Safeway & Albertsons Gas & Grocery Rewards & Points Explained ~ Redeem & Save!

How do you earn, choose, and redeem Safeway or Albertsons Rewards Points for gas, groceries, or a discount?  The for U Rewards program is all explained here!  (It was formally called “Just for U” but changed names in August of 2021.)

In addition to digital for U coupons (more about those here), you can earn Rewards at Safeway & Albertsons by accumulating points.

How do Safeway/Albertsons Reward Points work for gas/fuel?

Quick summary . . .

  • Earn points for shopping at Safeway/Albertsons or other affiliated stores.
  • Get 1 point for each dollar you spend on groceries or pharmacy; double points for most gift cards.
  • 100 points = 1 Reward
  • Get 10¢ off per gallon, for each Reward you’ve earned.
  • Use up to 10 Rewards (1000 points) at one time, for up to a $1 discount per gallon.
  • The discount comes off up to 25 gallons of gas.
  • Redeem at participating Chevron, Texaco, and Safeway affiliated stations.
  • Use phone number at pump.
  • Note:  Points can also be used for products inside Safeway/Albertsons.  See below.

More details and FAQ’s for you are below.

Do I need a Safeway/Albertsons card to earn Reward points for fuel or groceries?

You will need to create a free account to get fuel or grocery Rewards at Safeway or Albertsons.  You don’t need to carry a card.  You can access your Rewards account with the same phone number or barcode (in your app) that you use to get sale pricing and use digital coupons.

Go online to Safeway or Albertsons, sign up at your local store, or download their app.

If you shop at both Safeway & Albertsons in your area, you only need to create one account.  You will be able to link them together so that points accumulate faster.  You’ll be prompted to do that if/when you change the location of your primary store online or in their app.

How do you earn Fuel Reward Points at Safeway/Albertsons?

$1 spent = 1 point for most grocery & pharmacy spending
$1 spent = 2 points for most gift card purchases
100 points = 1 Reward
1 Reward = 10¢ off per gallon

You earn one point for every dollar you spend on qualifying items at Safeway/Albertsons including pharmacy purchases.  You earn double points for most gift cards.  When you hit 100 points it equates to one Reward.  One Reward gets you 10¢ off per gallon.

Do you earn Safeway/Albertsons Fuel Points for Visa, Mastercard, or T-mobile gift cards?

You do not earn Reward Points for purchasing gift cards such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard, phone cards (like T-mobile), NetSpend, PayPower, Green Dot, any Albertsons grocery banner store, or for fuel gift cards like Chevron and/or Texaco.  For most other gift cards, you earn double Reward Points.

Do you earn Reward Points at Safeway/Albertsons for alcohol?

You do not earn Reward Points for purchases of alcohol, tobacco, stamps, fluid dairy products, money orders, or any type of tickets, passes, or licenses purchased at Safeway/Albertsons.  For a detailed list of exclusions go here.

What’s the difference between Gas & Grocery Points at Safeway/Albertsons?

You earn points for Rewards on groceries and fuel the same way at Safeway/Albertsons.  After you have accumulated at least 100 points, you can choose between redeeming the Reward(s) for groceries or gas.

How do you use Safeway/Albertsons Rewards for gas?

Enter your phone number at the pump to access your Gas Rewards at Safeway/Albertsons.  The system will automatically give you the highest number of Rewards you have available.  If you don’t want to use any, don’t enter your phone number at the pump.

If you only want to use some of your points for fuel, you will need to claim a grocery reward first.  The remaining Rewards will go towards your fuel discount.

How long does it take for Gas Points to activate for Safeway/Albertsons?

They say to give Safeway/Albertsons Gas Rewards an hour to show up.  My experience has been that you can use Rewards right after shopping, though I haven’t tried more than once or twice and it’s been a while.

If you shop and want to get fuel immediately afterward, check online or in your app to see if the new points are showing up.  If they are there, you should be set for getting the discount right away.

How many Safeway/Albertsons Gas Rewards can you use at once?

Use up to a limit of 10 Gas Rewards (1000 points) at the pump per visit.  You can save up to $1/gallon.  You can accumulate an unlimited number of points to turn into Rewards, but only 10 can be used on fuel at the same time.

How many gallons of gas can you get with a Safeway/Albertsons Gas Rewards discount?

You can get up to 25 gallons of gas with each Gas Reward discount you’ve earned at Safeway/Albertsons.

The exception would be if the station or your credit card has a different limit.  If that’s the case, it’s possible that the pump will cut off early and you won’t get your full 25 gallons.  This seems to be rare, but it could be an issue for some people.

When do Safeway/Albertsons Gas Rewards expire?

Each month is a separate earning period for Safeway/Albertsons Rewards.  All points will expire at the end of the following month.  Ex:  If you earn 225 points in Oct., you’ll have two Rewards to spend by the end of November (25 points are lost).

If you’re using your Rewards for fuel, you will need to use them by the end of the month after you receive them.

If you’re using your Rewards for groceries, you only need to CLAIM the Reward (online or in your app) before the expiration date.  You will have one additional month to get your product(s).  So, be sure to claim your specific Reward before expiration, but no need to rush out and get it until the actual offer you claimed expires.

Ex:  If you earned 3 Rewards in Feb. (300+ points), you could wait until March to claim the item(s) you want.  That will give you one additional month (through April) to pick up whatever you claimed.  You would not be able to wait until April to claim your Rewards, only pick up the items you selected.

How can you check to see how many Gas or Reward Points you have at Safeway/Albertsons?

You can look to see how many Rewards you have by logging into your Safeway/Albertsons app or their website or by looking at the bottom of your most recent receipt.

On their website, go to the “Safeway for U” tab and then “Rewards” on the left.

In your app, it’s a little more tricky to see the full details of your Rewards.  Tap the “Member” icon at the bottom.  Make sure you’re on the “Rewards” tab towards the top.  You’ll see “Explore Rewards” where you can tap for more information.  If that doesn’t give you all of the breakdown you want, scroll down more and find “How do Rewards Work?”  If you tap that, you’ll see the breakdown for the number of Rewards you have earned, when they are expiring, and what your current point accumulation is.

Don’t let any points go to waste!  Get in the habit of claiming them before the end of each month.  If you’re only a couple of dollars short of earning your next Reward, it might be worth picking up an extra item or two, so keep an eye on your totals.

Where can I find a Safeway/Albertsons gas station near me?

Redeem your Gas Rewards at participating Chevron, Texaco, and Safeway affiliated stations.

To find a list of participating Safeway/Albertsons gas stations:

  • In the app, go to “Deals” then “My Rewards” and scroll down to “Use your rewards to save at the pump.”
  • Online, go to “Safeway for U” tab and then choose the “Rewards” tab and then “Save at the Pump.”
  • Or, you can go here and put in your zip or browse your state or city.
  • Remember, you can also use Chevron or Texaco stations, not just Safeway stations.

How do you earn extra Reward Points at Safeway/Albertsons?

Sometimes, there’s a digital coupon or advertised promotion where you can earn extra points.  Often they are personalized deals and not everyone will have them.  Examples are 4x points or 200 bonus points on select gift card purchases, 2x points on meat, 200 bonus points if you spend $35, etc.

If it’s a coupon offer, make sure you load the digital coupon before making your purchase.

Some offers will vary and won’t be advertised, so check your app/online each week for bonus offers. (More info on finding your personalized deals here.)

Besides gas, you can also use Safeway/Albertsons Rewards for free products or cash off purchases . . .

How do you get free groceries with Reward Points at Safeway/Albertsons?

Instead of using your Reward Points towards gas at Safeway/Albertsons, you can choose free groceries.  The in-store perks include free items or a cash discount.

You earn points the same way you do for fuel, but you won’t use them at the pump.  You will select your Reward(s) ahead of time and load them to your account.  When you enter your account info at the register (usually your phone number), the discount will automatically be deducted.


How do you choose & redeem Safeway/Albertsons grocery reward items?

You will need to choose the specific Reward you want to use at Safeway/Albertsons ahead of time.

From their website, go to the “Safeway for U” tab and then “Rewards” on the left.  It’s simple to scroll down and see all Rewards.

In your app, choose the “Member” icon at the bottom and then the “Rewards” tab towards the top.  Next to “Grocery Rewards” tap “See all.”  Across the top, you will see the different Rewards amounts.  You will need to tap each one to see what’s available for each number.  Scrolling will only show you whatever Reward value is selected, so make sure you are looking at the different Reward values if you have more than one Reward to spend.

Click to choose the Reward(s) you want to get.

You can use one Reward at a time or “spend” more to get higher valued items or a bigger discount.  You can find Rewards valued between one and twelve.

The item(s) will be free at checkout or the amount listed will be deducted when you use your registered phone number, card, or barcode in your app.

How long does it take to load a Safeway/Albertsons grocery Reward to your account?

You are able to choose a Safeway Reward and redeem it almost instantly.  As long as you choose your Reward item(s) before beginning the checkout process, it should be activated and you will receive the discount.  I’d give it a minute or so, but it seems pretty instant.

If you have a problem, head to customer service and show them the item you loaded that didn’t come off.  They will fix it for you.

Can you get more than one of the same Rewards at Safeway/Albertsons?

You can choose/redeem multiple Safeway Rewards at the same time if you have accumulated enough points, but you can’t choose the same Reward twice.  Many Rewards will reset at the beginning of the next month and you can choose the same offer again at that time, but some choices will change.

Can you change the item you picked for a Safeway/Albertsons Reward?

Once you choose a grocery Reward at Safeway, you can’t change it.

Since the discount loads almost instantly, to be safest you can wait to load the item until you’re standing in front of it at the store and know it’s in stock and that it is really what you want.  But, if you have an expiring Reward and don’t want to go to the store, load it up at home!  You’ll have an additional month to pick up the item.

Once, I asked for a substitution since the offer was about to expire and it wasn’t in stock.  They were happy to do that for me.  Go to customer service if you have any issues with out-of-stock items you’ve already claimed.

Safeway/Albertsons customer service for Reward Points issues.

If your local customer service department can’t resolve the issue you’re having, call 1-877-505-4040.

Other questions about Safeway’s Grocery Rewards?

For more information, see above since everything that applies to their fuel program also applies to their grocery program.  You just get to choose how you want to redeem your Rewards.

What do I think about the Safeway/Albertsons program?

I’m happy to choose freebies or get cash off my total instead of using them as fuel points.  The Chevron gas near me is always more expensive than other stations.  Unless I have a significant amount, I’m not really saving anything.  Even if the freebie is small, I’ll take it instead of nothing.  I love that they expanded their bonus program!

Did you know Safeway has other great ways to save?  Read more about that and other parts of the for U program & using digital coupons there here.  You’ll save a bunch . . .  beyond just getting cheaper gas or freebies!

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30 Comments on Safeway & Albertsons Gas & Grocery Rewards & Points Explained ~ Redeem & Save!

  1. we use our points for gas all the time , my question is after I use my first 100 points for gas and still have more left over ,I know its 25 gallon max , but can i use the rest later in that month or is it gone? Thanks

    1. Sorry for my slow reply on this. I just saw it. I’m not affiliated with Safeway, so you may want to call them directly to verify, but I’m 99% sure you will still have your leftover points. I don’t use them for fuel (just grocery rewards), but they only deduct what I use and the others are left over.

  2. If I have 10 reward points can I use half for gas now and half later

    1. I don’t have a good-priced fuel station near me, so I always use my Rewards for groceries. I’m not sure how you would do that.

      If you want to use some for groceries and the rest for gas, you will need to claim a grocery reward first. The remaining Rewards will go towards your fuel discount.

      Sorry, but I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that or not. You can contact Safeway, directly, and ask them. They should be able to help you.

  3. I can’t seem to use my Safeway reward point at the pump. I type in my number but then it gets goofy and I can’t figure out what to do. Frustrating! So I don’t end up utilizing my rewards.

    1. Sorry that you are having issues. I always use mine for free groceries and have never tried redeeming for fuel since the stations near me cost more to start out with higher prices. #1 . . . I’d contact their customer service and see if they can help you. #2 . . . go into your Rewards and claim a product reward. It’s easy. All you have to do is pick up the item the next time you shop and it will be free. Hope you can start taking advantage of what you’ve earned soon!

  4. Anybody else having issues with their reward points showing up in the app? My receipts show that I have points and I’ve triple checked that I have the right phone number registered with my account..

    1. As far as I can tell, they stopped providing that information in the app. Now it just shows how many rewards you’ve accumulated. I assume they made the change because they’re determined to make the world’s stupidest and most annoying application. (They’re very committed.) Anyway, I was super annoyed about the lack of information being readily available, so I decided to start a chat. Keeping true to their vision, it wasn’t a chat with a person, but rather a chatbot. I forget the question I asked, but it gave me my points balance. So now to get my point balance, I just go to the chat page in the app and type in “rewards summary”.

      1. Thanks for the tip!

        They definitely have some kinks to work out of their app. I think they tried to put too much in there and made the basic stuff too difficult to find. Hopefully, they’ll be taking feedback and improving it soon!

  5. Why do I have to select each item to get the savings? It is very time consuming to do. I do not see a way to select all offers. Am I missing something?

    1. I don’t know of a way to load all the coupons at once from their app or online. There is a search box you can use to make it faster than scrolling, but it’s not 100% accurate when more than one product is listed on a coupon. Sometimes, if you known it’s in the ad and can’t find it, you just have to scroll through “ad coupons.” There are also categories you can look in, but the same applies. It’s not always 100% accurate and you have to dig around every once in a while.

    2. Mine have been showing up. I just double-checked since I shopped last night, and my points have been added. If I were you, I’d give their customer service a call and see if they can help. If you have a past receipt that didn’t show up, maybe that would help. Good luck!

    3. You’re not missing anything. Actually, it’s the app developers that are missing something. You know, like brainpower and customer input. It’s weird a company would actually want to make an app experience so terrible for it’s customers, but I see no other explanation. Because I’m pretty sure an app this awful doesn’t just accidentally happen.

  6. Has anyone return an item used with reward cash? Is that going to refund my cash reward back or I just lose it.
    Ex. $12 for an item $10 is from the reward cash.

    1. I haven’t done that, but I am guessing you’d get the full amount. I think the discount comes off the bottom, not one item, so the item should still show full-price on your receipt. If it doesn’t, you may have some trouble. I’d explain the situation and see if they’ll let you grab something else to exchange if you don’t get the full amount. If the customer service in the store can’t help you, you can try calling their corporate office, if it’s worth the hassle. Sorry, but I don’t know which way it will go, for sure. Good luck!

  7. I forgot to enter my number at checkout! I have the receipt, I made a huge purchase! Can I still recvieve my points????

    1. You can take your receipt to the store and ask at customer service. They should be able to help you there. I’ve had this happen at Fry’s and they took care of it at customer service. Or you can try to call Safeway’s customer service number 877-723-3929. Hope that helps. ~ Gina

  8. Are members of my family who still live in my household allowed to use my just for u phone number?

    1. I don’t work with Safeway/Albertsons, so I don’t know their official policy, but I don’t see why not. I do most of the shopping, but if my husband stops in or I send my teens in, I tell them to enter my phone number to get discounts I’ve loaded and to get Reward points for their purchase. I think Safeway/Albertsons prefers one per household vs multiple accounts. Just keep in mind that many digitals have a limit of one, so only one of you can get that benefit, unless the coupon says, “unlimited use.”

  9. I don’t get how the rewards works. for instance I have 3 rewards, 8 base points. please explain what that means, like can I go buy gas or can I use it towards grocery or do I have to wait till 100

    1. Each reward takes 100 pts to earn. So, you have earned 308 points. The 8 are going toward the next 100, but the 300 have given you three rewards. If you don’t hit the next 100 by the end of the month, you won’t get another reward and your points will reset. You can use the 3 rewards for $0.30 off each gallon of gas or you can go “claim” 3 different food/toiletry rewards in your app or online and pick them up when you shop. (If you choose reward items that cost more than 3, you may only get one or two rewards. There are different “costs” to each item you choose.)

      If you see that you have expiring rewards, make sure you claim them before expiration. You’ll still have another month to redeem them, but they need to be claimed before expiration.

  10. I found using the rewards to get money off my groceries is the best deal. Gas is very expensive at thier gas stations vs. Using the Gas Buddy app to find the cheapest gas prices in your area.

    I also found using the monopoly app the best deal is using your points to take money of your food bill vs. beating the odds of winning a sweapstake.

    My ultimate goal is to save money. I would love to win big money but I like the sure shot of saving money and getting free food.

    1. That’s exactly what I do and how I feel about everything! I’ve been loving Safeway lately. Here in Arizona, some of their advertised deals have been amazing the last few months.

  11. Question for anyone who might know: In the Albertsons app, if I click on the just for u icon and load those coupons, can I use the coupons ONLY at Albertsons or do they apply to Safeway as well?

    1. I attempted to test this earlier today, but just now found the answer. Their app takes forever to update! I couldn’t tell what was happening. But, I’m fairly certain you can only use manf. coupons at one store, even though they show in both. Store coupons can be used at the store it’s loaded for and they’re available for both, if they apply. Personalized deals will show and can be used at either, more than once, if wanted. I’m going to do a post about it soon. We may find out new information, but this is what I’m understanding, for now. My receipt had so many overcharges, that I’m not 100% if something was an error or there’s some reason I’m overlooking, why it didn’t come off. It’s a total mess, is the bottom line. Of course, nobody in the store knows any answer.

      1. It’s true that they don’t understand it. I loaded everything on my computer at home, then I chose the Albertsons location on my Safeway app, and of coarse nothing I had loaded came off. The cashier said it because I had the Safeway app and not the Albertsons app. I don’t think that’s the reason.
        In my case I think it’s the phone number I used, which is a Google voice number. This number has never worked at Safeway and I can only use my card there. I guess I will try a new account with Albertsons with my cell number and see what happens.

        1. Some of mine came off and some didn’t, so who knows if it’s a phone number issue or a “them” issue. Whatever it is, hope they gave you money back and you get it figured out, moving forward. Of course, they need to get it figure out moving forward, too! Just watch your receipt, always!

  12. Do I just use my Safeway card at Albie’s now or do I have to give them my phone number at the register?

    1. You will give them your phone number at the register. Make sure you do it at the beginning because once the cashier hits total they cannot go back and put it in.

    2. We aren’t positive if they can scan your card or not. They are saying to use the phone number that is registered to your Just for U account. ~ gina

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