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See what is available by going to one of these places:

Red Plum

Smart Source

There are many online coupons that I will highlight and match up with a current sale.  They are coupons that you can print at home.  To make it simple for you, I will provide and link so that you can click and go right to the correct coupon, under each highlighted deal.  There are also links on my sidebars that you can click on to browse other available coupons.  There will often be good ones there that I don’t highlight.

There is usually a limit of two coupons that the site allows you to print.  (Never photocopy the coupons.  It is illegal!  The exception is if the original coupon is in a PDF format, which is rare.)  The one you printed will probably be at the end of the list, so check there first before scrolling back through to look for it.  Sometimes hitting your browser’s “back” button AFTER your coupons have printed will generate another coupon.

If you see a coupon you know you’ll use, don’t wait to print it.  There are print limits and once they’re reached, the companies pull the coupon from their site.  Also, coupons are often reset at the end of the month, so don’t wait too long.

Unfortuantely, for the major coupon sites, I can’t give you a link that will get you right to the exact coupon you’re looking for.  The address only gets you to the general coupon page, so you will have to scroll through them on your own.  Keep in mind that the coupon you’re looking for may have reached a print limit and disappeared.  (If you would like to email me or leave me a comment under that post, I will indicate that it is not longer available to save other people’s time.)

Sometimes I will give you a link to a PDF file.  Those coupons can usually be printed as many times as you want, just be careful to read the redemption limitations on each coupon.  Stores may also have limits they impose.

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