out — pretty much anything in the ad, at least at Fry’s. Some stores will give you rainchecks, even if it’s an unadvertised deal. The warning I give also applies to rainchecks. They often put quantity limits on them and the same coupon limit applies when you redeem them. Many times, my coupons have also expired and they have not restocked the items I need, so that’s another issue. (Sometimes, new coupons come out, so those work, but that doesn’t help those who ordered a bunch of them.) My main reason for mentioning this that I don’t want people to think they can order 20 coupons and walk into a store and get 20 items. It rarely works that way, without some effort. To some, who have a system down, it may be worthwhile.

      • Lillybee says:

        Absolutely agreed. The extreme couponing shows maybe worked for those people at that time, but in general it’s not like that anymore. I typically use 4-10 coupons of any one thing and hope for the best. If I lose 1-2 coupons that cost me .02 each, oh well, I saved lots more overall.

  • Nayeli says:

    I would like to learn how to coupon and save money.

    • Juli says:

      Check out the top menu bars and all the posts/lists. If you have specific questions, as under the appropriate list and we’d be happy to help you. We try to make it as simple as possible, so just dig in a see what you can learn. You’ll definitely save a bunch!

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