Walgreens Balance Rewards (Points)

If you haven’t signed up, you can do it online or in the store.  Basically, certain products will give you points, which turn into credit you can spend at Walgreens.  (See their “fine print” for exclusions.)  See the chart above for point values.

Currently, you can still earn Register Rewards for some items.  That is totally separate from this program and does not affect point redemption or earning points.

The fine print & FAQ doesn’t cover everything below, but it’s what I’ve learned along the way.

1)  You can purchase as many items as you want and the points will multiply.  (They do have the right to limit you.)  So, if Product A gets you 1,000 points, buying three of Product A will get you 3,000 points.  There’s no need for multiple transactions.  They have changed this.  Each deal has a limit of one reward per transaction.  You will want to do multiple transactions, if you want to maximize your points.

2)  You will get store credit if you need to return an item you “paid” for with points.

3)  You will not earn points for a product that you normally would, if you are redeeming points or using store credit.  (I suggest paying for items that generate points in an separate transaction, if you are earning any other points.)

4)  You cannot redeem partial points from the chart above.  I attempted to spend 59¢ after earning 5,000 points.  The cashier was not given the option to break it up.  I could have used it, but I would have lost the remaining $4.41 value.

5)  You can get a raincheck for the sale price, but you will not earn points when you redeem the raincheck.

6)  Points expires in three years or after your account has been inactive for six months.

My summary of the good and bad to program . . .

1)  Need to hit 5,000 ($5) before you can redeem
2)  You can’t earn points when you are using points.

1)  Don’t expire in two weeks like Register Rewards do.
2)  Can’t lose your points like you can with a paper Register Reward
(They will always be on your card, linked to your phone number.)