Turkey Prices in Arizona 2023 ~ Sales Everywhere! (Even a free turkey!)

How much is a turkey in Arizona at … Costco, Fry’s, Safeway, Target, Winco, Walmart, etc?

We compared sales on turkeys in Arizona, so you’ll know the price you’ll pay before you get there.  Use the list below to decide where to shop for your bird this season.  You can even get a free turkey if you spend $125 at Winco.

Let me be first to tell you if nobody else has … you’ll need your frozen turkey a few days early, so it will defrost in time.  Picking it up on Thanksgiving Day isn’t going to work, even if the store is open.  :)

Here’s how long you’ll need for thawing your bird . . .

From Foodsafety.gov



Keep in mind that stores could sell out of turkeys.  They are all “while supplies last.”  Grab one soon if you have freezer space!

We’ve updated the pricing for the sales that go through Thanksgiving Day 2023 (or the day before if closed).

First of all, don’t miss this promo if you have a lot of shopping to do and live near a Winco.

Winco Turkey Price & Promo
98¢/lb (Jennie-O or Honeysuckle)

Get a FREE turkey when you spend $125 from November 11-22, 2023.
Winco only takes cash or debit, so plan accordingly!

Arizona Turkey Prices 2023

How much is a turkey at . . .

Aldi ~ 59¢/lb (Honeysuckle White; limit one, while supplies last)

Bashas~ 84¢/lb (Jennie-O, limit 1 with additional $25 purchase, need to load Bashas’ digital coupon for extra 5¢ off)

Costco~ 99¢/lb (Butterball)

Food City ~ 89¢/lb (limit 1 with additional $25 purchase, Jennie-O)

Fry’s ~ 89¢/lb (limit 1 with additional $25 purchase, Kroger brand); 99¢/lb (limit 1 with additional $25 purchase, Butterball)
Jennie-O fresh turkeys $1.99/lb (for procrasinators who don’t have time to thaw!)  :)

Safeway & Albertsons ~ 89¢/lb (limit 1 with additional $25 purchase, Signature Farms turkey), Butterball $2.49/lb

Smart & Final ~ 69¢/lb (Jennie-O, limit 1 with additional $25 purchase)

Sprouts ~ $2.49/lb (all-natural, antibiotic-free, limit 2)

Target ~ 84¢/lb (Good & Gather); $1.27/lb (Butterball) — need to load 15% Target Circle offer for pay price listed or it’s higher
If you use your RedCard, you’ll save an additional 5%, lowering the price slightly.

Walmart ~ 98¢/lb (Jennie-O); $1.28/lb (Butterball)
Not advertised, so it’s possible that this can change or will vary, but should be pretty consistent everywhere.

Winco ~ 98¢/lb (Jennie-O or Honeysuckle); $1.18/lb (Butterball)
Get a FREE turkey when you spend $125 from November 11-22, 2023.
Winco only takes cash or debit, so plan accordingly!

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11 Comments on Turkey Prices in Arizona 2023 ~ Sales Everywhere! (Even a free turkey!)

  1. Target Circle offers has a 50% off Honeysuckle White Frozen Turkey 10-16 lbs., if you have their card. We bought one last night. I think they were $1.19/lb before the coupon.

    1. I’m just seeing this! Hopefully, others saw it. I think it’s gone now. I don’t see it.

  2. For Safeway you do need to spend $25 before the turkey is bought for the price matching.

    1. I’d call your location to be sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s $25 before the turkey.

  3. For 10 reward points, I can get a 24 pound Turkey at Albertsons/Safeway. Check your rewards!

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll add a note for those with that many rewards points to redeem.

  4. Yes, they do take debit. Also, be aware that you have to bag your own groceries. That threw me off the first time I went. :)

  5. Can you use a debit card?

    1. I’m going to try this, again. It seems like when I click “reply” from my phone it doesn’t post as a reply, which means you won’t see it unless you clicked to get follow-up comments. So .. YES, they take debit. :)

  6. dumb question: Limit one = per visit?

    1. I’m pretty sure they are all like that. I don’t think any limits are tied to cards. I got a turkey at self-checkout at WinCo, nothing else. If someone was with me, I’m sure they could have gotten their own. Of course, they don’t require a card. If you go there, remember they don’t take credit.

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