CVS ExtraBucks Rewards (EBR)

CVS has a program that gives you  ExtraBucks Rewards (EBR).   (This used to be called Extra Care Bucks, ECB’s.)

You need to sign up for their Extra Care Card and they will automatically print when you purchase certain items.  They print at the bottom of your receipt, so watch for them and tear them off for a future purchase.

  • They are like cash, to be used on future purchases (with a few exceptions like gift cards and alcohol).  Most expire within a month.
  • You can’t share an EBR.  It is tied to your card and can only be redeemed when using the same card that earned the reward.
  • The can’t be used to pay tax.
  • The full amount can be adjusted down if wanted.  (If your total is $4.98 and you have a $5 EBR, you don’t have to buy something else.  It can be accepted for $4.98.)
  • Watch the limits in their ads.  They are tied to your card.  It doesn’t help to ring them separately or make a return visit.
  • Some offers have a monthly limit.  Sometimes they are advertised more than once in the month and/or we highlight them more than once.  (This is rare, but can happen.)  Check the bottom of your receipt to see if you’ve hit the offer limit before you do it again.  (There is also a number listed in the ad, if you want to compare one week to another.)
  • It’s often wise to ask the cashier to ring up multiple transactions so you aren’t stuck with a bunch of expiring EBR.  (So, split your order up to use the EBR that you just earned on the following transaction.)
  • If the EBR limit is more than one, it will add up the total and print one EBR.  (So, if you earned a $2 EBR for each toothpaste you bought (3), you would get one $6 EBR.)  If you prefer smaller amounts, so you don’t have to spend it all at one time, you’ll need to ring them up separately.  You can even buy the next one, with the EBR you earned on the previous transaction.
  • Get a raincheck if they are out of an item.  They are wonderful about writing rainchecks with the EBR amount on them.  When you return, just be sure they give it to you since it’s a manual process and can be forgotten, since it’s done at the end of your transaction.
  • Scan your card at the red boxes that are usually located near the front of the store.   There are often good coupons that print.  They tell you about some in their ad, but others are a surprise and can vary from one person to another.

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  1. Do ECB still apply with coupons? For example if they have an offer of spend $15 on Covergirl, earn $5 ECB and I buy 3 Covergirl products totaling $20, then have coupons totaling $6 dollars, do I earn the ECB because I spend $20 before other coupons or no because it was $14 after coupons?

    1. Yes, you would still receive the ECB. At CVS, think of manf. coupons like cash. If you hit a higher threshold and “pay” with coupons, you’re set. They used to let you be a couple cents short, but I’m almost positive that’s been changed. So, make sure you’re at $15, not $14.97. Sometimes, that part is a pain. :(

  2. Can I use ECBs to buy things that will give me more EBCs?

    1. Yes, you sure can! Unlike Walgreens, once you earn an ECB, it’s very cash-like. The difference is that it expires in a month and you don’t get change. You can use as many as you want at one time and earn or not earn more ECB’s. They are also allowed to reduce the ECB down, if you’re a couple cents short — probably more, but it doesn’t make sense to waste too much! :) Every once in awhile I’ll have a $4.99 item and an $5 EBC or something. I prefer to lose the penny than to waste it buying something else I don’t need or feel is overpriced. Hope this helps clarify a couple things!

  3. I’ve been couponing for 7 years but I only went to CVS once or twice since there is no CVS nearby. I want to try CVS again, see if it’s worth travelling an extra 3 miles offway. I checked this link to get info about ECB but I did not see what I really want to know about reusing the same ECB for the same brand and get another ECB. I’ve heard before that this is the big difference from Walgreens. So I have to check another site to confirm this.
    “Most CVS locations will take them slightly past their expiration.” This is good to know. I wasted at least $30 at walgreens. I did not dare to ask if they can still accept my expired RR.

    1. I think this line answers it, but maybe you’re asking something else?

      “Watch the limits in their ads. They are tied to your card. It doesn’t help to ring them separately or make a return visit.”

      Basically, you can only get one of each item, with your care (or more if there’s a limit), so it doesn’t apply. Well, I guess it can, if you’re thinking of something (at Walgreens) like getting Crest toothpaste and wanting to use that on Pro-Health mouthwash also by the company Crest) the following week. In that case, you can.

      If you have mastered Walgreens, you’ll have CVS down in no time. It’s so much easier! And, I love that they’ll do rainchecks for ECB’s, unlike Walgreens.

      If I didn’t answer you question, ask again. Hope you save a bunch and enjoy the CVS “game” — much more fun to play that the Walgreen’s one!! :)

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