Fry’s/Kroger Feedback for Fuel Points – 50 Bonus for taking Survey + MORE info!

How do you do a Fry’s/Kroger survey for 50 Fuel Points?

To fill out the Kroger/Fry’s customer satisfaction survey, locate the code at the bottom of your receipt (or keep reading if you didn’t get one), go to the URL they give (or access it your app), then follow all the prompts to earn 50 bonus fuel points. Pretty easy!

Fry’s/Kroger has changed their landing page/system for providing feedback to earn 50 fuel points,.  They have switched the URL they’re providing at the bottom of our receipts, but only slightly.

You used to go, but now they say to go to  (For Fry’s, go to

For all URLs, you will be redirected to a site that has “” in the URL.  It has to do with the system they’re using to gather data and is legit.

Note:  You can bypass the link/URL and do the survey in your app.  From the top dropdown menu, scroll down pretty far until you see “Receipt Survey.”  It will take you to the same spot and you will see the same image below.

The spot you end up is legit, though I think it’s poorly designed and looks like ancient technology.  Below is what you’ll see.

Can you do a Fry’s/Kroger survey for Fuel Points if you don’t have the offer at the bottom of your receipt?

Fuel Point survey invitations and an Entry ID are usually found at the bottom of your Fry’s / Kroger receipt, but sometimes you don’t get a code.

If you don’t get an Entry ID at the bottom of your receipt, you can still get 50 bonus points!

If you don’t see a code, choose “no” when they ask if you have an Entry ID (see above).  You will be prompted to enter the phone number of the store and then you will proceed.

This was missing for a short time, but is back (mid-June 2023)!

How often can you do survey’s for Kroger/Fry’s Fuel Points?

You can do a survey every 7 days to earn 50 bonus fuel points.  The time of day does matter (can’t be done even 5 minutres earlier the following week).

What are the all details I need to know about Fuel Points at Kroger/Fry’s . . . getting extra, redeeming, earning, expired points, etc.

Instead of repeating myself, I’m going to send you here where I’ve told you more than you’ll want to know about fuel points. 

You may be surprised at the last point & their policy about expired points.  I learned something when I read the fine print & something else when I made a phone call to their customer service recently!


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96 Comments on Fry’s/Kroger Feedback for Fuel Points – 50 Bonus for taking Survey + MORE info!

  1. Thanks for amazing post mate.

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  3. What a joke-app won’t allow input
    Just a waste of time

    1. I would contact Kroger’s customer serivce if you’re having any issues since I think it’s working for most people. Maybe they can help you figure out the issue. Good luck!

    2. I’ve been trying for the past month to take survey, it says site can’t be reached or it just bufferes when I click satisfaction survey, now they say scroll to bottom of page and look for URL code,and then it says go to where it says “receipt survey and click here and start surveyand when it was working fine a month ago, no such web site exists,so every friday I call the customer service # and they manually add the 50pts.I don’t know why they keep messing with their web page

    3. Been doing these surveys for many years and all of a sudden i can’t get into the survey. What is going on???

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  7. Thank you for these thorough instructions on how to complete the Fry’s/Kroger customer satisfaction survey to earn 50 fuel points.
    I did notice the change in the landing page/system for providing feedback to earn fuel points. Do you know the reason behind Fry’s/Kroger changing the URL for their customer satisfaction survey?

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  9. Won’t accept my Entry ID or let me enter my phone number. Lost my Frys card years ago. Can’t get fuel points. What’s up.

    1. Sorry, but I just saw this. I hope you were able to contact their cusomter service and they could help you out. I wish I could, but I’m not affiliate with Kroger.

  10. I used to do my food shopping at Fry’s. I am a retired person who needs to shop wisely and was enjoying very much the feedback for fuel points. My last entry was on 06/22. Since then was unable to use your site. I do not have other problem with my computer. I am very sad.

  11. It’s funny how many people think Juli works for the Fry’s/Kroger survey team!

  12. on Frys website it says my last fuel points were added June 23, 2023. Today is June 30, 2023. After taking survey June 30 2023 it says I have taken survey in last seven days, June 23 plus 7days is June 30. June 23 is the last time I was issue 50 points. Website sucks, never had any problems for about the last 20 years, until you changed from Kroger feedback survey to Frys feedback survey! Something not correct on new Frys feedback survey setup.

    1. I agree.

    2. Same crap happened to me on the Kroger Feedback site as well. Did my last survey July 8, 2023. Tried to do a survey today (July 15, 2023) but it waits until I’m almost done completing the survey to tell me I’m not eligible since it’s been less than 7 days since completing my last survey. The old survey system had no problem every 7 days. This is BS. I just went on chat and complained and got my 50 points.

      1. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the new system also tracks the time. So, if you take it at 10 am the week before, you won’t be able to take it until after 10 am the following week. I don’t think it mattered in the past. Obviously, unless you’re really disciplined, that will turn into the “next day” eventually since you’ll have to keep pushing back the time.

        I’m glad you were able to do the chat and get your points, but sorry for the hassle.

  13. I have tried to get points but yo no avail. It says that the points will be posted in 5 days. They DO NOT!

    What bright spark thought it was good to change this?

    Go back to the old system.

  14. If there is NO code on Fry’s receipts how do you get fuel points without a code? Why was it stopped in May 2023? People depend on the code and extra fuel points plus with 4X’s rewards! People will start going to Albertsons/ Safeway.

    1. I am not affiliated with Fry’s, so I’m not sure why they stopped. If you want to voice your disappointment, I’d contact their cusotmer service. Maybe they’ll bring it back!?!

    2. am having trouble completing the will not let me put my loyally card number in.i have talked to a representative they were not able to help. Very frustrating.

  15. I cannot get the receipt survey invitation to work as of may 31 2023. Has it been stopped.

    1. Won’t work anymore without a code!!!!!!! Poop on em!

      1. They just changed that. Sad to see it go!!

        If you can’t get a code on your receipt to work, you can try calling customer service. They JUST changed the platform they use to collect data, so they may have a glitch. I was able to enter mine yesterday, so I know it’s “partly” working.

        Good luck!

      2. Sadly, it seem to not work without a code. If you want to voice your concern, try contacting their customer service. I suggest phone or email for that, so that someone has to actually be there … not just their chatbot. Hope they bring it back!

    2. This is June 7 – I haven’t been able to even get this page to come up for 3 days now. What is going on????

      1. Agreed! I’ve lost 2 weeks of inputs for gas.

        1. I’m not sure what is up. I’m not affiliated with them, so I’m unable to help. Try calling their customer service and see if they can help you: 1-800-KRO-GERS

          Hope they can!

            1. Glad you got some help. Hope others get the same!

            2. I tried the and still couldn’t get on the feedback survey! Then I tried the virtual assistant and it gave me the fuel points.

            3. Thank You Cecilia. It is now July 10 and I was having trouble getting to the survey. Tried your link and it worked – hopefully it will continue to do so.

        2. I lost two weeks of fuel points also because I couldn’t get on their feedback survey page. Today I finally did the virtual assistant thing and got the 100 fuel points.

      2. They have a new landing page and system. I can get to it, so I’m not sure why some can’t. You can try contacting their customer service: 1-800-KRO-GERS

        Hope they can help!

      3. I haven’t been able to get to survey site for 2 weeks.Keeps coming up empty.

    3. Why cant I feel out a receipt survey? Has it been discontinued

    4. They changed the system/URL for filling out the surveys. For some reason, it isn’t working for some poeple. I’d contact their customer service via phone, email, or chat. They should be able to help you.

  16. The system tells me to enter a valid email address. My email address sends and receives emails daily. What makes it valid or not valid?

    1. I’m sorry that I’m not able to help. I’m not affiliated with Fry’s/Kroger in any way. You will need to contact their customer service.

      Hope they can help you!

    2. How does this relate to my email address being valid or not being valid?
      Also, your gas is still so higher than other places around here that we can spend about as much for gas at those places as we would at Fry’s and we do not have to use our gas points at those places as we would at Fry’s pumps!

  17. Finding the 50 extra fuel points site that I can actually use is a NIGHTMARE. there are so many sites, I’ve wasted over 45 minutes looking for a way to do the survey for 50 extra fuel points. Very irritating…

    1. I’m not affiliated with Kroger, but this is the site they should be sending you to — at least in Arizona for Fry’s.

      Hope you can get to it faster next time and it works!

    2. I have a hard time understanding why I had to go into a lengthy survey when Kroger has all my info. It’s stupid.

    3. I agree. Is Fry’s a scam. I’ll be happy to give my business to Walmart. Get it together Fry’s.

  18. Very satisfactory shopping experience. Cashier was friendly. Bagger assisted me to my car.

  19. I’ve been shopping at Fry’s for over 30 years! Your prices are competitive. I like your huge selection of fresh fruits and vegetables along with many deli items. I’m disappointed that you no longer sell the chocolate chip bread! Why not?

    1. I am not affiliated with Fry’s, only writing about my experience to help people save there. If you want them to get this feedback, you’ll need to contact them directly.

  20. My last survey was sent in 5-9-2022. It has been over the 7 days you wait before sending another. I have sent in 4 different surveys and I still get NOTHING. What’s the deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m sorry, but I’m not affiliated with Fry’s or Kroger. You will have to contact them directly. 1-800-576-4377 Hope they can help!


    1. I suggest that you call their customer service department. They should be able to see if you’re linked to the right card or figure out any other issue that is going on. There will be occasional problems with digital coupons, but if you’re not getting any discounts, something is wrong. Generally, they’re pretty accurate.


      Hope they can help you!

  22. When I take the survey, it won’t let yme go past 12 for the month

    1. I’m not sure I understand the problem. There are only 12 months in a year? and it is only October

    2. I’m not sure what you mean. The first number you enter only goes to 12 since it is for months 1-12 (January-December). The next spot lets me go to however many days are in that month. If yours isn’t working that way, I’d contact their customer support.

  23. Enjoy my experiences shopping at Frys. Love preprepared foods and deli.

    1. Glad you are liking Fry’s! I’m not affiliated with Fry’s. If you want this message to get to them, make sure you contact them directly. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  24. I just redeemed fuel points at Circle K in Kingman a couple of days ago.

  25. I just redeemed at Circle K in Kingman a couple of days ago. My Fry’s and Smith’s accounts are both tied to my phone number. So points I earn at Smith’s are redeemable as Fry’s fuel points.

  26. I’m pretty sure you can’t redeem fuel points at Circle K anymore.

    1. I just did it two days ago.

    2. Yes, I also redeemed at Circle K (in Gilbert) about two weeks ago.

  27. Are you able to get the 50 points added to your account even though you do not have an ID number on your receipt? I just spent $200 and when I went to do the survey there was no ID number. I was very disappointed because I count on the extra points to boost my reward card. Please answer ASAP. Also can you use the SAME RECEIPT every 7 days to get the extra points? I am confused>

    1. First of all, I’m not affiliated with Fry’s. I just shared this information to help people, but I do know the answers to your questions.

      You are not able to take a survey unless you have the invitation on the bottom of your receipt.

      You are also unable to take a survey more than once per invitation.

      I wish I had better news for you. You can call their customer service and inquire to be 100% sure or to see how/when/why they give out the survey codes. I’m unsure of that.

      1. Juli, I’m confused now. Doesn’t this statement from your comment above “You are not able to take a survey unless you have the invitation on the bottom of your receipt.”

        Contradict this statement from your post: “If you don’t see an invitation/offer to complete the survey, choose “I do not have a survey Entry ID on my receipt.” You will still need your receipt handy since it will ask for very specifc information, but you can bypass the ID portion.”

        I haven’t seen a survey invitation in probably a month! So when I saw this post come up in my feed I thought maybe they had stopped doing them.

        1. Sorry, Robin! I should have updated down here. Violet emailed me and let me know she found a way to do it, so I was wrong! Either it’s popped or I was blind long ago when I wrote this. She confirmed she did what I described above and received her 50 points.

  28. its happy hour when shop at your store

  29. This reminded me that I’ve been slacking on the surveys so I sat down to do one. Guess what? I got credited 50 pts already and I haven’t even logged off the computer yet. It used to take 24-48 hrs but it’s almost instant. Now if I’m short at the end of the month, I can do a survey and have points applied to the current month. Sure hope this “promptness” keeps up.

    1. Good to know! I didn’t look right away. That would come in handy at the very end of the mont sometimes!

    2. When I go multiple times in a week I use one receipt and save any that have survey info on them. I use an old one on the weeks that I get a blank receipt. No problem.

      1. If you shop a lot, that works! Even if you do, you can just use the most recent receipt if you prefer. Click the option to enter the survey without an ID. That is probably easiest since you can give accurate information about your most recent visit and don’t have to hold onto old receipts. Glad you’re so diligent about getting the points. They really do add up for great savings!

    3. Phoebe, thank you for posting. I was looking to see how long it takes to be able to redeem the 50 fuel points from the time the survey was submitted.

      1. Thank you for taking time to comment and thank Phebe. It made me realize that I need to add that information above so people don’t have to dig so much to find it. Done!

  30. I don’t know if you mentioned the fact you can do a survey once every 7 days. I do grocery pick-up through my Fry’s app. and I receive a text every time to do a survey. I was a sweepstakes winner a few years back and won a $50 gift card. I save my receipts that have a survey on then and do one every Friday. They do not expire. A nice little bonus.

    1. Wow that the surveys do not expire is new info to me Thank You for the gift of knowledge!

      1. Long ago, they used to say to do them within 7 days, though I don’t know if they ever enforced that. Now, I don’t see it on there anymore. The sample receipt at the link to do the survey says, “in the next 7 days” in the image. I don’t see it anymore, though. Hope it says that way!

  31. We’re do I go to take the survey?

    1. To get bonus Fry’s fuel points, you need to have the invitation at the bottom of your receipt. It doesn’t always appear. If it does, it will tell you where to go and give you numbers to enter. Hope you got it!

  32. Just arrived to AZ for our 6 months stay and went to Fry’s. Received most everything to get my cabinets full again. People were very nice and looking forward to receiving 50 points toward fuel.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. We are a blog that promotes deals and savings. We don’t have any affiliation with Fry’s. Check your receipt to see if you got an invitation for the survey. Thank you! ~ Gina

  33. I shop at Frys all the time. Sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. I find everything I need most of the time. I feel at home here; and find all the employees friendly. x

  34. Is the offer to earn 50 fuel points by taking survey still available. I can’t seem to find this on line.

    1. It will print on your receipt. You won’t get it every time you shop, but I seem to get them a few times a month. I just had one last week. ~ gina

  35. I shop at the new store on the Trail. I have mobility carts run
    out of charge quite often. Hope this corrects itself,soon.

    1. Just so you’re aware, Fry’s won’t receive this feedback. I am a blogger who shares local (AZ) deals, including deals at Fry’s. I’m not affiliated with them in any way. If you would like to submit this feedback to them, go here for various ways to contact them:

      My dad recently complained about a similar thing at Walmart. He was fortunate enough to have some very kind customers who helped push him when it gave out. He finally made it out of there, since it kept going in and out.

      Hope they get those fixed soon so you can easily shop!

  36. wonderful store. cool clean place to shop with competitive prices.

  37. Ive shopped at frys Market Place ever sense it opened on stapley and McKelups in Mesa and its so nice the ppl that work there are nice and Ive really had no problems with them of the store

    1. I’m glad you’ve had a good experience with Fry’s. Make sure you use the website listed at the bottom of your receipt, if you want to leave your feedback and earn an additional 50 fuel points. I’m not affiliated with Fry’s, so this feedback won’t get to them.

      1. I don’t know if you mentioned the fact you can do a survey once every 7 days. I do grocery pick-up through my Fry’s app. and I receive a text every time to do a survey. I was a sweepstakes winner a few years back and won a $50 gift card. I save my receipts that have a survey on then and do one every Friday. They do not expire. A nice little bonus.

        1. I thought I had it on there, but don’t see it. I just added it. Thanks!

          I’m impressed that you are so diligent and have a good system for doing the surveys. I need to try to adapt your method and pick a day. That’s 200 points (at least) every month, which adds up in savings. Great job!

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