Safeway/Albertsons For U Digital Coupons ~ Tips to Save BIG!


I save so much with the Safeway/Albertsons app (also available online) each week.  All your questions are answered + you may learn something you didn’t know that will help you save even more money at the grocery store!

Save with coupons, Rewards, Personalized Deals, points, and sales.  Load, earn, & redeem for all kinds of savings with the Safeway & Albertsons (Just) For U digital coupon program using your app or online account.

Quick overview + review of the Safeway/Albertsons app & “for U” program . . . more details below.

Safeway/Albertsons has updated its app and website (August 2021).  Their “Just for U” program is now called “for U.”  If you have the app, it may have updated itself.  Mine did.  If not, you can update it.

The navigation is slightly different, but almost everything is the same regarding the way they offer coupons, rewards, and deals.

I can’t say I’m 100% in love with the flow, but I think it’s mostly because I’m a creature of habit.  It will take more time before I can whip around as I did in the old app.

It’s not as easy to know you’re viewing only your “Personalized Deals” but they’re all still there.  I love to view just those so I make sure I’m not missing anything since there can be some good pricing in there!  (If you can’t find them, more info is below.)  Keep checking for those each Wednesday.

The new “for U” program has an added a birthday perk & monthly freebie, so be watching for those to be added to your account.  (More info on those below.)

My favorite upgrade is that you can click on the coupons and see the pricing and what products are tied to that coupon.  You no longer have to guess or go to their website and dig up pricing.  You can quickly figure out what you’ll be paying for each coupon product.

In the app, you can view the weekly ad, view your Reward points, scan items to add them to your list and other basic things you could before.  I can’t really find anything they’ve removed from the app.  It’s all there, just shuffled up a bit with some additions.

If you do online ordering, they’ve also streamlined that.

Many more details are below including when/how to look for freebies when you can combine coupons, navigation instructions, and more.  Keep reading!


How do I get Safeway/Albertsons digital coupons and sale pricing?

To get the sale prices, load digital offers & coupons, and to earn & redeem Rewards, you will need to register for an account.  It’s free. Register online for Safeway or Albertsons, sign up at your local store, or download their app.

Stores have stopped handing out cards.  At the resister, you can use your phone number or the barcode in your app instead of a card.

If you have a previous card, just make sure you get that card tied to your online account or app so you can load and redeem digital offers.  You will only have to do this once and be set for all future digital discounts at both stores.

If you have both a Safeway & Albertsons in your area, you only need to create one account.  You will be able to link them together.  You’ll be prompted to do that if/when you change the location of our primary store.

Are Safeway & Albertsons (Just) for U deals the same?

In 2019, Albertsons adopted Safeway’s (Just) for U program.  They are now linked.  Though the stores have different names, for most practical purposes, it’s like they’re the same store.

Update for August 2021:  If you shop at Safeway and Albertsons, you will need both apps.  If you change your location in the Safeway app to an Albertsons location, it will ask you to download the Albertsons app and vice versa.  After download, follow the simple prompts they provide to link your accounts.

You will go through a similar process of linking the two accounts if you are online.  You will be directed to the other store’s website if you are changing locations.

Ultimately, all the advertised deals for each store are the same now, at least for Arizona.  The exception is that every once in a while, some offers will vary based on location or region.  It’s best to have the accurate store chosen when finding prices or loading coupons, just in case.  Sometimes, more rural regions have to pay more for certain items and some coupons will reflect that pricing, based on the store you choose.

If you redeem a one-time use coupon at one store, it won’t be available to use at the other once your accounts are linked.

In reality, the discounts will probably come off if you shop at “the other” store that is near you, but it’s not guaranteed.  To be safest, make sure you’re loading the deals for the correct store and location.  If you have problems, head to customer service and they will make the proper adjustment for you.

Can you have two Just for U Accounts (Safeway + Albertsons)?

If you have a Safeway and Albertsons account that uses the same phone number and/or login information, they override each other and it’s almost like having one.  (Even if you use different apps or go to &

If you have another member in your household (with a different phone number), they could create a separate account for the opposite store.  You would just need to manage them separately and keep track of which is which.

Keep in mind that if you have more than one account for your household, you may run into trouble if you (one person) are trying to use both accounts at the same store, doing two transactions.  You may be told they will only honor one account per household or limit your transactions.  They prefer you link your household accounts and can terminate a duplicate account at any time.

If you have a problem linking your account or adding an additional birthday to your account, call customer service.  1 (877) 258-2799

How do you load & use Albertsons & Safeway digital coupons?

You will need to be logged into your Safeway/Albertsons app or online account to load digital coupons.

In the app, look for “Deals” in the bottom center.  Online, look for the top tab that says either “Safeway for U” or “Albertsons for U.”  Click or tap any coupons you want to load.

At the register, use your card, phone number, or the barcode from your app and all the discounts should automatically come off.

How long do Safeway/Albertsons coupons take to become active?

Safeway/Albertsons coupons almost always load instantly.  Maybe give it a minute.  As long as you choose your coupons before you get your card or phone number entered at checkout, you are usually set for getting the discount.

In the rare case of a technical slow-down, point out the missing coupon to the cashier and they should be able to give you the discount.  If you notice the missing discount after the transaction is complete, head to customer service and they’ll fix the issue.

How do you get Safeway/Albertsons coupon savings if you don’t have a cell phone or internet?

If you don’t have the Safeway/Albertsons app or a smartphone, you can load all digital coupons through their website.  If you don’t have internet and any way of getting into a digital account online, head to customer service.  They will either help you load coupons to your account or give you the discount you are looking for.

Even if you loaded your coupons ahead of time, you may see a shelf tag telling you to load a coupon you didn’t know about for additional savings.  If you don’t have a way to do that in the store, ask someone in customer service to help you, or tell the cashier when you’re checking out.  Most locations seem to understand that some people don’t have the means to load coupons and they’re happy to help.

Some of the coupons (not manufacturer) are available in the paper copy of the ad provided at the front of the store.  You can grab a copy and tear out the ones you want.  Most of the time, they’ll also have the ad at the register.  Just ask them to scan what you need. For those offers, you won’t need to load anything digitally.

Can you use Safeway/Albertsons digital coupons more than once?

You can only use a digital coupon one time at Safeway & Albertsons unless stated differently on the coupon.  You may see phrases like “unlimited,” “limit 1 per day,” “limit 4,” etc.  In those cases, the coupon follows the given guideline, but when in doubt assume it can only be used one time for one item.

One-time use coupons will disappear after they’re used, though it might take a little bit of time to drop from your account.  If the coupon doesn’t disappear but should have, it probably won’t work a second time.  Every once in a while they linger longer than other times, but it doesn’t mean you’ll get the discount just because it’s still showing. If you know you’ve already used a one-time use coupon, don’t try to use it again.

Does everyone have the same Safeway/Albertsons digital coupons?

You will have some Safeway/Albertsons coupons others don’t have.

Sometimes the personalized pricing can be quite good, so check for new ones each Wednesday.  You may have an offer for 50% off something like laundry detergent or a special price like $1.00 for strawberries.

The deals aren’t always all amazing.  Sometimes, you’ll scratch your head and wonder why they think you would believe that’s a good deal.  Don’t worry!  If you accidentally load a coupon that’s for more than the sale price or another coupon you’ve loaded, you will pay the lower price, so click away!

If the coupon is advertised in their weekly or monthly ad, everyone will have it. (Pricing can vary from one region to another.)  The same manufacturer coupons seem to be available to everyone, though they may disappear so load them as soon as you see one you might use.

How do you find only your personalized coupons & deals in the new Safeway/Albertsons app or online?

Look for your unique coupons, choose the category “Personalized Deal” online.  It’s at the bottom of the left column.

In the app, it’s not so clear.  First of all, make sure you’re in the “Deals” tab.  Under “All deals” you will usually see the best Personalized Deals towards the top.  You can also choose the “for U” tab and then tap “See all” next to “Items you buy.”  Another way to find a couple of the best deals, without scrolling, is to choose the “Categories” tab.  On that screen, you will see “Amazing Deals” that you can tap to see a few exclusive offers.

How do you get free groceries at Safeway/Albertsons with the Saturday Sampler?

You can get a free product from Safeway/Albertsons each weekend.  On Saturday, they release a coupon for a free product.  You need to load the digital coupon on Saturday, but you have through Monday to redeem it.  (Note:  They seem to have stopped this program, at least consistently.  It doesn’t hurt to look, but it won’t be there every Saturday.)

Past products have been all-purpose cleaner, nutrition bars, granola, paper towels, cheese crisps, and more … so really anything!

To quickly locate the coupon, sort by “New” and it should be one of the first shown on Saturday.  You can also look for the category “Saturday Sampler” if you prefer.

Warning:  They consistently run out of whatever the product is.  Sometimes, you can even show up on Saturday morning and the product is gone.  I wouldn’t make a special trip expecting to get the item.  For me, I need to have another reason to go and/or I need to drag myself there early on Saturday since there’s a good chance it won’t be there later.

BUT, ASK!  If your store doesn’t have the advertised freebie, ask if they’ll substitute for something similar.  I’ve had luck with that sometimes.  One time, the store offered to give me a raincheck (wrote it as $0), so that I could grab it the next time it was stocked.

How do you get the Safeway/Albertsons birthday freebie?

Make sure your birthday is entered in your Safeway/Albertsons digital account to get a birthday freebie.  If you got an account years ago, you probably don’t have it entered since they didn’t ask for it.  Go here for Safeway. Or, go to “Account” and then “Account Settings.” I can’t find a spot for it in the app yet, but maybe they’ll add it soon.

They will give you something at the beginning of your birth month.  We don’t know what that is yet, but it says up to a $10 value.

Bonus:  We have a list of over a hundred birthday freebies that we keep updated.  All are in Arizona, many national.  Go here to see them.

How do you get the monthly freebie at Safeway/Albertsons?

It is not clear how/when the monthly freebie will come with the new “for U” program at Safeway/Albertsons.  Stay tuned!  We’ll update this if we find a rhyme or reason to it, but be watching for something free to pop up sometime each month. They say it’s part of their new “for U” rollout!

They have always given out occasional freebies.  The easiest way to find them is to search “free” and then look carefully to see if the item is truly free.  (You’ll also pull up buy one, get one free offers or products with the name “free” in them.)  Or, later in the week you can filter using “New” and see if something pops up.

What if you have two coupons loaded for the same item at Safeway/Albertsons?  Do you need to remove one?

There’s really no need to unload digital coupons for Safeway or Albertsons.  Their system is smart enough to give you the best deal if you’ve loaded two different offers.  If the in-store sale price is even lower than what you loaded, your coupon will not apply.  Basically, you’ll never be charged more.  You’ll only save money with your digital coupons.

Sometimes, you can use more than one!  You can combine a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon, so keep them loaded in case they will combine for greater savings. (More on that below.)

How do you remove a coupon from your Safeway/Albertsons list?

If you want to remove an item from your Safeway/Albertsons shopping list and you’re using an online browser, click the down carrot on the top right next to “Account” and choose “My List.”  Click “remove.”

If you are using their app, tap “My List” (on the bottom) and then make sure you’re in the sub-tab “List.”  Click the category of the item you want to delete and then tap the circle next to the item.  Once you do that, the item will move to the bottom and be crossed out.  If you want it to be completely deleted, click the three dots on the top left of the list and choose “Delete checked items.”

If you accidentally remove an item, click the three dots and “Uncheck all items.”

Can you use two coupons at the same time for the same product at Safeway/Albertsons?

You can stack two coupons at Safeway/Albertsons as long as one is a store coupon and the other is a manufacturer coupon.  Potentially, you could combine two paper coupons, two digital coupons, or one of each for the same product.

Think of a store coupon as a sale.  You can use another digital or paper manufacturer coupon with a sale.

You are never penalized for clipping too many coupons and will always be given the best deal you loaded, so don’t be afraid to load anything you might use.

How can you tell if a Safeway/Albertsons coupon is a store or manufacturer coupon?

Sometimes, it’s tricky to determine which are store coupons and which are manufacturers’ coupons.

It’s almost always a store coupon if:

  • price point is given (Ex: $1.99)
  • % off offer (Ex: 50% off)
  • limit listed (Ex: Limit 2)
  • “unlimited” or “Limit 1 per week” shown
  • store brand products

Amount-off coupons (Ex.  $1 or $1/2) could be either a store or manufacturer coupon, so you need to look at the coupon carefully.

If the offer detail has instructions for the retailer to redeem the coupon, complete with an address, you can be confident it’s a manufacturer coupon.

You can not use a digital and paper manufacturer coupon together on the same product.  You could use both coupons if you buy enough products to cover the minimum purchase requirement on both coupons unless stated otherwise on either coupon.  (Example:  You have a digital coupon for $1 off cookies and the same $1 off coupon from the Sunday coupon inserts.  If you buy two bags of cookies, you can use both coupons.)

Is the limit on Safeway/Albertsons coupons for each product or total?

Some Safeway/Albertsons coupons have multiple products listed and a limit.  It’s a total limit, not for each item.

In the coupon pictured above (“limit 3” under coupon price), you could get 3 sour cream, 3 frozen veggies, or a mix and match the two for a total of 3.  You will pay a higher price for any more than 3.

What if your digital coupon did not come off at Safeway/Albertsons?

Digital coupons will fail sometimes, just as sale prices won’t always ring up correctly.  Take time to look over your receipt and head to customer service if you notice an error.  If you notice it before that, alert the cashier since it might be able to be fixed right at the register.

Even if the mistake is yours (loaded wrong coupons, forgot to load it, whatever!), head there and they’ll make the adjustment for you.

If they aren’t able to help or you decide it’s not worth the price you paid, you can always return the product.

How do you use Safeway/Albertsons ad coupons?

Some of the deals you find advertised are tied to a coupon you can cut out of the Safeway/Albertsons ad if you prefer to do that instead of loading a digital coupon.  If you don’t have the weekly ad, they are usually available near the entrance of the store.  Some paper coupons are also in their monthly coupon booklet, which can also be found in-store.

Many coupons are shown in the ad as “Clip or Click.”  (See cheese sample above.)  You could cut that coupon out or digitally load the offer to your account.

There is usually one deal each week (occasionally more) that you can only load digitally.  (See Skippy offer above.)  You can NOT cut it out of their ad or store coupon booklet to hand to the cashier.  They are usually amazing deals that they limit for each account, but they must be digitally loaded.

They usually say “limit 1” but that means it’s limited to one digital download per account.  Look carefully since the number you can get for that price is usually more.  It will say “First 2,” or similar.  That means you can download the coupon once and pick two up for the sale price.

For Safeway/Albertsons Click or Clip coupons, can you use both?

Technically, you could click (load digitally) a Safeway/Albertsons coupon and get the limit, then return later or do another transaction and hand over your clipped (cut) coupon.  You could also use two paper/cut coupons at different times.  The limits are not tied to your Safeway/Albertsons card.

Some stores may frown upon this and not allow it, so when in doubt ask (especially about two transactions in a row).

How do you find Safeway / Albertsons digital coupons?

To locate a specific coupon that was in their ad, you can search by the product’s category or the category “Weekly Ad Coupons.”  If you don’t want to scroll through a bunch, use the search box at the top of their website or your app.

If you’re using their app, tap “Deals” at the bottom.  If using their website, make sure you’re logged in and in the “Safeway for U” or “Albertsons for U” tab first.

Keep in mind that sometimes coupons aren’t entered as you’d think, especially if there is more than one item included on the coupon.

For instance, an ad could show a coupon for Sara Lee bread or Skippy peanut butter for the same price.  It may only be entered in the “Bread & Bakery” category.  Or, if you search for “Skippy” it may not come up since it was entered under “Sara Lee.”

In those rare cases, scroll carefully through the “Weekly Ad Coupons” section.  If you still can’t locate it, you can grab an ad when you walk in or the monthly coupon booklet and cut it out, if available.  Or, tell your cashier and they should give it to you.

One other way you could successfully find a coupon is by going to their website (or tap the “home” button in your app) and searching for the product.  When you click on the product, it should show if a coupon is available/attached to it, and you could load the coupon from that link.  They aren’t there 100% of the time, but there’s a good chance it’s there.

If all else fails, head to customer service.  If it’s in the ad, they should honor the price or (at least!) help you locate the coupon.  It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while there’s a coupon that shows in the ad but can’t be found.

Safeway or Albertsons coupons won’t update or can’t find an ad coupon in your app?

Every once in a while, the app doesn’t seem to update the new weekly coupons, at least not all of them.  You can try refreshing the page you’re on, but that doesn’t always work.  If that fails, you may need to sync your app.

Tap the “My List” button on the bottom of your screen.  Make sure you’re in the “List” tab on the top, then click the three dots under “List,” and tap “Sync.”

Hopefully, with the new app this won’t ever be an issue!

Safeway & Albertsons Rewards Program (Earn & Redeem Points)

In addition to digital coupons, you can earn Rewards at Safeway & Albertsons.  You can redeem Rewards for a fuel discount, free items, or money off your grocery bill.

If you want to know all the details about how the Rewards points works, go here.  It’s a great program!


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  2. Your tutorial showed me how to find them under “Deals” on the app. I also logged in online, as you suggested, it was much easier to find personalized deals by clicking box on the lower left column. Another website showed a coupon marked with the words “personalized deal”, but my app does not say that on the coupon so at first I did not know if they were personalized deal or regular coupon. Only when I cross matched the personalized deals online to the apps did I ascertain they were personalized deals on the app even though they were not marked as such. By the way I liked the old app much better. The new app is quite confusing to use. Anyways I have bookmarked this website for future reference. Thank you for the tutorial.

    1. Sorry that I’m so slow in replying to this. I’ve stopped getting notifications (somehow?) and just noticed it.

      I’m glad you found it helpful. They keep switching things up, and it’s not the same from website to app, so it’s extra confusing. I’m glad you got it figured out. Hopefully, it will just take us all time to get used to what’s new and it be all be super simple to us soon!

  3. i do not have a comment yet .I am waiting to see how you handle straightening out my account and finding my rewards,then i will comment.thank you! This website does not make it easy for a person to fix their own account issues! at least that is my experience with it now i am going to have to make a phone call to albertsons and waste more of my time and i dont know any one that likes that .Surely you would not be happy if it was your time being wasted. i am sure this could be set up to be a lot more user friendly but it is what it is…

    1. I’m so sorry. I wasn’t being notified about comments (not sure what happened), so I’m just seeing this. I am not affiliated with Safeway, so I don’t have access to any of their systems or accounts. Hopefully, you got it worked out with them. Sorry for the hassle.

  4. I have a Safeway card, can I use that for the discounts at an ALbertsons store, or do I need an Albertsons card too?

    1. Yes, your card will work both places. I’m not sure if they’re in the same area or not, but to be 100% sure pricing is the same, make sure you change the location setting to the store you’ll be shopping at.

      It should only matter if you’re out of state or in a totally different city/region, but pricing can vary and not all loaded coupons will work at another location, but they normally do within the same area. I live in the metro-Phoenix area and all the coupons work interchangeably from location to location, at any Safeway or Albertsons.

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  6. Probably it is easy to access Safeway/Albertson digital coupons. So far, I have continued to have difficulty; however, I likely had not yet read it and/or found it. I did find it is not on the Safeway only website. If you can tell me easily and quickly how to reach you on PC (cell phone not working and, in any case, use no texts or scan discs)

    Your ads look great. Just sorry not to reach them. Get so tired of looking.
    Have spent about 45 minutes, I think.

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking, but can try to help. If you want to get to coupons on your computer, you go to and then choose “Safeway for U” from the top. You will either need to sign in before or after clicking that and then you’ll be able to see all the coupons. If you don’t already have an account, you will need to register for a free one.

      I’m not affiliated with Safeway (just wrote about how to save there). If that didn’t help, you can contact their customer service. 877-723-3929

      Hope you can get what you need soon!

  7. The icon is missing so i cant scan degital cupons

    1. The barcode is still visible and working in my app. After you tap “Just for U” (on bottom on my Android phone), you’ll see a “Search all offers” box on the top. To the right of that there is a barcode that you tap and then are able to scan products. If you have an Apple, it might be slightly different, but it should still be there.

      If you can’t find it, maybe you need to update your app.

      If that doesn’t work, I’d contact their customer service. I am not affiliated with Safeway in any way.

  8. How do I delete my account?

    1. I’m not affiliated with Safeway or Albertsons. I did this post to help people understand how to save money there. This is the number you will need to call, to get help: 877-723-3929.

  9. I have not been able to use digital coupons. I do have a club card phone number and also a safeway account. Do I have to scan the bar code of the item I want to buy with my phone by taking a picture of the bar code? Does the cashier scan the barcode pictured on my phone when I checkout afterwards? How does this digital coupon system work? I don’t see any “how-to” steps

    1. First of all, I’m sorry that I’m so slow in answering this. I just saw the comment. I am not affiliated with Safeway in any way, so this is just me sharing my experience.

      If you have an account set up that’s tied to a phone number, you’re set when you get to the register. Just enter your phone number in the keypad or scan your physical card. All the savings is automatically given if you’ve loaded the coupon(s). You’re probably already doing that since that’s how you get all the sale pricing at Safeway. There’s nothing more you need to do once you’ve loaded the savings you want.

      You can use the scanning function in your app, but it is not necessary. I don’t use it. It may have gotten much more accurate, but when it was a first available, it didn’t seem to catch all that I wanted it to. (Of course, try it first if you’re with the product in the store, if it’s easiest for you.)

      I usually search by typing a keyword into the search box, partly because I try to load all the coupons I need before shopping. For something like Quaker cereal, you could try “Quaker” or “cereal” and hope it comes up.

      Sometimes, items aren’t entered correctly or categorized wrong and you have to spend more time searching for a coupon. Another situation where it can be difficult to find a coupon is when there are several items listed on the coupon and you’re only looking for one. Safeway may not have entered them all, so you’ll have to find it another way. You can try the category (which also may not work if it’s a multiple-offer thing) or search in the “weekly ad coupon” section.

      Hope this helps give you some basics that will help you save a lot!

  10. I think is to week web compere with other stores

  11. Why can’t I print the list of coupons I have clipped? I see no way to separate them from the total list which is 19 pages long.

    1. I’m assuming you’re using your computer or browser and not their app. If you are, go to the top right and click the arrow by “account.” Then, go down to “My List.” You’ll see an option on the top right to “Print My List.” You can choose to include the small product picutres or uncheck the box to leave them off. Hope this works for you and you don’t have to print 19 pages!!

  12. How do I find out what phone number is on my Just for U account?

    1. Make sure you’re logged in. In you app click “home” and then “My Account” and you’ll see the number listed. Online, click “Account” on the top right and then “Account Settings” and it will be there. If you don’t know how to log in, you’ll need to call their customer service. I’m not affiliated with Safeway/Albertsons, so I can’t help with that. Hope you get it figured out soon!

  13. I saved my receipt and now have the app. Can I go back to the store and get a refund for an item with a digital coupon?

    1. If your receipt is recent, I’d go to customer service and ask. I can’t guarantee they will, but my thoery is that it never hurts to ask about stuff like that!

      If they won’t and the pricing hasn’t changed, you could always return the items and repurchase them, if you want to go through that effor … if they’re allowed that with Covid now. Some stores aren’t. Hope they will!

  14. Why do the digital coupons never save me any money? I hit the ‘clip’ button and when I go shopping… guess what? I don’t save. I am buying crap I don’t even eat but I bought it bc I thought it would be on sale. I’m courteous so I don’t want to bicker with the poor cashier and annoy others.

    1. Digital coupons are not 100% accurate, but they seem to be getting better and better. However, you do always have to watch your receipt, or be alert at the register, as much as possible.

      There are times I catch something at the register, but most problems I either don’t discover until looking carefully at my receipt or I just don’t want to deal with the issue, outside of customer service. Believe me, they are used to people coming to them with digital coupon issues. Stay nice, but politely explain what happened. They almost always fix the problem right away, giving me a refund. If they won’t make it right, you can ask to return the item in question.

      But, I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to stop the cashier and show her/him your digital coupon or point out an issue, if you see it happening right away. I consider myself courteous, but sometimes I need to take time to deal with something, to get what is right or save myself additional time at the customer service desk, when the cashier can fix it in 30 seconds. If it takes more than a minute, I usually tell them to just take the item off or leave it on there and head to customer service. I don’t like to hold up the line either, but it does happen for a short time, every once in awhile. I feel bad, but I guess not bad enough to get ripped off.

      Hope your store gets better with the accuracy and you find good deals on things you would normally buy. Those are really the deals you want to go for, anyway!

    2. Most of the time the reason it doesn’t come off is because the phone number/reward card is not attached to the app you use. Go to My Account and check the phone number. Just telling the cashier “and this should be 99 cents” most of the time can suffice to make sure the cashier checks the price before processing your payment.

      1. It’s possible that this could be a problem, if you aren’t getting any discounts. If it’s just one item and other discounts come off, there’s another issue to deal with. And, yes! … if you notice something wrong, many cashiers will adjust the price without needing to head to customer service. However, their receipts (and even watching the screen for prices when items are scanned) make it really hard to tell what you’re paying until you can really analyze what just happened. Just make sure you’re always watching because even with the correct phone number tied to the account, things can go wrong from time to time.

  15. IDK what they did but they messed up royally. Is there s way to add coupons, offers etc to our card#/ph# & then shop at any location? if I’m st home clipping offers/coupons using Albertsons app but then end up going to Tom thumb why don’t it carry over??? I’ve had happen several times!

    1. There is a spot to change your location. Make sure it’s set to the right store when you’re loading, just in case you’re loading regional or store specific offers. It’s rarely an issue if pricing is the same in your area for stores right down the street from each other, but it can come into play at other times. But, it seems to be an issue in your region with the two stores, thought. :(

      However, don’t always believe that this is the issue when coupons don’t come off. I’ve had customer service reps use the excuse that I didn’t have the right location selected, as to why a coupon doesn’t come off. When I can show them the right location and the coupon loaded in my app, that excuse ends. You always have to be watching to make sure the discounts come off.

      You could give their customer service a call, but I’m guessing they’ll tell you the same thing. Hope you get it figured out and you won’t be wasting time and/or money soon!

  16. The “digital coupons” where you scan the barcode with your phone’s camera to get the displayed discount NEVER works. I end up paying the higher normal price at check out every time.

    1. I rarely load them that way, so I’ll need to be watching if I do. Thanks for the heads up! Of course, if it happens, head to customer service and they’ll fix it. Seems like I end up there enough, even loading them directly through the JustforU area. :(

    2. you can also use the search option in the app and just clip you coupon. Scanning doesn’t work well for me, either.

      1. sorry, your coupon, not you coupon…..I’m a bad phone typist

      2. Yes! I wish you could just scan the products like you do at Target and it would automatically tell you (accurately!) if there was any deal associated with it. Maybe it will be coming someday!

  17. I tried loading the just for you app on my phone and it worked fine a couple months ago and now it will not work. The store manager told me to call or go online to get the problem resolved I find nothing online that will resolve the issue.. What is the phone number of someone that I may contact to get whatever the problem fixed Today is July 17 2019 I hope to have the problem resolved soon. Please respond.

    1. I’m not affiliated with Safeway or Albertsons, in any way. I just did a post about this to help my readers save money. But, I looked up the number online for you. This is the number you will need to call, to get help: 877-723-3929

      Good luck!

  18. Thank you for doing this!

    Do I need the app to use the coupons I clicked on? I can’t find anywhere to redeem them.

    1. One you click on the coupons, they are loaded to your account. Just present your card or use your phone number at checkout. You should be able to see them, though. I’m not sure why they are hiding. Something doesn’t seem right. Since I’m not affiliated with Safeway, I can’t check into your account and verify what’s there. You can try calling their customer service, if you want. Or, you can just go and hope for the best. If something goes wrong, you can go to the customer service counter and they should be able to help you. Good luck!

      1. Thanks!

  19. Until a week ago I was able to use my laptop computer to select from the various specials, the items I wanted to purchase. I could then print the list or email the list to my smartphone and have that available at the store.
    Now I’m unable to save the list of items I wish to purchase, I cannot find a way to print the list, and there’s no way to email the list to myself.
    What’s happening?

    1. Safeway and Albertsons changed their website layout a few weeks ago and a lot of things are different. We are in no way affiliated with Safeway. We are a blog that provides money saving deals. We’ve heard from several readers though who are having the same problem and aren’t happy. You can contact Safeway here and see if they can help you. ~ Gina

  20. Tried to sign up to save with kids coming in. Not sure, so I tried your info number. Waited about 12 minutes on phone. Thanks. Will shop elesewhere.

    1. Sorry about the hassle. I’m not affiliated with Safeway or Albertsons in any way. I just let people know how to save money there (and at other stores). Hope they can help you figure it out soon. They’ve had some great deals lately, so it’s worth giving it another try. Good luck!

  21. how do I actually add the click or clip coupons using a computer–the just for u weekly ads throughout the weekly ad?

    1. If you’re logged in, you’ll be able to click “add” and it will be loaded to your card/account. When you give your phone number or your card is scanned, the discount will come off. There’s is a tab for “weekly coupons” to find just those. If you aren’t seeing them, make sure you refresh the page. If you’re using the app, pulling down sometimes works. Somehow, it doesn’t always work on my phone. I have to go “My Store” then click “Settings” and then “Sync All.” It will get all the new stuff loaded and you’ll have the current coupons showing … hopefully! You can also search by keyword, but sometimes they don’t show up. :( Good luck!

  22. My 77 year old Mom will not use a smartphone with an App, no way around it. I finally got her to use the computer to load digital coupons. I think they are just confusing a whole population of shoppers that deserve and can certainly use the savings. I hope they are willing to help out those that can’t navigate new technology.

    1. I’m hoping the rewards will appear online sometime, but we can’t find them there now, so ?? I understand, completely. My dad has a flip phone (no home phone, ironically) and no desire to have internet or anything to do with most technology. He can’t even load coupons online. I wish they would have alternatives for people like them, but they seem to be getting away from the “or” scenarios (like a coupon in the ad) and requiring digital access. :(

    2. I refuse to buy a smart phone, also. I think seniors should sue all stores that give digital coupons only. It should be a class lawsuit for discrimination against seniors.

      1. I understand your frustration. My dad has a hard time taking advantage of the deals at Safeway. He sees the shelf tags with the added discount, when he’s standing right there, but there’s no way to get it. :( He refuses to shop at Safeway, unless I go with him.

        My store is really good about things like this. If you tell your cashier, maybe they will give it to you anyway. If they don’t, ask to speak to a manger and explain that you don’t have a smart phone. I know that’s a pain and there should be another way, but if you are wanting to shop there and save, this might be the solution.

        You can load the offers ahead of time, from your computer. (Since you left a comment here, I’m assuming you have computer access. My dad doesn’t, so it’s impossible for him to load any offers.) You can load the weekly coupons or look for individual manufacturer coupons to load, right from their website.

        I’m sorry that they don’t make it easier for you. I hope your store will work with you and give you the discounts. Good luck!

  23. Another way to change store, in app, click the location that appears above the offers.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I think it appears on every page, except when you’re looking at the rewards.

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