FREE 2024 Harkins Loyalty Cup Black Friday Deals (& Cyber Monday)

Harkins Black Friday Deal for buying Popcorn Perks

Harkins is giving you a free 2024 Loyalty Cup voucher on Black Friday weekend, when you purchase Popcorn Perks for $30.

Make your purchase online or at the box office from Friday, November 24 through Sunday, November 26.

If you order online, you can get it added to your Harkins Awards membership or receive an email with a digital voucher.

I don’t believe they’re mailing paper vouchers this year.  I think you will have to go to the box office to get those.

You’ll need to be enrolled in their rewards program to get this offer.  More details on their rewards program and Popcorn Perks here.

The 2024 cups are selling for $7.75 this year, so it’s a fairly significant savings!

Harkins Cyber Monday Deal for buying Gift Card 2023

November 27 – December 1, 2023, you get a $10 off for every $50 you spend on Harkins gift cards.  Purchase them online heree.

This is not a $10 reward, but $10 off!  So, you will pay $40 to get $50; pay $80 to get $100, etc.

Read more about their loyalty program here.

What does Harkins Popcorn Perks get you?

Popcorn Perks gets you a free medium popcorn with a ticket purchase, for 12 months, up to 36 times.  If you want more than one popcorn when you are buying multiple tickets, you will need multiple Popcorn Perks.  You can only get one at a time.

Each time you visit in 2024, you’ll paly $3 for a refill.  (It’s up $1 from last year.)

Did you also know Pogo Passes are on sale for Black Friday?  Through Nov. 30, they are $54.99!  They make perfect gifts because everyone loves free fun that last all year — so many venues to enjoy!

The price will automatically be $54.99 instead of what’s shown if you use this affiliate link or code: HARKINS through November 30, 2023.  (After that date, they’re still a great deal, but $5 more.)


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3 Comments on FREE 2024 Harkins Loyalty Cup Black Friday Deals (& Cyber Monday)

  1. That coupon is fake for 2019 as the dates dont add up. It would be 29th Nov to Dec1st for black friday to Sunday.

    1. That post and coupon code was for November of 2018, not this year. But, Harkins usually does a similar sale every year. We will post about this years sale when we find out about it. ~ Gina

    2. We have all the new information now. The post has been updated for the dates for the 2020 cup.

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