Store Digitals

Most stores have a digital coupon program.  Digital coupons are applied electronically.  No paper is involved.  You will login on the app/website for the store you want to shop, after setting up a digital account with them.  Then, you will activate offers by clicking on the coupon/offer.  It will go to the card/account that is tied to the store.

When you are at that store, you will give them your card, phone number, or barcode (varies from store to store) and the discount will automatically come off, if you buy the correct products.

Read the coupons carefully!  Most are one-time use manufacturer coupons.  If you buy two products, the discount will only be applied to one one of them.  You cannot use a paper manufacturer coupon on the same product you are using a digital coupon.

Some digital coupons do not have the word “manufacturer” or “one-time use” anywhere.  Those are usually store coupons.  You can be pretty positive it’s a store coupon if the limit is more than one or, of course, if it says “store coupon” on it somewhere.  Some store coupons will have unlimited use; others will state a limit.

Think of store coupons like a sale.  Store coupons can be used with another paper or digital manufacturer coupon.  The exception is with the “5x Use” coupons at Fry’s.  They state that they can’t be used with another coupon.  The reality is that many Fry’s stores will accept them.  Be sure to ask your store, but don’t count on it.  Their official policy says you can’t.

There is some “fine print” and additional details to be aware of at some stores.  Be sure to read each coupon carefully and/or learn the specific policies of each store, to make digital redemption seamless.  Okay … it’s not always seamless, even if you’re doing everything right.  Watch your receipt and head to customer service if you ever have any issues with digital coupons not being deducted.

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