Alexa Shopping List App ~ Cashback anywhere you shop (No Alexa needed)

Use the Amazon Alexa app to get cashback, in the form of Amazon credit, for select grocery & drugstore purchases.  It’s simple!

You don’t even need to own an Alexa device or purchase your items from Amazon.  You use the shopping list feature within the app, adding products that have offers available.

Since the “cashback” you earn will be in the form of Amazon credit, you will need to have an Amazon account in order to spend the electronic gift card you earn.

Note:  If you’ve ever used the app, it’s very similar, though instead of getting a Paypal deposit, you’ll have a credit waiting the next time you shop on Amazon.  Best part?  Right now, you can double-dip and get both discounts on the same product!

Here’s previous sample for you:

♥ ♥ Starburst Airs Gummies (4.3 oz)  $2 at Fry’s
50¢ Amazon Alexa App (limit 1, cashback with Amazon credit, can’t use with mfr coupon, see below for details)
50¢ App (limit 1, cashback with PayPal, can’t use with mfr coupon – details)
50¢ Ibotta (limit 5, cashback, offers can vary or disappear, details)
   Ibotta  is ANOTHER way to save.  Read more about it here.

Lowest price:  $1.50 out of pocket | 50¢ (if you use all 3 apps and scan the same receipt)

Note:  There is also a Fry’s digital for 50¢ off, but if you use that, you won’t qualify for the first two cashback offers…unless you want to get more than one.  You can get up to 5 and still get the Ibotta offer.

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The Alexa app can do much more than get you Amazon credit on grocery & drugstore purchases, but I’m only going to talk about the money-saving cashback feature here.  You can use it only for the extra savings feature or explore and also use it to help organize your day with reminders and much more.

Here are the simple steps for using the Alexa app for cashback with more details below.

Steps to use the Amazon Alexa app to get cashback credit for shopping at any store . . .

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Use the Shopping List feature and locate “Savings.”
  3. Tap the plus sign (+) and add offers before you shop at any store.
  4. Within the shopping list, choose “Get Paid” & then “Redeem Offers.”
  5. Snap a photo(s) of your receipt.
  6. Scan the qualifying product(s) barcode(s) for items you purchased.
  7. Typically, 24-48 hrs later you will see your earnings in the form of an Amazon gift card.
  8. Choose to pay with your Amazon gift card balance the next time you shop on Amazon!
  9. More details on everything are below!

What Alexa-related coupon app do you need to get a cashback gift card from Amazon?

Download the free Amazon Alexa app to earn Amazon credit for grocery and drugstore purchases.  (Quickly locate the correct app in the App Store or Google Play with the link given.)

It’s not a separate or special coupon app, but there’s a portion in there that you’ll use to earn a digital Amazon gift card for purchases made at any store.

You will need to use your Amazon login since that account is where your credit will be deposited.  It’s not exactly “cash” you’re getting back, but credit to use on Amazon.  It will appear as a gift card balance.

Follow the prompts the app gives you.  Choose the option for “Setting up Alexa App.”

You can choose to “skip” or “set up later” portions that aren’t necessary.  Unless you are using the app for more, there’s no need to verify your phone number or connect your family.

How do you find the shopping list within the Amazon Alexa app?

To begin earning cashback in the form of Amazon credit, you will need to find the shopping list feature within the Amazon Alexa app.

Hopefully, you will see “Shopping List” on the top, the bottom of your home screen, or in the menu under “Lists.” It can vary slightly from device to device.

If you don’t see an obvious spot to get to your shopping list within the app, simply type or tell Alexa to “start a shopping list” or “open shopping list.”  Scroll down to “Manage.”

The shopping list is the area you need to be in for selecting offers you want to redeem.

How do you add cashback offers in the Amazon Alexa app?

Once you have opened the shopping list portion of the Amazon Alexa app, you can choose cashback offers to add to your list before you shop. 

Make sure you’re on the “Savings” tab and are looking at “Offers.”

Before you make your purchase, simply tap the plus sign (+) for any product you wish to activate.

You can also tell Alexa to add items to your list, but for money-saving purposes, I’m just focused on telling you how to get to the savings portion.  You don’t actually have to create a full list within the app to get the savings, just add the offers you want to redeem.

How do you redeem offers you’ve selected in the Alexa app for Amazon credit?

Make sure you are careful to purchase the correct brand, size, quantity, variety, etc. or you will not receive credit.

After you purchase the correct item(s) you added to your list, open your Alexa app and go to the shopping list.

Choose the “Savings” tab and then “Get Paid.”  You will then tap, “Redeem Offers” and follow the instructions.

You will need to take a picture of your receipt and to scan the barcode(s) from the product(s) you purchased, so save the receipt and don’t put your groceries away too early.  Make sure you SCAN THE FULL RECEIPT.  Some people have had their submission rejected due to cutting off the bottom (even though there’s nothing important down there).

How can you tell if you got your Amazon credit in the Alexa app for cashback offers?

If you go to the “Get Paid” tab, you can see the status of your submission.  These are the various status updates that may be given.

  1. “Processing” = they received your receipt and barcode
  2. “Paid” = full amount you requested has been added to your Amazon gift card balance
  3. “Partially Paid” = part of your rebate has been added (usually one of multiple offers)
  4. “Failed” or “Inquired” = resubmit your receipt with the “Retry Submission” button they provide
  5. “Declined” = you can’t resubmit; contact customer service if you feel there was an error (see below)

As a final check, you can look below the status and tap “See Gift Card Balance Activity” to view your balance and each transaction.

How long does it take to get Amazon credit for using the Alexa app for cashback?

It will usually take 24-48 hours to receive your credit.  The credit will show up as an Amazon gift card balance.

Give it a full week before you contact their customer service since they say it can take that long.  (See below.)

How do you use the cashback gift card from the Alexa Amazon app after redeeming it?

When checking out, make sure you choose to pay with your gift card balance in order to use the credit you earned.  It’s automatically loaded and ready to use the next time you shop on Amazon.

Where can you shop using the Amazon Alexa app to get cashback credit?

You can shop anywhere, online or in-store, and still receive the Amazon gift card credit when you use the Alexa app.  The only requirement is that you need to have a detailed receipt with everything listed below.

  • Store name
  • Location
  • Date & time of purchase
  • Receipt total
  • Itemized quantity & price paid for each qualifying item
  • Product name and description

Not all online retailers or pickup order receipts provide it, and you may run into a small town grocery store (or similar) that doesn’t provide what you need, so be aware of that.

Can you use an Amazon Alexa offer more than once or get multiple of the same product?

Unless otherwise clearly stated in the details, you can only redeem each offer once.  In most cases, that means buying one product and getting the specified amount, though sometimes the offer may require you to buy more than one to receive the credit.

Can you use a coupon or other cashback app with the Amazon Alexa app’s shopping list?

You can not use another paper or digital coupon with the Amazon Alexa app.  This is also a manufacturer’s offer, so another coupon or offer cannot be combined with it.

Many receipts will show the digital or paper discount under the product, so it will show that an offer was already used, and the app will not process a second discount.

However, you can use other apps like Ibotta and the app.  (The app has almost identical offers, but it pays out in PayPal credit instead of Amazon credit.  I expect the ability to use both apps for the same products to disappear at some point, but right now you can double-dip and get both discounts!)

If you’re shopping at Fry’s (Kroger), you can also combine the app offers with their Cash Back program, and their offers also often overlap, so check those out!

Can you get money back from Amazon Alexa if you add the item after you shop?

The rules of the program tell you to add items before you shop, so make sure to plan ahead.

On some occasions, people have reported getting Amazon credit even if they select the offer after shopping.  If you forgot to add that offer and already made your purchase, it’s worth trying to submit the receipt and seeing if it will go through.  No guarantees, though!

Remember to select all offers before shopping to ensure that you’ll receive your credit.

What happens if you scan a barcode in the Amazon Alexa app and nothing is matched?

If you scan the barcode after selecting an offer and it doesn’t match or begin processing, contact them by going to the “More” menu and choosing “Help & Feedback.”  You can choose to chat or speak with a representative.

How do I get help with an offer that didn’t process in the Amazon Alexa app?

Give it a full week before worrying that your Amazon credit didn’t apply after submitting an offer.  It will usually be faster, but there are times it can take longer.  If the credit is still not there, contact them by going to the “More” menu and choosing “Help & Feedback.”  You can choose to chat or speak with a representative.  Make sure you save your receipts in case this step is needed at some point.


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