Other Ways

Ask others:  There are many people who cut very few coupons or don’t use them at all.  Ask people you see on a regular basis to pass them along to you.  Even if you get the paper, more coupons make your shopping trips more worthwhile.

Understand redemption limits:  Most local, Arizona, stores that double coupons will double up to three like coupons.  There is usually not a limit, if the coupon is not being doubled.  You can check out each store’s policies HERE.

Mail:  Do a quick check through your postal junk mail.  There are often good restaurant, entertainment, and other coupons in there.

Grocery/Drugstores:  There are often coupons on products or near near products.  Grab the ones that are available for taking and save them for a good sale.  (I don’t suggest peeling them off products you aren’t purchasing.)

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