Cellfire eCoupons

Cellfire lets you load grocery coupons right to your grocery cards.  I often plan my shopping lists with those savings in mind, but other times I forget that I loaded the discount and am pleasantly surprised.  I load anything I think there is a remote chance I'll buy and go back and do that every couple weeks.  (You'll have to choose which grocery card to load it on.)

When you register, you will be asked for your cell phone number.  (I have never had any telemarketing problems.)  If you are more technically advanced in the phone area than I am, you can load deals right to your cell phone and show your phone to receive certain discounts, instead of giving them a coupon.  These are non-grocery deals, at least for now.

In Arizona, you can load deals to your Fry's or Safeway card.  (Check store listings for other states.)  You simply choose the card you want to load it on, click on the coupon you want and "load" it.  When the cashier scans your card, the savings will automatically come off.  My experience has been that it comes off in addition to the paper manufacturer coupons you use, so you can get some great deals, especially when combined with a sale.  There are no guarantees for this and store policies are always changing, though.

I'll try to alert you to the Cellfire coupons with current sales and add them to the grocery lists each week.  It's a simple way to add to your savings!

Get started or check it out!

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