Store Policies

All of these are subject to change and may vary from store to store.  They are based on Arizona stores.  Please check with the stores you shop at most often, since some policies vary from store to store.

Below each store are just the highlights.  There are many more specific details in each policy.  I suggest printing out policies that are available and keeping them in your coupon holder — just in case!

AlbertsonsLink to Full Coupon Policy

  • Accepts coupons at face value

Bashas’Link to Full Coupon Policy

  • Doubles up to three coupons for the same product (purchase 3 products) (Up to $1.00, so 50¢ coupons = 1.00)
  • Will not double coupons that say “Do Not Double”

CVSLink to Full Coupon Policy (in FAQ section, PDF file) & Some FAQ

  • Has Extra Care Bucks (ECB) program
  • ECB coupons print, giving you money off your next purchase
  • Great about writing rainchecks with ECB amount on them — ask for them!
  • Policy states coupons will be adjusted down to meet selling price of product

Fry’sLink to Full Coupon Policy

  • Takes coupons at face value
  • Cannot use a coupon on a free (sale) item, like for Buy 1 / Get 1 sales.

SafewayLink to Full Coupon Policy

  • Takes coupons at face value
  • Cannot use a coupon on a free (sale) item, like for Buy 1 / Get 1 sales


  • Staples Rewards card generates a store credit type check each quarter.  If rewards don’t hit $10.00, it is not issued.  They don’t roll over, so you lose anything under that.

TargetLink to Full Coupon Policy

  • Matches competitor’s ads (not Buy One/Get One Free offers, % off offers, produce, Black Friday ads, etc.)
  • Pays 5¢ for each bag you bring and is used

WalgreensLink to Full Coupon Policy

  • Has Register Reward (RR) program
  • RR are coupons that give you money off your next purchase, but you can’t have more coupons than products
  • Monthly coupon booklet available at front of store (often others near pharmacy)
  • Store coupons can be used together with a manufacturer’s coupon
  • Policy states coupons will be NOT adjusted down to meet selling price of product (new in May 2014)
  • Policy states you can NOT use coupon on free item (new in May 2014)

WalmartLink to Full Coupon Policy

  • Ended ad-matching policy on October 15, 2017 (Use Savings Catcher app, but won’t “catch” non-branded items.)
  • New policy will give you overage credit (money toward another purchase) if your coupon is valued at more than the product

Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Store Policies”

  • Lisa says:

    Hello I was just wondering how much percent do have to reach for example if CVS has a deal spend $15 get 5 extra bucks back …do I need to reach the whole $15 or is there a percent I can reach, Also does that count before coupons or after.
    Thank you

    • Juli says:

      I have not tested this in awhile. It used to be that you could be a little short. It think you had to be at 98%, or something like that. However, I think I’ve heard that it isn’t true anymore … that you have to hit the full amount. I should have tested it. I just bought some stuff and threw in an extra box of Puffs, just for a few cents. If you want to test it, you can leave the questionable item out. If it doesn’t trigger the EBC, you can do another transaction. Just make sure the ad/tag doesn’t say “one transaction.” Every once in awhile, CVS has those offers, but they usually keep track on the bottom of your receipt and tell you what your total is. So, you don’t have to do it in one transaction. Hope this helps a little, but sorry that I’m not 100% sure on the percentage thing.

      Coupons DO NOT deduct from the total. So, if the threshold is $15, you can leave spending less than $15 and still get the bonus ECB for spending $15.

  • Renee says:

    Hi, well today is August 24, 2016. I have just relocated here to Green Valley from Oregon. To say I’m a tiny bit lost is an understatement. Are these store policies still in effect? Also, are there any new situations to look for? I’d love some current help if anyone has any, please email me at Thanks so much. No spam please.

    • Juli says:

      Sorry, somehow this comment got lost and I’m just now seeing it. Welcome to AZ! We have a very competitive grocery market, so you’ll get some great deals here. As far as I know, everything above is still correct. I try to update, as things change. The best way to figure everything out is to pick a specific store you want to shop at and take a look at that list. There will be notes at the bottom of it, as well as info. on the menu bar of the website (which, it looks like you already found). That will give you the basics you need to know. Then, if you have specific questions, ask them under that post or over on our Facebook page. We try to answer every question we receive and help everyone learn to save as much as possible. Jump in and give it a try … the best way to learn. Good luck!

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