Walgreens Register Rewards (RR)

Walgreens uses Register Rewards (RR).  They are coupons that print when you purchase certain items.  They are cash off coupons for purchasing most anything on your next purchase (see coupon for exclusions like alcohol, gift cards, prescriptions, etc).  There are a few things to make sure you understand ahead of time.

  • The limit is always one RR per deal, though sometimes they require you to purchase multiple products.
  • They usually expire in two weeks
  • They can't be used to pay tax.
  • Don't use the RR you earned to buy the same product again, in another transaction.  The RR will not print.  It is fine to use a RR that you earned from another product.  (It rarely comes up, but products from the same manufacturer might also give you problems.  For example, if you received a RR for Crest, you might not be able to use it to get at RR on Scope.)
  • The number of items you are purchasing can't be less than the number of manufacturer's coupons and RR you are redeeming.  (If the manufacturer's coupon is "off 2 items," count that coupon as two.)  Store coupons don't count.  So, if you have a manufacturer's coupon for each item you are purchasing, you need to throw a "filler" item(s) in if you want to use the RR.
  • Sometimes a store will let you ring items separately, if you want two deals, but it's up to each store.  The ad usually states that there is a limit of one.  If you do, make sure you don't pay with a RR you just earned for the same product or the new RR won't print.
  • It's often wise to ask the cashier to ring up multiple transactions so you aren't stuck with a bunch of expiring RR.  I feel better doing it in Cosmetics or Photo so I don't hold up a big line.  Or, consider stepping back in line, if it's busy.  (So, split your order up to use the RR that you just earned for the following transaction.)
  • Shop early in the week.  Sunday is best.  They often run out of items and they don't give you rainchecks for the RR portion, just the sale price.

Another coupon tip for Walgreens:  If you are getting an item for free or slightly below the cost (even 1¢), make sure to hand them the manufacturer's coupon before the store coupon or the register will beep and, quite likely, your cashier will not know what to do.   (Ex.  If there's an in ad coupon, making a product 99¢ and you have a $1 manufacturer's coupon, make sure they scan the store coupon last.)  If the register does beep . . . their policy says they'll adjust the coupon down!!  I've just found that it saves a huge hassle to do it this way.

Link to full coupon policy. (Might want to print and carry it with you in case you encounter a problem, like I mentioned above.)

** They have now added a Balance Rewards Program.  It's a separate program from this and it seems like Register Rewards will be phasing out and this will take its place???

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  • HaroldS says:

    Never fond of Wags, but I just did my first “points” deal at Wags yesterday. Got 8000 points but it says I need 2000 more to use? WTH? Like the RR you mentioned, do I only have 2 weeks to accumulate the additional 2000 points or lose the 8000? Any suggestions to get 2000 points quickly? Not a happy camper here.

    • Juli says:

      Your points expire in three years or after your account has been inactive for six months. So, you have awhile. The next time you go there, they should ask you if you want to use your points. You have hit the redemption level for 5,000 ($5), so say you want to use them, if your total is $5+. Don’t use them if you’re earning more points, though. You won’t get your new points. But, you can use them if you’re earning RR’s.

      I have love/hate with Walgreens, more hate than love lately. :( There are just too many hoops to jump through. But, they lure me in every once in awhile with something I can’t resist.

      • HaroldS says:

        Thank you!!! Then I do have $5 that I can use on something now. Will I lose the $3 if I do? Why doesn’t my receipt say that, instead of saying I need 2000 more?
        Can I use a mfg coupon and this $5 on one item? I suppose not on another same item as I earned the points on? Does it have to be used on one item or can it be applied to the total purchase of a couple items?
        Sorry to be a pest. Does Wags have this exlained anywhere?

  • Juli says:

    Here’s a link to where I explained some of it.

    In there is a link to where they did a poor job explaining most of the things you want to know. :( I had to learn it all by trial and error — and intentionally testing things out.

    You won’t lose that $3 unless you go beyond 3 years or 6 months without any card activity. (I’m not positive if you have to earn points in that six months or just use your card. I’m guessing just use your card, but ??)

    You can use a manf. coupon and you will still be able to earn or redeem points. The only thing you don’t want to do it use your points to pay for something where you entitled to earn points. You can do it, but you won’t earn any new points.

    The $5 will come off your subtotal, so just make sure that’s above $5 and you’re set. It can be one or multiple items. It doesn’t matter.

    Hope you get it all figured out! It’s kind of a messy system. :(

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