Saving Star Friday Freebie ~ StarKist Tuna Salad Pouch


SavingStar has a new Friday Freebie for 1 Star Kist Tuna Salad Pouch, 3 oz.  You have until Thursday, 4/17 to buy this offer.

This is different from the Fry’s Friday Freebie.  After you click “I Want This” on the offer, you’ll pay full price at the register.  In about 2-22 days, you’ll get a credit for the amount you paid  in your Saving Star account.

Plus, check out all the other great coupons.   This is a click, click, click job for me.  I just go click what I think there’s a chance I’ll ever buy.  Then, I wait for money to accumulate into my account.  You can cash out once you have $5.  More details are below.  Go load ‘em up!

They have a new deal called “Healthy Offer of the Week”.  Every Tuesday a new coupon is available to load.  Check back every Tuesday for a new offer.   My Saving Star account has never seen so much activity between the Healthy Tuesday offer and now the Friday Freebie!  Love it!

If you don’t know what it is, here’s more information:

With SavingStar, you can save eCoupons to your grocery store loyalty cards and automatically get credited when you swipe your card at checkout.  The savings doesn’t come off at the register, it gets credited to your SavingStar account.  You can request your payment via Paypal, bank deposit, or gift card when you reach $5.

I just load what I have a chance of buying and then forget about it.

The Arizona stores that participate are Fry’s, Bashas, and CVS.  Albertsons is included too, but there isn’t a loyalty card for that store.   They said you could get a Upromise keytag, but when Juli and I asked at customer service, they had no clue what we were talking about.  Josh from Saving Star gave us the info!    “Contact the stores’ customer support team at 877-932-7948. Please let them know that you use SavingStar and you will need to be issued a “Upromise keytag”. Customer support will ask for your information and you will then be sent a keytag in the mail which you can register in your SavingStar account as the loyalty card number for ACME, Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, or Shaw’s.”  I called earlier this week and the rep knew exactly what I was talking about and my Upromise keytag is in the mail.  Thanks again Josh!

They are not meant to be combined with paper coupons.  Here’s their official statement on that:
(Personally, I load everything I might buy and forget it.)

SavingStar eCoupons will work whether or not you combine them with other services’ coupons, but they are not intended to be used this way.  Generally, manufacturers state that it is against their policies for shoppers to redeem more than one manufacturer’s coupon for the same purchase.  Using in-store coupons in combination with SavingStar eCoupons is not a problem.  In the future, we may implement mechanisms to limit the combination of SavingStar eCoupons with other manufacturer coupons.


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Fry’s Friday Freebie ~ 12 Pack Nestea! (must load today, redeem thru 4/26)

nesteaThis is one of the best Friday Freebies EVER!  Usually, the items are around $1.  I don’t know how much this costs, but a 12 pack of tea isn’t $1!

Fry’s Friday Freebie ~ Nestea 12 pack, 16.9 oz, any flavor (YES, a 12 pack!  Sweet!)
FREE Fry’s digital (Load on 4/11 only, redeem by 4/26)
Final price:  FREE

Just a reminder…

Load Fry’s weekly Facebook ecoupon ~ Spend $40, Save $2  (expires 4/15/14)

You can see all the Fry’s deals and match ups here.


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Chalk Art Festival ~ Sat. 4/12 from 11-6 (at Tempe Marketplace, Westgate and Desert Ridge)

This looks really cool.

The District at Tempe Marketplace, Westgate and Desert Ridge are having a Chalk Art Festival on Saturday, 4/12 from 11-6.

There will also be a KidZone and community mural.

The completed murals will be on view through April 30th.

You can read more about Tempe Marketplace here.

You can read more about Westgate here.

You can read more about Desert Ridge here.


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Yummy Cheesy Bacon Dip (perfect for Ritz Bacon crackers)

$0.50 off any ONE (1) Ritz Bacon

 We got this great coupon the other day which pairs up perfectly at Fry’s right now.

Nabisco Snack Crackers (8.6-16 oz)   $2.00 (including Ritz Bacon)
$0.50/1 (Ritz Bacon, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link, worth $1) NEW
$1/1 printable (Triscuits)
$1/2 Wheat Thins Popped Chips or Wheat Thins Snacks 04/06/2014 SS Insert (exp 5/18/14)
$1/2 printable (Wheat Thins)
Final price:  As low as $1.00

I think everyone was a little taken aback by Bacon Ritz.  I mentioned that we make the most yummy cheesy bacon dip and use Ritz crackers to scoop it up, so I think these would be the perfect addition to that.  More bacon?  It’s a good thing!  We are seriously told that we can’t come to a party unless we make this dip.  It’s become our thing. It’s quick and easy and we get most of the ingredients for cheap, so I don’t mind making it.  Tammy asked for the recipe, so I thought I’d share

Cheesy Bacon Dip

1 16-oz container sour cream
about 1/2 cup of bacon bits or you can chop up 3-4 pieces of cooked bacon
2 cups cheddar cheese
1 8 oz container or brick of cream cheese
1 cup chopped onion (my husband prefers green onion, but any onion will do)

That’s it.  Just stir it all up in a bowl and dump it in a container that can go in the oven.  We use a 2 quart corningware pan with a lid.  If it doesn’t have a lid, just put foil on top.

Bake at 400 for about 30 minutes.

We just put the whole container out and put a side plate with crackers.  We usually do Ritz, but Bacon Ritz would be yummy too.

If you like it hot, you can add some crushed red pepper flakes or a few dashes of tabasco.  I’m a wimp when it comes to heat, so we don’t add anything.  Feel free to add whatever you like, diced jalapeno would be good too if you like extra kick!


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Famous Footwear ~ $10 off $10.01 Purchase ~ Text Offer


Update #2:  This won’t work for online orders, but has worked in the store.  Give it a try, if you live close.  Or, give your specific store a call.  If they say you can use it, get their name!!  Good luck!

Sorry….it looks like this deal was specific to Kelly only.  It asks for a promo code and when you enter what they text to you it says, “The rewards promo code you specified is not available to this account.”  (Thanks, Sidney!)

There’s a super texting deal going for Famous Footwear.  The offer expires on April 21st, so you have awhile to use it.

Here’s the comment Kelly left on the Bargain Believer Facebook page.  I wanted to put it here so even more of you will see it.

Text EASTER351 to 326687 for $10.00 off of $10.00+ at Famous Footwear.”

If you don’t need shoes, look for some socks!

Regular texting fees will apply, if you have any.

(Thanks, Kelly!)


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Taco Bell Dbacks 2014 Special ~ 3 Free Tacos w/ Drink Purchase

taco_bellTaco Bell is doing this again in 2014!

Looking for other deals like this around Arizona?  Check out the Bargain Believer website follow on Facebook, emailRSS, or Twitter.

For Arizona residents, participating Taco Bells will give you three free tacos when you purchase a large drink, if the Diamondbacks score at least 6 runs.  (A win or loss doesn’t matter — well, for the tacos!)  :)  The deal is only good the day after the game from 4pm – 6pm.   No coupon is necessary.  Large drinks were $1.69 at my Taco Bell, last year.

Here’s a link to their schedule.  It also lists the scores of past games, so you can see if they scored 6 runs!

Note: You can pay 30¢ more for a limeade of freeze, 30¢ extra for each Dorito taco, or get all three “Miggy” style (sour cream & tomatoes) for $1.

If three tacos and a drink don’t excite for you, check out their $1 specials between 2pm and 5pm.

Looking for other deals like this around Arizona?  Check out the Bargain Believer website follow on Facebook, emailRSS, or Twitter.


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Dbacks Win ~ 50% Off Online Papa John’s Pizza Orders (Today Only)


The Dbacks winning or scoring a lot of runs means all sorts of great deals! I’ve never cheered so hard for baseball in my life. Come on…home run….strike them out…win the game….half priced pizza tomorrow…don’t have to cook dinner… That’s what I chant while we are watching. My husband just thinks I’m routing for the home team. Yeah, right! I’m routing for no cooking! Well, it’s a win/win, I suppose.

“All season long, the day after every Dbacks win you get 50% off your regular menu price online order. They won last night, so you get 50% off your total online order today!”

Order online at Papa John’s and use the code DBACKS50

It’s good today only, April 10th, but remember it’s after EVERY win, all season long! (home or away games)

If you haven’t tried the XL pizza, it’s only $1 more with the code and seems like the pieces are much bigger. We get 1 XL pizza and 1 Cinnapie for 5 people and it comes to under $10 when we use this code.  You can also place your order now and set it to be ready later in the day.  I always do this, so I don’t forget and then my husband picks it up at 5:00 on the way home from work.

Here’s some other codes in case you need to order another day:

Other codes: OAP2 for 40% off reg. menu items (through 7/31, donation made to Operation American Patriot) (Thanks, Lynn!)

Here are other codes I try, when I want to get 50% off my online orders . . .

ASU50 (after different sports teams win)
DBACKS50 (when in season)
COYOTES (when in season)
CARDINALS (when in season)
SUNDOGS (Prescott area only)

If those fail and you don’t have points saved:
SAVE25 (for 25% off)

If you are having trouble keeping all the Dbacks bonuses straight. Here they are:

If Dbacks score 6 runs or more (home or away game) get 3 free tacos at Taco Bell with a large drink purchase the day after the game.

Circle K has a Strike Out Meter for the Dbacks. During regular season home games, check their page here for the strike out total of the game. The more strike outs, the better the deal! Get the deal the day after the game.

Papa John’s deal is 50% off regular priced online orders the day after a win (home or away).


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Checkout 51 ~ Yogurt, Fiber One Fruit Snacks, Nathan’s, Broccoli (and more….)


Are you using Checkout 51? It’s a new way to save money, very similar to Ibotta.

There are new offers every Thursday. From what I can tell, the first 3 or 4 offers are the same for everyone. After that, they may vary slightly depending upon if you redeemed an offer, etc. This week, we have offers for broccoli and Fiber One fruit snacks.  Check the deal below to find out how to get paid to buy Fiber One fruit snacks at Safeway.

What I like about Checkout 51 is it’s good at any store.

Here’s what they say about their program:

Checkout 51 is the easiest way to save money on the brands you love! We’re currently saving over half a million Americans and Canadians money every day and have much larger plans for expansion!

All our members have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse the offers that are updated every Thursday
  2. Buy the products from any store
  3. Take a photo of your receipt to redeem your deal
  4. Get cash back!

It works on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You don’t have to have a portable device though. You can use it with your computer and you just need to take a picture of your receipt with a camera. (Thanks, Cherie!) You have to reach $20 in savings to get payout, and they will mail a check to you. If you are a new member, the first receipt over $20 that you scan in will earn you $2 back!

So, go here to sign up and start saving today!

Here’s a deal you can get at Safeway!  Get paid to buy Fiber One Fruit Snacks after Checkout 51 and Ibotta cashback.

Fiber One Fruit Flavored Snacks   $2.00   AT SAFEWAY
$0.50/1 (gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link, worth $1)
$0.60/1 printable (worth $1)
$0.60/1 printable (worth $1)
$0.50/1 printable (worth $1)
$0.60/1 printable (worth $1)
$0.60/1 printable (worth $1)
$0.75/1 Checkout 51 (phone app, future cash back)
$0.75/1 Ibotta (phone app, future cash back)
Final price:  $1.00 + possible Checkout 51 cash back, + possible Ibotta cash back (After both cash back, they will be paying you 50¢ to buy these!)


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List of Some of the Best Deals Around (make sure you don’t miss out)


There are so many great freebies and other deals going on right now.  I know how easy it is to miss one.  I put them together in one post, so you don’t miss anything!

Free small coffee at McDoanld’s. During breakfast hours, thru 4/13.

Sam’s Club is offering free health screenings on Saturday, 4/12 from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Take a healthy & happy pledge, for your cat.  Then, request a FREE sample of Purina Cat Chow Healthy Weight.

Get a FREE sample of Seattle’s Best coffee, through Facebook.

Fill out a short form and request a FREE sample of Suave Professionals Natural Infusion haircare.

Albertsons ~ Get a super deal on 6 bottles of wine, pay around $1.32 each (less if you can find hangtag coupons). Thru 4/29.  

Free glasses from Coastal, You’ll pay shipping which is around $15.  Use code:  FIRSTPAIRFREE

Get a Family Membership to the AZ Science Center for only $55(reg. price $115), read more here.

Spend $5 for $10 worth of donuts, coffee and sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts

Text code DIETCOKE1 to 711711 for a free small slurpee from 7-11. Thru 5/20.

On Friday’s, get a 12 oz Freeze or Icee at AM/PM for only 25¢.  Good every Friday through June 2nd.  No coupons needed.

Buy any 15 gallon tree or larger (excludes citrus trees) at one of the four SummerWinds nursery locations, you will get 2 free tickets to the Phoenix Zoo!

Have you checked out our HUGE list of Arizona birthday freebies?

Request a FREE Disney Cruise DVD.  Juli just got back from one.  Maybe she’ll share some photos!

Click on the following pictures, print up the coupon and take them to Fry’s.  You’ll score all of those items for FREE!  You can print 2 of each coupon!

  $0.30 off any Haribo product, 4 oz. or larger
$0.40 off 1 Liberte Greek or Mediterranee yogurt
$0.50 off ONE (1) SNICKERS Brand bites


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Mesa, Tempe, Avondale, Gilbert, Phoenix, & Chandler, Glendale Chick-fil-A ~ FREE Breakfast Burrito Thurs. (Check Your Local Restaurant for Your Deals!)


If you have a Chick-fil-A near you, it’s worth finding their Facebook page.  Each local store will have their own promotions at all different times.

Here’s what Chick-fil-A Mesa Riverview’s Facebook page said today (Wednesday 4/9, so the deal is on Thursday, 4/10) . . .

It’s almost Thursday and you know what that means… It’s FREE Thursday!  Stop by from 6-10am for a FREE Breakfast Burrito at Chick-fil-A Mesa Riverview & University at Mill.  One free item per person.

Updates:  Jolene let us know that it’s also at the Avondale & Glendale locations!  It may be more.  Check around!  (Thanks, Jolene!)

And . . . It’s at the Camelback restaurant in Phoenix!  (Thanks, Arnold!)

And . . .  the Crossroads Towne Center in Gilbert/Chandler too.  (Thanks, Louise!)

I just checked San Tan & Chandler Festival and they’re also participating.  I didn’t see it on the Tucson pages, but you may want to call, just in case.

It may be more.  Check around!


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