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Ask others:  There are many people who cut very few coupons or don’t use them at all.  Ask people you see on a regular basis to pass them along to you.  Even if you get the paper, more coupons make your shopping trips more worthwhile.

Understand redemption limits:  Most local, Arizona, stores that double coupons will double up to three like coupons.  There is usually not a limit, if the coupon is not being doubled.  You can check out each store’s policies HERE.

Mail:  Do a quick check through your postal junk mail.  There are often good restaurant, entertainment, and other coupons in there.

Grocery/Drugstores:  There are often coupons on products or near near products.  Grab the ones that are available for taking and save them for a good sale.  (I don’t suggest peeling them off products you aren’t purchasing.)

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  • Lilly says:

    Why aren’t you mentioning coupon clipping services? You bring up the hardest ways to get coupons, yet not talk about the most obvious and easiest way to get more than 2-3 coupons for products to stock up on? They not only make it easier for consumers, but they support small biz like yourself. ALSO you forget EBAY!!

  • Lilly says:

    Ok you’re right. You did mention Couponclippers but there are others that don’t charge minimum fees and have much higher maximums and include coupons from other marketing areas outside of FL.

    • Juli says:

      When I first started my website, there were fewer to choose from. I just chose one, to have a tool for people. In all honestly, I just don’t use the services and don’t know much about them. I haven’t taken the time to look into them and compare. If people are truly interested, it’s something I’m leaving them to research on their own, partly because I’m torn. Technically, it’s not legal to sell coupons. I realize they’re “selling” their time and postage, but that doesn’t explain why some coupons cost more than others (most places). Due to this and the fact that I’m not experienced in this area, it just isn’t something I push. It’s legal and money can be saved, so I’m not totally against it. I’m glad you found the best places that work for your and your family.

  • Lily says:

    Well of course, Time is Money, and every place can set their own prices since they are selling their Time. Carry on.

    • Juli says:

      To clarify my thinking . . . it’s perplexing how the same person could take more time to cut a $2 coupon than a $0.25 coupon, in the same packet of coupons. The fee won’t be the same for those coupons (unless buying whole inserts), though the time investment is nearly identical. It’s a service that’s offered and seems to be legal, so people can do what they want to do. I’m just not a huge fan for purchasing coupons for reasons I’ve already stated here and on the other thread about stores limiting quantities you can redeem at one time. However, if it works for you and your family, that’s good. I’m glad you have a system down and can save money! We all need to save money where we can.

      • Lillybee says:

        I see what you are saying, however, the higher value coupons are more in demand, so the price will be higher. I don’t like it but there you go, and if its a product that is important to me I am willing to pay a little more. BTW, I have used coupon clippers a lot, but found another place that charges less for the high value coupons, flat shipping fee, no minimums, no fee on top of that.
        I’m not an extreme couponer by any means, but I do like to get enough as I’m not only shopping for my family but for my elderly folks, too. I tend to buy 4-10 of some things that we burn through around here. I’ve noticed the max allowed coupons per visit has gone down over time.
        Like I mentioned in another section here, rainchecks are free and easy way to get the sale price, when the product has sold out, coupons or not, and totally legit way the stores try to help us.

        • Juli says:

          I guess that’s my point. They’re not selling their time, they’re pricing coupons based on demand. Basically, they’re selling coupons. But, it keeps them legit and works, so that’s the way it is. It’s reality. I’m glad you get to stock up and help your parents at the same time. It’s so much more worthwhile to get for a bunch of bargains vs just a couple! As you said before, “Time is money!” Good job finding the best place and making it work for you!

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