Newspaper Coupons

It is not necessary to subscribe to your local paper, but I would suggest it if you can fit it into your budget. If you live locally, the Arizona Republic offers a Wednesday (food ads) and Sunday (retail ads and coupons) subscription for a great deal.  It’s $7 per month or $1.62 per week, when you sign up for autopay (for a limited time period).  Go HERE to get that special deal, if you haven't been a subscriber in the last 30 days.  (Please read all the fine print at the bottom before signing up, especially the part about being billed full price after your period is up.  Mark you calendars to cancel if you don't want to continue.)

Beyond the coupon inserts that come in the paper, there are often other coupons for retail stores or restaurants in the paper.  Most often, they seem to be somewhere in the front page section or the backs of the other sections.  If you find that you want to acquire more coupons, you can go to Coupon Clippers and pay a minimal fee to get more.  (That's just one that I have an affilaite relationship with.  Do a Google search and find many more!)  If you know of a sale, order them right away so they will arrive in time to use them before the sale ends.

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