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Use Pogo Pass discount code REVIEW to save 50%!  What is a Pogo pass & is it worth it?  There are pros and cons to Pogo Passes, but overall we love our Pogo Passes.  However, they might not be right for everyone.  I’ll share some personal experiences and advice, to get the most out of your passes and help you determine if they’re right for you.

Updated for 2024!

Pogo Passes are in Phoenix, Kansas City, Vegas, Dallas, & South Central Texas (Austin/Waco, & San Antonio), Nashville, Cincinnati, Houston, & Florida (Emerald Coast) . . . with more regions coming soon!

Below is an honest & full Pogo Pass review with a list of FAQ’s to help you understand how they work and maximize your savings and fun.  There are pros and cons, for sure.

First of all . . . I know you want to know!

best pogo pass promo code

What is the best Pogo Pass discount code / Coupon for 2024?

All Pogo Pass promo codes you find give you the exact same discount for any city, 50% off.  (can use REVIEW)  The codess makes passes $49.99 in all areas except Phoenix.  Passes in Phoenix are $59.99.

If there’s a rare additional sale, all codes will adjust and give you the same extra discount.  Usually, a sale period will drop the price by $5.

My promo code is REVIEW.  The codes are given to different affiliates so that sales can be tracked to them and so that you get the discount. (If you want to be an affiliate, scroll down for details.)

If you find this review helpful and nobody referred you, I’d appreciate you using my affiliate code:  REVIEW or this link (discount will be automatic with link).  You don’t know me, but I can promise you this review is 100% genuine and comes with years of experience with Pogo Passes.  I will address the negatives as well as the positives, even though I am an affiliate with them.

Secondly, for those who don’t know . . .

what is a pogo pass

What is a Pogo Pass?

It’s “One Pass.  One Price.  One Year of Fun.”  You jump around from place to place, getting free admission to all venues listed, some places more than once, up to 365 days from purchase.  The number of times you get to visit each location is listed for each venue.  Each person needs a pass.

Before jumping on your purchase (pun semi-intended!) you need to understand the pros and cons and what you’re really getting.  Overall, I think they’re an incredible value, but they may not be right for everyone.  There are some definite drawbacks.

When I first heard about them, I quickly grabbed the deal.  Then, I started telling people in my area (Phoenix) about them, on my local blog.  I am an affiliate with them and make money if you buy with my link or code, but started as a customer and promise to give you the pros and cons and be totally transparent.  There are some drawbacks to the pass, but if you know them upfront you’ll be able to make an informed decision and decide if the investment is right for your family.

My mission is to save you money, but also to help you understand the ins and outs of the pass so you don’t get any unexpected surprises.

pogo pass positivesBest things about Pogo Pass!

They are $49.99 ($59.99 in Phoenix) with the discount code REVIEW (or one you received from someone else) or with my affiliate link here.  If you added up the cost to get into each venue (some more than once), it would cost you hundreds of dollars.  The value of each pass varies, but you just can’t deny the value if you’ll use it enough.

Instant access
If you’re on your way out the door to a venue included on the pass and decide it’s better to buy a Pogo Pass than pay admission today, go for it!  Passes are activated right away.  You can print out your barcode/pass or login online or use their app.  The barcode is your ticket into each venue, starting as soon as the purchase is made.

Instead of getting stuck visiting the same venues over and over with a specific venue’s membership, Pogo helps keep it fresh.  You get to try new places and won’t get bored visiting the same place.  If you love a location, there’s a chance you can visit more than once.  Read the specifics for each venue since many allow you to visit twice a year or even once a month or each week!

Easy planning
Instead of having to think about new places to go have fun with your family, then having to look up prices and evaluate if it’s worth it, the work is done and it’s already paid for.  I don’t know about you, but I need virtually brainless planning sometimes!  There are just too many choices out there and this focuses me on a bunch of fun destinations.

We love having several other families we know that have Pogo Passes.  It makes visiting the venues even more fun for my kids … and me!  Planning is simple.  Someone sends a group text to all our Pogo Pals saying when and where they’re going and others jump in if they can make it.  It makes us more intentional about getting together.

For the Phoenix area pass, there are several venues down in Tucson.  We get together with another family or two and do a fun little road trip together, something we would probably have never done without Pogo.  We have visited up to three venues in one day and had a blast together.

Passes in other regions are similar.  Some destinations are a little bit out of the centralized area, but they can make a fun day trip!

Every once in a while a venue will offer a special discount for Pogo members.  You’ll usually receive an email, though you could ask a local venue if they have an offer.  Often, the offer will be for something like a discount on a special event or birthday party package.

Renewal price
When your passes are renewed, you’ll pay $5 less … currently only $44.99 everywhere except Phoenix, which is $54.99.

Did I mention the price!?!
Seriously, do the math.  Even if you only add up a couple of places that you’re guaranteed to visit, you’ll see you’re set to save much more than you’ll spend.  Admission to most water parks on the passes is 50%-75% of the total cost, just to visit once.  Spend a little more and you’ll get all the other fun thrown in.

pogo pass negative critiquePogo Pass warnings & negatives

I am not a fan of auto-renewal.  You will receive an email before it renews, but that can be easy to miss.  If you don’t want your pass to continue for another year, make sure you go into your account before your year has ended and stop it.  If you don’t, you will be billed the renewal price which is $5 off, currently $44.99 (or $54.99 in Phoenix).

Some venues have day or time restrictions, though many are wide open for visiting anytime.  Make sure you read the details for each attraction and evaluate your schedule.

There are some that exclude weekends, school breaks, or other selected times.  The vast majority don’t, but look carefully if you are only able to use your pass during school breaks and weekends.  You may find there isn’t enough variety left to make the pass worthwhile for you.

Equipment fees
Most venues are totally free.  Technically, they all are.  However, it’s going to be hard to rock climb, bowl, or skate without proper gear.  You could bring your own, but if you don’t have it, there are some venues that require equipment in order to participate.

The fees are usually minimal, but keep in mind that you’ll probably have some added expenses from time to time.

App & website
I don’t fully trust their app or website, but it’s not necessarily all on their end.  They have done updates which have been a great improvement, so I haven’t had issues getting to my passes for years, but I’m still afraid the barcodes won’t pull up at some point.  Even if the app or website is functioning correctly, there is always a chance your phone service will be having some sort of issue.

I suggest you screenshot your passes or have them printed out, as a backup.  You don’t want sad kids when you decide to leave, or you don’t want an empty wallet if you decide to stay and pay.  Have a backup plan by having the barcode handy at all times!

Big upfront cost
Even though the price is amazing, it’s a big upfront cost.  Each person needs one, so for a larger family, it will add up quickly.

If you’re not a saver, you could buy one each paycheck or month (whatever!), using the gift option.  Then, when you have enough for everyone, you can activate them and begin your year of fun, all at the same time.

Remember to turn off auto-renewal if you don’t want them all to renew in one year, at the same time.  You can do it manually before expiration, one at a time if you prefer.

Your favorite venue could drop off the pass
The passes are very stable, for the most part.  However, every once in a while a venue will drop off the pass.

They often email you and tell you it will be gone in 30 days (or whatever time period), so you know you have a limited time to visit.  The warning ahead of time is not guaranteed, though.  Sometimes a venue will go out of business or there’s always a chance a venue will break its contract and decide to stop accepting passes.

When a venue disappears, Pogo usually finds another venue to replace it.  It may not be equal in value or the same type of entertainment spot.  But, keep in mind that you can come out ahead since you can usually visit (or already did) the venue that’s disappearing and you’ll also get the new venue added to your pass.  But, the bottom line is that there are no guarantees that all venues will be staying on the pass until your expiration date.

Not the right venues for your family
Look at each pass and what’s included carefully.  If you know your family doesn’t like water parks, won’t go to sporting events, or doesn’t like museums .. the pass may not be for you.  If you end up going to a jump place and bowling once, you’re going to be better off paying for those experiences individually.

Evaluate it carefully, to make sure it’s something you would use.  Just because something is an incredible value doesn’t mean it’s right for your family.

Overall, I think the value of the Pogo Pass is amazing or I would quit telling people about the passes.  But, I also realize there are drawbacks.  Depending on what your family will do or not do, the passes may not be right for you.


pogo pass faq'sBelow are some questions and answers that have come up over the years.  I recommend you read through them and are familiar with how everything works before making a purchase.  You don’t want to have any surprises and be disappointed!

pogo pass general infoHow many times can I visit places listed on the Pogo Pass?
You don’t have to choose between venues.  You can visit all of them at least once, but you’re not getting an unlimited pass to every venue listed.  You are able to visit some locations twice or on a more repeated basis, like every month.  Read the details of each venue carefully since it will vary.

Does each person need a Pogo Pass?
Pogo passes are not transferable.  Every person needs their own pass and you are required to have a name on them.  The reality is that some venues don’t care what name is on the pass.  If you are in a situation where you want to bring a friend and another pass holder isn’t coming with you, call the venue to ask if they’ll take it.  I figure it never hurts to ask, but you absolutely can not count on this.  They are clear that each person needs their own pass.

Can you use your Pogo Pass right away?
Pogo Passes can be used immediately after purchase.

Are Pogo Passes good for one calendar year or 365 days?
Passes are good for 365 days from purchase (or from redemption, if the gift option is used).  The last day your pass is accepted will be displayed on your pass.

Can you visit venues on the Pogo Pass anytime you want?
You can’t visit all venues anytime.  Some are available during any operating hours, but others have a day or time restriction.  Read the details for each venue carefully before making your purchase or visiting a venue.

Can you visit each Pogo Pass venue as many times as you want during the year?
You will need to look at each venue carefully.  None have unlimited visits.  Many allow you to visit more than once, but there are limits and time frames.  Click on each venue to see full details.

How do you keep track of which Pogo venues you’ve visited?
You don’t have to.  You can login online or check your app.  Both will show you how many visits are available for each venue and how many you’ve already used.

How do you get your Pogo Pass after purchase?
During the purchase process, you will create a login and password.  You will be able to access your pass by logging into their website and then choosing “Passes.”  If you prefer, you can download their app and click on the ticket-looking icon.  You can also print the pass if you prefer.  There is a “Print Passes” option on the top right after you are logged in and have chosen “Passes.”  You could also screenshot your barcode and show that at each venue.  Basically, they just need a barcode to scan.

What cities have Pogo Passes?
Currently, you can purchase a Pogo Pass in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Nashville, Cincinnait, and three areas of Texas (San Antonio/Ausin/Waco &  Dallas/Forth Worth & Austin/Waco & Houston).  They are always looking for new areas to expand in, so will be more in the future.

How long has Pogo Pass been in business?
Pogo Pass began in Phoenix in January of 2012.  Since then, they’ve opened new markets in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and three areas of Texas (San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth & Austin/Waco).  They hope to keep expanding, so you may see another city pop up soon.

Can you have more than one Pogo Pass?
Yes!  If you want to go crazy, go for it.  You can have two passes with the same name on them.  Keep in mind that renewal rates are $5 cheaper, so another option would be to just renew early.  You are allowed to renew up to six months early.  All the new visits will be added immediately and you can visit them anytime before your new expiration, which is a year beyond your current expiration.  (The “old” visits will drop off the pass once you hit the first expiration date, but the new ones will remain.)

age needs pogo pass

Do Pogo Passes work for adults and children?
Passes cost the same for adults and children.  Each pass will get one person, regardless of age, free admission to the venues listed.

Do two or three-year-olds need a Pogo Pass?
If the venue charges for the age of your child, you will either need to pay their admission price or show a Pogo Pass to gain entry.  The general rule is that Pogo Passes won’t be beneficial for kids 2 and under, since few places charge admission for that age.  Even if a couple charge, it will probably cost less than $49.99 to pay a few individual entry fees.  Three-year-olds are kind of on the border.  Most parents decide to purchase them for this age.  If you want to be sure, decide which venues you’ll visit and add up what it would cost you to pay for your three-year-old to enter each one.  If it’s more than $49.99, buy them a pass!  You’ll find that it will usually pay off to have a pass for a three-year-old.

how to use pogo pass at venuesHow do you use Pogo Pass to get into venues?
Whatever method you choose to access your pass/barcode (website, app, printing, or a screenshot), you will need to show it for entry at the location you visit.  You will stand in the regular entry line unless indicated differently at the venue.  Some sporting events are exceptions, so follow the directions on the Pogo website for tickets to games.

How does the Pogo Pass app work?
You’ll download the app and log in.  You will be able to access your passes/barcodes, renew your passes, cancel auto-renewal, change your address, and other basics.  You will also be able to register for sporting events.  If you click on “Usage” you will see the list of venues and how many visits you have used and how many remain.  If you click on the venue, you can see more details like if there are equipment fees, when the pass is accepted, and more.

Are there any added fees at Pogo Pass venues?
Your Pogo Pass will give you free general admission.  To enjoy some venues you need specialized equipment like bowling shoes, grip socks, rock climbing gear, skates, etc.  If your city’s pass includes a place that charges for equipment, it will be listed when you click on the venue for details.  If you have your own approved equipment, you can bring it in and there won’t be any additional fees.

A few venues have some add-ons or special areas you can choose to participate in, for an added fee.  Those are completely optional and my family has found we can always have a good time without having to spend any extra unless it’s for equipment we don’t have.

How do you reserve/get tickets to scheduled Pogo Pass sporting events?
It varies from sport to sport.  Read the details by clicking on the event you want to attend.  Usually, you’ll click on the venue you would like to reserve tickets for and then click on the “Events” tab.  A registration link will appear next to the event two weeks prior to game day and disappears 48 hours before the event starts.  After clicking the link to request tickets, you will receive an email with instructions.  Tickets will either be at “Will Call” the day of the event or will be emailed.  In some situations, you are able to show your Pogo Pass for entry to sporting events, but that is rare.  Unless you click on the venue and it tells you that pre-registration is not necessary (like for ASU sporting events), you will not be allowed to enter the sporting event without a ticket.  Make sure you register before the event!

pogo pass lowest priceWhat is the lowest price Pogo Passes ever go?
All discount codes will make the passes 50% off which makes them $49.99 in all markets except Phoenix.  Passes are now $59.99 in Phoenix.

There are rare sales, where the same codes will automatically make the price $5 less.  Pogo runs the sale for about a week, after Thanksgiving every year.  The past two years they also did the sale, again, the week before Christmas.  You also may see a sale during the month of March.

Pogo Pass Groupon Offer

When Pogo opens a new market, they have started promoting it on Groupon.  Ocassionally, you’ll also see another region’s pass offered there.  The pricing there isn’t any lower than with a code.  Using the code REVIEW will get you the same rate.

pogo pass gift optionsWhat is the gift option for Pogo Pass?
If you are giving away a pass as a gift or if you want to purchase a pass before you will use it (like during the Black Friday sale), use the gift option.  You (the purchaser) will receive the code(s) in a confirmation email after checkout.

How do you redeem a gift voucher?
You (or the recipient) will go to the website.  Enter a first and last name, then enter the gift code in the “promo code” box.  Passes are good 365 days from redemption, not purchase.

How do you give a Pogo Pass as a gift?
You will receive a redemption code(s) by email, that the recipient will redeem whenever they want to begin their year.  You can print or forward the email you receive, copy the code down into a greeting card, or you could enter the code on one of the templates below and print it out for them.

pogo pass gift card to printPrint one of these, if you want to make it super simple!
Thank You

Do venues ever get removed from the Pogo Pass?
Venues are subject to change, but passes are fairly stable.  Every once in a while a venue will be removed from the pass.

It’s standard to get an email telling you your passes won’t be accepted in 30 days (or a shorter time period, sometimes).  That gives you time to go visit.  However, the warning ahead of time is not guaranteed.  Sometimes a venue will go out of business or there’s always a chance a venue will break its contract.

When a venue is removed from the pass, they try really hard to find another fun spot to replace it.  It may not be equal in value or the same type of entertainment, but you often come out ahead since you can usually visit (or already did) the venue that’s disappearing and you’ll also get the new venue added to your pass.

What happens if they add a venue to the Pogo Pass after purchase?
If a new venue is added before your pass has expired, it’s automatically added to your pass.  You can visit as many times as allowed, before your expiration date. pogo pass renewal infoDo Pogo Passes auto-renew?
Yes, Pogo Passes will automatically renew right before your due date, using the credit card on file.

What is the renewal price for Pogo Pass?
Renewals are $5 off, making them $44.99 ($54.99 in Phoenix) if you manually renew before your expiration date or allow auto-renewal to happen.

How do you cancel Pogo Pass auto-renewal?
You need to log into your account online or go into your app and click on “Subscriptions.”  Click on the pass you want to cancel.  If you have more than one, you’ll have to repeat the next part of this process.  Next, click “edit subscription” and then click on “Cancel Subscription.” You can do this at any time before your passes expire, to prevent being charged.

How do I get a refund for Pogo Pass auto-renewal?
If you have not used your passes after they were automatically renewed, contact customer service as soon as possible for a refund.  Fill out the form here.

Can you renew before your expiration date?
You can renew your pass before they auto-renew if you choose to.  You can do it up to six months early.  Some choose to do this because they want the next venues added to their pass right away.

How does it work if I renew my Pogo Pass early?
Early renewal will extend your expiration date one year, but the original visits will still drop off when you hit the original expiration date, leaving only the new visits that weren’t used yet.  If you have more than one visit available, their system is smart enough to deduct visits that are expiring first, not the new ones.

Why would I want to renew a Pogo Pass early?
You may want to renew early if you want to visit a place where you have already used up all your visits.  You would have immediate access to all venues on the pass, once the renewal price has been paid.  Just keep in mind that if you visit venues early, you won’t be able to also visit them later.  “Old venues” drop off after the original expiration.

pogo pass customer service

What is the Pogo Pass return policy?
You can get a refund if you haven’t used the pass, within 30-days of purchase.  If your passes auto-renew and you don’t want them, contact customer service as soon as possible, before using them.

How do you contact Pogo Pass customer service?
You can fill out the form here or go to their website or app and start a chat conversation with them during business hours.

pogo pass referral credit

How do you earn Referral Credit?
Log in and click on “Referral Program” to get a unique link to share.  For every referral you make, you’ll earn a $5 credit.  The credit can be used for future renewals or a new Pogo Pass.  There is no cash value.

pogo pass fundraising

Can you do a fundraiser with Pogo Pass?
Yes!  Pogo will give your organization (doesn’t have to be non-profit) $5 for each pass sold.  It’s called “Pogo Gives Back.”  It’s not like a typical fundraiser since you don’t have to collect money or deliver products.  You will choose a code and be given a tracking link.  Whenever either is used, sales track to you.  You get the $5 per pass and they also get a 50% discount.

For many schools, this means you don’t have to jump through hoops and wait for approval since Pogo is “giving back,” not doing a big fundraiser with you.

Pogo provides graphics for flyers and for sharing on social media or newsletters.  You can even add information to your organization’s website if that makes sense for you.  It’s pretty easy and straightforward.  Contact sjlonas@gmail.com for more information.

pogo pass affiliateDoes Pogo Pass have an affiliate program?
If you have an audience that would like to know about Pogo Passes, you could profit while sharing something people love to hear about.  You will earn a $5 commission on each pass sold, with your unique discount code/link that will be provided.   Your followers will also get 50% off each pass.   Contact juli@bargainbeliever for more information.

what elseDid I miss something?
Ask anything in the comments below and I’ll clarify or add a new FAQ.  The better you understand how Pogo Passes work, the better you’ll be able to take full advantage of their value.  If you get passes … enjoy!  If you don’t feel it’s right for your family now, keep watching the venues.  They may add a new one that will make it irresistible for the type of fun your family likes to enjoy together.

If you found this review helpful, I’d appreciate you using my affiliate link here (or discount code:  REVIEW) and helping to support this site.  If someone else referred you, please use their link or code.  But, whatever you do … don’t pay full price.  Get your 50% off somehow!!

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  1. Interested in becoming an affiliate. How does it work?? 3 kids in college…


    1. I’m so sorry for the snail speed reply. I just saw this.

      Basically, you buy a pass (can guy as a gift card and activate when you go to your first venue). It’s good for 365 days from your purchase or activation (if gift card). Details about each venue is on the pass. You can visit some more than once, others just once.

      It’s a great value.

    2. Sorry, I misread this. I will try to email you soon at the email you left, about becoming an affiliate.

  2. If your Pogo Pass expires and will auto renew, what happens to the venues that you didn’t get to use or visit during that past year? Will it credit over to the new year or does everything start all over again?

  3. When you do the fundraiser or the affiliate link, do people get $10 off of the $49.99 price or off of the regular price?

    1. I’m sorry for the confusion. They just changed their pricing structure and I thought I updated it all, but I missed that section. It’s now 50% off instead of $10 off. An affiliate and fundraiser would both get a code/link, and they all provide the exact same discount. If you’re interested in doing either, please let me know.

  4. This was great! We just got passes for the first time as a Christmas gift from my parents and I was curious how they worked! Thank you

    1. Happy to help! They’re not that complicated, but there are some things you should know, just so you don’t have any surprises. Enjoy your year of fun!

  5. Thanks, that was a great review of the pros and cons!

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