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We make it easy to save on essentials at grocery stores, drugstores, and Target . . . BIG money!

Sure, we can help the die-hard couponer, but honestly … our passion is to help the person who needs their planning and shopping to be quick, but their savings significant!

You’ll be amazed at your savings, even with a minimal amount of effort!

I love couponing!  Thank you for all of your hard work!  You cut my work in half!  I can’t believe more people don’t coupon!  It has helped me to be able to stay home.  ~ message from Lauri

The savings won’t be small!  We’re not talking about saving enough to get a cup of your favorite coffee each week.  Think bigger!

It might allow for added vacations, being able to give more generously, splurging on something you’ve been wanting for a long time, quitting a part-time job, or no more panic when something goes wrong since you’ll finally have something in your savings account.

You can do this while you work full-time (many do) or if you don’t work outside the home, you can help stretch those limited dollars that are coming in.

Thanks for all you do.  My family eats like we’re royalty because of you, and I appreciate that more than I can ever say!!!!  ~  blog comment from Lara

Our deals are in the database a day or two before the sales begin.

Not only can you head out prepared the morning the sale starts (if you choose), but you can decide whether to pick up your milk and cereal (or whatever) during the current sale week or wait a couple of days and get it later.

You can also do budget meal planning earlier, equipped with knowing what will be on sale very soon.

Sometimes digital coupons disappear before a good sale begins.  We tell you what to load ahead of time, so you’re set if a coupon disappears the day the sale begins.  Loaded coupons are ready to go when you are!

Love your site and everything you gals/guys do.  I have saved thousands of $$ for my family of 6 using your site.  I used to spend days putting together my list but not anymore.  My list is ready to go by Wednesday morning! ~ message from Jamie

We list all the best deals from the ads for 7 stores each week (Fry’s, Safeway/Albertsons, Bashas’, Sprouts, Target, Walgreens, and CVS).  We are based in the Phoenix, Arizona area.  All pricing and ads are taken from that area.

Don’t worry!  Only the crazy people hit them all each week.  We still love the crazy people, but they are rare.  You don’t need to shop at each store every week.  It’s just too much!

Pick one or two stores that have the best deals that week.  Only go to more if you’re super motivated and the sales are too hard to resist.  But, you may find a new favorite store when you discover all the deals you can find there.

I NEVER shopped at Safeway because of the high price!  Now with your match ups and lists I LOVE it!!  Thanks a ton…you do sooo great!  ~ message from Tory

Our lists are super thorough and well researched, so you don’t waste time tracking down a deal that doesn’t exist.  You can count on the information we provide.

We live in Arizona.  Since we also use the lists, we want these lists to be amazing . . . not just for you, but for ourselves, too!

As we shop, we uncover unadvertised deals and add them to the list.   We also find additional bargains through our helpful community of members.

When new digital or paper coupons come out, we’re checking to see if there’s a good price somewhere to go with it.  You’ll see NEW items added to our lists all the time.

We include any available coupons (digital, printable, and newspaper inserts) for products that are advertised.

We assume you only have one set of newspaper coupons.  No need to purchase coupons or go dumpster diving.  Work with what you have!

We don’t know of an amazing rate for the newspaper anymore, but you can pick them up at Dollar Tree for $1 each week.  But, if you don’t want to hassle with that, don’t!  You can still save a significant amount without getting the newspaper’s coupon inserts.

You’ll save even more if you have a printer to print coupons, but that’s also not necessary if you choose not to.

Digitals save you a bunch and are so simple!

Just make sure you have one account (app or online) for each store you shop, in order to load digital coupons.  If you don’t want to print or cut, you’ll still save with only digitals & buying at the right time.  Just look for‘s all over the lists!

We put many hours each week into pulling all this information together, so you don’t have to!

Your site is the only one that has reliable information state wide.  I can decide Monday afternoon if I want to shop at Fry’s before the last sale ends or wait until later in the week if better deals are coming.  Then I can print coupons and make my list.  You make this old lady’s life a LOT easier.  ~ message from Pat

I could not get by without BB-my time is valuable and I used to spend days getting ready to shop with coupons….yes, DAYS!  The Deal Lists and coupon links make shopping and planning for it super easy!  Thank you!  ~ message from Jan

With our database, you can customize your lists.

  • Don’t get Sunday coupons?  Take them off.
  • Don’t have a printer?  Set it so those won’t show.
  • Hate cashback offers?  Get rid of them.
  • Want to only see produce deals at two different stores today?  Easy!
  • Need to see all the prices for milk this week?  Simple!
  • Want a sneak peek of the ads before the sale starts?  Done!

Even if you’re new to saving with sales, digital coupons, or paper coupons … you’re going to be a savings pro before too long!

Here’s a video if you want to see it in action, but you can also skip it and read below if you want the quick summary.

Oops, I misspoke.  Deals are listed in order of price, not “chronologically.”

We break deals down as clearly as we can to minimize the time you need to get yourself organized, so you can get out the door to save money.

Items are listed by price for each store after any applicable discounts come off.

We list coupons underneath products that have them, including links to printable or digital coupons, whenever they are available.  Or, we tell you what Sunday coupon inserts to look in if you get those and choose not to cut and sort your coupons ahead of time.

♥ ♥ We put one or two hearts by our favorite deals.  Some have coupons.  Some are a bargain without a coupon.  Either way, the hearts help you know when to stock up on things you use most, so you don’t have to spend more getting the same product later. ♥ ♥

Chose the products you want by clicking the green plus signs to add them to your list.  The items you choose will go to a custom list and will automatically be sorted by category for each store.

You are also able to add your own items to any list if the products aren’t on our sale list.

Build your list(s) from your mobile device or home computer, adding or subtracting items whenever it’s convenient.  With your login, you can access your list from any device.

You can delete items as you shop, right from your phone.  If you prefer, you can print your list, but there is never a need to write out a list.

Here’s a tiny part of a recent Safeway/Albertsons list, so you get a feel for how we do it, though clicking the green plus signs won’t work here:

You’ll be hooked on making lists the simple way once you give it a try!

Thanks again for all your work … I was lost the month I didn’t have your website! ~ email from Bobbi

Beyond creating lists that are simple to follow, if you want to begin with more knowledge or fill in the gaps later, you can go through our money-saving course.

The course is free for 30 days for anyone right now, but Beyond! members will always have full access to the 23 module money-saving/coupon course, designed specifically for Arizona shoppers.

It’s in video and written format, so you can learn whichever way you prefer.

Our lists have notes on them to explain things and are well organized, so it’s really not necessary to go through the course to be successful.  But, I bet you’ll learn something if you do!

We have a bargain-minded community of people in our Facebook group, exclusive for Beyond! members.

Sometimes, they find things we don’t.  Those items also get added to the lists, making lists even more valuable for you.

And, the private group is a judgment-free & drama-free place where people can ask their questions and others can share their expertise.  It’s also a place to share successes and cheer each other on.  I love this group of money-saving friends!

REALLY!  We’re not exaggerating that it’s a great group of people.  It’s a fact!

The savings are so significant that even cashiers find it extraordinary!  A cashier once told me, “Your husband is lucky you do this,” referring to my consistent savings percentage each time I went through his line over the years.  Even a cashier, who sees thousands of people go through his line, will notice that you’re extraordinary.

Your savings can vary, but it’s consistently … well, a lot!

It’s hard to say exactly how much you’ll save over what you’re spending now.  There are many factors like the number of people you shop for, what kind of foods/products you use, what your current shopping habits are, etc.

Unless you spend a couple of hours a week on your own plotting how to save, you’re going to save a bunch more than you do now!

Here are more real messages we’ve received . . .

I just bought $58 worth of stuff at Fry’s for less than $6! God bless you woman!!!!   ~ message from Sunny

Thank you Juli!  I wanted to let you know that last week I went to Fry’s and spent $38 and saved $73!!!  I got so many items that my daughter will need as she moves away to NAU this week – razors, shampoo, popcorn, pop tarts etc!!  I couldn’t have done that without your help. ~ email from Karen

Just left with a HUGE smile on my face!  Spent $7.83 Saved $105.35! Thank you! Love your website! ~ message from Brooke

Made a killing last night at Frys. Spent $44 on $180 worth of goods! ~ message from Lindsay

I’ve only been using this site now for a month and have already saved at least $100.  Up until January I opposed coupons and didn’t really think people saved $$ using them.    ~ message from Shalene

… I find the Beyond group worth every cent (times 10)!  I only wish I had tried it out sooner! ….We have already cut our monthly grocery bill by $300 (3 months in a row, so I know it isn’t a fluke). And we come home with so much more food that we are gifting bags of food to friends for the products that were free ~ excerpts of Facebook comment from Kira

If you could give someone $8 each month and you would always get $50 in return, would you do it?  What if it was more like $50 EACH WEEK or $100, $200 or more, that you got back?

This is money you would be spending anyway.  You need your essentials.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra money left over to spend on more exciting things or even to just pay the bills or start building your savings account?

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BARGAIN BELIEVER…It made a believer out of me!  Bargain Believer is my new grocery shopping bible!  I can not believe all the money I save and then the free products, what a score!  Everyone should use Bargain Believer or you are just throwing money away.~ blog comment from Carrie

Thank you for all you do!  You save me TONS of time & help me to save TONS of money.  I can’t even imagine my world without Bargain Believer in it!   ~ message from Tracy

We currently charge $8/month.  If we raise that price in the future, current members will have their price locked in!

Go here to sign up for $8/month.  You’ll receive an email with a password and some other directions, giving you access to our lists right away.

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Days are not guaranteed due to holidays and other occasional disruptions. See chart of normal availability for weekly ads below:

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Learn more about the coupon course here.

Members receive the immediate ability to login and view current shopping lists, store lists in the Cloud, and access to the coupon class.  Beyond! members will also receive a link to join the private Beyond! Facebook group.

Let us help save you time, money, and sanity!

We’re always available to answer questions and are very accessible.  You can email Juli or Gina anytime or ask anything in our private Facebook group, once you’re a member.  We are active over there and so are others.

If you’re not a member yet and have questions about membership, feel free to contact us!

I hope to see you over in the private Facebook group soon!  Happy saving! ~ Juli

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