Arizona Goodwill 20% off Coupon 2023 + Discount & Sale Days

Goodwill 20% off coupon for each month in 2023

Save 20% off at Goodwill with a coupon that is updated each month.  Click the image above or go here to print or show the coupon on your mobile device.  You need to spend at least $20 to use it.

The coupon is only for the Central and Northern Arizona stores.  (Tucson and Southern Arizona locations do not accept the coupon.  See below for discounts valid in there.)

The barcode/number changes slightly each month, so you will need a new one each month.

It is not good for food, drink, new items, or seasonal items.  It’s also not valid at clearance or REDESIGN centers.

Sign up for their newsletter.  They will email you a 20% off coupon every month.

Does Goodwill still have 50% off on Saturdays?

Since Covid hit, Goodwill no longer offers 50% off every other Saturday.  I called a couple of locations to see if they had plans to begin again soon, but nobody was sure when or if it will start again.

When is Senior Day for 25% off at Goodwill?

Seniors (age 55+) save 25% off at Goodwill on Tuesdays with ID.  The offer is good on most used merchandise at Arizona locations in the Phoenix metro, Yuma, and Flagstaff areas.

Goodwill has a student, teacher, military & first responder discount!

If you are a teacher, student, military, or first responder, Goodwill will give you a 25% discount each Sunday.  It’s good on most used merchandise in the Phoenix metro, Yuma, and Flagstaff areas. (See below for Tucson area.)

Students can be any age as long as they have a current ID.

You will need an ID and get the 25% discount, so be sure to bring it with you.

If you’re in Southern Arizona these are the discounts available:
Military, Fire, Police, EMT/EMS first responders
20% off on Sundays and Mondays
Present a badge or ID card to claim your discount.

20% off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Present a Goodwill Senior Discount card to the cashier.

20% off on Thursdays and Friday.
Present your Tucson Values Teachers discount card to the cashier.

Students with college ID:
20% off everyday, ONLY at the 4th Avenue store and the GoodThreads Boutique on N. Oracle.

Goodwill Dollar Tag Day

Dollar Tag Day has changed to $2 Tag Day, effective January 5, 2023.  Every Thursday, a specific color tag is $2.  There will also be another color that is 50% off, so Thursday is a great day to shop.  This is only good at Phoenix Metro, Northern Arizona, & Yuma locations.

Does Goodwill have color tag sales?

When you enter the store, you will see a sign highlighting the color tag sale.  It changes each week.  Look for items with that color tag to save 50%.

They aren’t for a category like “clothing” or “household items.”  It’s for individual items throughout the entire store.  Be on the lookout for some great deals.

If you don’t see a sign, ask someone who works there and they can let you know about current sales.

Check out the calendar of events for Goodwill’s discount days in Arizona. (Calendar is not for Southern AZ.)

Do you pay sales tax on purchases at Goodwill?

No, you do not pay tax on purchases at Goodwill.  It’s considered a non-profit, so no taxes are collected.

Does Goodwill sell gift cards?  Are they good at all locations?

Goodwill sells gift cards (not available online).  They are only good for stores in the region you purchase them … like Southern Arizona or Central/Northern Arizona.  There is not a card available that is good at all Goodwill locations in Arizona or nation-wide.  Each region is different.


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  1. i don’t know why but i am not recevicing my 20 per cent off coupons i haven’t rec. them sence Nov. 2022 please send me a coupon for the 20percent off. thank you very much.

  2. I haven’t received my February coupon.

    1. I haven’t received my May’s coupon yet

      1. Sorry that I’m just seeing this and replying so late. But, I wanted you to know that if it happens again, the link in the post above (or Google “Goodwill coupon 2023”) works and you can show it on your phone.

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  5. I am having difficulty receiving my August 20% off coupon..You already have mu
    e-mail etc. info?? Please help!

      1. Thank you. Here I was stuck after shopping so good for hours and no Feb 2023 coupon in my email, only January.

  6. I can’t find the June 2022 coupon. Help please. Thanks

    1. The link above (“go here”) takes you right to it. Maybe it wasn’t there until recently, but it’s there now.

  7. I want to save as much as possible I love the goodwill

  8. I need may coupon, tried to download it but not having any luck

    1. If you have a mobile device, you can just show it from the website or screenshot it. I’m not sure how to help if you need to print it. Sorry.

  9. I’ve tried to get the 20 percent coupon but have never received it. Goodwill prices are getting go expensive. More then some regular stores.

  10. For some reason I did not get my coupon for Jan.

    1. I can’t even remember if I got one or not, but use the link in the post and there’s one there. Happy shopping!

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  13. I love good will it’s a great organization

    1. Organization they charge too much money they make too much money shame on them shame on you

  14. I need June’s coupon?

    1. If you click the image (20% off) or the first link given in the post, it will take you right to it.

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