Ibotta Review (Cashback App) & FAQ’s Answered

Like all the best money-saving & cashback apps, there are pros & cons to Ibotta, but it has enough positives to make it worth my time.  Here’s my full review as well as many FAQs answered.

Is Ibotta worth the effort and your time?

I think Ibotta is worth it, and I don’t say that about many cashback apps.  For most that I’ve tried, it’s just not worth the investment of time required for such little payout.  Or, they start out good but then fizzle with their offers.  Ibotta has been around for a while and just keeps getting better, with added offers and more products to choose from.

There are pros and cons below, after some of the FAQs about Ibotta.

I hope to give you enough information for you to decide if you should jump in and give Ibotta a try.

Use code 6ds4q or this link to get a welcome bonus after your redeem your first offer.  That amount changes, but it’s been up to $20.  I also receive a bonus.  Thank you!

How does Ibotta work?  What is it?

Ibotta is a free app that gets you cash back after certain purchases are made.

The basic process for shopping locally is simple.  Activate the offer(s) you want (though you can do it up to 7 days after your purchase), go make your purchase, then come home and snap a picture of your receipt.  Usually, you don’t even have to scan the barcodes, but occasionally their automation won’t “see” something, so you’ll need to scan qualifying product.  Money accumulates until you request payment, which is allowed once you hit $20 if you want cash, $10 for a gift card.

Ibotta is the best I’ve seen for grocery & drugstore rebate apps, and it’s also a great way to get something back for gift card purchases.

Ibotta sign up bonus & promo / referral code

Ibotta doesn’t always have a sign-up bonus, but they often do.

Sometimes, you need to use a referral code to get the bonus.

If you don’t have one from a friend, I’d appreciate you using mine since we both get a bonus.

Use code 6ds4q or use this link to get a sign up / referral bonus with Ibotta.

How much can you save with Ibotta?

Some will say you can save hundreds or thousands each month, but I don’t make nearly that much.

I’ve had months where I’ve made very little, but I’ve also make more than $100 from time to time.

Here’s my most recently savings, with May being only halfway done, so more will come!

Can you tell my daughter got married in March and I was recoving?  Ha!

I have to admit that I’m kind of lazy.  The months where I’ve made very little, and other months that I’ve made over $100.

I don’t like to make special trips to the store, so I’m only cashing in on offers when I’m going anyway and the deal is too good to pass up. 

The fact that I “make” that much is not completely accurate.  Technically, I am spending most of that money (some are money makers, so I don’t spend entirely what I get back).  You need to have the money up front and it will come back to you. 

Sometimes I would buy the item anyway, so it’s a nice bonus.  Other times, I get products just because they are cheap, free, or (sometimes!) even a money maker.  In both cases, I’m actually spending money, but getting all or some back.

There are times when Ibotta deals are on fire!  Sometimes, the deals are hard to stay away from, even money-makers.  Since limits are often five of each product, the savings can add up quickly.

Some in our Beyond! group save more than me.  Deals are always being shared and we have them all over our weekly shopping lists.  If you’re in Arizona, join us!

How do you submit a receipt for an Ibotta cashback rebate?

The process is pretty easy and the app will prompt you what to do, once you begin the process.

First-time users will need to download the app.  Use code 6ds4q or this link to get a bonus after you redeem your first offer.  (I also receive a bonus.  Thank you!)

Here are the steps you’ll take each time.  You must do it within 7 days of your purchase.

  • Choose/activate the offers you desire from the app
    (This can be done up to 7 days later if you discover something in the app that you already purchased.)
  • Buy the item(s), paying the full amount at the register (less if using coupons)
  • Choose “Redeem” from the app
  • Take a picture of the receipt
  • Verify items & quantities of your purchase, then scan the products’ barcodes if asked (rarely required)
  • When you hit $20, you can cash out!


Can you link your store cards with Ibotta?

Some stores allow you to link your loyalty card to your Ibotta account, avoiding the need to scan each item or upload your receipt when you get home.

I do it manually, but I hear they are pretty accurate when linked.  You can also choose to submit the receipt manually if you get impatient with waiting for the rebate to show up in you app. 

In Arizona, you are required to link Bashas’ in order to get a payout, so keep that in mind.  I’m not sure about stores in other areas, so just watch for the app to prompt you when it’s needed.

How do you take pic of a receipt for Ibotta?

You will need to give proper permission in the app for Ibotta to access your camera.  Once that is set up, you’ll just click “Redeem” and choose which store you shopped at.  Your app will prompt you to take a photo of your receipt and automatically access your camera.

Make sure you include the store’s logo and any other important information like date, total, etc.  Start with the first section and then click “add section” if you didn’t capture it all in one image.  You can add as many sections as needed to get the entire receipt.  Hit “submit” after you’ve captured the last portion.

How long does it take to get Ibotta cashback?

Ibotta will issue you credit for the products you purchased within 24 hours of submission.  Usually, it’s much more speedy than that.

You will not get the actual cashback until you request it, though.  You can make a gift card request after your balance hits $10.  For a bank or Paypal transfer, you will need to wait until you have accumulated $20.

How do you cash out with Ibotta?

Once your balance is $1o or more, you can request a gift card.  When you hit $20, you are able to transfer money directly to your bank account or through PayPal.

Make sure you’re logged in and then tap the total amount you’ve earned, in the top right corner.  Then, choose “Withdraw earnings.”

You can transfer directly to your bank or use PayPal.  If you prefer, there are quite a few gift card options to choose from like Amazon, Lowes, Old Navy, Home Depot, Walmart, Bath & Body Works, etc.

Contact Ibotta Customer Service if missing credit!

You can go here to contact Ibotta for any missing credit.  (If you’re not logged in, you will need to do that and may need to click it again after you sign in.)

Or, you can go through their app within 7 days of submitting your receipt if the issue is related to a receipt you’ve already submitted.

It’s pretty easy and they’re great about following up with you:

  • Login
  • Tap on your total earning amount in the top right corner
  • Choose “My earnings”
  • Tap on the receipt you already submitted that is in question
  • Choose “I’m missing cash back”
  • From there, just follow the prompts

Make sure you give them all the details they ask for.  Most likely, you’ll get a notification in a couple days saying you were credited the amount you asked for if it was legit.  Usaully, it’s more speedy than that, but allow a couple days in case they’re backed up before following uip again.)

I always save my receipt until I see the cash has hit my account.  I make a note on the receipt so I remember what cash back I’m expecting to receive.  If I don’t get it in a couple days & their customer service won’t help me, I could (potentially, never had to!) return the item to the store.

Ibotta does not have a customer service number you can call.

At what stores does Ibotta work?

You can use Ibotta at most grocery stores, drugstores, warehouse stores (like Costco & Sam’s Club), and megastores like (Target & Walmart).  You can even use Ibotta at some dollar stores & convenience stores.  Check your app for a complete list of stores near you.

Sometimes, a product offer is only good at certain stores.  Make sure the store you are shopping at is shown when you click on the product you’re interested in.  Or, choose the store first and you can search or browse offers that good at that particular store.  Make sure you don’t search for a product and assume it’s valid at the store you’ll be shopping at.

Be aware that Walmart has extra offers that other stores don’t have. 

If you click to add a deal while you’re in a certain store category, it’s still valid at all other listed stores.  For instance, if you’re browsing Target deals and choose to load an offer, but decide to make your purchase at Walmart, you’ll still get the rebate as long as Walmart was listed as a qualifying store. 

Scan Ibotta products to check for a match!

To be sure you’re getting the correct qualifying product, beyond reading the product description carefully, you can scan the product’s barcode.  Scanning assures you aren’t overlooking anything and will guarantee a match.

When you open the app, there is a search box at the top.  To the right of that box, there is a barcode icon.  Click that to open up the scanning option.  Scan the product in question.  It will say “offer matched” if the cashback applies to that product.  You will also need to verify that the store you plan to purchase the product at is included on the list.

Another area you can check barcodes is when you have clicked on the exact product and are looking at all the details for it.  Scroll down to the area that has a barcode icon and says, “Check product barcode.”

Ibotta Bonus Offers

Make sure you watch for bonus offers.  These can vary from person to person.

In the app, look for the “Bonuses” tab at the bottom to view these added incentives.

They will usually give you a certain time period to redeem a given amount of unique offers.  Sometimes, they are a bit crazy (at least for me to hit) and other times they are quite reasonable.  Sometimes, I even accidentally hit the goal, just by doing what I had planned to do anyway.

There are also other bonuses for purchasing specific products, often multiple times or together.  For instance, if you buy the same product twice (in different transactions), there may be a bonus.  Or, if you buy X product & Y product, you’ll get an extra amount.

It’s good to look over the bonus offers in case you’re only one or two away from a nice incentive.  It might be worth grabbing something else or purchasing a gift card at a store you will be spending money at already.  (Gift cards purchases count as a redeemed offer when you need to hit a certain number for a bonus.)

Be aware that each product counts as a redemption.  You won’t get credit for purchasing mulitple of the same item.  So, if the limit is 5 and you get 5 of the same product, you will only get credit for one redemption towards your bonus offers.

If the offer resets after you purchase it, you buy it again, and submit another time . . . that would count as another redemption towards your bonuses.

Don’t worry if you barely submit an offer in time and it’s still pending after the bonus offer ends.  They’re pretty good about knowing you submitted it in time and giving you the proper credit.  If you don’t get the bonus, follow the directions above to contact their customer service.

How does getting a gift card from Ibotta work?

Get a gift card for somewhere you’ll be shopping anyway.  Ibotta has them for many popular stores.  Walmart has been the lowest at only .5% cashback, but you can get up to 20% cash back for some stores, though most of the more “common” stores are probably in the 3-5% range. 

Scroll down and look for “Gift cards” on the home screen. 

Tip:  If you’re trying to hit a bonus and need “just one more offer” you can get a gift card for somewhere you know you would already be spending money anyway.  Each gift card purchase counts as a redeemed offer, so it may be just what you need to hit your goal.

If you choose a gift card for somewhere you can shop online, save even more by starting at Rakuten.

After you’ve signed up, you simply type in the store’s name, click on the result that takes you to their website and shop as you normally would.  Before leaving Rakuten’s site, you will be shown how much they are giving you back on your purchase.

If you havent signed up yet, there is usually has a bonus going if you want to try them out with my referral link.  It’s usually $10 extra after your first $25 online purchase.  It’s an easy way I get cash back for my online shopping.  (Most Amazon purchases are excluded.)   

Look for offers on “any” product or non-branded products

Sometimes, you will see offers for “any” apples, bread, milk, etc.  Often, you are required to watch a short very video to activate those offers or they will show you another product after you load that coupon.

Occasionally, you will also see small monetary offers for just uploading a receipt.  Just make sure you choose the offer before uploading the receipt.  You don’t have to upload a separate receipt if you’re already uploading the receipt for another offer.

Ibotta offers vary

There is a lot of consistency for offers everyone receives, but there is also some variance from time to time.

You may have an offer for $1.50 back on a product and someone else may have $1.25.

After redeeming an offer, it may reappear, so you can claim it again.  It could be the exact same offer or the value may be different.

The bonus offers can widely vary in the amount of money given as well as the number of redemptions required to hit the goal.  This is where I’ve seen the most difference.  Some may need to get 15 for $5, another 30 for $3.  But, don’t despair!  You will probably get an attainable offer at some point.

Make sure you always check your app and are relying on the information you see there as a final check if you see the offer listed somewhere else.  The vast majority of the time, the offers are the same, but you can’t count on it 100% of the time.

Can Ibotta offers disappear or expire early?

If the official expiration of an Ibotta offer is approaching, you’ll see a time noted below the product’s image (see pink areas in pic above).  Make sure you submit your receipt before that time if you see that.  Don’t wait for the 7 days that they typically allow.

It’s always a good idea to check your app right before making your purchase, to verify that the offer is still there.  (It helps to scan the product too, for extra assurance that you’re getting the right product.)

I also advise you not to wait the full 7 days they allow for submitting receipts.  On rare occasions, offers do disappear before a warning is given.

If an offer expires after you’ve purchased the product, but before you’ve submitted a receipt, Ibotta asks you to contact them to see if they can help. They’ve always given me a credit if I just tell them it was there, but disappeared before I could submit the receipt.

To diminish the chance of the offer disappearing before you submit, develop the habit of coming home and taking care of it right away.  I’ve even submitted an offer while standing in line at customer service.  It doesn’t take long.  Usually, you just need the receipt, but on rare ocassions you will also need the product’s barcode, so it’s easiest to do before you put everything away when you get home.

If you notice an offer expires before you purchase the product, do not get it.  Check the app within a few days to see if they’ve released the same offer again.  They often do.

When do new Ibotta offers appear?

New offers can appear at any time, but Wednesdays and Thursdays seem to be the most likely days to see new deals.

Are there Ibotta money makers?

Yes, you will find money makers with Ibotta sometimes!  (We often have them on our shopping lists.)

Most of the time, you will need to be watching for the items to go on sale, but not always.   Other times, you will find a digital or paper coupon for the same item, so when you get the cashback, it will be more than you actually paid.  See more details on combining coupons below.

Another huge way to find money makers is to shop at Fry’s (or Kroger affiliates).  Fry’s/Kroger has a cashback program and the items they include are often exactly what Ibotta has, down to the limits on each offer.  Throw a coupon in there with double cashback and you’ll score plenty of cheap, free, or even money makers! 

Ibotta also offers bonuses all the time, so those can turn into profit.  (More on bonus offers above.)

Remember, you will need to spend the money upfront.  The “money maker” will be later, after you cash out.

Can you use Fry’s/Kroger Cashback with Ibotta!

Yes!  It’s a great way to double-dip and get cheap products, even free sometimes!  See Fry’s/Kroger Cashback offers here.

Can you use coupons or other apps with Ibotta?

Yes!  You can combine digital and paper coupons as well as other apps with all Ibotta offers.  The exception is at Walmart.  If you use a digital offer from Walmart, you cannot also submit for the Ibotta rebate.  However, at other stores your cashback will not be affected.  You can also use the same receipt if you need to scan it for another cashback app.

(At the end of 2022, their policy changed to say that Ibotta can’t be combined with other coupons, but I’ve never heard from anyone who has had an issue submitting for any deal as long as the correct product has been purchased.  It is believed that this only applies to Walmart since their digital coupons/technoloy is tied to Ibotta’s.  Using a coupon doesn’t seem to create an issue anywhere else.  Please leave a comment if you find out otherwise and/or I will update when I find out something has changed.)

How many of each item can I get with Ibotta?

Check at the limits that are specified by each offer.  Often, you can get 5 of the same product.  Sometimes, after you make a purchase, the offer is added back in and you can buy it again.  Watch carefully!

Does Ibotta have limits on products you can get?

Ibotta limits the number of cashback rebates you are able to receive.  It varies for each offer.

Five is a common limit, which is very generous!  You can submit one receipt with various products and multiples of each item if the limits allow.

Just make sure you read each offer carefully since it’s not always five.

Also, be sure to watch if they require you to buy two of the same items, to earn the rebate.  Not too many do, but sometimes you will see that.

Where is a list of current Ibotta deals?

You can find all the current Ibotta offers in your app.  Pricing at each store is not included, but sometimes you can go online to the store you want to shop at and find what the product’s selling price is before you be there.  This way you can determine whether it’s worth the effort of searching for it at the store or not.

What are the current Ibotta free after rebate deals?

There are sometimes free offers within the Ibotta app.  Those are easy to spot since they have a banner across them.  (See above.)

Free items also have a price limit.  That is the amount you will receive, even if you pay more or less.  In reality, “free” items can end up being a money-maker or even costing you a little.  It all depends on how much the store is selling the product for.

Beyond the free items listed in the app, there are often other free items you can pick up for free.  You just have to know where to go to get them.

One of the best ways to find the cheap/free items is to also check the Fry’s/Kroger cashback offers.  Since the offers are often identical, you can double dip.  If you happen to find a paper or digital coupon to go with it, even better!k  Also, watch for items to go on sale or digital or paper coupons for the same product.

List of current Ibotta match ups 2023

Our weekly coupon match-up lists have the best offers on them.  (To fully utilize our lists, you really should be an Arizona resident since they are for Arizona grocery stores and pricing.  You can learn more about access to our lists here.)

What are the Pros & Cons of Ibotta?

There are many reasons I love Ibotta, but there are also some drawbacks.


  • Sometimes, items shown are totally free after rebate
  • Often, can get up to 5 of the same item!!
  • Can unlock/redeem offer up to 7 days after item has been purchased (save your receipts!)
  • Extra cashback bonuses (usually # of offers redeemed in a given time period)
  • Scan item in-store to verify a match
  • Double or triple dip for huge savings by combing other coupon or app saving for same product
  • Combines with Fry’s (Kroger) offers, which are often the same, so 2x savings!
  • Submissions are simple (barcode scans rarely needed, just a receipt)
  • Nice variety of products to choose from


  • Paperwork — you need to remember to submit offers and make sure you get paid (It’s rare, but sometimes something will go wrong and you’ll have to resubmit or contact them)
  • Need to hit $10 before cashing out for a gift card, $20 for a bank deposit
  • Occasionally need to contact customer service for something
  • Offers are listed more than once, extra scrolling needed when browsing
  • Sometimes bonuses are too high and way out of reach
  • No customer service # to call, all handled through app or online

To me, the positives outweigh the negatives.  I’ve found it’s something that’s worth my time.  I’ve been using Ibotta for a coupe years now and am hooked!  The best way to know is to give it a try.  You aren’t stuck doing it forever and you may just decide you’re hooked too!

This post may contain one or more affiliate links.  We appreciate you using them and supporting this site.  Thank you!

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17 Comments on Ibotta Review (Cashback App) & FAQ’s Answered

  1. As of August 31, 2022:

    “Q: Can I use paper coupons in addition to rewards on Ibotta or Walmart?

    A: No, you can only get cash back for a product once. If a paper coupon is for the same product as a digital reward, you will only receive the paper coupon discount.”

    1. I never saw that update. Bummer! It’s still working, but I wonder when that will be officially changed and they will no longer accept coupons with them.

      Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Today’s the last day for the full offer but if you download the 5x digital coupon for the bud limearita offer to get them for $6.99, there’s a $3 ibotta offer plus $5 bonus if you’ve not redeemed it yet. Makes it $1.01 money maker at fry’s plus it’s 2x fuel points on the weekends! I believe you can only redeem 1 alcohol offer though (if you buy 5 you only get 1 $3 offer on ibotta)

    1. The limearita is a combo offer. You also need to buy Sabras hummus.

      1. I had 1with the guac combo and one that was just the beer. Search bud instead of limearita & see if it shows up

  3. Just saw there’s a $5 bonus for purchasing from the Beer, Wine & Spirit category. Yes, it says 1 purchase. I think we’re talking free beer here.

    1. That’s awesome! We are going to party next weekend and could use some free beer. I’ll make a note on the post. Thanks! ~ Gina

  4. Fry’s nice n easy is also buy one get $2 cat. $7.29 is the price. I got natural black tonight at my fry’s for $5.10. It wasn’t marked that price so it was a nice surprise! Combine the offers and its better than free!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! That’s the brand I use, so I’ll have to pick some up. ~ Gina

      1. Gina, sign up for pinchme.com! I’ve gotten a free box one month, a free coupon for a box another (mine was a big money maker). You need to be ready at like 9a on the 15th to get your samples but I’ve gotten nice samples. The dye isn’t always there but it’s definitely helpful! It does take a month to get everything so keep shopping for what you need!

  5. The free Yoplait mix-ins at Walmart keeps coming back.

    1. Thanks J! I got it on this post. You can’t beat FREE!

      1. Price for Yoplait mix-ins .88, the ibotta $1

        The Ibotta’s for fage work at WM also:

        Fage crossovers lemon shortbread $.98

        Tillamook Greek $.92. Ibotta $1/2

        1. Thanks J! I’ll add those. ~ Gina

  6. Yes, the offers have been fantastic lately. I did the Fage over and over again. Another good one is…the Shock Top is part of the 4 day sale for 6.99 and if you buy 3.00 worth of oranges on the same receipt, you get 3.00 back. There’s also a 4.00 combo offer for the Bud Light Lime but you need to buy both Tostitos chips & salsa.

  7. Thanks! You should do these types of posts more often because I usually have trouble finding filler items to reach the bonuses.

    1. You’re welcome. I’ve been super impressed with Ibotta lately. Maybe we’ll do a weekly Ibotta post if there are enough great things. It’s worth it to spend .25 here and .50 there to end up with a $2 bonus that pays for all of those little fillers. ~ Gina

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